Here’s the rundown for the Section 1 championship tripleheader Wednesday, June 2 at White Plains High School:

Class B

No. 6 Somers (13-6) vs. No. 1 John Jay (17-1), 3 p.m.

Class C

No. 4 Put Valley (15-4) vs. No. 6 Rye (12-7), 5:30 p.m.

Class A

No. 2 Yorktown (11-7) vs. No. 1 Lakeland/Panas (15-3), 8 p.m.

(All three games are rematches of last year’s class finals. Yorktown, Somers and Put Valley are the defending champions.)

Now, be sure to weigh in with your score picks on each game.

To check out Thursday’s semifinal scores, simply click on “Continue reading” below.

Section 1 class champions play in the state intersectionals on Saturday, June 5 at Yorktown High School. Winners there advance to the state quarterfinals at Middletown HS on June 8. The state semifinals are June 10 at Hofstra. The finals are June 12 at Stony Brook.

Semifinal scores

Class A

Lakeland/Panas 14, Mahopac 8
Yorktown 12, Suffern 6

Class B

Somers 7, Brewster 5
John Jay 13, Ossining 4

Class C

Rye 10, Bronxville 5
Putnam Valley 9, Pleasantville 5

Also, many of you will be heading down to Baltimore this Memorial Day Weekend as college championship games will be played in division II and III and the national semifinals and final in Division I.

Here’s a look at the updated bracket for the Division I tournament, including TV coverage info.

For the Division II bracket and TV info, click here.

You can check out the Division III bracket and TV info by clicking here.

MSG Varsity coverage

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48 Responses to “Let’s hear your Section 1 championship predictions”

  1. Joe Lombardi says:

    We’ll have plenty of time to analyze these matchups, but my early read is that each game is a tossup. What do you folks think?

  2. lax watch says:

    agree with you Joe. I will take JJ by 3 Rye by 2 and Lakeland by 2

  3. Laxtime says:

    Some like Syracuse will say Jay is a solid favorite based on their #8 national ranking and 17-1 record or whatever it is, but remember it’s very hard to beat a team three times and let’s not forget, Somers played St. Anthony’s to a 10-7 team while JJ lost to a comparable team, Manhasset 12-3. But hard to say. It will come down to intangibles. Eddie Schurr is back and played for Somers today. JJ people – did O’Donnell play vs Ossining tonight and will he be back for Somers?

  4. Wood N' Stick says:

    Could PV be in a “mini slide” and could Rye be coming on strong?

  5. Finals says:

    JJ by 3
    Rye by 5
    Town by 4

  6. truth says:


    First-off please never bring up the St. A’s game for somers and compare it to Jay’s Manhasset game. It was the first game of the season for somers and one of the first for Jay, they are both completely different now. If you really wanna go that far out to stand up for Somers its hard to do so considering Jay beat them twice.

    Also to answer your question O’Donnell is out for the SEASON. That could help somers chances on Wednesday. A huge blow for Jay as he is their second leading scoring.

  7. P&G says:

    Way to go out on a limb Joe with your predictions!

  8. Joe Lombardi says:

    I know, P&G. Haha. I just wanted to get the ball rolling and start getting the picks coming in. I have to take a little more time at my end to give some thought.

    But actually, calling John Jay-Somers a “toss-up” can be considered going out on a limb. After all, John Jay is 17-1, ranked eighth in the nation and has beaten the Tuskers twice during the season, increasing the margin of victory from two goals to five goals from Meeting 1 to Meeting 2. So I think conventional wisdom would have to have John Jay winning by 3-5 goals. I disagree though and at this point rate the game a tossup. So, given all that, I guess I did go out on a limb.

  9. Has Been Lax says:

    A) L/P 9 YTown 6 -Town is not the end of year team they have been in the past. L/P had a harder route to White Plains (I guess CS was not exactly tough, but they beat PAC twice) and is finally ready to take 2 in one year from YTown. While this is not a huge differential… It should not be a “tossup.”

    B) JJ 12 Somers 7- JJ Currently “gunning on all cylinders” even with the loss of O’Donnell. Their defense has improved with every game. Somers has had a string of wins since their last loss (to Jay) but they have been erratic. Actual game margin could be bigger, as JJ has even more to prove this year. Particularly, if they play as a team; “can” the “one on one;” have patience and hit the seams and transition goals when they have the opportunity! Unless JJ gets unraveled. I can’t see how this can be a “tossup?”

    C) Rye 10 PV 8- I see this as the only “True” Tossup but “heart” says Rye has been tested more over the course of the year. Both had similar easy schedules in the past 2 weeks since their losses to Somers and PAC Respectively. Thinking that control of the FO and GB’s will do it for Rye.

    Now of course what will count is the final score for the real games… That’s why they play them! Congratulations to all who made the finals!

  10. Section 1 Observer says:

    the Bville/Pville against Rye and PV just proves to show that,you need to play a competitive schedule so your players are ready for playoffs and not just rack up wins like the Ville’s did.

    Pleasantville seemed a few years back to be playing an extremely competitive schedule and consistently did better each year and became more and more competitive with the better teams. they need to get back to playing the tough teams with a few gimme’s spaced out, it seems as if Pleasantville has been going in reverse in this nature, racking up more wins, but against nobody teams.

    Bronxville on the other hand has gradually started to play a more competitive schedule, but they still need to take that step and book a jay or a yorktown somers, or all 3.

    if anyone is going to unseat the string of rye/PV winning C there going to have to play a tough scheduale and maybe change coaches to do that if the schools are serious about winning a title.

    i know we can all cite specific instances where a powerleague team with a loosing record (remember the powerleague teams were instantly above any non-powerleage team back how they used to seed), would crush some 15-2 non-powerleague team that played a gimme schedule that was completely under them.

    Joe any thoughts on this?

  11. slacrosse says:

    LP over Town 12-10. Reality: toss-up

    Jay 13-10 over Somers.

    Rye 9-6 over PV.

  12. Old Rugger says:

    Well after all my whining about the seedings look who is in the finals (Power teams all) Where have I seen this before? We can talk parity as games were closer in general this year. But really we hyped Arlington, going in the right direction but still needs signature win, and we just replaced White Plains with Ossining this year. Same 6 teams.
    L/P 11 Town 10 in a barn burner
    JJ 13 Somers 8 (Yes JJ D is still getting better and it is very hard to beat the same team 3 times just ask St A’s and Chaminade, but JJ will remember last year in WP and that loss as this is the only game that counts)
    Rye 9 PV 8 or reverse who ever wins more than 50% FO and I’ll take Rye on that.

  13. BigBadBear says:

    PV vs Rye very interesting game..not just about the face-offs, it’s about patience on offense, not turning it over, and having productive possessions…if PV comes out flying, shooting at the first opportunity from the outside, they will have a long night…they don’t need to win the majority of the faces, but they do need to be competitive there…similiar story for Rye, they need to move the ball, not just watch Cole come sprinting down the middle, ride hard..Rye also seems to be the more athletic physical team, they need to use that too…Rye does seem to be playing better down the stretch, I give them a slight edge

  14. Lax Novice says:

    I think another reason that the margin of victory will be closer is simply the fact that it’s a sectional final, and by nature those games are played with more strategy and managed more closely from the bench than the typical regular season game. The only thing that matters is victory, not “flow”, not experimenting with personnel matchups in anticipation of a post-season game. This is the end of the season for someone, and all efforts are made to make certain it’s not you.

    I also read elsewhere that the CIAC seeding meeting is taking place this morning, so brackets for all three classes in Connecticut should be available this afternoon. As I said before, and as my Blue Wave found out Tuesday, seeding doesn’t matter, winning matters.

    Good luck to all teams playing today. My take on the FCIAC final is that New Canaan has too much in the midfield to allow Greenwich to dominate possession time and wear out the Rams’ defense, as they did with both Ridgefield and Darien. Let’s call it NC 9 – Greenwich 6.

  15. no_style_points says:

    Upon looking at the finals match ups I have to say that the entire re-alignment is all based completely and squarely on…STYLE POINTS! lol. Did we really save any gas? lol. Are we really going to award teams points for losing to better teams? lol.

    I do believe there is emerging parity, but the parity is taking place amongst the middle tier teams, while the old power-leaguers remain firmly entrenched at the top. That’s a good thing because it means the middle teams have to keep developing youth programs and modified teams. If they do that, Section One will only get better.

    God job Brewster, Ossining, Scarsdale, Greeley, P’ville and the rest, but for now, there are no style points and the cream is rising to the top!

    Let’s hope for weather like we had last year!

  16. Red Devil says:

    Town, Jay, Rye.

  17. slacrosse says:


    Good comments. Yeah I hope that all the programs continue their development and that the devoted lacrosse kids keep a stick in their hands this summer and play on some team.

    Some of the “upper middle” programs (White Plains, Bronxville, etc) at the higher end of development (but still below the traditional power teams) got screwed this season with the new league play, and could not play enough top teams to help give them “battles” to improve their play. Greeley is an exception having played a very tough schedule and having close losses to these teams (yeah I know this doesn’t guarantee a win vs teams playing lesser scheds). But if you have the choice, you go with the toughest schedule every time.

    Next Wed will be super. Look forward to your comments.

  18. laxd says:

    Putnam Valley Stay Underated



  19. purple pride says:

    JJ’s lose of O’Donnell is a big one but JJ’s juniors will continue to play big. Also JJ has been playing sophomores Daniel LoBosco, middy, and Matt Ferentini,attack, who are both lefty’s that can help out.
    JJ 11, Somers 6.

  20. no_style_points says:

    Yeah, I hear you Slac, Greeley is the exception and they got hurt by the schedule a couple of ways. They lost points because they chose to play Staples-Westport instead of a sec one team and as a result were lower seeded. All they had to do was play Eastchester or Sleepy Hollow and they would have seeded higher.

    But in the big picture, I agree, they were better off playing home-and-home with Somers, Jay, Byram and such. White Plains was trapped into playing more ‘C’ teams than ‘A’ or ‘B’ and that hurt them. I think the same with P’ville and like you say B’ville. Mamaroneck is another that was unable to get ‘battle ready’.

    Recognize that lacrosse is different.

    They need to drop ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’, break the section into two leagues American and National, upper and lower, and give everybody an equal number of qualifying games. That way teams can determine themselves which level to play on and will give them enough “out of league” games for them to make their schedules as challenging as they choose. And if two teams in the same league decide to play a home-and-home so be it – at least they’ll make that decision themselves. Then do away with style points for simply showing up; award points for wins and take away points for losses – in the end teams will still make the playoffs and the cream will rise.

    Finally, before we move on, I know this is a day late and a dollar short, but I can’t predict the future and didn’t know things were to turn out this way.

    I want to take a moment to recognize some players who deserve all of our respect and admiration, especially because none are playing anymore school ball this year.

    You all know that I’m a big fan of underdog teams and that I see alot of games in middle Westchester including Ossining (which makes you all scratch your heads because I don’t live there lol), Pleasantville, Greeley, Sleepy and there are a few performances that stand out in my mind over the past couple of weeks that should be mentioned.

    The other night in the Class B semi’s, (yes, I drove up), Michael Zavarella, (#3) junior defenseman for Ossining, shut out Mike Daniello. Think about that. Think about what I just said. I know a post on another thread mentioned that the O goalie shut him down, but that was completely inaccurate. Daniello didn’t get a good shot the whole game because he was dominated by the Ossining long pole, who does get some press here. If a video of that game exists please let us know where we can see it because it bears watching by anyone who wants to learn how to play defense. I don’t know if Daniello has ever been shut out in a high school game before, but I saw it the other night with my own eyes. If this is the type of player Ossining is going to start to turn out then put them back in the power league today. (back in my day O was a power team.) Coach Hallinan is starting to look like a mad genius.

    Danny Levanthal had six, count them, six, goals against Ossining in the quarters and if not for him that game would have been a blow out. Ossining pounded him for forty eight minutes, long poles, short poles, double teams, triple teams and the young man never quit and if not for a good play by the Ossining defense to end the game, almost wound up with the ball in his stick with 5 seconds left and it could have been a different story. Congrats to him and his team mate Nathan Becker, who quietly, tallied four points (two goals and two assists) in that game, including the first score of the game on a one-on-one match up against Zavarella. And after reading what I just wrote about him you get an idea of how impressive that was. Nathan was a major factor and without him Greeley’s chances would have been greatly diminished. Both players demonstrated a deep knowledge of the game the entire way and their team work was inspiring to watch. Their communication, spoken and unspoken, helped them move the ball low to high, high to low and side to side like a well-oiled machine and it gave the O defense fits. And that’s not to say that they were the only players on the field for Greeley, but I’m pointing out standout performances here. I don’t know if either of them are juniors or seniors, but if they’re juniors, the Greeley program will be a major, major factor next year. Both of those young men, if eligible, should try out for Empire no question about it. And talk about mad genius…Coach Vin has his hand on the pulse of the game and he, along with so many other coaches, are elevating the entire section all at once.

    There are no style points associated with any of these players – they are serious, seriously good players and we look forward to seeing more.

    Now let’s realign again and bring back the Power League! lol.

  21. JJ-Lax Alum says:


    Your comment “The other night in the Class B semi’s, (yes, I drove up), Michael Zavarella, (#3) junior defenseman for Ossining, shut out Mike Daniello” is not exactly true …. Mike Danielo had at least 4 one-on-ones with the Ossining goalie, and this kid was remarkable and stopped all of them. Give the true credit where it is due.

  22. no_style_points says:

    Alright, JJ, I cannot recall them, but I’m sure you’re right. The young man played a whale of a game and I’m a fan of his.

    Does anyone know if the Empire tryout is a one day tryout on 6/1 or 6/6, or if it is a two day tryout on 6/1 and 6/6?

  23. bluengrayforever says:

    Gotta agree with “no style”. I can only remember a handful of shots including a behind the back that woulda been sick but Mikey got a piece of it and there was nothing wide open with Bardwell that sent shivers down his spine. A coupla other shots went wide. always give credit to a goalie but Z man locked him down.

    Your boy got handled by Westrock, Yo!

    I love John Jay people.

    Let’s go Wolfpack June 15th!

  24. Source says:

    Here it is fresh from Vegas

    Lakeland Panas + 1 1/2

    John Jay + 3

    Rye + 1/2

  25. s1wss says:

    go in order of games

    Jay wins 12-7, i like them out to a quick start with the weird start time

    Valley wins 9-7, Rye plays physical probably leads something like 5-2 at some point and some injury changes things

    Town wins 13-12 in 2OT

  26. slacrosse says:

    no_style_points ,

    Assume 2 day try-outs for both “west” and “east” of Hudson kids. Hear kids playing Wednesday are excused from the ESG practice Tues.

  27. no_style_points says:

    Thank you, slac.

  28. Number 4 we want more says:

    Wow I leave 2 days for some crab cakes – and its out of control…No_Style, I think you are letting me down. Daniello helped his team WIN THE GAME by 9.

  29. Has Been Lax says:

    How many “style points” do you get shutting down one player while letting 5 others “walk all over you?” Give true credit where credit is due. A different, better defensive strategy might have resulted in a closer final score! AND the strategy employed could have easily resulted in a higher differential, as noted by JJ-Lax Alum!

  30. Paul Zavarella says:

    Okay, guys, enough. I appreciate all of your enthusiasm, but enough already.

    no_style_points, I believe that was you who gave me a wave from the bleachers – I appreciate your enthusiasm for Michael and for the Ossining team this year, but you’re not helping.

    Michael Z. was not perfect, but he did a lot of good things out there against Michael Daniello – he did – deal with it. I don’t know any of the stats or breakdowns and I don’t care to. As long as they both had fun it’s fine by me.

    Coach Schurr and the John Jay players had very nice greetings for him after the game, which he sincerely appreciated and he has nothing but admiration and respect for them all.

    The bottom line is that his team got clobbered by almost ten goals and the game was over half way through the first quarter. End of story.

    Now please drop it.

  31. pac_backer says:

    Way to go, Paul.

    I think you summed it up for a lot of parents from all the blogs!

    Play well and have fun.

  32. ? says:

    What is the schedule for the regionals? The winners of June 2 at White Plains play when and where?

  33. Joe Lombardi says:

    Wednesday’s Section 1 class champions play in the state intersectionals on Saturday, June 5 at Yorktown HIgh School. Winners there advance to the state quarterfinals at Middletown HS on June 8. The state semifinals are June 10 at Hofstra. The finals are June 12 at Stony Brook.

  34. ? says:

    thank you!

  35. Paul Zavarella says:

    Thank you pac_backer. I felt like something had to be said.

    I believe that Mr. no_style_points is a comedian and likes to push people’s buttons. He’s said as much in other posts and I do not believe he means anyone any harm, but what he does not understand, I believe, is that alot of people do not have a sense of humor.

    Maybe more people could loosen their grip on whatever it is they’re protecting and maybe Mr. style_points can adopt a different team because this is not how Ossining wants to build it’s program.

    I do believe that much of his rhetoric this year, although tongue-in-cheek, came at the expense of the Ossining guys just because he knew it would whip people into a frenzy and if that’s the case he succeeded. The fact that O won two playoff games only fueled his fire.

    I’m just happy that the O kids and parents do have a sense of humor, so if you’re ever looking to liven up a party, call the Ossining guys because they are hysterically funny and think this is all too silly. As for my son and I, we’re going to invite his friends over, watch the video and have a few laughs.

    Thanks again to the John Jay players, coaches and boosters – you are all a class act through and through and we had a great time!

    Good luck in the playoffs and have a great summer!

  36. SirLaxalot says:

    LP 10, Town 8

    JJ 9, Somers 6

    Rye 6, PV 5

  37. Have fun from O ! says:

    I was chatting with a friend the other day and we discovered two things:

    no_style-points has been pegged as a WRock dad; he’s definitely a comedian and definitely a noggenhead. LOL. Get outta here!

    If the point system is going to stay in place it needs to be capped at X games per team some how, so each team gets an equal number of qualifying games and then are free to schedule out of section and out of league games, which I think was previously mentioned. That would help teams that were trapped in their scheds this year like HG, WP and even perennial faves that had to play road games!

    But the flip side to that is that the best teams have found their way back to the finals, which is the point of this post, so how can you argue with those results? You know? It’s a fun question and I’ll bet someone will have a great suggestion of how to improve it.

    Congrats to all the finalists! Everyone have a great time down White Plains, make it competitive and let’s just let the kids have fun!

  38. laxattackjack says:

    YO. hehe jstew. john jays gonna win. and imma drop 18 goals. im a tool.

  39. BKASS says:

    watch out for brian kass, a stellar defensemen for the john jay indians. i heard he racked up over 50 GB’S in one quarter, last week against ossining. he has a 100% faceoff rating. and i hear he’s going to Ben Franklin University to study Bio engineering. not to mention the 117 goals he has on the season. TUSKERS BEWARE, he’s coming for you.

  40. TINILAX says:

    Joe I just have a quick question for you: What happens if you lose in the Section Finals? Are there consolation games? and how do i get a postgame interview with you?

  41. Impossible! says:

    Brian’s a great player and a great guy who definitely deserves more pub, but I don’t know how he got 50 GB’s against O. They only had the ball for about 49 seconds. lol.

    Good luck at BF!

  42. no_style_points says:

    This is a duplicate post that I put on today’s thread, but I want to put it here too, so everyone gets a chance to see it.


    I’m trying to keep a low profile because it seems I may have gone a little too far in one of my posts the other night and there are some parents in O and JJ who are NOT HAPPY with the points man.

    I was trying to be a wise guy funnyman, it backfired and I was wrong.

    Sorry to Michael Z., Michael D. parents, Ossining, John Jay and bloggers….and also Danny, Nathan and HG.

    Even I have a conscience. My bad.

    That being said,

    L/P, John Jay, Rye in blow outs. Kidding.

    I said I was going to go low profile, so everybody just enjoy the games


    The old saying that, “you can’t go too far” is simply not true and I apologize again.

  43. Bros says:

    Care to lax?

  44. slacrosse says:

    Have fun from O !

    Good post. I never took the time to understand the seedings/rankings but have been told it was just LUCKY that the it worked out OK in terms of brackets.

    Let’s hope the powers that be understand this and input some reality into this whole thing next season.

    Really felt in particular for HG and WP this season!

  45. slacrosse says:

    Have fun from O !,

    Actually WP really got the raw end with HG playing some top teams.

  46. softees says:

    L/P-11 TOWN-10
    SOMERS-12 JJ-10
    RYE- 9 PV-6

  47. GreenWhite says:

    A… Town 10, LP 7

    B … JJ 12, Somers 6

    C … PV 8, Rye 4

  48. Dee-up says:

    JJ over the red 14-9
    LL/Panas Over Town 14-10
    Put Valley Over Rye

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