The second annual Section 1 All-Star Shootout, a recruiting showcase event, is set tonight for 6:45 p.m. at John Jay High School. This year, it’s being run in conjunction with the Empire State Games tryouts. All Hudson Valley players still involved in the tryout process have been invited to attend.

There will be four teams (North, South, East and West) and six 30-minute games (running time), starting at 6:45p.m.

Here’s a look at the schedule and an overview of the rules, etc.:


Here are the rosters:

North & South Rosters                                  East & West Rosters

No. Name Grade Pos. High School No. Name Grade Pos. High School
1 Alleyne, Kristian 10 G Clarkstown So. 2 Bagarozy, Logan 11 D Putnam Valley
5 Bauersfeld, Brian 11 A Scarsdale 3 Barton, Briggs 11 A Rye
10 Bonci, Timothy 11 D Iona Prep 4 Bates, R. Stetson 11 M Pleasantville
11 Bonsall, Max 11 D Rye 6 Begleiter, Josh 11 M Horace Greeley
14 Castellano, John 11 A Iona Prep 7 Berardis, Anthony 10 M Mahopac
15 Caviola, Trevor 11 D John Jay 8 Bertoline, Michael 11 A Hendrick Hudson
16 Chen, Evan 11 M John Jay 9 Bonaventura, Chris 11 M Rye
18 Collins, Michael 11 D Rye 12 Branca, Thomas 10 G John Jay
19 Connell, Kevin 11 D Pleasantville 13 Carey, Kevin 11 A Mahopac
20 Curran, Timothy 11 M North Salem 17 Christopher, Kevin 11 M Putnam Valley
22 DeDomencio, Eddie 10 M Brunswick 21 Danehy, Jake 10 G Mamaroneck
23 DiFabio, Chris 11 D Pleasantville 25 Donohue, Kieran 11 A Somers
24 Dingee, Paul 11 A Brewster 28 Fahey, Tyler 12 D Yorktown
26 Dubs, Brian 11 D Horace Greeley 29 Failla, John 11 M Scarsdale
27 Duffy, Kevin 11 G John Jay 30 Fanning, Kyle 11 A Hen Hud
34 Foley, T.J. 11 M Mahopac 31 Ferentini, Matt 10 A John Jay
36 Gladstone, Jack 10 A Horace Greeley 32 Ferguson, Ryan 11 M Iona Prep
37 Hammershlag, Eric 11 A Suffern 33 Ferguson, Connor 11 D Mamaroneck
38 Kolesar, James 10 A Warwick Valley 35 Gately, Conor 10 A Yorktown
39 Landis, Matthew 10 D Pelham 41 Larrabee, Andrew 10 G Byram Hills
40 Lanza, Alex 11 D John Jay 43 Lew, Brandon 10 M John Jay
42 Leen, Skyler 11 M Pleasantville 46 Lupinacci, Mike 11 A John Jay
44 Lindsey, Connor 11 M Arlington 47 Mabus, Justin 11 M Yorktown
45 Lombardo, Anthony 11 M Somers 48 Marasco, Chris 9 A Somers
49 Mariano, Nicholas 9 A Yorktown 50 Maxmin, Reid 10 M John Jay
51 McNally, Kevin 10 M Suffern 52 Mertens, Tom 11 D John Jay
53 Miller, Taylor 11 D Somers 57 Pasquale, Robert 10 M Putnam Valley
54 Monteferante, Chris 10 M Lakeland 58 Pickup, Brian 11 D Rye
55 Morris, Brendan 11 A John Jay 59 Poritzky, Alex 11 M Yorktown
56 Morris, Jimmy 11 M John Jay 62 Schurr, Eddie 11 D Somers
60 Pray, William 11 A John Jay 63 Schurr, Kevin 10 D Somers
61 Schuldt, Ty 11 M Yorktown 65 Sedelmaier, Logan 11 D Scarsdale
64 Scott, Alex 10 A Horace Greeley 70 Thompson, Troy 11 A Suffern
66 Stern, Gregory 10 A Rye 71 Vandeveerdonk, John 9 A Putnam Valley
67 Stewart, Jack 11 M John Jay 73 Walter, Forrest 11 M John Jay
68 Sunday, Patrick 11 D Arlington 74 Weil, Jake 11 M John Jay
69 Terry, Alex 11 M Yorktown 76 Winter, Malcolm 11 D John Jay
72 Walsh, Kevin 11 M North Rockland 78 Zavarella, Michael 11 D Ossining
75 Weissmann, Gabriel 11 G Horace Greeley 79 Zhu, Harrison 10 G Saint Paul’s (NH)
77 Wolfe, Connor 10 G Scarsdale

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20 Responses to “Section 1 Shootout roster, schedule”

  1. hello_Newman says:

    Be there or be square! …be-bop-a-lula…

    How do we know who is on which team?

  2. dble dippin says:

    Just wondering if this is a recruiting showcase why are players who are already commited to top D1 programs playing?

  3. Just sayin says:

    Bc its tied in to ESG Tryouts. Read the artical it says that. So like players like Eddie Shure even tho they committed to schools and all are still trying out for Emps…

  4. laxin says:

    any report? who did good?

  5. oss pride says:

    its not really tied into ESG, its just those who are still in the running got to go to this.
    it wasn’t the best night. awkward setup, coaches hit the road before the third games started. no one wants to be there until 10 on a friday night….

  6. it was still good says:

    I agree, they looked a little disinterested as the night wore on and the setup didn’t really work.

    One team at start played back-to-back games and was exhausted half way through their second game which is not all that good at a showcase. Another team played one game and then didn’t play again for an hour and a half. They could have used a fifth team.

    But still, by the time they played that last two games you could hear them laughing and trash talking each other out on the field and all things considered there were alot of good plays and happy faces.

    But I also disagree, this was absolutely tied to the tryout and you can bet the ESG coaches were watchng or will watch the video.

  7. SirLaxalot says:

    Overall the teams for not having ever played together looked pretty cohesive. Tim Schurr and Geoff Nolan who did most of the coaching deserve some credit for that I’m sure. Playing time was evenly distributed so no one really put up big numbers although in the first game of the night Anthony Lombardo from Somers had 4 goals I believe. The goaltenders played well – especially the ones from Scarsdale and Clarkstown South.

  8. ML Lax says:

    Full rosters and colleges that attended and/or will receive game film can be found here.

    College coaches tend to come early and leave early…I trust they know what they are looking for in players, and don’t need to be there 3 hours. It appears that many of them left after each team played 2 games. Regardless the game film covered the entire night, and may prove to be useful to the players going forward.

    It is tough to please all involved (let the kids/teams get into a flow, vs. others waiting – while also making sure that all the players get enough visibility from the coaches). But it appears that many Section 1 kids got some exposure that they might not normally get – right in their own backyard.

  9. my two cents says:

    I agree with all the comments.

    It was definitely a bit awkward with four teams, but that’s all they had enough players for. Things definitely “loosened up” after the coaches left and the coaches definitely left too soon.

    I thought the offenses were patient with each other and tried to share the ball very unselfishly for the most part. In fact, there were a bunch of goals scored up close on cuts with good passes inside. Lots of talent and good one-on-one matchups with the poles. The freshman for the most part looked like they were in over their heads, but they were game kids. I thought most offenses rotated well most of the time although there were times when they wound up with too many guys at X, or other glitches that are to be expected. And as you could also expect there were many mis-timed passes that went out of bounds or turned into turnovers, but all things considered they were good and showed patience and knowledge.

    The goalies I thought all showed lax IQ. They could all call a defense and the defenses did their best to execute the sets. Kris Alleyne was perhaps the strongest all around and Harrison Zhu stayed involved every second when he was in. I thought Branca did well as a sophomore too. There was only one goalie who was struggling and it was fairly obvious, but I don’t think he’s and ESG candidate. The chatter diminished over the course of the evening for most, but Zhu stayed in all along and I think the other was Larabee from Byram.

    The defenses did a pretty good job and I thought they were actually quite good on the clears. There were only a couple of poles, who insisted on running the ball up the field in traffic time after time, which showed badly because they turned it over alot, but most of them can handle the ball well and displayed knowledge in their execution. Credit the goalies and middies for participating as well.

    I’m a firm believer that it takes a lot more time, work and patience to build a defense because the movement is so precise and the poles showed a definite lack of familiarity with each other, but that’s to be expected. Only a few of them were struggling with their one-on-one’s and all of them got burned at least a couple or few of times, but they tried to help each other fairly well and were very patient with each other when things broke down. One of the teams, the one Branca was on, actually made the effort to learn each other’s names and I thought that was outstanding – while most teams were calling each other by number or town, that team was calling each other by name. They didn’t necessarily play better than the other teams, but there was IQ at work there.

    Great weather, very well organized, nice concession and P.A. … a very good night of lax.

  10. Nymike says:

    Another factor is here that recruiting camp season has started and there were some solid kids missing. And 205 starts wed am in college park so there is a conflict for many for that practice tryout vs town alums. Surely the esg coahes are weighing that. I wouldn’t think comittments and $$ paid months ago would impact ESG tryouts if picking the best kids is the goal. Now the final esg games are sunday the first day of hotbeds — to me the commitment should be known for esg to see the team through to the finals for sure in that case.

  11. Laximus says:

    Was there an MVP for the day? If not, what 4 or 5 position players did the best?

  12. Pelican Brief says:

    More than anything else, coaches look for size and speed. If a player has both he can go anywhere (if his grades are good). If he has either/or, he can go almost anywhere. It’s really that simple.

  13. size and speed says:

    Ha, ha, Pelican, I love your comment.

    It really is that simple, but not always, there are some intangibles, like if your dad is going to build the school a new science wing or something like that, or sports arena – that could help. lol.

    But if that’s what they’re looking for they got it Friday night.

    I’ll give it a shot…

    Size – Briggs Barton (woah)
    Speed – Mike Bertoline (I don’t know, it would have helped if Mike D. was there. lol))

    Size – A. Lombardo (Is there are nose tackle position in lacrosse? Can someone invent it because he play it. lol)
    Speed – Evan Chen (Connor Lindsey can run too)

    Size – Brian Pickup (geez)
    Speed – Mike Zavarella

    Size – Who cares right? lol
    Speed – Who cares right? lol.

  14. laxxxxx says:

    Pelican, I’m not trying to rip you on here; however, you’re oversimplified view of the recruiting process makes it seem like an absolute farce. It is sophomoric to say that size and speed are the only factors… Coaches are recruiting lacrosse players, kid’s with skill, game sense, vision, great decision making… They want to recruit kids that they’ll never worry when they have the ball in their stick… Look at quinzani for one…

  15. no_style_points says:

    Nymike … and other style pointers…

    Why is so much time spent talking about guys who are not there?

    If a guy is not there then he does not matter.

  16. always around says:

    Fahey stood out clearing ball
    Mabus on clearing a couple real good shots
    Freshman Nick Mariano looked good scored a few gs
    Ossining kid does have good speed
    John Jay Morris stood out on attack
    Forget names on D guys played well.

  17. Trilax says:

    It was good to see Lombardo do what he did. He does have size and a nice scoring touch. Mysterious as to why he didn’t play major minutes for Somers this year. This kid is a D-1 recruit for sure so that makes it even more suspect that he wasnt a first line middie for Somers.

  18. Sec1 says:

    Got to agree with you on Lombardo, you can see their is just alittle rawness left in his game, which should have not keep him from getting more mins at Somers. What I saw was big strong fast he shot and scored with both hands, did alot the things it takes to win. He will be playing on the next level. Also Kristan Alleyne goalie from Clarkstown who is a soph was very impressive very, the only thing I saw that he needs some work on is his clearing, he has two yrs to clean that part up.

  19. Laxn says:

    Lots of kids from all over it looks like.

  20. Laxn says:

    Good info. Thanks

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