Fairfield University-bound senior midfielder Pete De Salvo, shown in action during the Gaels’ 10-9 win Saturday over Bishop Timon-St. Jude of Buffalo, helped Iona Prep hang on after building a 10-6 lead and win a second straight state title. (Photo by Jim Stout/MaxPreps.com)

It was quite an eventful Saturday. So let’s take a quick look back before we look ahead to what’s on tap next, shall we?

Among the highlights from Saturday:

* Iona Prep won a second straight state title, holding on to defeat Timon St. Jude of the Buffalo area 10-9 after leading 10-6 in the second half. Steve Trizano had four goals for the Gaels.

* FCIAC champion Greenwich was eliminated from the state tournament, falling to Fairfield Prep 9-7.

* Defending Class M Connecticut state champion Darien escaped with a 10-9 win over Wilton to advance to the semifinals.

* John Jay’s 15-game win streak ended with a 7-6 loss to 2009 New York State Class B finalist Niskayuna in the state quarterfinals.

* Lakeland/Panas and Put Valley advanced to the state quarterfinals. The Rebels won their second straight overtime game, beating Shenendehowa 10-9 in Class A while the Tigers handled Glens Falls 12-3 in Class C.

What’s next?

Glad you asked.

Here’s the rundown of Tuesday’s New York state quarterfinals and Connecticut semifinals.

New York state quarterfinals

Hofstra University bracket (Long Island championships)

Class B: Comsewogue (17-1) vs. Garden City (16-3), 3:30 p.m.

Class C:  John Glenn-Elwood (11-6) vs. Manhasset (17-0), 6 p.m.

Class A: West Islip (18-1) vs. Farmingdale (16-2), 8: 30 p.m.

Middletown High School bracket (Section 1/Section 2 winner vs. Section 9 champion)

Class B: Niskayuna (16-4) vs. Saugerties (13-2), 3:30 p.m.

Class C: Putnam Valley (17-4) vs. Red Hook (12-4), 5:30 p.m.

Class A: Lakeland/Panas (17-3) vs. Warwick Valley (17-1), 8 p.m.

CIAC semifinals

Class L

at Brien McMahon

Staples (18-0) vs. Fairfield Prep (14-4), 7:15 p.m.

at West Haven

Cheshire (16-2) vs. Glastonbury (14-4), 7:15 p.m.

Class M

at Fairfield-Ludlowe

Darien (16-2) vs. New Canaan (15-3), 5 p.m.

New Fairfield (15-2) vs. Conard (13-5), 7:15 p.m.

Class S

Ledyard (18-0) vs. Monday’s St. Joseph’s-Trumbull (13-6)/Somers (9-8) winner at West Haven, 5 p.m.

Weston (16-2) vs. Stonington (13-5) at Brien McMahon, 5 p.m.

Connecticut state tournament schedule, brackets

* Class L

* Class M

* Class S

New York state tournament schedule, brackets

* Class A

* Class B

* Class C

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* Latest Hudson Valley/Connecticut Top 25 rankings

* Section 1 Tournament Time

* Connecticut State Tournament Time

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92 Responses to “State playoffs resume on Tuesday”

  1. wow says:

    Nisky was class B finalist year I believe not C

  2. CT Lax says:

    Can anyone at the Darien-Wilton game provide color?

    Saw this article on Prep-Greenwich but nothing on Darien-Wilton.


  3. Laxtime says:

    It’s a fine line between winning and losing. Had JJ pulled out the win vs Nisky they very easily could’ve won that first state title. I think Garden City-Wogue would have been a 50-50 winnable game and ditto for the final. But that’s the playoffs for you.

  4. Jaybird says:

    Interesting to read the take on yesterday’s JJ-Nisky game by the Albany Times Union.


  5. SirLaxalot says:

    I find it interesting some consider Jay-Nisky to be an upset. Not really. Look at it this way. Nisky beat Shenendehowa, which played LP to an OT game and JJ beat LP by a goal. Let’s also not forget, Nisky made the Class B state finals last year – and that was their only loss and John Jay is coming off a 10-9 season. Heck, I think Nisky maybe should have been a goal or two favorite.

  6. alum says:

    jj was ranked 8th in the nation.

    Nisky lost to Darien

    JJ beat Darien in a scrimmage

  7. Lax Bus says:

    …and to add to SirLaxalot…

    Nisky has beaten John Jay the last three times we played. This win isn’t that surprising. Rather it is consistent with previous encounters. Year in and year out these are two consistently excellent teams. On any given day…..

  8. really? says:

    I’m amazed this needs to be said….

    National rankings are so far from accurate its a joke. JJ beat Darien in a scrimmage?? That means nothing, teams do so much experimenting and subbing during scrimms you can’t get an accurate read.

    Not to mention teams evolve so much between April and June.

  9. laxforfun says:

    Somers beat L/P
    Somers beat Nisky

    Any given day

  10. Love Lax says:

    Congratulations to L/P for a great job at
    Sectionals against a very good Town Team
    and then another great game against an excellent
    Shen. Team.

    Lindsay has done an outstanding job. Everything is about Town & J. He doesn’t mget enough credit.
    Good Luck in the rest og the State tournament.

  11. Empire says:

    A quick report from Empire tryouts.

    Alot of missed passes on offense as you could expect and a general lack of cohesion on defense, which can also be expected. They played four games in about 2 – 2.5 hours with officials. Upper, grass field was pretty good, but slow. All very well done.

    Didn’t see any John Jay or Yorktown guys. Somers had a couple. Anybody see any L/P? Also didn’t see PV, P’ville, Brewster, White Plains, Hen Hud, but don’t take that as book because there were ALOT of guys and the helmets became a blur. lol.

    Off the top of my head there definitely were guys from; New Rochelle had a couple, some private schools, Scarsdale had one, Fox Lane a few, Greeley was in, Rye had a bunch, Bronxville was there, Byram had a few, Ossining had one, Arlington had a few or more, Mamaroneck a couple/few, Mahopac represented and lots of others I could not recognize…it was nice to see the diversity.

    Alot of Westrock helmets and I don’t know if the guys wearing them understand that they’re not helping themselves by advertising to the coaches that they will probably be at Hotbeds up to the day Empire Games start. Helllllllllooooo?

    We’ll see whether or not the roster has been basically set in subsequent days by seeing who shows up and new faces could well mean those guys were probably locks to make it to start with.

    Alot of talent and the guys who are not close to that level are pretty easy to spot. The athletes, who can play, are also easy to spot and the coaches are never going to be able to make people happy – they’re job is impossible. There are simply too many guys who can play and most of them won’t get picked because they don’t come from the right school or the coaches don’t know them at all. It’s human nature that the coaches will gravitate toward programs and players they know and people should not be discouraged because they’ll get overlooked. I’m sure there are many guys there, who the coaches will tell, ‘you can play but we just don’t have room.’

    Did not see a single moron dad, berating his kid or anything like that.

    This is no doubt the best deal available in lacrosse for parents except for school ball; Four games today, plus tomorrow and whatever they’ll do then, easy drive, easy parking, nice campus, plus you get a shirt…all for for ten bucks! Not bad, not bad, not bad.

    Lots of happy faces on players and coaches and the fact that the rain held off made it good for spectators even though the heat index was somewhere around a million degrees.

    Alot of fun for all and I recommend it for every kid when he reaches the required age to participate.

  12. jeffreyp says:

    i think it’s safe to say the john jay summer team (Primetime) who have near and mccormick from bronxville would handle the HV team, hopefully they set up a game

  13. a fan says:


    Just so you know, in years past, anyone who was still the playoffs was not to come to tryouts. Once their season was over any players from those schools would come.

    I did see a couple of Yorktown guys. Hen Hud was also represented.

    With regards to your Westrock helmet comment. Just b/c they were wearing them doesn’t mean they are actually on the team this year. Guys trying out, usually will wear those to make them stand out to the coaches.

    As for your comment about guys getting picked from certain programs, I believe the coaching staff over the last few years has shown that it doesn’t always matter what the helmet says, if you can play you make the team. 2 years ago, they had kids from Rye Country Day, Fordham Prep, the Brunswick School. Not exactly what I would call the “name programs”

    You are right, it is tough. There are a lot of kids trying out, though I believe the line b/t the kids who can play and should move on and the kids who shouldn’t move on was pretty clear.

    It will be interesting to see what the team it. Sadly, some of the best in the section from my understanding aren’t trying out. While recruiting camps/tourneys are great. Talk to college coaches, they still believe that the Empires are a premier recruiting event. It’s a shame some of these very talented kids won’t be able to experience it. The whole thing is a great time and then at the end when you win a medal…very cool.

  14. ??? says:

    Coach stated that he would work with players and their select teams. LP, Put Valley, and I believe iona Prep have not tried out yet.

    People, please don’t buy into posters trying to stir the pot. The empire team is suppose to be the best talent in the area, representing the region in an olympic style tournament. Everyone should want to do that especially with the leniency that it looks like they will have to camps and summer select teams. If players don’t or can not do it… so be it.

    Let’s try an eliminate any drama and hope for the best for all section 1 guys.

    Section 1 always wins the gold for drama.

  15. slacrosse says:

    There were Jay kids at the ESG tryouts today.

  16. Sec1 says:

    Town had Gately soph, Mariano frosh

  17. P&G says:

    word is the JJ kids were sophs, not on the primetime team.

  18. green alum says:

    Fact: When KI was sophomore he was made an alternate, Porcelli, Mclee, Burke and Lieberman were cut and I think Doughtery–all amer–was cut too– in favor of a 8th grader making the team as an alternate (two years ago). The suggestion that having one guy coach the team every year as somehow ensuring the best are picked is nonsense. It is time for the coaching situation on Empires to be revisited. The head coach should change every year as should the staff to make sure that the section is represented by the best players irrespective of geography; doesn’t matter if a particular area has no kids on the team–yet each year we hear that there needs to be Rockland or southern west. this or that.

    Anyone who says that the picks over the last several years(last year excluded b/c it was Nike and not Empire) have been fair or right-nonsense. Then there is the pac kid who was cut–literally–then there was a complaint by his coach and co and he was brought back. Not saying whether he should have made it–just that the process stinks since there is no process. There needs to be a written procedure for picking coaches and players. LI doesn’t allow tryouts unless sent by your coach and there is written criteria for evaluators and a genuine process for picking talent. We need a transparent process for HV–until one is in place HV Empires will not be considered to be the elite of the HV area.

  19. McGee says:

    green alum — you hit the nail on the head. Very well put!!

  20. are you serious? says:

    Yes, jefferyp, I think you’re right. Not only would the Primetime team definitely win, but I think the ESG team would be scared while playing them. No question about it. Good point.

    I think you guys also nailed it on the head because the poster was obviously saying the process is unfair and rigged. I don’t think he was saying at all that the coaches have a tough job. Good pick up. That’s especially true when you consider that no two players have similar abilities and picking one over another is always cut and dry.

    I think he was also saying the coaches never pick guys from different teams. Never ever. It’s right there in his post and there’s no way he can fool us. I’m just wondering why he’s so bitter. You know? Agh, his kid probably stinks anyway.

    Frankly, I’m offended that he had such a good day. I mean, he brought his kid to a rigged event and had to pay for it no less!

    I mean, he didn’t even know that coaches can recognize the difference between a current Westrock helmet and one that’s outdated!

    He obviously represents everything wrong with lacrosse. Good job you guys.

    Tell you what, next time a parent has the nerve to come on here, mention the difficulty in this process and tell us it was of all things, fun, we should immediately have Joe ban the poster because they are obviously here to stir the pot. Plus, I don’t think he understands this is not about fun, it’s lacrosse for crying out loud!

    Green alum…great post.

  21. who r ur guys says:

    I think green alum is right.

    I would also guess that we could put a call out to the bloggers on this site to list their Empire rosters starting tomorrow morning and that the majority of them would get 67-75% of the names correct…long before tryouts conclude.

    Not only would they get the names right they’d also be able to tell you why.

    It’s not a corrupt process, but it is deeply and fatally flawed.

  22. just can't win baby says:

    If the process for picking ESG teams is so good around here why does, what is perhaps, the nation’s second largest hotbed for lax talent have such a tough time winning?

    The criteria for coaching two consecutive ESG teams should be a Gold medal.

    You can’t perform like the Yankees if you don’t think like they think.

  23. a fan says:

    Green alum-
    You mention that it shouldn’t matter where a player comes from regardless of geography- that it doesn’t matter if a particular area. If you really believe that, than explain why your coach screamed bloody murder when no one wearing green made the team a few years ago?
    With regards to the young man from Mahopac, if memory serves me right, yes he was brought back and subsquentlly cut in the next round. However, my memory is a bit fuzzy as it was a few years ago but I believe that is what happened.

    Why so serious? It’s a little early in the morning, I’m assuming you were being sarcastic?

  24. slacrosse says:

    green alum,

    Although I’m an advocat for the HV team with everyone trying out YOU ARE RIGHT about the process.

    The LI system you mentioned seems great.

  25. Laximus says:

    NYS state quarters predictions…

    GC 8, Wogue 6
    Set 13, Glenn Elwood 3
    WI 13, Farmingdale 8

    Nisky 14, Saugerties 3
    PV 13, Red Hook 3
    LP 14, Warwick 4

    CIAC sems

    Prep 10, Staples 7
    Cheshire 10, Glastonbury 6
    Darien 8, NC 7 (OT)
    New Fairfield 11, Conard 5

  26. slacrosse says:

    NYS state quarters predictions…

    GC 8, Wogue 6
    Set 16, Glenn Elwood 3
    WI 13, Farmingdale 8

    Nisky 12, Saugerties 3
    PV 13, Red Hook 3
    LP 14, Warwick 4

  27. Love Lax says:

    Hey Laximus,
    Great picks, lol,

    I agree with all your picks
    except, GC – Wouge could go either way.

  28. Laxer12 says:

    Congrats to L/P and PV.Keep going guys.

    Joe Will you be posting the HV AAs tonight?

  29. KDog says:

    Who’s coaching the Empire team this year?

  30. Lax says:

    My picks for AA.


  31. Bigeasy says:

    Prunty is the best player on LP. I know Honovich should be AA too but Prunty is the smartest player on the team. He will be a big time recruit and I dont know how he won’t get AA. I talked to some coaches last week and Sat at Ytown and he was one of the 1st guys they raved about. Just so we all know too, I do not support LP. Thought I would be clear but good is good.

  32. Joe Lombardi says:

    Here are the 2010 Hudson Valley AAs:

    Kevin Interlicchio, Yorktown
    Conor Prunty, Lakeland/Panas
    Shawn Honovich, Lakeland/Panas
    Andrew Fazio, Lakeland/Panas
    Mike Daniello, JJ
    Jameson Pickel, JJ
    Ryan Fitzgerald, Put Valley
    John Brandofino, Mahopac
    Bobby Sincero, Hen Hud

  33. Syracuse says:

    That sounds about right. Can’t argue with this list.

  34. Brewfan says:

    how about all-section/all-league?

  35. LI Lax says:

    State quarters picks:

    WI big
    GC 9-5
    Set big

    L/P big
    Nisky big
    PV big

    Better action upstate tomorrow (Ithaca and WG, CE and Skan, Hamburg and Irondequoit, Fairport and OP). I think all three LI teams will be playing on Saturday at Stony Brook (WI, GC, Set)

  36. McGee says:

    Congratulations to all the AAs. Well deserved — great players each and everyone of them.

  37. slacrosse says:

    Congratulations to all the AA’s!! Continued success going forward.

  38. MayDayMalone says:

    The AA list does not include the section’s leading scorer, Jamie McCulloch, why not?

  39. Bigeasy says:

    No offense, but the caliber of competition did not warrant serious consideration unless he did a ton vs the big teams on his schedule. I would look at others before getting to him. No disrespect as he is a good offensive player but not on , for example, Petre, Pfiffner, or Schuldts level.

  40. Demidio says:

    I’m pretty sure Coach McNally is doing it again this year.

    When do All-Section and All-League lists come out?

  41. laxin says:

    only person I can think of that “could” be considered a shock is Petre. Other than that a good list of fine players. I know somers did not have an amazing year but they made it to a section final and Petre would be the somers guy I would give it to. Congrats to all the kids!

  42. alum says:

    what about Walter from jj scored 4 goals in finals SU looking at him

  43. RockHeader says:

    I’m laughing while I write this.

    He was on the Westrock U18 with Petre and Pfifner last year and may have outscored both of them. lol. And if he didn;t score more goals, who do you think was passing those guys the ball? lol.

    Looks like a productive day for West Point and a good list of players.

  44. pac8 says:

    congrats to all the AA’s

  45. osslax says:

    so then why did the hh goalie get it? their schedule included peekskill, jfk, croton, north salem, haldane, north rockland etc.. and he slaughtered by jj ytown mahopac l/p…

  46. laxin says:

    who are you referring to? just a little confused on your post

  47. NWO says:

    RockHeader –

    Maybe that was Jamie’s mistake. He passed on an offer from West Point and comitted to Franklin & Marshall instead. lol.

    9 players from 6 schools. Looks like the new world order has yet to reach the lacrosse community. lol.

  48. Laxinupsec1 says:

    Osslax, I’m almost positive the hh goalie was on the man-up team aswell as the starting goalie for the team

  49. alum says:

    Smyth should of got AA he was the best jj defenseman in the section

  50. Just sayin says:

    Somers is the only team in the section to beat LP other than JJ and gets zero AA’s and LP gets 3???

  51. thinkinboutit says:

    Not sure what that means, alum. Vinny Perillo was the best Mahopac defenseman in the section and Eddie Schurr was the best Somers defenseman in the section.

    laxin, I think he’s talking about Jamie McCulloch from Ossining.

  52. yerkton says:

    Big Easy,
    That’s crazy talk. Jamie McCulloch is absolutely on those other guy’s level – much sought after and has the numbers and resume to prove it. Get game bro.

    I’m a little disappointed that only KI got it from Y, but by looking at that list maybe that’s not too bad.

  53. Town Laxer says:

    Alum may be right ….

    ask any of the players on opposing teams who actually played against JJ what they thought. I don’t recall anyone he was matched up against having a good game against him.

  54. hvlaxer says:


    Remember every coach is one vote. A coach cannot break or make an AA. The votes are a culmination of a players’ full season. Coaches vote based on their experience for all players throughout a season. Don’t forget, there were AA nominees that came in 9th, 10th, 11th, etc. Unfortunately, not all great players make the final list. Congrats to all the AAs as well as the Hudson Vally players that excelled in the season! Proud to be Section1 Lacrosse!

  55. yerkton says:

    Okay, Town laxer, who are you taking off the list to make room for your boy?

  56. laxilla says:

    Agree with AA except goalie way to many good ones and too much parity don’t believe any standout CRAZY

  57. Observer says:

    Petre scored 4 vs. Nisky (has anyone done that in the last 2 years) including winning goal in OT and 6 vs. Ridgefield including winning goal in OT. He should be on there for sure.

  58. Laximus says:

    It’s good they try to represent each position on the field – attack, mid, LSM, D, goal – though I do question a couple of selections but with the way this season has gone there were no 9 “givens” and no matter who was selected there would have been strong cases for those who didn’t.

  59. scooter says:

    I’m fine with all of the picks. Since we’re naming the best poles on each team, here’s a challenge for anyone who doubts sincero. Without looking it up name 1 hen hud pole, in fact name one player. He’s a beast in the cage

  60. not an alum says:

    AJ Small to name one…who made it past the first round of Empire cuts today.

    Congrats to all the guys who made it through round one Empire!

    And congrats to the AA’s. I hope they all understand that we’re not being critical of them…this is all just sports talk and debate. We’re happy and proud for all and these are good bloggers here…not like the other one. People there are just plain angry. lmao.

  61. not an alum says:

    C’mon, laximus, no ‘givens’? Watch this.

    Everybody send in your list of your early leaders for next year’s AA’s:

    Forest Walter and Mike Daniello are locks. They don’t even have to play.

    Who from Rye? O’Callaghan, McReddie

    L/P Rob Caffery

    Somers Eddie Schurr

    on and on…which teams will be represented?

    John Jay, Yorktown, L/P, Rye, Somers and my sleeper team Mamaroneck.


  62. Love Lax says:

    Observer, I agree

  63. da system's broken! says:

    Guys, get this through your heads once and for all. Picking AA’s is not a debate, it is done by vote – one vote per coach. They vote their conscience and that’s that.

    AA’s are not SELECTED they are ELECTED.

  64. SirLaxalot says:

    Yes TownLaxer but the argument – and I’m sure the Hen Hud coach made it well – is that if you put Sincero on a team with a defense like Yorktown, John Jay, etc., imagine how effective he could have been. Credit the Hen Hud coach for making a strong case and going to bat for his player – as Observer noted that’s half the battle as far as who gets AA.

  65. Town Laxer says:

    …. it will be very interesting to see this years Section 1- All-Section secletions.

  66. truth says:

    i know he doesn’t play the best competition but Joe Wood from Bronxville put up 100 points on the season which is outstanding and should at least be brought up.

  67. lax says:

    are they out yet? the all section selections joe?

  68. all section says:

    When do all section and all league get announced?

  69. Valley Kid says:

    AA locks next year
    Kevin Christopher PV
    Rob Caffery LP

  70. Joe Lombardi says:

    All-section was decided tonight following the AA meeting. The list usually takes a few days before it’s released – coaches have to review spelling of players’ names for the award plaques and the names have to be entered onto a file, etc.

  71. all section says:

    Any leaks you can tell us about Joe? lol.

  72. slacrosse says:

    I’ve made my case in previous blogs for McCormack to be an AA based upon his performance, despite his injuries and I stand by it.

  73. Lax Mom says:

    Just wondering how all-section and all-league players are picked?

  74. ?????? says:

    Totally shocked not one player from Somers got AA. How does that happen?

  75. laxilla says:


    have to agree with you on McCormack could have been a different year for Rye if he was healthy.

  76. slacrosse says:



    But again, as I said in my initial post on the AA’s , CONGRATS to all of them on their selection!.

  77. Laxer12 says:

    Congrats to all the AAs .watching you guys play has been great.Those still playing bring it home to the HV Go L/P and PV .Good Luck boys

  78. Laxit says:

    Congrats to all this year’s all section/AA winners.

  79. TriLax says:

    What colleges are recruiting Prunty?

  80. Laxtime says:

    Who did we think will be next year’s AAs???

  81. Casual observer says:

    bobby sincero is a good player…perhaps not considered an all-american in section one but still a very good player. with that said there are a few kids who were also deserving and im sure were in consideration until the end. congrats to all the AA’s and to the all-section players. good luck to all the teams still repping section 1.

  82. laxd says:

    race to close to give one goalie over another in section 1 argument could be made for many no true all-american for that spot

  83. laxdog says:

    Does anyone remember Luke Haggerty?? Good goalie on a bad team. He also gave up 13 & 14 goals last year to a sub-par JJ team. So please let’s not knock Sincero.

  84. laxd says:


    nobody knocked him, or said he wasn’t good just feel others are just as good and deserving.

  85. KDog says:

    AA locks for next year (assuming no injury, etc)

    Pleasantville goalie
    possibly Mavis/Schultz

  86. Olax says:

    Pac has a few possible AA canidates next season

  87. not_an_alum says:

    See what I mean?

    We can come back to this thread this time next year and the AA lists these bloggers are putting out will be 75% correct, so don’t say there are ‘no givens’.

    Nobody is knocking Bobby Sincero.
    This is sportstalk.
    I you want touchy-feely Kum-bay-ah go listen to NPR.

    Frankly, I think he had a better season last year, but he gets the last laugh from West Point. Ha, ha!

  88. NYmike says:

    Nothing but props to the kid heading to The Point – there may be another Section 1 goalie to follow Sincero in 2011 w/ Palesky graduating – there are some things bigger than Lacrosse and the kids that understand that have all my support and respect! And roger that on the NPR comment.

  89. slacrosse says:

    Rye’s potential AA candidates for ’11

    Barton (A)
    Boneventura (M)
    Chapman (M)
    McReddie (M)
    O’Callaghan (M or A)
    Collins (D)

  90. Scooter says:

    Where is fazio playing his college ball?

  91. slacrosse says:


    Fazio going to Keene State

  92. Laxit says:

    Hard to believe on Saturday the season will be over.

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