Somers hopes it’s in line for a second straight Section 1 Class B title. But to get it, the Tuskers will have to beat John Jay, the eighth-ranked team in the nation. Somers has won eight straight entering today’s 3 p.m. game at White Plains High School. John Jay, meanwhile, has won 14 in a row. (Photo by Jim Stout/

We’ve been spending months previewing the teams and analyzing all the games and developments this season.

Now it’s time to decide champions in Section 1 (Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess counties) and Section 8 (Nassau County) at White Plains High School and Hofstra University, respectively.

Here’s the lineup:

Section 1

at White Plains High School:

Class B

No. 6 Somers (13-6) vs. No. 1 John Jay (17-1), 3 p.m.

Class C

No. 4 Put Valley (15-4) vs. No. 6 Rye (12-7), 5:30 p.m.

Class A

No. 2 Yorktown (11-7) vs. No. 1 Lakeland/Panas (15-3), 8 p.m.

Section 8 championships

at Hofstra University

Class B

No. 2 Garden City (15-3) vs. No. 1 Wantagh (16-2), 3:30 p.m.

Class C

No. 2 Cold Spring Harbor (15-1) vs. No. 1 Manhasset (16-0), 6 p.m.

Class A

No. 2 Massapequa (14-3) vs. No. 1 Farmingdale (15-2), 8 p.m.

Be sure to check in with your thoughts/info on the title games you happen to attend as what promises to be an interesting day unfolds.

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203 Responses to “Section 1, Section 8 championships to be decided today”

  1. Syracuse says:

    Here’s how I see it:

    Class C:

    Put Valley edges Rye 8-7 in a classic.

    Class B:

    John Jay too much for Somers 11-6

    Class A:

    Lakeland/Panas takes out Yorktown 12-11 in OT

    I do believe both Rye and Yorktown can win their games, but the right teams are the top seeds. Should be very interesting.

  2. Hopkins says:

    Agreed Syracuse

    I also Believe that Putnam Valley will “edge” out Rye

    But I have a sick feeling in my gut that Rye is going to take the game in the beginning making Valley have to com back. But that is when put val seems the strongest they like the comeback, and as soon as they get on their roll…nothing can stop them its amazing to see. Just like the regular season game against rye. They where down i think 5-2 at the half and came back to beat them 9-5. Thats an 7-0 shutout in the second half.

    But we shall see, i think this game is hotter than the other 2

  3. Justin Case says:

    I also think Rye will come out strong and put Valley in a place to come back. I believe halftime was 6-1 Rye during the regular season. It will all depend on how well the Rye defense can withstand a Valley run.

  4. kr says:

    fwiw, the Garden City – Wantagh game starts at 3:30 (not 3pm)

    and the Manhasset-CSH game is at 6 (not 5:30)

  5. Lax4Fun says:

    Well it’s time. For the players to step up and show whaT they have..

    Here is who I like tonight

    In Class C

    Put Valley 10 Rye 8

    Class B John Jay 13 Somers 7 Jay is just to stron in my opinion

    Class A

    Town 10 Lakeland/Panas 9 in O.T.

    Good luck to all the players and teams.

  6. laxnoz says:

    ok we all know somers has a tough game today but they have proven they can play with and beat the best around i have watched these kids play since 3rd grade and i know what kind of talent is there play your game today guys control the ball and play smart and you will come out on top! GO TUSKERS!!!!!!!!!!!
    somers 12 jj 10

  7. mcluvin says:

    are the games going to be streaming on the internet like last year?

  8. LI Lax says:

    GC 7, Wantagh 6
    Set 9, CSH 4
    Farmingdale 9, Pequa 6

    Town 10, L/P 9
    JJ 12, Somers 8
    Rye 6, PV 5

  9. Paul Zavarella says:

    I’ve been checking and extend a quick shout to, no_style_points…for getting around to finally man-ing up for your brain lock. This is what can happen when you use players as props. They’re the ones who get attacked, not you.

    Lesson well learned. Closure.

    P.S. – If Mikey Daniello is looking for a place to play next year we’d be more than happy to welcome him to O. I’m pretty sure Coach H. and the guys would find a way to squeeeeeze him onto the roster somehow. lol

    Everybody, especially seniors, have a great time tonight.

    Do we have a team-by-team list of seniors?
    It would be great if they were all mentioned here, but I do not have time to assemble a list. A little help?

    Thanks to all.

  10. hud lax says:

    JJ 11-Somers 8
    Rye 9 PV 6
    LP 11- town 9

  11. slacrosse says:

    GC 9, Wan 6
    Set 12, CSH 5
    Dale 10, Pequa 5

  12. lax-for-life says:

    Paul Zavarella-

    The Rye Seniors are:

    Ben Deixler
    Lucas Hasselmann
    Michael Linehan*
    Cole McCormack*
    Kent Van Kuller


    Thanks for your suggestion to recognize these and all senior players participating today.

  13. lax-for-life says:

    Paul Zavarella-

    Thanks for your suggestion to recognize the seniors participating in today’s section finals. From Rye:

    Ben Deixler
    Lucas Hasselmann
    Michael Linehan*
    Cole McCormack*
    Kent Van Kuller


  14. Syracuse says:

    I just have a funny feeling that soomeone big on Long Island, traditionally, will lose today. We see the parity more in Class B on Long Island than anywhere else in the region. Wouldn’t shock me to see Wantagh win or for CSH to pull it out, mostly because CSH has ruined Manhasset’s season on many an occasion in this very spot.

    Just to echo and earlier post, will the Section 1 games be streamed anywhere? Joey?

  15. Syracuse says:

    Looking ahead, the state tournament is a little different this year.

    Section 1 and Section 2 will meet in the first round with Section 9 getting a bye into the state quarters. Obviously, due to the relative strengths of Sections 1 and 2 compared to 9, this is not good for the tournament, but the tourney tends to rotate who gets the bye. Class A first-round game will be played at 6 p.m. on June 5 at Yorktown High School.

    Shenendehowa vs. L/P or Yorktown. Winner almost certainly will cruise to Hofstra.

    The state quarterfinal is at 8 p.m. on June 8 at Middletown High School.

    Class B first-rounder will also be at Yorktown on June 5, a 1 p.m. start.

    Expect John Jay-Nisky, with the winner playing at 3:30 p.m. on June 8 at Middletown against Section 9 rep.

    Class C first-rounder will also be at Yorktown on June 5, a 3:30 p.m. start.

    Put Valley or Rye against who knows, with the winner playing at 5:30 p.m. on June 8 at Middletown against Section 9 rep.

  16. Rye Seniors says:

    RYE Seniors

    16 Michael Collins
    23 Ben Deixler
    25 Lucas Hasselmann
    13 Michael Linehan
    20 Cole McCormack
    1 Angelo Scarfone
    15 Kent Van Kuller

    And coaches:
    Brian Dooley
    Scott Dooley

  17. Ed B. says:

    I’m at White Plains for the Section 1 Championship games and will be bringing quarter-by-quarter updates. Should be a great triple-header.

  18. Lax4Fun says:

    In L.I. action

    GC 12 Wan 8
    Set 14 CSH 7
    Dale 9 Pequa 5

  19. Lax4Fun says:

    mcluvin a great question . Will the games be on the internet like last year ? I hope so.

  20. Ed B. says:

    John Jay 2, Somers 0 after one quarter. Forrest Walter and Brendan Morris unassisted. Somers got a few good looks and hit the crossbar once.

  21. John Jay says:

    John Jay seniors

    37 Ryan Armentano
    16 Mike Fitzmartin
    11 Fletcher Franklin
    22 Christopher Keane
    7 Robert Maher
    12 Brandon Merlino
    4 Eric Newman
    15 William O’Donnell
    48 Jameson Pickel
    21 Stephen Saldutti
    27 Gregory Smyth
    10 Zack Waldman

    Congrats to one and all!

  22. always around says:

    J.J UP 2-0 AFTER ONE

  23. Old Rugger says:

    JJ Seniors Good luck and bring it home make it 4 of 5 years guys!
    #10 Walldman Def
    #27 Smyth Def
    #48 Pickel D/LSM
    # 7 Maher G
    # 11 Franklin G
    #16 Fitzmartin Def
    # 21 Saldutti At
    #22 Keane Mid
    #4 Newman Mid
    #37 Armentano Mid
    #12 Merlino Mid
    #15 O’Donnell Mid

  24. Ed B. says:

    John Jay 3, Somers 3 at the half. Somers scores three times within a 90 second span to get back into the game, two on fastbreaks. Somers is having trouble scoring against John Jay’s set defense but is getting great looks in transition. Erik Pfiffner, Kieran Donohue, and Jon Depaolis have the Somers goals. Mike Daniello scores for John Jay in the 2nd period.

  25. Old Rugger says:

    Who is in Goal?

  26. mad_lax says:

    5-4 JJ

  27. mad_lax says:

    7-4 JJ after 3

  28. Ed B. says:

    John Jay 7, Somers 4 after three quarters. John Jay dominates the 3rd period and scores twice in the last minute. Forrest Walter scores twice in the quarter. John Jay goalie Robert Maher makes a couple of good saves.

  29. LI Lax says:

    Follow my live blog of the Nassau championships

    GC 6-2 at half

  30. mad_lax says:

    LI updates anyone?

  31. mad_lax says:

    8-4 JJ

  32. updates says:

    please include game time with scoring updates.


  33. mad_lax says:

    yikes! 9-4 JJ

  34. GC says:

    Halftime: Garden City 6, Wantagh 2

  35. LAXman says:

    John Jay is up 9-4. Walter is having a monster game with 4 goals.

  36. tmm says:

    GC 7 Wantagh 2 Early in the 3rd.

  37. Yorktown says:

    Great suggestion.


    Joey Bonitatibus
    Stephen Burke
    Nick Donovan
    Chris Drakeford
    Anthony Filomio
    Kevin Interlicchio
    Derek Koelsch
    Remy Lieberman
    Eric McLee
    Joey Porcelli
    Danny Stuebe
    Michael Sullivan
    Julien Zidi

    Thank you seniors, you have left the program in great shape!
    Thank you coach Marr and staff!

  38. mad_lax says:

    1:58 to go JJ 9-4

  39. mad_lax says:

    9-5 JJ 54 secs left

  40. mad_lax says:

    9-6 JJ 17 secs left

  41. mad_lax says:

    JJ wins 9-6

  42. LAXman says:

    Somers scored 2 within the last minute but Final: John Jay 9, Somers 6
    Congrats on the sectional championship!

  43. tmm says:

    GC 9, Wantaugh 2
    About halfway through the 3rd.

  44. townfan says:

    LETS GO TOWN!!! Big win needed!!!

  45. daddy says:

    Nisky has no chance

  46. BigBadBear says:

    congrats to J, great year so far…

    anyone at the game, did they flip the goalies at half time?

  47. Ed B. says:

    John Jay 9, Somers 6 final. John Jay played great defense all game. Somers scored twice late but the game wasn’t close in the second half. Forrest Walter ends with 3 goals for John Jay.

  48. Ed B. says:

    Somers was led by Kevin Cousin with 2 goals and Matt Deiana who had 6 groundballs against John Jay.

  49. tmm says:

    GC 12 – Wantagh 3
    4th Quarter getting late.

    Unless something crazy happens should be a great game between JJ and GC.

  50. Ed B. says:

    And yes, John Jay switched goalies at the half. Robert Maher played the first half and Fletcher Franklin the second.

  51. BigBadBear says:

    thanks Ed…well, I guess that strategy worked out ok, huh?…bring on GC

  52. just laxin says:

    If jay does not respect misky they could go down. Tough defensive team. One at a time.

  53. laxbus says:


  54. Ed B. says:

    Pregame update for Putnam Valley-Rye game, Cole McCormack out with torn hamstring. On sideline on crutches.

  55. no_style_points says:

    Congrats to JJ.

    Am I allowed to say that? lol.

  56. Ed B. says:

    Putnam Valley 3, Rye 1 after first quarter. End to end action and lots of shots so far. Putnam Valley has gotten the majority of possession and Ryan Fitzgerald who has two goals is giving the Rye defense major problems.

  57. Somers Tuskers says:

    Somers Seniors

    13-7 after a 1-4 start. Great run guys, we’re all proud of you!

    Dean Sullivan
    Jon Depaolis
    Cole Partenza
    Chris Longo
    Christian Smith (C)
    Greg Petre (C)
    Erik Pfiffner (C)
    John Bello (C)
    Sean Ryan

    Thank you coach Lew! Good luck with Westrock!

    Congratulations to John Jay the 2010 Section One B Champs!

  58. L/P Seniors says:

    Lakeland – Panas Seniors

    Connor MacKay A/M
    Robert Belger G
    Brandon Fennell D
    Albert Elezovic D
    Zachary Zingaro M
    Will Fallo (C) A
    Daniel Conroy D
    Andrew Fazio D
    Maxwell Dineen-Carey G
    Shawn Honovich (C) M
    Derek Lewis M

    I’ll do L/P too, because they don’t seem to be getting this done. lol.

    Congratulations to all.

  59. BigBadBear says:

    sorry sla…no cole is bad news for Rye

  60. LAXman says:

    Here’s the JJ-Somers stats for JJ:
    Of note, both freshmen ended up with points with defender Jack Lambert getting a goal after a faceoff.

  61. Carefully, carefully says:

    Yes, no_style_points, you are allowed to say it, but just leave it at that.

  62. Doid23 says:

    Ouch, losing McCormack hurts. Was he injured in warmups?

  63. WhaleBelt says:

    ‘Set up 2-1

  64. Ed B. says:

    Putnam Valley 6, Rye 7 at the half. After two more Ryan Fitzgerald goals six seconds apart, Valley took a 5-2 lead, but Rye stormed back behind goals by Garrett Chapman, Christian Bonaventura, Jack O’Callaghan, and Matt McReddie. Rye’s defense has tightened up and they just seem to be the more aggressive team right now. Putnam Valley has won the majority of faceoffs and hit the pipes once.

  65. Ed B. says:

    McCormack was not hurt in warmups. Showed up on crutches.

  66. Carefully, carefully says:

    Ed B, we all owe you kudos, great job because I’m envisioning you sending these updates on a Blackberry.

  67. daddy says:

    did Dienna play in the jj game

  68. GC says:

    GC wins BIG!!!!!

  69. Ed B. says:

    Here’s the TV schedule for the Section 1 Championship games, the premieres that is, all on MSG Varsity, Channel 14 in the Hudson Valley/Connecticut region. (Games will air in Long Island on different days and times): Class A final, Yorktown-Lakeland/Panas- 8 and 11pm on June 7th. Class B, Somers-John Jay- 8 and 11pm on June 3rd. Class C final, Rye-Putnam Valley, 8 and 11pm on June 4th.

  70. GC says:

    insidelacrosse has a live blog to follow the games.

  71. Ed B. says:

    Rye 9, Putnam Valley 7 after 3 periods. Rye goalie Mike Linehan made some key stops. Jack O’Callaghan and Matt McReddie score in the quarter for Rye. Still a very close game.

  72. WhaleBelt says:

    ‘Set up 5-4 after 3 quarters of play…

  73. Ed B. says:

    Putnam Valley 10, Rye 9 final. PV scores three times in the last 3:11 to win. PV goalie Brendan McCrudden makes a save with a few seconds left to seal the win.

  74. laxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Forrest Walter actually had 4 goals, not three.

  75. Ed B. says:

    Ryan Fitzgerald scores the winner for PV and ends with 5 goals on the day. Other PV stats- 2 goals for Kevin Christopher, 3 assists and a goal for Dan O’Gorman. Jack O’Callaghan paces Rye with 4 goals. Matthew McReddie scores two and Briggs Barton, Christian Bonaventura, and Garrett Chapman all have one goal and one assist also for Rye.

  76. Ed B. says:

    That’s correct, Walter did have 4 goals. Sorry about that.

  77. Syracuse says:

    Wow. Rye. Agony. Been there. Chins up.

  78. daddy says:

    walter just locked up AA

  79. JJLax Fan says:

    Jay game was great. Jay looked hot at first, then got sloppy. Somers capitalized, and the score was even at the half. Strong offensive and goalie play in the third for Jay allowed them to stretch their lead. Franklin seemed to be almost unbeatable today. Much better than his Sectional final appearance last year vs. Somers. Longo looked like he couldn’t see the ball at all, I only counted 1 save for him. Jays offense led strong by Walter with 4 goals, and a great momentum goal from Lambert. Overall great win, ‘grats to Tim, Geoff, and the whole squad– bring on Nisky!

  80. lax-for-life says:

    Set-CSH final?

  81. Has Been Lax says:

    Set 7- CHS 5

  82. Observer says:

    That ol’ Tim Schurr zone does the trick again, yes?

  83. Has Been Lax says:

    From LI13 IL Blog
    Set 7 CSH 5 Final

  84. Ed B. says:

    Yorktown 3, LP 2 with four minutes left in the first half. Very even game so far with lots of saves on both ends.

  85. daddy says:

    Nisky is weak this year Vorgang will have no answers for The Walt MAchine

  86. Joe Lombardi says:

    Conor Prunty has both LP goals. Justin Mabus just gave Yorktown their first lead of the game with 2 mins left in the half.

  87. Ed B. says:

    In an interesting matchup, 5foot Andrew Fazio for LP is guarding Yorktown’s Kevin Interlicchio, holding him to no goals and one assist so far. Game is tied 3-3 at the half. Robert Caffrey tied the game for LP with 1:50 left in the first half. Very intense game.

  88. Justin Case says:

    Congratulations to Valley on a well played game. It seemed as if Rye was going to close it out, but the couldn’t maintain the ball on clears or hold for a possession. It was too much for the defense. I give a tremendous amount of credit to Devon DiPalma, the Rye sophomore who stepped into Cole’s shoes.

  89. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    End 1
    Pequa 2 Dalers 0

  90. Ed B. says:

    Joey Porcelli and Tyler Schuldt have Yorktown’s other two first-half goals

  91. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog

    Pequa 3 Dalers 0

  92. Syracuse says:

    Not to rain on the lacrosse parade here, but when you all see the blown umpiring call in tonight’s Tigers-Indians game that cost a guy a PERFECT GAME you will be sick to your stomach if you’re a true sports fan.

  93. UncleLax says:

    Congrats JJ Lax on your 18-1 Section 1 championship season.
    Congrats Tim Schurr on an extremely successful first year.

    Good luck Saturday against Nisky…..

  94. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    10:44 2nd
    Pequa 3 Dalers 1 EMO

  95. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    8:36 2nd
    Pequa 3 Dalers 2

  96. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    7:34 2nd
    Pequa 4 Dalers 2

  97. Syracuse says:

    L/P apparently up 4-3 midway through the third …

  98. Lax Novice says:

    Any Tigers – Indians updates?

  99. somers seniors says:

    jjlax fan – guess you couldn’t see either – Longo had 8 saves. Not stellar but definitely not 1. But when you compare the two teams Maher had 2 and Franklin had 5 – So goalie play was pretty equal.

  100. Ed B. says:

    Lakeland-Panas 6, Yorktown 5 after three quarters. Back-and-forth action, with LP taking a one-goal lead and Yorktown tying the score a few minutes later. Shawn Honovich has 2 in the quarter for LP. Justin Mabus and Joey Porcelli have the Yorktown goals.

  101. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    1:22 2nd
    Pequa 4 Dalers 3

  102. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    42 sec 2nd
    Pequa 4 Dalers 4

    Half Tied 4-4

  103. Ed B. says:

    LP 7, Yorktown 6 with 4:21 left in regulation.

  104. Ed B. says:

    Yorktown’s Ty Schuldt ties the game at 7.

  105. mcluvin says:

    has KI scored at all?

  106. Ed B. says:

    Timeout Yorktown with 2:41 left, game tied at 7.

  107. Ed B. says:

    KI has 1 assist.

  108. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    9:34 3rd
    Dalers 5 Pequa 4

  109. Ed B. says:

    Lakeland-Panas 7, Yorktown 7 after four quarters. LP had the ball in the last 90 seconds but couldn’t score. Overtime starting now.

  110. hv-xp55 says:

    No, KI hasn’t scored. But whatever you do, don’t credit the defense.

  111. Ed B. says:

    Yorktown dominating on faceoffs.

  112. Lax Novice says:

    Sarcasm during OT is rarely rewarded.

  113. P&G says:

    Will I be rewarded – if I go out on a limb and predict a one goal game?

  114. Ed B. says:

    Ty Schudlt had a great look for Yorktown but missed wide. LP has the ball with 2:31 in the first OT.

  115. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    5:42 3rd
    Dalers 5 Pequa 5 Tied

  116. Predictorarian says:

    Darn it, P&G, you stole my prediction.

  117. Lax Novice says:

    P&G, absolutely. That would make you a Lax Scholar, Cody Jamieson class.

  118. Ed B. says:

    William Fallo wins it for LP. Assist by Robbert Caffrey. 7-6 LP over Yorktown.

  119. jjfan09 says:

    REBELS WIN 8-7!

  120. Syracuse says:

    L/P wins

  121. mcluvin says:

    who from LP scored?

  122. Ed B. says:

    William Fallo wins it for LP off a feed from Rob Caffrey with 1:30 left in the first OT.

    Final – LP 8, Yorktown 7

  123. Predictorarian says:

    By how many? (C’mon, that’s funny.) P&G help me out here.

    Congrats to all of tonoght’s champs!

  124. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    1:53 3rd
    Dalers 6 Pequa 5

  125. Just sayin says:

    Sick game

  126. Has Been Lax says:

    Correction @ 3:13, 1:53 left in third

  127. Ed B. says:

    Assist by Robert Caffrey with 1:30 left in OT. 8-7 final, LP over Yorktown.
    Caffrey finished with two goals and two assists. Ty Shuldt had 3 for Yorktown.

    -Ed B signing off

  128. Syracuse says:


    Please dude. Rather than kill Interlicchio, why not credit Fazio for shutting down the best attackman in the section?

  129. P&G says:

    Syracuse, I agree….

    In fact, Fazio should be one of the AA picks. If not, why not?

  130. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    1:23 3rd
    Dalers 7 Pequa 5
    1:33 3rd
    Dalers 7 Pequa 6

  131. JJLax Fan says:

    somers seniors- There is no way Longo had 8 saves. And maher had 3 and Franklin stood on his head racking up somewhere around 10.

  132. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    After 3
    Dalers 7 Pequa 6

  133. scooter says:

    Of course I give him credit. He’s the best pole in the section, but for ki to be held goal-less is unheard of, no matter who’s guarding him

  134. LPfan says:

    Congrats LP great job!

    Lets begin the onslaught of Yorktown excuses now. KI had a hangnail right?

  135. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    11:03 4th
    Dalers 8 Pequa 6

  136. laxbus says:

    Shen beats Bethlehem in double OT

  137. Syracuse says:


    Have some perspective my friend. Great win for L/P. Leave it at that or focus on your positives. Why draw someone into a fight on your big night?

  138. Syracuse says:

    I think Lakeland/Panas will handle Shenendehowa. Too much offense.

  139. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    7:43 4th
    Dalers 9 Pequa 6
    7:36 4th
    Dalers 9 Pequa 7


  140. relax says:

    Not sure where you guys have been, but KI is not unstoppable this year, and has been shutout a few times. Darien springs to mind, and I believe there were a few others where he was held scoreless, or to one goal, such as John Jay and Garden City. I also don’t think that he is the best attackman in section 1 — if I had to choose someone, I would pick Daniello.

  141. LacrosseInsider says:

    Cuse – what do you think if Jay/Nisky?? Should be a great game….

  142. LAXman says:

    AA picks:

  143. Has Been Lax says:

    LI13 IL Blog
    7:43 4th
    Dalers 9 Pequa 6
    7:36 4th
    Dalers 9 Pequa 7
    5:53 4th
    Dalers 9 Pequa 8

  144. kr says:

    congrats to Manhasset. Another County championship after a great game. Big effort by CSH, both teams put on a great show

  145. LAXman says:

    Forgot about McCormick from Rye but don’t know if he will get it because he’s been injured.

  146. Has Been Lax says:

    2:55 Daler TO

  147. Pac man says:

    Congrats LLP

  148. Has Been Lax says:

    Final Dalers 9 Pequa 8

  149. LI Guy says:

    Final: Farmingdale 9, Massapequa 8

  150. Syracuse says:

    Lacrosse Insider,

    I like John Jay along the lines of 8-4 or so. Nisky not as good as past years, but still a pain in the neck defensively. They will stay in this game, but the beautiful part of this is Jay can play you any way you want. The Indians have an uncanny knack for playing in games that only appear close on the scoreboard.

  151. LAXman says:

    And as for the best attackmen in the section debate, it’s real tough this year with so many great attackmen such as Daniello, Interlicchio, Brandofino, etc. You could compare stats, Daniello’s and Interlicchio’s are both on their team’s websites, and Daniello has the edge (40 and 29 to 44 and 10). Yorktown has admittedly played a harder schedule, but Daniello has a slight statistical edge against similar opponents overall.
    I’ve only seen Interlicchio play once this season (against John Jay), whereas I’ve seen Daniello play four times. It’s tough to be unbiased as a John Jay fan, but if I had to choose a team I’d pick Daniello over Interlicchio any day. Much like his older brother Chris, he is more of a playmaker than a pure scorer (he can score some goals too!) and has excellent field vision. There’s no question he’s been the leader of the John Jay offense for the past two years and no matter how many weapons John Jay has the offense runs through him.
    I think he has even more potential than his brother, and his brother is a Syracuse All-American, he’ll definitely succeed in college. I can hear it now, Daniello to Interlicchio in OT, Hopkins wins the national championship.

  152. Ty Lax says:

    Pequa –

    Anyone surprised Set-CSH was such a close game – 7-5 Set win???

  153. no_style_points says:

    Congrats to all the 2010 champs.

    I point out that Daniello got shut out for the first time this year and get absolutely savaged for it, but you guys do the exact same thing with KI and not a single mention of Yorktown goalie Derek Koelsch or the other defenders and you want to make Fazio an AA because of it?

    Now I’m the one who is disappointed.

    I was definitely over the top trying to be a comedian and I did a bad job of that and I paid dearly for it and apologized. But come on, the principle here is exactly the same and it’s being missed. Any reasonable person on this blog will know what I’m talking about.

    Credit the entire L/P defense for shutting down KI, which is the point of this post.

    Congrats to all the winners who are moving on and to all of this year’s finalists.

    Good luck seniors, it’s been a great run with you all.

  154. Just sayin says:

    Who should be the Hudson Valley overall player of the year now?

  155. Lax4Fun says:

    Well I was right in my prediction of an OT game however I was wrong on Winning team and score..

    Congrats to L/P on a great game. Congrats to TOWNNNNN on a great effort. I have benn out of H.S. for over 20 years and played on a few very good Townn teams. It’s hard to hear about them loosing a sectional title game, as it rarely happens. Hopefully they can rebuild and improve for next year. I wish L/P much success in the upcomming STATE tourney this is where it really gets fun, and if you are like some of us who have had the opportunity to play in a few. There is nothing else like it. Again congrats to L/P,

  156. P&G says:


    Yorktown (11-8),
    In section losses to John Jay, and L/P (2x – ouch).
    Out of section: toughest non-section schedule

    11-8, really? really? this was not a rebuiliding year (like JJ in 2009). Lose the sectionals and the Murphy Cup? They are passing out the green kool-aid tonight.

    GRADE: D

    Lakeland/Panas (16-3)
    In section losses: John Jay, Somers
    Out of section: Moderately tough schedule, next game vs. Shenendehowa will tell alot.

    Quietly took care of business….Excellent coaching – got the most out of their 6 or 7 very good players. Winning the Murphy Cup would have been enough, but added insult to injury by beating town in the sectionals. Will struggle in the next round, will never get by LI – but they will talk about this year for ever in Shrub Oak.

    GRADE: A-

    SOMERS (13-7):

    In section losses (John Jay 3x, Yorktown, Mahopac)
    Out of section: Tough Schedule (Lost to IP)

    How much did this team miss Marasco? Athletically they matched John Jay, but never looked like they understood the team concept. JoJo demanded that last year – never happened this year. Were they over-rated or did they under-perform? Has to be one of the two…. Our own Joe Lombardi really wanted to be on their bandwagon – but they constantly disappointed him.

    GRADE: C (those that know, thought JJ would be better this year, and you can’t replace JoJo)

    JOHN JAY (18-1)

    In section losses: CRICKETS (none)
    Out of section schedule: very tough, St. A’s cancelled on them, but they beat everyone else including Syosset, Ridgefield, and Corning East. Lost (badly) to an then unranked Manhasset (that subsequently has not lost and is no. 2 in the nation).

    Blogs are not reality…..Turmoil to start – coaching change, too much hype positive and negative. But took care of business. Didn’t always win pretty, but found different ways to win. Get by Nisky? Section 9? Is a Garden City game on the horizon? Let the hate flow boys – they are 18-1.

    GRADE: A, but very much incomplete

    RYE (12-8):

    In section losess: John Jay 2x, Put Valley 2x, Byram Hills, Somers 2x
    Out of section: Beef this up Dooleys

    Why does this feel like a disappointment? Yup, most important player (McCormack) was never 100 per cent. But they played in a tough league and did they have one signature win? Did anyone else expect them to be better? Did Slacrosse sell us a bill of goods?

    GRADE: C

    Put Valley (16-4)

    In section losses: Yorktown, L/P, Mahopac, Fox Lane
    Out of section schedule: Mehhhhh

    Another team that flew under the radar, not a tough league schedule – but beat Rye twice when it mattered. Very good coaching and one elite player. Learned what they needed to do last year. Nice story – but if they ever get to play ‘Set, it won’t be pretty

    GRADE: A-

    All others: Get to White Plains or get out….Talk is cheap in April and May. Its June boys.

  157. showtime says:

    was KI not shut down by an arlington pole?

  158. Joe Lombardi says:

    Special thanks to Ed B. for his tireless efforts tonight. Ed, who will be a senior at Colgate this fall, did a superb job with the updates. Be sure to check back tomorrow for more coverage, including photos from today’s action.

    Quick note – Here are the premier days/times for the Section 1 finals on MSG Varsity, Channel 14 in the Hudson Valley/Connecticut region. (The games will air at other times in Long Island. Check your listings.)

    Class B final (John Jay 9, Somers 6): Thursday, June 3, 8 p.m. and again at 11 p.m.

    Class C final (Put Valley 10, Rye 9): Friday, June 4, 8 p.m. and again at 11 p.m.

    Class A final (Lakeland/Panas 8, Yorktown 7, OT): Monday, June 7, 8 p.m. and again at 11 p.m.

  159. green alum says:

    To LP: congrats on a great season and good luck from here on. Game could’ve gone either way and both teams put on quite a show. Last call was a heartbreaker but Town had its opportunities before that bad call.

    To Town: a tough year but you boys put together a good run through the playoffs and played a heck of a game tonight.

  160. Casual observer says:

    only caught the LLP/town game but heres some thoughts:
    great games by both teams. a little sloppy at times but not due to lack of effort. both teams laid it all on the line and it provided for a great game. both defenses played really well throughout the game including when it counted towards the end of the game. some really nice checks, slides, and saves in OT and the fourth quater. offensively, It was nice to see some of the lesser known names take charge tonight and keep it from turning into a honovich v.s. K.I. show. a true “fans” game tonight. and to that effect, both sides’ fans showed it. i don’t think I’ve ever heard a high school lacrosse crowd get as loud as they did when y’town won the face-off in the 4th after tying the game. truly something to be pointed out. it was so great to see such an enegretic crowd for a high school LACROSSE game. it seemd unthinkable as of a few years ago but it shows how much the sport is growing and how far it can go.
    now for the one blemish on tonight’s game:
    i have been thinking for about and hour and a half as to how i wanted to put this. it’s not my style to attack players. however, what I saw after the game was so notable that I have to post about it. for those who stayed till the end of the game and that’s it saw a grieving yorktown team on the field consoling each other in the true spirit of the brotherhood of a lacrosse team. it was a touching moment for anybody who knows the hard working, thight-knit nature of a good lacrosse team. however, after taking the lead from thier coach who ran halfway across the field to yell at the exiting officals, the player began showing utter disrespect for the game and the sportsmanship expected from a team with the quality level and history of yorktown. they began throwing mini temper tantrums and acting in a way unbecoming of a championship level lacrosse team (for the record, yorktown IS a championship caliber lacrosse team despite a hard fought loss and there is no disputing that fact). i don’t know. maybe it was just my view. maybe i don’t fully understand the frustration of these players because i’ve never had my dreams ripped away from me by an officals call (wether or not it was a good call can be disscussed later. i will not hate on the refs). but theres a part of me that expects more from all championship teams. on a night when a young man had a perfect game ripped away from him by what was clearly a terrible call and a mistake by an umpire, and the young man dosen’t even say a negative word to the umpire, through the media or in person, and his manager goes as far as to call him “one of the best umpires around who just made a mistake” giving us a perfect example of how atheletes should respond to these types of situations, what are your guys’ thoughts? maybe im wrong. and if that seems to be the general opinion then I will apologize to these young men. but im just stating my thought on the matter. i hope you all will share yours as well.

  161. L/P & Proud says:

    Congrats to L/P.

    “Hey Will, who’s the wild man now? ”

  162. man up says:

    I don’t know Showtime, do some homework and post the guy’s name instead of beating around the bush.

    Thank you, green alum, for your soft approach to the “bad call”. Did Yorktown lose the game on a bad call or not?


  163. Casual observer says:

    by the way joe,
    I waited for you at the end of the game and you never came over to chat. just walked right past me out towards the msg van. a sad moment in my life to say the least.

  164. P&G says:

    Yorktown coach yelling at the refs? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, can’t be. Someone didn’t give them a call – they have 18 bazillion sectional titles, and 4 million state title (appearances)….Shame on that ref, for not reading this blog. Only kidding guys, wasn’t there – but I heard this a few years ago….A single call never decides a game. And this was the 2nd game that L/P won, so I’m going to go out on a limb and just say that L/P is the better team. Deal.

  165. Joe Lombardi says:

    CO –

    Sorry about that. I must not have heard you – that is, if you called for me. Otherwise, you have to give me a pass. If you did and I didn’t hear, I chalk it up to the IFB earpiece I wear during broadcasts so I can get the cues from the producer. It’s always in my right ear. I’m guessing, if you did call over, that you were on my right side. In any case, sorry we didn’t have a chance to talk.

  166. Casual observer says:

    hahaha just messin with ya joe and no i didnt yell. next time ill be sure to.

  167. P&G says:


    Joe is the nicest guy you will meet….You are making him feel bad…He’s a pretty face and and needs those cues to sound smart on the broadcast. Joe are you predicting a section 1 sweep on Saturday? Somers and Yorktown aren’t playing so you might be conflicted. 🙂

  168. Joe Lombardi says:

    P&G –

    Haha. Thanks for that. I think.

    I do think Section 1 will sweep but, even though Niskayuna does not have the depth or talent it has had in the last few years, any game against the Silver Warriors will not be easy. Somers beat Nisky in OT. I think it’s fair to say John Jay is 3-5 goals better than Somers. So if a few breaks go Nisky’s way, it could be interesting. Mike Vorgang, the Nisky coach, always does a great job of getting his teams prepared and to play to their maximum ability. Should be a good game.

  169. Joe Lombardi says:

    CO –

    You actually made me feel guilty for a minute there even though I kinda thought you were just kidding.

  170. Sec1 says:

    Bad call no doubt, KI shut down KI looked like he was decoy lol, not sure what he was thinking, not sure what the Coaches were thinking, I am not sure what to think on KI tonight myself. Ty Schuldt played Great as did Justim Mabus, LP got it done props to them.

  171. random thought says:

    Interlicchio curse.. neither Tom nor Kevin won a section title their senior year.

  172. Doid23 says:


    Awful call on the perfect game, but the umpire handled it like a man, admitted his mistake, and personally apologized to Galaraga. Galaraga also showed a ton of class in how he handled it.

    Funny, in the end, people will probably remember this game longer because of the controversy, rather than another perfect game in the past month.

  173. all section says:

    Any ideas on All Section picks?

  174. Observer says:

    All sections are picked after AAs on Monday. There will be 40 all section players picked, some new coaches awards and 9 AAs.

  175. green alum says:

    Lets be clear: one call didn’t turn last night’s game. LP won–fair and square–that’s it and that’s why it is a “game”. The official did not have an angle to make the call. Town #5 never touched the LP player who slipped, went down and had the ball in his stick. Town player hit his stick and then another lp player crashed into them–definitely not a call against Town in OT of section final. That said, Town should have finished it when they had the chance and refs are human–deal with it.

    As to CO’s concern about the players reaction, please leave it alone. You have no idea what this particular team endured this year, the pressure on them and the remarkable, historic ability they showed to play as well as they did last night. These boys have played together since third grade –the ones you are talking about–and this game was more than a section title to them. We should all be able to have the depth of feelings and emotions that these kids played with last night. Enough said.

    One other note: hats off to Tim Schurr on a great season. No doubt that we all learned some valuable lessons this season on coaching, kids, parents and the game of hs lax. Have a great summer.

  176. Laxer says:

    KI 44 g 10a Tougher schedule
    Brando 59 g 16a Less surrounding talent
    Daniello 44g 29a Feeder and scorer

    The debate can go on forever .All grweat players with heart .Would take any one of them on my team.All should be lock AAs

  177. Old Rugger says:

    Nisky plays that patient type (respecting possesion) of Lax and will look the keep it slow both because JJ transition is better than their transition defense and if this gets to be a high scoring game they won’t be able to keep up. Somers scored 10 on them and Darien 9 and those are the most points they have given up this year. This will definitely not be a run and gun game. Like ‘cuse said this JJ team can play it either way and win but there will be no blow out here Nisky defense too well coached but JJ offense has too many weapons and defense looks to win the battle with Nisky’s O. I’m going JJ 8 Nisky 4.

  178. let'em chatter says:

    With all due respect green alum, why do you feel the need to defend the behavior of the Yorktown team?

    I have no vested interest and was not there, but it seems to me that their actions speak for themselves, whatever they were. The fact that they’ve been together since third grade and worked very hard seems to be something that can be said for dozens of teams, so how is that a factor?

    Every team is under pressure to win and that’s the fun of the sport for the players? Yes? If there is no pressure to win you have a gym class and the kids would be bored to tears, so Yorktown is not under any higher pressure to win than any other team puts on itself.

    Win or lose, life goes on and if people want to try to make more out of it by spinning the facts or trying to cause pain by analyzing every move and gesture made then they are not the kind of people who’s opinion you need to respect. Let them talk and their motives and character soon show themselves.

    A famous blogger on this site says there are no style points in the way you win, but that’s also true of the way you lose. If the kids were angry then it makes sense they would vent for a few minutes – they’re competitive teenage athletes.

    I did not hear about any “ugly incident’ at the game. It sounds like they were angry at coming so close and losing and I believe any team would be upset at the officials because human nature is what it is and a bad call is certainly a factor if for no other reason than because it is something people will notice.

    As long as the players had a good time and played their best they have no reason to hang their heads any more than the kids on Roosevelt, Westlake or any other team. They had hoped that today they would be assimilating a victory in their minds, but instead they have to do it with a loss – no big deal.

    Yorktown, like the other teams in the section, has a lot to be proud of and can remember the good times.

    Keep your chins up and have a great summer!

  179. dee-up says:

    Not sure what happen to the Somers crew , i was on board from day one .. they just have way to much talent. Far to many games this year the team did not appear to be on the same page. I still don’t get it
    Congrats to JJ – and to the Savs on the team that they built.
    Lakeland- I never questioned that they would take it this year . They have to much up and down. Coaching is alway solid. Shout to Fazio
    Yorktown – alway a good team sometimes great but not this year , they where not like past Town teams, i will go as far to say they where not as confident and did not have the killer instinct.
    Rye -Good but not what we have come to expect from Rye, early season was tough for their transition often throwing balls away ,, attack not finnishing. Bright light here is Jack O’Callaghan , McCormick (great kid) never making the expected impact due to injuries , class act good luck at Cornell.
    Putnam Valley- Once again flies under the radar (I don’t know why this is) all they do is win many games every year. This leads to two of the best Section 1 Coaches Kuczma & Baker. AA and feared by all Ryan Fitz( don’t have to finnish this name). Since the valley’s loss to LL/P O’Gorman has dominated at the face. They relish the come from behind and never lose faith in the team concept. Very Solid D all years

  180. wizard2 says:

    Congrats PV,that was a crazy game and you guys never gave up. 6 section championship games in 7 years as a full varsity program with 3 wins. Great game Rye we’ll miss the battles hope we play in the regular season in the future.

  181. Casual observer says:

    green alum,
    fair enough

  182. LaxItUp2010 says:

    Congrats to JJ, PV & LP players and coaching staffs. Each of you have had a wonderful season and earned your title as Section 1 champions.

    I predict all of three them moving on to the next round of the state finals against Section 2 at Yorktown this Saturday(LP may have the toughest opponent) .

    I see the same against their Section 9 opponents next Tuesday.

    Then off to Long Island.

    Best of luck!!!

  183. Syracuse says:

    I’m waiting for the day someone doesn’t mention a “bad call” in a sectional title game. I probably have a better chance of throwing a perfect game with Jim Joyce umpiring all four bases and both foul lines.

    Congrats to L/P. Take care of Shen and Section 9 and let it all hang out against West Islip. Stranger things have happened. Just ask Armando Galarraga.

  184. Laxer 44 says:

    Start the ball rolling withyour AA picks

  185. Casual observer says:

    that safe call is really eating at you huh? hahaha

  186. LaxItUp2010 says:

    Syracuse …..

    I thought the officiating in the JJ-Somers game was pretty good! They made a few questionable calls, (that probably should have been no-calls) but on the whole, they were fine. …..
    Janevey was relatively quiet on the sidelines as well, so he must have agreed.

  187. slacrosse says:


    Congrats to PV on their win. Great and close game as all predicted. Particularly impressed with PV’s O and the way they moved the ball efficiently and quickly causing openings for shots. Obviously Fitzgerald is the real deal. Very impressive!!!

    As was pointed out earlier the key to PV’s win was the dominant possession they had in Q4. Rye held them off for almost 9 minutes but just gave a potent offense too much time to try and score, while minimizing its chances of scoring! Good work by PV + an amalgam of self-inflicted reasons for give up in possession have been stated above. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, etc, etc.

    Congrats to Rye on leaving it all on the field! Thanks especially to the seniors (Co-Captains McCormack, and Linehan, and Deixler, Hasselmann, Van Kuller) for their great contribution to the team. Good luck in your future endeavors!!

    It was obviously heart-braking and frustrating for McCormack and the team to have to have him watch the game from the sidelines and not play at this critical juncture. He dealt with his first injury, despite obvious pain, playing in substantially all the games and still racking up very good stats, ground balls. Then he gets to almost 100% and another more serious injury sidelines him for the season!!! Cole made an enormous contribution to lax and football during his career and I wish him well as he continues his lax career at Cornell.


    Rye has a bright future! It was a young team this season ! Yes it loses McCormack and Linehan (goalie) which are key losses no doubt!! But I feel Dipalma who backed up Cole at FO did quite well in a back-up role, will only get better, and serve Rye well next season. Rye traditionally has gotten good goalies from its back-up pool and ai’d expect the same next yr. On D Rye returns Michael Collins , who had some good shut down games this season at one pole + other strong starting poles in Bonsall, Steube, and Pickup. Rye returns its entire starting offense (w/o McCormack doing O middie work) in middies Boneventura, McReddie (Attack as well and Co-Captain), Chapman, O’Callaghan (attack as well) and attackmen Barton and rising junior Stern. There are another 4-6 rising sophs and juniors that contributed this season and will be key as well. Rye had a big and successful JV team this season which will be contributing several more kids to the varsity.

    Just like this past football season when Rye was looking forward to moving up to Class A to meet a tougher challenge, whether that meant getting to the the Syracuse Dome or not, Rye also looks forward to taking on the challenge of moving up to Class B in lax next season.

    Good luck to LP, Jay, and PV in the play-offs and looking forward to next season.

  188. Indian J says:

    Watching the Jay game I came to some realizations. (It was a great effort this season by both teams)

    Somers has very good athletes. However, and as I said in the preseason, it is not the same type of lacrosse player. Somers lightning fast players expect to sprint towards the goal strong hand. If they get slowed, they roll and turn their back to the cage and try to inch their way in, all the while staying strong hand. They kept trying to crash into that fortress of poles that Jay had set up. The few goals they did have, where on Jay mistakes that led to breaks but many of those were still one man sprinting to the goal and firing. That’s not really championship caliber lacrosse. Athletically, Somers had a noticeable edge but some of their stick skills ( fakes and style) were not as advanced. There seniors are great athletes who go hard, but, its like a car stuck in a snow drift against a team like Jay.

    Although I was not in love with Jay’s effort for the entire game, I thought it was remarkable how many good players they actually have. Everybody on that team is capable. What a fantastic effort by Walter. The goal by the freshman pole was really special and Jay’s defense is fundamentally sound all around.
    Jay could still use a little bit more killer instinct and sense of urgency in their play. At times Jay players stand flat footed in the offense. Not to an extreme detriment, but to the point where the opposing D and the spectators know that the particular player (standing still) is not about to do something huge. That can really give the defense help in focusing their slides and attention other places. You have to always be moving your feet, especially if you have the ball.

    If Jay is going to get to LI and compete it needs to be more aggressive. Crisp passing. Never a dropped ball in a scoring opportunity. Just an all out barrage of their collective abilities. They certainly have the players and coaching staff to surprise someone if they want to do it.

    Congratulations Jay! On your fifth title in six years!

  189. Laxforfun says:

    Indian J – this I know is a first, but I totally agree with you. Somers played like they were stuck in something. We can take many different thought processes as to why this happened – as I am sure you know, I have my opinion but it is what it is and the season is done. JJ played a better game. I also agree that at times they also looked flat. They are Section 1 and are representing all of us so I wish them the best – good luck the rest of the way.

  190. runnin' round says:

    The John Jay poles don’t get enough credit for being terrific athletes and I think it’s because they play such a heady, well-coached, well-disciplined game.

    When they line up three across the front they’re very tough to break apart and that makes for a very happy goaltender.

  191. LAXman says:

    Just watched the game on MSG Varsity (I didn’t see it live) and it was a very interesting game. John Jay looked so sloppy during the second quarter while Somers scored 3 quick goals. Jay stepped it up big time in the second half, goaltending was spectacular, and once their defense was settled Somers couldn’t get past them. Daniello played well but was quiet, Walter however scored 4 goals in front of a Syracuse scout (possible college destination?). And the goal by freshmen Jack Lambert was definitely the best goal of the game, this kid is really special he should be in All-Section consideration. Somers was indeed very athletic, was impressed by the skills and speed of Pfiffner, but there was something missing to this year’s team that they needed, maybe they just need Jojo haha. Any congrats to JJ on the championship and to Somers on a great season.

  192. JJ v Somers says:

    LAXMAN Lamberts goal was impressive. But I’m going to have to go with Petre’s behind the back as the best goal of the game.

  193. no_style_points says:

    Well it’s been two days since I started a riot, so I might as well get back to work.

    I know folks are still buzzing about the finals, but what about mixing in some All-Section talk too?

    What can I say? I like the guys who play on the mid-level teams.

    These are some guys who I hope get serious, thoughtful and respectful consideration for All Section.

    John Bucci; Sleepy Hollow, A
    John is the leader of the pack here and they had a solid second half with a win over Nanuet and a near miss against O in their mid-season tournament. Try as I might to get some stats for this guy they’re harder to find than a lacrosse fan at a baseball game. But John is the kind of player who every team loves to have because of his work ethic and leadership. The Horsemen have been around .500 for a few years now, which some may scoff at, but consider this program was decimated by graduation a few years back and does not have the feeder system that the elites do and suddenly .500 ball is pretty darn good.

    David Pojman; Croton, A
    He is heading to a great DIII program and deservedly so, because all of Croton’s success the past couple of seasons is built squarely on his shoulders. No doubt this program is always in rebuild mode, but even so, he is shifty, speedy and talented and has put up heavy duty numbers year in and year out (for Westrock too), usually while being the focal point of the opposition’s defense. No, they don’t play against great programs, but double teams and fresh legged longpoles are a tough nut to crack no matter who is sending them and Dave has been outstanding.

    Tom Cirillo, Eastchester, A
    The guy is a sophmore who put up almost 80 points this season and the only reason I can see to not give him the nod is because there’s an older player who has similar numbers. But even then, when you add in a few dozen ground balls and he is certainly a player of consequence around whom the Eagles will revolve for the next couple of years.

    Jamie McCulloch; Ossining, M
    He is without a doubt the heart and soul of the Ossining program and if you’ve ever seen them play you will agree. He does it all for them except play goal and this program would not have come close to enjoying the season they did without him. He’s really that important. Year after year, his numbers compare to the best mids in the section, but he often gets overlooked because O is not a power team. That’s understandable, but now is his time to be recognized as an important player. He will make any team he plays on better and has a fantastic career ahead of him in college.

    Greg Bardwell; Ossining G
    It seems like a long time ago that he exploded onto the lax scene and people were singing his praises as he came within a whisker of making the Empire team. Then the following year he was set to step in and the games were cancelled. If Jamie M. is the heart and soul of O, then Greg Bardwellis surely the backbone. Season after season, game in and game out he kept O in games. Just look at the tight scores O played to during the past three seasons and think about how many might have gottoen away had it not been for his exemplary goaltending. I also read on another blog he has made 1,000 career saves…that’s a lot.

    Dan Levanthal; Horace Greeley, M
    He plays almost every minute it seems. He’s a leader. He plays defense and he scores goals. He had six goals in the quarter final game and if not for him the game could have easily been a blow out. There, I said it again and I mean it. lol. When Greeley looks to replace their outgoing seniors who will they turn to to replace DL? It’s a tall order to fill and because Greeley is, well, Greeley, they’ll eventually get the job done. But finding a way to run that offense minus Dan is definitely going to take some getting used to and a very skilled replacement

    Nathan Becker; Horace Greeley, A
    He’s another guy who quietly does his thing and what makes him so much fun to watch play is that he is as dangerous passing the ball as he is when shooting it. A solid, athletic guy who has more speed than you might think, he works well from the corner, from X or from high on the side. He’s a captain and another guy the Quakers will have a tough time replacing.

    Cameron Stephens; Fox Lane, G
    After they lost an opening-day OT shocker to Ossining, they went on to lose to lose their next one to Brewster. But after that they ran off 11 out of 15, while also putting together the second best goals against average in the section of under five per game. At the center of it was Cameron Stephens, the tall, confident keeper who is cool under pressure and can handle the ball.

  194. P&G says:

    Petre’s goal was pretty – but a non event in the context of the game. Lambert’s goal was a game changing event. Totally deflated Somers – game over. I’ll vote for that one.

  195. Laxit says:

    Some good games for sure.

  196. JJ-Lax Alum says:

    runnin’ round …..

    Great comment on the JJ poles !!

    I totally agree, they do not get the credit they deserve for the rapid turnaround and success of this team. Yes we have a defensive minded coach but lets give this unit its earned credit.

    Its a tough group to create a game plan against. they have size, speed, strength good footwork, all can cover one-on-one, they communicate well and have ‘lax smarts’. ,,,, and when something does not seem right Coach Shurr will adjust their plan mid-game to his advantage.

    The starters are all seniors with the exception of the freshman Lambert , but you can now see the talent goes well beyond the starters and they will be in pretty good shape for next year as well. They only foreseeable gap is that they have no one with Smyth’s size and strength to step into his role.

    Lanza, Caviola and Bennett would probaly be starters for 90 percent of the other teams in Section 1. The D-middies are excellent and they are all juniors and will be back better than ever next year.

    Congrats Coach Schurr I think you have in one year ….built yourself a defensive unit that you can be proud of!

  197. Kimberly Fox says:

    JJ-Lax alum
    Speaking of who’s important to a defense that can “communicate well” – John Jay is also losing their 2 senior goalies and will have no one with real Varsity experience next year because they kept Duffy (a junior) on JV. Not that it was really a choice – two goalies sharing time was complicated enough (though it worked out better than most people here thought it would). The JJ defense is going to have to work hard next year to come together as well as this year’s group did. If anyone can help them do that, it’s Coach Schurr.

  198. daddy says:

    How was jj defense against Manhasset?

  199. LaxItUp2010 says:


    I think the a Manhasset vs JJ game played now would be completely different than the one early in the season.

  200. LAXman says:

    I think Branca (a sophomore) might start next year in goal for JJ. He and Duffy are both solid options, and they’re both on varsity now (they got pulled up). And of course the defense will be fine under Schurr, plus John Jay has so much talent on defense, starting with the freshman Lambert, but also a core of talented junior defenders in Lanza, Caviola, Winter, Mertens, (all on varsity last year) Kass and Bennett (both captains of the JV last year) returning. They also have sophomore Caiola who got pulled up from JV.

  201. solidad says:

    I don’t think the JJ poles are any better than a lot of poles throughout the section in terms of athleticism and one-on-one ability, there are a lot of good ones, but what sets the JJ guys apart is that they are unselfish and smart.

    They work as a u-n-i-t.

    I’ll take smart, solid athletes who can run a system any day of the week.

  202. Lax Novice says:

    I trust what all John Jay fans want is for them to be running their system this time next week.

  203. P&G says:

    Hey win or lose – we just might be running that system next week! Can’t overstate what Tim Schurr has brought to this program. Tons of talent. Check….Committed. Check….But he brings a very special leadership, confidence and it has rubbed off. Best in NY State – probably not – but he has them believing. Just win baby….

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