Here’s a rundown of the All-Section 1 selections, including honorable-mention selections, as well as a look at the all-Americans, academic all-Americans, Scholar-Athletes and class and overall Section 1 coach of the year for the 2010 season.

Section One coach of the year

Jim Lindsay, Lakeland/Panas

Section One

Assistant coach of the year

Matt Garcia, Lakeland/Panas

Class A coach of the year

Jim Lindsay, Lakeland/Panas

Class B coach of the year

Tim Schurr,  John Jay

Class C coach of the year

Brian Kuczma,  Putnam Valley

Academic all-Americans

Greg Smyth, John Jay

Louis Sobel, Mamaroneck

Ryan McGee, White Plains


David Benudis,  Mamaroneck

Jeff Hassen, Scarsdale

Harrison Kane,  Ossining

Derek Koelsch, Yorktown

Remy Lieberman, Yorktown

Tim Meyer,  Brewster

Andrew Nicol,  Brewster

Adam Tanne, Horace Greeley

Cole McCormack, Rye


John Brandofino Mahopac 12 Attack
Mike Daniello John Jay 11 Attack
Jameson Pickel John Jay 12 Defense
Ryan Fitzgerald Putnam Valley 12 Attack
Bobby Sincero Hendrick Hudson 12 Goalie
Andy Fazio Lakeland/Panas 12 Defense
Shawn Honovich Lakeland/Panas 12 Midfield
Conor Prunty Lakeland/Panas 11 Midfield
Kevin Interlicchio Yorktown 12 Attack


Name School Name School
Greg Petre Somers Brian Bauersfeld Scarsdale
Erik Pfiffner Somers Dan Leventhal Horace Greeley
Matt Deiana Somers Nate Becker Horace Greeley
Eddie Schurr Somers Cameron Stephens Fox Lane
John Bello Somers Matt McDermott Hendrick Hudson
Michael Collins Rye AJ Small Hendrick Hudson
Christian Bonaventura Rye Greg Mooney Nanuet
Cole McCormack Rye Connor Ferguson Mamaroneck
Stephen Burke Yorktown Doug Eich Pelham
Joey Porcelli Yorktown Conor Fraylick Pleasantville
Remy Lieberman Yorktown Eric Hammershlag Suffern
Tyler Schuldt Yorktown Kevin McNally Suffern
Justin Mabus Yorktown Andrew Nicol Brewster
Jamie McCulloch Ossining Tim Meyer Brewster
Timothy Curran North Salem Dan O’Gorman Putnam Valley
Ryan McGee White Plains John McLean Putnam Valley
Michael Trapp White Plains Kevin Christopher Putnam Valley
Joe Wood Bronxville Brendan McCrudden Putnam Valley
Chris Walsh Bronxville Shane Kelly Putnam Valley
Forrest Walter John Jay William Fallo Lakeland-Panas
Jake Weil John Jay Robert Caffrey Lakeland-Panas
Jimmy Morris John Jay Chris Monteferante Lakeland-Panas
Will O’Donnel John Jay Okie Bernabo Mahopac
Greg Smyth John Jay Chase Thompson Mahopac
Daniel Lohrfink Byram Hills James Burke Clarkstown South

All-Section Honorable Mention

Robert Belger Lakeland/Panas Bryan Bergstol Suffern
Zach Salvia Brewster Mario Allegra Suffern
Jesse Troy Arlington Matt Oliverio Scarsdale
Joe Delia Arlington Jeff Hassan Scarsdale
Connor Lindsey Arlington Dave Massi Eastchester
TJ Foley Mahopac To Cirillo Eastchester
Kevin Carey Mahopac Norman Greenfield White Plains
Johnny McGuigan Mahopac Luke D’Alessandro Hastings
Joey Bonitatibus Yorktown John Bucci Sleepy Hollow
Derek Koelsch Yorktown Peter Crissara Irvington
Logan Bagarozy Putnam Valley Jack Near Bronxville
Kyle Fanning Hendrick Hudson Charlie McCormick Bronxville
Cody Triccoli Hendrick Hudson Brendan Morris John Jay
Greg Bardwell Ossining Zack Waldman John Jay
Chris Wood North Salem Andrew Larrabee Byram Hills
David Pojman Croton Jordan Pollack Byram Hills
Jake Danehy Mamaroneck Hunter Bastian Horace Greeley
Peter Conley Mamaroneck Adam Tanne Horace Greeley
Sam Christiansen Mamaroneck Alex Aponte Pleasantville
Conor Morris Fox Lane Sean Brown Pleasantville
Anthony Grasso Fox Lane Zach Colangelo Pleasantville
Tyler Esposito Nanuet Mark Paul Tappan Zee
TJ Dertinger Nanuet Brian Jennings Wappingers

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35 Responses to “All-Section 1 team, coaches of the year”

  1. reLAX says:

    Congrats to all, including and perhaps especially, the Scholar Athletes and academic AA’s!

  2. oss pride says:

    that a boy matzoh

  3. Lax Novice says:

    No love for Yonkers? Geez.

    Otherwise, congratulations to all on your outstanding seasons.

  4. Laxtime says:

    Seem like solid picks – what are there 47 all-sections judging by what I counted… Someone said there were only gonna be 40??? Did they expand the number??

  5. PV Lax says:

    Congrats all! Thanks Joe for getting this printed.

  6. PVlaxmom says:

    Count again, laxtime. There are 50.
    Congratulations to all.

  7. slacrosse says:

    Congrats to all!!

  8. Green White says:

    Kudos to those winning academic awards – very tough to mix both sports and schoolwork. They obviously did it well.

  9. fazlax says:

    coach jim coach matt three kings thank you guys for a great year. all the rest of you athletes congrats. enjoy your summer and be safe.

  10. laxdog says:

    Question — can you be an Academic All-American and All-American? Ex: If Smyth was an All-American would he still be eligable for the Academic All-American?

  11. Sgt Hulka says:

    Does anybody know what the criteria are for either of the academic honors, Academic All-American or Scholar-Athlete?

  12. Laxtime says:

    So if it’s 50 that’s the same number of all sections as last year so they didn’t cut the number.

  13. green alum says:

    Section picks went from 65 to 50. Cannot be both Academic AA and AA. Top ten finishers based upon GPA, standardized test scores, references, essay and playing are awarded AAA–first three get scholarship money and last seven do not. Chapter calls the last seven scholar athletes but I think US Lax calls all ten AAA.

  14. Town Laxer says:

    Mush ~
    Get your facts straight on this one

    – Academic All-American awards are only given to seniors
    – Coaches do not exactly nominate anyone.
    – The HV and US Lax process is almost exactly like the college application process,
    – The student athlete has a lot of work to do on their own.

    HV Lacrosse has this clearly defined on their website…..

  15. JJ-Lax Alum says:

    Who was the last JJ athlete to be an Academic All American prior to Smyth, this season?

  16. Laxtime says:

    There is no set criteria for scholar athletes. There is an application form to fill out etc with accomplishments etc.

  17. laxdog says:

    It blows my mind that you cannot be both an All-American and an Academic All-American/Scholar Athlete. I think it sends a bad message that you can have a stud on the lacrosse field who is deemed an All-American and the same kid can excel in the classroom but cannot receive the honor of being an Academic All-American/Scholar Athlete. To me it makes no sense. I would think that we would want to promote the fact that there are kids who are gifted athletes and students. After all we honor them as All-Section/All -Section Honorable Mention players and as Academic All-Americans/Scholar Athletes.

  18. reLAX says:

    So they cut the # of all sections by 15.

  19. McGee says:

    It is strange that a player would not be eligible for both awards — if they are deserving of it.

  20. LaxBro says:

    if an athlete was eligible to win both AA and academic AA, do you think smyth could have pulled it off this year?

  21. Lax Novice says:

    I truly believe that the idea is to honor as many different players as possible for the slots alloted. Why anyone would complain about their kid being named to only ONE All-America team shows you just how selfish and obsessive some parents are. I can fairly assume that there are likely dozens of HS varsity lax players in Section 1 with GPAs of 3.9 or better. Why we can’t name 12 different Academic All-Americans/Scholar athletes to the nine All-Americans, all of whom are outstanding examples of the types of kids coming out of schools today, without the same bitching/whining/complaining that parents feel entitled to is sad to see. These are the same parents who will be bitching about awards on Graduation Day too, why Johnny didn’t get the English AND the Math awards, instead of simply enjoying the day.

  22. laxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Even though you should be able to win both, I think there are very few kids if any that would even be stronly considered for both.

  23. green alum says:

    AA is picked before academic AA. Once you are picked for AA you are no longer considered for Acad AA. As for the Smith question, the answer is actually no since he did not get AA which was voted on first. Only kid who might have been a two way candidate this year was McCormick from Rye but I understand he was not put up for AA due to his injury. I like the point of LAxxxx that receiving any one of the nine AAs or ten Acad AAs is a true honor. Congrats.

  24. PVlaxmom says:

    ?So if you are picked as an AA, you can’t win the money as an academic AA? That doesn’t seem fair. It’s better, then, not to be an AA first if you have a chance for the academic honors? Can the player choose which he’d rather receive?

  25. green alum says:

    Its some money but not huge bucks. Only goes to the first three in decreasing amounts–I think (not sure) 750, 500, 250. Think AA bigger deal on lax.

  26. McGee says:

    Lax novice I agree that it is nice to see many players receive awards. As to your point that they are trying to honor as many kids as possible they are still honoring some All-Section and Honorable Mention players with Academic accolades as well. I don’t think anyone is complaining I think it is more like why an All-American can’t be recognized for being smart as well. I agree with laxdog and laxxxxxx if they deserve the honor they should receive the honor. This year senior All-American list may not qualify for that honor but in the future I truly believe that we should re-think it.

  27. Lax Novice says:

    I really don’t understand the obsession with this. These are subjective awards that are based on meeting very high standards, there is no “most deserving” objective criteria. Did you think they simply take the top 12 GPAs and call them Academic AAs? Even then you’d still have people whining that their guy took 4 AP courses and somebody with a higher GPA took 2, or none. So if you can define “deserving” other than “my son should win both” please just relax and appreciate the honor as they’re already organized.

    By the way, the flip side of this are the guys who use “D1 recruits” to measure the strength of their team and program. There’s obviously top academic schools with D1 programs, like the Ivys. But I’d presume that most of the Academic AAs are going to similar top schools like Amherst, Tufts (D3 2010 champion) and others in D3 because its the best for the student-athlete’s future, and allows them to continue their lacrosse careers. That’s the way to best honor them, by recognizing that there are guys who have D1 skills but choose D3 because it’s a better road to their future, and not disparage their choice because it’s not D1.

  28. laxerfan says:

    Lax Novice brings up an interesting point. While many programs (or at least some of their supporters) brag about the number of D-1 recruits, each year in the region there are a number of top players who choose for educational reasons to attend an Amherst, Williams, Tufts, Middlebury, Washington and Lee, Wesleyan, etc. rather than a D-1 school. There are real academic differences between some of these schools and many D-1 schools, as well as differences in the educational environment as whole, and kudos should be given to the kids who achieve top academic activities as well as excelling in their sport and have the opportunity to make these choices. That is not to say that there are not, in addition to the Ivies, great D-1 schools with terrific lax programs and educational opportunities. But the fact that some of these kids are “not going D-1” does not mean that they can’t play at that level, but rather that they had the opportunity to choose a different type of school.

  29. Rebel Yell says:

    Congrats to Coach Lindsay and Coach Garcia!

  30. green alum says:

    laxerfan–agreed. Stern from JJ in ’09, Froats from Town in ’08–both recruited for solid D-I programs but opted for Williams and Wesleyan instead. The only two in this year’s group of Academics that I know were recruited for D-I programs (as oppossed to attending to a D-I school) were McCormack from Rye who is going to Cornell and Lieberman from Town who is joining Froats at Wesleyan. Something to be said for Ivy and Little Ivy.

  31. McGee says:

    so let me ask Lax Novice this — if you want to honor as many players as possible why are some players getting 2 awards?

  32. Rye Guy says:

    Congrats all!

  33. Laxaholic says:

    I like the way they did the coaches of the year by class. All are deserving but it would have been nice to recognize someone who did a good job from a non sectional title winning team. Thoughts?

  34. Lax n stuff says:

    Congrats all

  35. Lax Guy says:

    Congrats all.

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