Is West Islip in line for its fourth state title in the last five years? Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts/prediction on Thursday’s state semifinal vs. Lakeland/Panas at 8 p.m. at Hofstra University in Hempstead. (File photo)

We’re almost at the end of the road, gang. On Saturday, both New York and Connecticut will crown state champions. And the season will be over. But New York still has one round to go before the finals.

Here’s a rundown of what’s coming up on Thursday and Saturday.

Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts on these matchups and post your predictions.

New York downstate semifinals

Thursday, June 10 at Hofstra University, Hempstead

Class B: Section 2’s Niskayuna (17-4) vs. Section 8’s Garden City (17-3), 3:30 p.m.

Class C: Section 1’s Put Valley (18-4) vs. Section 8’s Manhasset (18-0), 5:30 p.m.

Class A: Section 1’s Lakeland/Panas (18-3) vs. Section 11’s West Islip (19-1), 8 p.m.

Winners advance to the state finals on Saturday, June 12 at Stony Brook University: Class B (11 a.m.), Class C (1:30 p.m.), Class A (4 p.m.)

Connecticut state championships

Saturday, June 12
at Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk:

Class L: Fairfield Prep (17-5) vs. Cheshire (20-2), 1 p.m.

Class M: New Fairfield (19-2) vs. Darien (18-3), 3:30 p.m.

Class S: St. Joseph-Trumbull (15-6) vs. Weston (19-3), 10:30 a.m.

Connecticut state tournament schedule, brackets

* Class L

* Class M

* Class S

New York state tournament schedule, brackets

* Class A

* Class B

* Class C

MSG Varsity coverage

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* Latest Hudson Valley/Connecticut Top 25 rankings

* Connecticut State Tournament Time

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101 Responses to “Let’s hear your NY state semifinal, CT state final picks”

  1. GreenWhite says:

    Town post season honors:

    Kevin Interlicchio

    Justin Mabus
    Ty Schuldt
    Joe Porcelli
    Remy Lieberman
    Stephen Burke

    All-Section HM
    Joe Bonitatibus
    Derek Koelsch

  2. Red-Grey says:

    Tuskers All-section. All-League:
    John Bello
    Greg Petre
    Erik Pfiffner
    Ed Schurr
    Matt Deiana

  3. mad_lax says:

    nisky/GC looks to be shaping up as the more even of the games…
    figuring PV/manhasset to be 14-7 manhassett
    and LP/WI 12-8 WI

  4. blaxdog says:

    looking forward to having Lakeland down to the Island tomorrow, ……Joe, WI only has one loss…..thanks

  5. laxdog says:

    Congratulations to all!! A great year by all. On a side note I thought Brendan Morris was worthy of all-section as well.

  6. Strong Island says:

    WI 13, L/P 7
    Set 11, PV 5

  7. Laximus says:

    WI 12, LP 6 … Can’t wait to watch Fazio on Galasso matchup!

    Set 10, PV 4

  8. Old Rugger says:

    GC 7 Nisky 5
    WI 12 LP 8 (Fazio needs to play his best)
    Set 12 PV 3 (Looking for Sett to run table)

  9. Old Rugger says:

    Say BlaxDog after game would like your feed back on Fazio and overall LP defense.

  10. Indian J says:

    Garden City 9 Niskayuna 3

    West Islip 16 Lakeland/Panas 5 (Galasso 4, 2)

    Manhasset 14 Putnam Valley 4

  11. blaxdog says:

    Old Rugge my opinion and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee, but sure…….

  12. slacrosse says:


    The official all section/league lists?-Thx

  13. LI Lax says:

    WI 14 (or as many as they want) L/P 3

    GC 7, Nisky 4

    Set 13, PV 2

  14. Syracuse says:

    Garden City-Nisky I think will be closer than many of the scores I’ve seen posted. A great coach in Vorgang going up against a tremendous tradition. The difference between these teams is GC is better offensively than in previous years, and, couple that with being battle tested from a solid schedule, the Trojans will play a complete all around game on their way to the win.

    Take GC, 6-3.

    Lakeland/Panas’ hopes will rest on two factors: Can Fazio limit Galasso, as he has seemingly everyone else he’s matched up against this season, and can L/P play a ball-control style of offense to keep the rock away from all of West Islip’s other talented offensive players. I think the Rebels can, but it won’t be enough to slow down the machine.

    Take WI, 11-5

    Putnam Valley has had a tremendous season, one to be very proud of, but this is just a terrible matchup.

    Take Manhasset, 13-4

  15. slacrosse says:

    LI Lax,

    Yeah, WI a heavy favorite but you’re WAY off on the “or as many as they want” part. Way to leave yourself potentially “exposed” on that one.

  16. LI Lax says:

    I really don’t think I am. Are you going to the game tomorrow? I think you’ll be surprised. L/P is a solid team, but so was Farmingdale and look what happened to them. WI could have won that game 18 or 19 to 0 if they had left their starters in in the fourth quarter

  17. KDog says:

    WI – 14
    LP – 6

    WI has too many weapons and LP’s D really hasnt been tested all that much this year. I think the only way they have a chance of keeping it close is by showing a lot of zone executing it perfectly. Guys like Fallo, Cafrey and Mackay are going to have to produce as well.

    Hope its closer but I’m doubtful. Good luck LP!

  18. Love Lax says:

    I agree with L I LAX

    I was at the WI – Daler game last night.

    The Dalers could beat any Section 1 Team and they got crushed by WI.
    It was 11 – 0 end of 3rd Q. Then WI emptied the bench!

    So (or as many as they want) is right on.

  19. NYmike says:

    Fox Lane
    All- Section and All-League
    Cameron Stephens

    Honorable Mention All-Section
    Connor Morris, Anthony Grasso

    Connor Morris, Anthony Grasso, Nick Grasso, Sam Robinson, Noah Hammer, Julian Maestro

  20. mush says:

    what did you think the jj v huntington game score was going to be a few years ago?

  21. Indian J says:

    JJ v. Huntington was a game that Jay had a slight chance in. They had played without Bohlander the second game of the reg season and lost 9-6. So it was much, much different than any of these match-ups today.

    West Islip is just much better than L/P

    Manhasset is much better than Putnam Valley

    Garden City is much better than Niskayuna.

    Now, if there was a possible upset in the bunch, I would say GC v Nisky- but I’m not comfortable saying that.

    As for West Islip throw their one loss out the window. They have destroyed teams much better than L/P very recently. Farmingdale is very good and could not play with them at all. Rain? Not going to affect these outcomes at all.

    Jay 07′ – All three attackmen were H.S. AA’s (plus Bohlander on D) and began contributing to D1 schools as sophomores ( Bocklet being the most well known) You can’t really compare today’s match-ups to that one.

    Jay was loaded.

  22. Laxit says:

    WI 15 LP 6
    GC 5 Nisky 4, OT
    Set 13 PV 4

  23. laxified says:

    Unless you have seen WI play you really have no idea how good they are. The only team in the state with any chance to beat them is Manhasset, they can make a good team look like a jv team and LP would have to play absolutely perfect and WI would have to be off for this game to even be remotely competitive, Fazio has zero chance to contain or limit Galasso and he is far from their only threat. Good luck

  24. always around says:

    the john jay team had mOre weapons than L.P HAS

  25. slacrosse says:

    Love Lax,

    Yeah understand why WI held the score down leading 11-0 end 3.

    But that’s just not gonna be near the case tomorrow–will be a lot closer then that particular score.

    As I said WI big favorite. But scoring at will, setting the margin…….Hey we’ll see.

  26. slacrosse says:


    When will you be listing the full All Section/League lists?

  27. Joe Lombardi says:

    slacrosse –

    I had noted when I announced the AA’s that the all-section team was being reviewed and typed out by the coaches and that I will post it as soon as I receive it. I don’t know when that will be.

  28. mush says:

    Yea but Huntington team was so good that year no one touch them. this is not west islip best team. HUntigton was 64-0

  29. Moses Wants to Know says:

    Joe, are the coaches using a stone slab and chissel to put the lists together or are they going to use smoke signals to let us know??

    Enough already, the coaches have known since Monday night and some programs have had it on their websites since Monday night.

  30. buzlax says:

    hey laxified fazio has nothing to lose . he’s only 5’1 130lbs.

  31. Joe Lombardi says:

    Moses –

    The coaches do have to verify spellings individually and then send back confirmations for the plaques so it’s a bit more involved than just typing the names, but hey, whenever I get them, I’ll post them. Beyond that, as Forrest Gump said, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

  32. laxified says:

    buzlax-my point exactly. Galasso is simply on another level and only mentioned Fazio because of an earlier post about him containing Galasso. He just no chance against him, just like Kunkel who is as big as Nicky and every bit as strong. He is a man amongst boys and I would be surprised if he ever leaves the field at UNC. He could have played there this year.

  33. every1 loves an upset says:

    Okay here goes….I know what the odds are…but I’m going to go out on a whim and say lp at the least keeps it a game and possibly squeaks out a win.

    I’m sure everyone in the state/ east coast knows of all the weapons Scott Craig has under his control. We all know about the tradition and state championships the program takes home.

    But watching lp play I see their ability to turn almost any game (even ones they should win with ease) into a scrappy fight. They play with more passion than a lot of teams I’ve seen even out on the island. I feel like if they can level the playing field, turn the game into a fight and catch WI off guard they can shock a lot of people tomorrow.

    Best of luck to both teams can’t wait for the day of lax ahead!

  34. purple pride says:

    GC 13 Nisky 6 (only game I could see a slight slight upset)
    Set 16, PV 3
    WI 15 LP 7

  35. Lax Novice says:

    Headline: Nebraska agrees to join the Big Ten conference

    Any ramifications for the Big East and its brand-new lacrosse conference? As of now, Notre Dame is not aligning with the Big Ten. Even if they did, there’s only Ohio State playing varsity lacrosse there.

    Could Dayton be joining the Big 12 if it continues? lol

  36. Joe Lombardi says:

    Lax Novice –

    Not happening as far as Dayton goes – haha.

    But there will be ramifications for the Big East, especially if the Big 10 gets Rutgers and possibly Syracuse. We’re heading toward having four basketball/football super conferences. I think some of the high-profile basketball schools that don’t have I-A football could form their own conference that could stretch from Providence to as far west as Saint Louis.

  37. LI Lax says:

    2007 Huntington was not the same as 2006, it was not nearly as good of a team. It was still one of the five best teams in the country, but that John Jay team was an elite squad, at least top 15, and only won because Shamel took an ill-advised shot that gave JJ the opportunity for another possession. This WI team may or may not be able to beat that Huntington team, but that John Jay team would likely wipe the floor with this L/P team. No disrespect to L/P, this is a great season for their program, getting to the state semis, beating Yorktown twice, etc…but WI is on another level

  38. LI Lax says:

    Purple Pride,

    I can almost guarantee GC won’t score 13 goals against Nisky. When was the last time ANYONE scored 13 against Nisky?

  39. Joe Lombardi says:

    I agree, LI Lax. Garden City-Nisky should be a 7-5, 6-5 game either way (I give Garden City a slight edge) and could even be as low scoring as 5-4. It will be a similar game to John Jay-Nisky.

    Also, as I’ve said several times in the past, I don’t think John Jay’s 11-10 double-overtime win over Huntington in 2007 was a huge upset when comparing the personnel and talent level of the two teams.

    In terms of rankings, perception, etc., it was. (Huntington was the two-time state champ and riding a 64-game win streak.) But, as you noted, Huntington was a stronger team in 2006, and, Huntington and John Jay played earlier in the ’07 season at Huntington. Though John Jay was minus all-America defenseman Ryder Bohlander for the game, Huntington won 9-6.

    By the way, interesting to note that Huntington finished 6-10 this season after back-to-back 8-9 seasons following that ’07 season.

    That kind of depth of talent among teams, in a nutshell, is the biggest difference between Long Island lacrosse and just about anywhere else. On Long Island, programs that were once dormant often rise to powerhouse heights before dropping back to the pack. In other areas, including the Hudson Valley, it’s usually the same programs year-in, year-out that dominate.

  40. slacrosse says:

    WI 13, LP 6

    GC 10, Nisky 6

    Sett 16, PV 7

  41. LI Lax says:

    The Huntington classes of 05-07 were simply exceptional, and nearly as importantly, did not experience any significant losses to St. Anthony’s which have plagued Huntington for years and are one of the main reasons for the program’s up-and-down nature. Of the well known players for those teams, Sean Brady did go to St. A’s for one year before transferring back to Huntington, but they were able to keep a remarkable amount of their homegrown talent which, adding to the fact that they were already exceptional classes, created the Huntington dynasty.

    A similar phenomenon happens often at my alma mater, Northport, though not nearly as storied of a program as Huntington (which dates back to the ’50s). We put together an exceptional class in 2002 which lost nobody to the privates and shocked everyone by ending Ward Melville’s 50 game winning streak in 2001 on our way to a completely unexpected state title. Then, we were ranked #1 in the nation much of the 2002 season before losing to West Genny by a goal in the final in that class’ seniors last game. The four subsequent years were good, but not great, no Suffolk titles but ranked within the national top 100 each year and top 50 twice (and the 2006 class included four Under Armour All Americans), but since then we have failed to reach .500 and have a combined record of 30-41 with zero playoff wins. It is just tough to rebuild on LI unless you are one of the select few storied programs (even WM has not won a Suffolk title in 10 years).

  42. laxified says:

    Very good points LI Lax. I will be very interested to see what kind of record WI has in the next couple of years without a Galasso although I would guess there is a little Galasso somewhere in WI

  43. LI Lax says:

    The thing with WI is that they have built up their youth program to where it is the best in Suffolk (at least as good as 3Vlax) and they are in almost no danger of losing players to private school (being on the south shore where kids traditionally go public and next to St. John the Baptist, not a lax or academic powerhouse). Sure, they won’t be as good next year and I expect Suffolk A to be a five horse race with WI WM Smithtown West Whitman and EI, but they are going to be good for a while.

  44. IslandLaxpert says:

    Downstate semis
    WI 14, LP 6
    GC 7, Nisky 5
    Set 13, PV 5

    CT finals
    Fairfield Prep 10, Cheshire 8
    Darien 8, New Fairfield 6
    St. Joseph/Trumbull 9, Weston 7

  45. Lax Dude says:

    As we come to the end of another great season I want to thank Joe Lombardi for doing another terrific job in making “Laxlessons” the premiere lacrosse blog in the country. As well 99 percent of the blogger s have been respectful to all the student athletes who have been mentioned on this blog. To all the seniors moving on to college best of luck and enjoy. Every year we see some great stories and this year no different, the tri-state area continues to be the best region for lacrosse in the country. Predictions:

    WI 12 LP 5
    GC 11 Nisky 7
    Set 10 PV 3

    Good luck to all

  46. nylax says:

    Short list of most tradition rich programs in NY are: (in no particular order)
    West Genny
    Garden City
    Ward Mel
    (new comer) West Islip
    Cold Spring Harbor
    It’s amazing how in the past 20 years the amount of programs that have become contenders, no one is safe from game to game.

  47. mush says:

    Ok you heard it hear first Nisk 4 GC 3 Vorgang is the best defensive mind in the game.

    JJ high powered offense had no clue how to beat Nisky settled D

  48. LI Guy says:

    WI 14, LP 6
    GC 6, Nisky 5
    Set 11, PV 4

  49. Indian J says:

    Vorgang is very very good. I would not say he is the best defensive mind in the game. Jay had great difficulty with Nisky’s D, but I would not say that Jay’s O was on the level of Garden City. GC will win FO’s that Jay did not. GC’s transition is actually better than J’s ( and Jay’s was good/very good). It’s important to remember, Jay was the best Section One team because of good defense and a surplus of capable offensive players. GC is high powered and much faster. It’s different. Nisky, even in settled situations, will be in the situation like they were with Jay in the fourth quarter- but for the entire game.
    Im a huge Jay fan but I have to say that their offense was all juniors (especially at the end) this year and some games they threw the ball away as much as they threw it into the back of the goal.(Compliment: they scored a lot too) Don’t expect Garden City to do that.

    GC by 6. 8-2, 9-3, something like that.

  50. green alum says:

    Garden City over Nisky by 8-10 goals. I know the Nisky coach considers himself to be the best coach in the world, but he still needs the players. Humility is a great teacher and hopefully the NIsky coach gets a couple of doses tonight.

    WI–no contest over LP. Sorry guys but this WI team is better than last year’s team by a lot. No answer for Galasso–period. Fazio is good but not on Galasso’s level. Try to shut him down and you will have a very tired Fazio and a Galasso with alot of assists. LP very lucky to get by Shen. Shen was a better team than they showed and they just didn’t play as well as they have this year.

    Set will crush anyone at this point. Nice run for PV–well coached team but again you need numbers.

    It is not the water in LI it is the numbers they choose from. Take Town–1000-1100kids. Ward has three to four times that amount. The list goes on. Also LI wisely has adopted lax as its “national sport”.

  51. LI Lax says:

    green alum,

    Then how come Town lost to Garden City, which has a lower enrollment? Yeah, I don’t think numbers have that much to do with it.

    Manhasset, with just over 400 boys in the school, beat Chaminade, who has 1600 boys. And two of the best players from Chaminade, who scored all but one of the goals, are from Manhasset…

  52. kr says:

    GC 10 – 6
    Manhasset 14-3
    West Islip 17-5

  53. Lax Man says:

    GC-Nisky should be the best of the games.

  54. justlaxin says:

    Green Alum please stop posting comments that are make peopel think badly of Yorktown. You may be right about alot of things, but you come across with much bravado. Town chose to play with the big boys this year. That has nothing to do with enrollment. In the past, they have beaten many of them so Iets tone it down a little, respectfully. Youth programs and community involvement as well as good HS coaching are the keys. Good players and athletes help too. LOL

  55. NYmike says:

    where is the update of the games playing this afternoon – I see nothing on the IL link

  56. green alum says:

    Justlaxin: nice try–anyone who reads my posts knows where i stand with Town and any suggestion that my last post was intended to bias Town is wrong–I was pointing out that LI has a much bigger pool of potential talent. The general population of LI is far greater than our four counties. Perhaps the Town example was not a good one but it wasn’t intended to slam town. As to GC, no one is going to tell me that the population eligible to attend GCHS is the same as Town–we have a total of 18,000 people (all ages) living in Town.

  57. Laxtime says:

    Joe – awesome job. I remember yesterday you wrote that GC-Nisky could be a 5-4 game either way.

  58. Syracuse says:

    green alum,

    Yorktown’s population is 40,000.

  59. NYmike says:

    To green alum’s point – I was thinking of this the other day – 18k or 37k population of ytown the numbers are small compared to – Long Island (suffolk and nassau counties only) is a concentrated 2.7 Mill vs. a total 970k for all of westchester. The great programs of Wchester should be proud of their history and are beholden to strong youth programs, as many localities are now discovering -it takes early commitments for local youth programs to develop power programs in HS. That said, someone else posted that lacrosse is the “national sport” on long island. It’s like Texas HS football across the whitestone, or the Yankees vs. Orioles – ok, Wchester is not the Orioles compared to LI but you just can’t consistently compete against the demographics and the commitment. Kudos to all the teams that reach the level they do from wherever they are!

  60. Wow says:

    Green alum obviously out of the loop on that fill me in.

  61. green alum says:

    Syracuse{ wrong–the Town has 40,000 but only 18,000 are in the Town as opposed to Lakeland school district. Understand WI is playing well and controlling ball–any updates?

  62. BSX says:

    a lot of good points here – originally hailing from PV when there was no HS and you went to LL or Panas or another neighboring school. I am so happy to see them the past two years field a classy competitive team. Now i live out on LI SS just east of WI and it is all about starting the kids out when they are young (7/8). Kudos to the communities and parents who take their time to get the boys going while keeping it fun. Lets remember most of these boys had started in a PAL, HV, or in house y-town lacrosse league – lets give some credit to their coaches growing up… Having met many of the boys from the 3 teams – I wish them all the success on and off the field.

  63. Syracuse says:

    green alum,

    Ah OK. I didn’t realize what you were driving at. Yes, bulk of Yorktown’s population is in Shrub Oak, Mohegan Lake and area north of Curry Street. I live by Peter Pratt’s in Croton Heights so I pay no attention to the “other side of the tracks …”

  64. NYmike says:

    8-5 WI .50 left in half

  65. green alum says:

    Pratts-best food in Town. Enjoy. WI being explosive–again. Remember last year right before halftime Town cut the lead to one with a comeback from 5-1 to 5-4 and in a second it was 6-4 at half taking the wind out of their sails.

    Nisky fared better than I thought–way to bring it boys.

    PV has a great program but is not yet ready for the rich heritage and history of Set.

  66. green alum says:

    Syracuse-your predictions from yesterday are scary accurate.

  67. BSX says:

    PV is still a baby compared to the other programs playing today. If all fairs well they will be there in years to come… and LI will have about a dozen or so teams that will jockey for the top spot (in either Suf or Nas).

    My question is Set vs Slip who wins? Love to see that game?

  68. Syracuse says:

    green alum,

    If L/P stays within 7 I’ll be happy with my picks.

  69. BSX says:

    joe, syracuse or green alum

    what are the chances Kennedy ever gets into the fry being a top team. Got the coaches now can they pull from y-town (either north or south of curry), Somers (which could also be considered y-town), PV and Jay –

  70. green alum says:

    Unless they change the water in town and having seen the enthusiasm in the YAC I can’t imagine a kid who is a player will leave Town to go to Kennedy. that said, you gotta start somewhere. What Kuczma has done in PV is something to be proud of and to take note of. It is not often that a great player become a great coach and can also develop a program top to bottom in such a short amount of time. So, you never know.

    Based on updates Hono and Galasso showing they are legit tonight. Galasso’s five assists end the debate on Fazio and put into question whether Town should have pushed more with KI.

  71. Syracuse says:

    In time, Kennedy will be able to “recruit” players … so to speak. I think if the program becomes better than average in the smaller school classifications it will become a sexy option to those who want a Catholic education. I would not put anything past the Savs.

  72. mush says:

    Why be a back up goalie for two years when you can start at Kennedy. Why be a 4th or 5th attackmen on a team when you can start at Kennedy. You know the Savs have connections with college coaches.

  73. P&G says:

    Syracuse, I know you do not mean “recruit” in the traditional sense – and therefore I don’t understand your point. A stud 7th/8th grader in Yorktown, Somers or John Jay is not likely to go to Kennedy to play lacrosse. If a Catholic education is a priority for a family, then they are just as likely to send that boy to Iona Prep, Fordham Prep, or Stepinac.

    The Savs are very good coaches, but they have no feeder system. And with no disrepect intended – winning 5 games this year, when 3 of them were against teams that did not win a game is what it is.

  74. BSX says:

    as a former Gael from PV whose only chance to play Lax was summer… is looking forward to that day…

  75. P&G says:

    Mush, if you are a D1 prospect – then you are not backing anyone up. Yorktown had 2 9th graders, and I believe 2 10th graders contribute this year. John Jay had 2 freshmen contribute. My point is that if you are good you will play. If you are above average you work hard, wait your turn, then contribute. Colleges will find you on the summer circuit.

    Starting on a team as a frosh or soph that isn’t playing high level lacrosse is not helping you play in college.

  76. BSX says:

    P&G – Iona or Fordham Prep just as likely- i know Ive moved away but really???… In my Day (wow i sound old)… JFk was able to take studs in other sports to play at Kennedy. I dont see how Kennedy will lose a boy to down county or the bronx.

    and I know they only had a few wins (quality or not)… I only said in due time. Not in the next few years. but mush put it right. why ride the pine if you can play!

  77. BSX says:

    I am not saying (nor is mush saying) the studs will “defect” – unless they go to seton, st pats, st james, st columbanus already. but you never know…

  78. mush says:

    Why does it seem like everyone wants Kennedy to fail. I think because deep down they know the Savs can turn this program around. I predict 3 years they will make noise in the sectionals.

  79. P&G says:

    BSX, I’m rooting for them at KC – but I just wouldn’t bet a nickel.

    In the Northern Westchester town I live in – some would say the public school here is a better education than Kennedy. And yes, Kennedy will get most of the Catholic kids that do leave , but you would be suprised of the number of kids that go to Iona Prep and/or Fordham Prep (for the combined educational value combined with the religous aspect).

    Kennedy’s athletic niche seems to be in baseball and basketball recently. I just don’t know what fundamentally has changed that would make a lacrosse kid go there.

  80. P&G says:


    I’m rooting for them at Kennedy – I just wouldn’t bet a nickel.

    In the Northern Westchester town that I live in, some feel that the public school is better academically than Kennedy. And yes, Kennedy take the majority of Catholic kids that leave – but you would be suprised at the number of kids that go to Iona Prep or Fordham Prep (for the perceived academic value coupled with the religous aspect). .

    Recently, Kennedy’s athletic niche has been in basketball and baseball. I just don’t see a lacrosse kid – choosing Kennedy

  81. P&G says:

    I don’t think anyone wants 2 hard working passionate guys to fail…Just the opposite. But just wishing for it doesn’t mean it is going to happen. Just banter on the blog. Keeping it real….

  82. BSX says:

    OK P&G times do change – when I llived up there if you didnt go public you went to JFK (and a step up from there was hackly or harvey)…

  83. P&G says:


    Same with where I grew up…Times change!

  84. BSX says:

    I am just rooting for a PV vs JFK championship game someday

  85. CT Lax says:

    Cheshire 10, Fairfield Prep 9

    Darien 9, New Fairfield 6

    Weston 9, St. Joe 8

  86. Old Rugger says:

    BSX the Savs have to start handing out Lax sticks in gym classes at all the small feeder Catholic grade schools (ala Murphy) in Northern West Put and maybe something will grow. Kennedy doesn’t currently have enough good student athletes and many of the ones they have play for the State Semi Finalist Baseball Team. I too would love a PV JFK (KC) final.

  87. mush says:

    I heard there are 4 or 5 transfers coming to Kennedy.

  88. BSX says:

    to all… how young is too young to have a summer travel team.
    Would love to have a Battle for the Bridges… between LI and West/Put. Looking into some LI team coming to murphy tourny next yr – couldnt do it this year.

  89. BSX says:

    Sorry Rugger I cant get used to KC…it will always be JFK to me just like LL will be green and called the hornets… and Panas the panthers…

  90. Old Rugger says:

    Understand. Used to be some great rivalry’s when JFK and JJ played each other in the 70’s and 80’s when the schools were about the same size. Just trying to be politacally correct and use the KC.
    BSX for the last few years JJ youth at least the Junior and Senior Black teams have been playing in round robins with Fairfield Wakeman and Huntington. There are U10 teams out there a plenty don’t think you can go much lower than that (nor do I think you need to). Also Don’t forget our friends in Fairfield county as Darien, New Caanan, Westport, Fairfield-Wakeman, Greenwhich and Ridgefield all have very solid youth programs.

  91. BSX says:

    Old Rugger – I hear ya… thanks… I loved those rivarlies/memroies – gotta say those smith boys were some great atheletes Antron/Avrom.

    Yeah CT publics/communities has gotten on the ball the past few years. Gotta get some youth contacts for them. Would love to get a JJ contact to if you know any

  92. Indian J says:

    Before Lacrosse became king in Cross River, John Jay’s two biggest rivals in all sports were Kennedy and Fox Lane. Yorktown was too far away to run in to those guys at parties, but Kennedy and Fox Lane kids were constantly in the periphery.

    There was basically a “684” league, that was based off of the towns that were right off that Interstate. Brewster, John Jay, Somers, Kennedy, Fox Lane and Horace Greely. Ossining was the only constant that was away from the highway.

    I hope the report that Kennedy has a number of transfer lacrosse players is true. Don’t like that the way Savs were treated – it happens but it shouldn’t. Some comments here occasionally take back handed shots at them too. It’s wrong and I hope that they have success at JFK.

  93. Old Rugger says:

    I’m with you Indian J. Long time ago was part of that “684” fun. Especially trying to steal their girls at the party’s

  94. Doid23 says:

    I’m with some of you, Kennedy will always be JFK. Surprised that the JJ-JFK rivalry isn’t big anymore. JFK used to get a bunch of the Katonah/ St. Mary’s kids, so we knew most of them growing up and playing in sports. I guess now that St. Mary’s elementary is gone, that all dried up.

    The 684 comment is spot on, and Fox Lane was the biggest rivalry, especially with Pound Ridge being split between JJ and FL. And while I loved Antron Smith, Mike Williams was the best athlete to come out of JJ in that era (or any), played 6 seasons in the NFL for the Dolphins and Lions.

    And Lakeland will always be the hornets and wear green. I guess I am old and cranky.

  95. BSX says:

    Diod23 – not cranky just nostalgic

  96. blaxdog says:

    Old Rugger, as per your request…….Fazio is VERY good, did a great job on Galasso (2,2 I believe)…….he is strong,fast and actually uses his size as an advantage (he doesn’t have to get low and push he’s already there)…….I will say this, Nick probably should have had 5-6 assts, WI shot poorly and the LP goalie is very good……..I was very impressed by #25 from LP also, tough to contain,great shooter……..LP struck me as a very solid,very classy team

  97. buzlax says:

    hey blaxdog never been to a rebals game is that fazio kid that good with his stick or people are amazed with his size. all i read about is his size 5 foot nothing and 130 lbs. seems david had agood year with all the goliaths around him.

  98. Old Rugger says:

    Thanks Blax its always good to hear from a WI perspective as you guys have seen a lot of defenses try to stop Nicky. Congrats on #4.

  99. blaxdog says:

    thanks…….this was probably my favorite, because all of the “experts” wrote WI off for 2010…..

  100. shango says: has highlights of the LP vs WI game on their site.

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