It’s opening week for the Sound Shore Adult Men’s League of the Hudson Valley/Connecticut region.

This is the league’s 31st season. Teams that compete are from Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Fairfield counties.

You can check out the day-by-day schedule for this season here.

We are also inviting teams to post their rosters on this thread.

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36 Responses to “Sound Shore League action under way”

  1. dee-up says:

    what no scores gee whiz wally!

  2. TEAM says:

    Team Husked Corn

    Tim Kurpis
    John Fennessy
    Ethan Fox
    Kyle Verycrusse
    Billy Kelsey
    Justin Verycrusse
    Tim Farrell
    Joe Bonitatibus

    John Ranagan
    Rocky Bonitatibus
    John Froats
    Colin Houlihan
    Warren Dill
    Nick Fitzgerald
    Jack Farrell
    Peter Steube
    Joey Porcelli

    Jake Delillo
    Kevin Interlicchio
    Brendan Kurpis
    Tim Curtin
    Ryan Froats
    Remy Lieberman

    Michael Bonitatibus
    Dave Liu

  3. Middie9 says:

    Defending B division Champs, Crown Lacrosse lose a heartbreaker to Mugz Bar 8 to 7, After being down 5-2 at half what a good come back from Crown..

  4. jeffreyp says:

    team husked corn looks pretty good, but PrimeTime is the favorite to win i think with Daniello and alot of other JJ grads. Galloway from cuse is rumored to be there goalie and Nims is apparently going to play a lot, now that he’s not playing in the MLL and he’s living in NYC

  5. Rui says:

    Last night in Boulder Brook in Scarsdale, DiPietro Construction beat ADE Lightning with a score of 7-2

    Tuesday night in Boulder Brook in Scarsdale, Michael Tavern beat Greeley Alumni with a score of 11-2(i might be off by a goal or 2 for Michaels)…..they team has alot of bodies, which is good for the summer, most of the players are from Pleasantville, as well as Sleepy Hollow…Greeley Alumni has to find bodies, they only had 1 or 2 subs.

    I will get out info later on Monday night game i had at SUNY Purchase btw Blue Line Sports and Superstar lacrosse, as well as a Masters game btw Westchester Wizards and Lurkers

  6. PVlaxmom says:

    Jeffreyp- Husked Corn and Prime Time are in different divisions, so they can both be favorites.
    “their” goalie

  7. Rui says:

    Monday night games at SUNY Purchase

    Super Star Lacrosse beat Blue Line Sports 10-3.

    G: Jeremy Guski 4, Brian Dooley 3, JJ Lian 2, Josh Kinney 1
    A: Mike Solazzo 2, Josh Kinney 2, Robbie Bosco 1
    Saves: Ryan Penner 10

    G: Jordan Freil 1, Harrison Jones 1, Scott Morell 1
    A: Cole Cherney 1, (didnt get names for 2 other assists)
    Saves: Dan Solazzo

    Nightcaper Masters Divisions

    Lurkers beat Westchester Wizards 9-3

  8. hopkins says:

    when does husked corn play again and where is it

  9. Lax says:

    Husked corn plays Wednesday night, 8 o’clock vs hv empires at white plains high school.

    Check out the rest of the schedule at

  10. Pete says:

    Where are all the results posted?
    It would be nice if they were all posted in one place.

  11. Dates: Wednesday, July 28 and Thursday, July 29

    Time: Registration at 7:50 am

    Site: Fox Lane High School, Bedford, NY

    Payment: $250 (includes an athletic bio for college coaches)

    Grades: 9-11 (and those seniors that are completing a post-graduate year in 2010-2011 academic year)

    Coaching Staff: College Coaches and Assistant Coaches as well as current and former collegiate lacrosse players.

    About: The Raw Talent Lacrosse Recruiting Combine allows high school athletes who want the chance to play college lacrosse to showcase themselves in front of college coaches. Our recruiting camp brings together the experience of a true athletic combine where athletes will be tested in their physical measurables as well as individual drills with the opportunity to play games. This is a unique opportunity for lacrosse recruits in the area who wish to give themselves the opportunity to play the game at the next level.

    Check out our website at

    Questions and Concerns can be emailed to:

    Registration can be done off the website, spots are filling up so please get your registration in soon.

  12. Laxit says:

    Rui thanks for the daily updates. Keep em coming!

  13. Rui says:

    I will only be able to post the info on the games that I work

  14. Rui says:

    You can also find results on, go into the sports section and then click on recreational sports…they will only be on there if the individuals working the game call the newspaper to report the information.

  15. […] Sound Shore League action under way | LAX with JOE […]

  16. reLAX says:

    Who does everyone think is the best overall team in Sound Shore right now?

  17. SLax says:

    What happened in tonight’s games Rui?

  18. DCo says:

    What are the big Sound Shore games this coming week?

  19. Rui says:

    There was a big one on Thursday night between Garden Catering and Mid Ocean Roadrunners, but it has been cancelled, not sure of the reason and/or reschedule date.

    There is a good game on Wednesday night in Tibbets Park in Yonkers between SoWest and Michael’s Tavern.

    Also last Thursday night, PrimeTime (John Jay grads with a couple of extras) beat Garden Catering (Top CT players) with a score of 12-8.

    I was surprised of this outcome, as Garden Catering had top players like Parker McKee, Will McKee, etc on the field (CJ Costabile, who scored the OT game winning goal was coaching the team, not sure why he didnt play).

    Prime Time was led by Brian Douglass who scored 7 goals

  20. Laxtitutes Rule says:

    well it looks like PrimeTime must have some “top players” as well!

  21. Rui says:




  22. Rui says:

    When i mentioned top players, i meant the 3 that start at Duke and 1 that starts at North Carolina…yes, Prime Time has top players as well, but not D1 Top 5 team starters like Garden Catering(unless i am wrong, and if I am, then I apologize)

  23. Old Rugger says:

    Are Chris Danielo (Cuse), Chris Bocklet (Va), Stockel (Drexel) and Ryder Bohlander(Md) playing for prime time with Douglass (Yale)? If so I would say that is a pretty good team. Does anyone have a roster for the sound shore PT team?

  24. Old Coach says:


    Who played for Prime Time?

    Post 4 above suggested Chris Daniello was one the Jay Grads playing and that Kenny Nims and John Galloway might be two of the “extras”

    All three of these would fit your rather limited “top player” definition.

    So would Kevin Drew, Chris Bocklet, Ryder Bohlander, Peter Coluccini, John Carrozza and Matt Bocklet – if any of them played.

  25. Pete says:

    Standings? I feel like there is a lot more parity in d1 this year.

  26. ShoreLax says:

    It also seems that the league has gotten a lot better. Divison 3 perhaps has several quality teams, all that could compete with the majority of Division 2 teams.

    Crown, if I’m not mistaken, won it, or was in the finals, recently. They’ve already fallen twice, to Laidlaw and Mugz Bar. Then you have SoWest, led by D1 talent, DiPietro Construction, Porterhouse, Sports Page, Michael’s Tavern (Pleasantville Alum?), and several other teams that I don’t really know anything about, but suspect there are a few good one’s lurking in the group.

    Perhaps it’s time that the league take responsibility for aligning the divisions, sort of like relegation occurs in European soccer. Teams like SoWest seem to perenially dominate D3, but never move up to D2.

  27. X-Lax says:

    Anyone kno whos on the Captain Lawrence team that plays HV ESG tonight at 8 at SUNY Pirchase???

  28. Middie9 says:

    Yes, Crown Did win it last year in D3, D3 is getting to be like a little D1 lol, alot of great talnet in that divson this year….crown plays tonight at 7:15 at boulder brook park….

  29. Rui says:

    Prime Time did not have Daniello, Bocklet…they did have Stockel(played excellent), they did have Bohlander and Douglass.

    Nims and Galloway werent the 2 extras because i didnt see them there, and i know they didnt play.

    Coluccini and John Carrozza usually play for No Limit…i have seen Carrozza’s name on score lines for No Limit this year. M Bocklet did not play for Prime Time.

    Division 1 playoffs are going to be great.

    There is a good game tonight in Tibbets Park in Yonkers…SoWest vs Michael Tavern 7pm

    Tomorrow is Greenwich HS, Garden Catering plays Mid Ocean Roadrunners 715pm

  30. Rui says:

    Last night Garden Catering beat Mid Ocean Roadrunners with a score of 6-5

  31. BaySideMania says:

    The Bayside Tigers should be getting some respect in D2. Led by mostly Suffern talent, as well as kids from FDU and Oneonta State, they have already started 5-0 on the season with a big matchup with Publick House next week.

  32. Mike says:

    D1 W L
    Superstars Lacrosse 3 0
    Prime Time 2 0
    Garden Catering 2 1
    Mid Ocean Roadrunners 2 1
    No Limit 2 2
    Blue Line Sports 1 2
    Chicken Joe’s 0 3
    Lazy Boy Saloon 0 3
    Prestige Worldwide 0 3

  33. Laxolution says:

    Prime Time is 3 and 0.

  34. Mike says:

    That was as of July 2

  35. Dave Stewart says:

    Anyone know the outcome of Prime Time vs. Mid Ocean?

  36. LAXER says:

    10-2 Prime Time with the W

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