Now all you bracketologists can turn off your calculators. And for some of you, congratulations on a job well done. One or more of you pretty much nailed the seedings and matchups more than 24 hours in advance. Very impressive.

But now, it’s time to start a brand new season.

The playoffs.

It’s one and done time. And for seniors throughout the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region, each game may be their last at the varsity level.

With that in mind, let’s hear who you think will come away with sectional championships throughout the region in each of the classes and sections.

First, here’s a look at last year’s defending champions.

Hudson Valley/Long Island

Class A

Nassau – Hicksville

Suffolk – West Islip

Section 1 – Yorktown

Class B

Nassau – Garden City

Suffolk – Sayville

Section 1 – Somers

Class C

Nassau – Manhasset

Suffolk – Mount Sinai

Section 1 – Putnam Valley


St. Anthony’s







Fairfield Prep

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26 Responses to “A look back at last year’s champions”

  1. Justin Case says:

    Why no love for the SWC Joe?

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    Justin Case –

    Last year’s South-West Conference final was a good one, just like the FCIAC final in which Ridgefield beat Darien 7-6 in OT. Newtown defeated New Fairfield 9-8 to win the conference championship.

    We encourage folks in the SWC to keep us posted on games and other info as readers do from the other sections and leagues throughout the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region.

  3. predict says:

    i see Mahopac and yorktown battling it out for section one class A, no direspect to Panas i just see the indians gettin by. Yorktown Pac will be a battle much closer then last time. I still like the huskers by three

  4. LI Lax says:

    Figured I’d post this somewhere on here, these are the Suffolk All Americans.

    Nick Galasso, Attack, West Islip (North Carolina)
    Andrew Hodgson, Midfield, West Islip (Towson)
    Zach Losco, Midfield, Hauppauge (Penn)
    Alex Zomerfield, Midfield, Comsewogue (Bryant)
    Tom Cleary, Midfield, Comsewogue (Dowling)
    Maxx Meyer, Defense, Hills East (Penn)
    Dan Mellynchuk, Midfield, Sayville (Brown)
    Jimmy Ryan, Midfield, Ward Melville (Colgate)
    Kieran McArdle, Attack, Connetquot (St. John’s

  5. doh! says:

    Why only one defenseman and no goalies in the L.I. AA roster?

  6. Casual observer says:

    aren’t there two levels of the CHSAA?

  7. CHSAA says:

    The two levels of the CHSAA are Chaminade and St. Anthony’s then everybody else. For all intents and purposes it is a two team league who play all comers out of conference but whose only real competition within the CHSAA is each other.

  8. AA's says:

    LI Lax- I think you left out Tommy Schreiber (Princeton)

  9. LI Lax says:

    Schreiber plays in the CHSAA, these are just Suffolk AAs. Nassau/Suffolk CHSAA traditionally gets just one AA, which is a lock to be Schreiber unless things have changed with the expanded league.

  10. Interesting Article says:

    Hi all. This is a very thought provoking article about LAX and the Lax culture. It is well worth the read as are many of the comments posted afterward. Please take the time to check it out. I would like to get Joe’s opinion and the opinion of others on the authors thoughts.

  11. slacrosse says:

    LI Lax

    Can’t believe no Drew Belinsky???

  12. Doid23 says:

    Manhasset is in Nassau.

  13. BigBadBear says:

    belinsky on manhasset (i think) which would be nassau…

  14. slacrosse says:

    Doid23, LI Lax

    Doid23. Thanx. Missed the “suffolk” part.

  15. not for me says:

    The “interesting article” is a self-serving, narcissistic piece of drivel, written by a youngster, who is trying to relate himself to the event.

  16. not for me says:

    Huguely is a socio/psychopath, who was capable of this violence no matter if he is a lax player or not. Scour police blotters across the nation everyday and you will find crimes of passion and jealousy.

    The author, Sharp, goes to great lengths to not impune lacrosse or it’s culture, all the while impuning lacrosse and it’s culture.

    Gimme a break, kid. If you publish drool like that article you have to be ready to account for words.

    The premise of the piece is trash – that somehow we have to look at the sport to better understand what happened. Typical, politically correct, egg-headed nonsense.

    In the real world, crimes like this happen daily, but we don’t hear about it because there is no celebrity attached to them. If our press doesn’t have a chance to impune a class or culture, if a crime is perpetrated by an anonymous Joe Shmoe and if they can’t attack a class or culture, our press could care less…(unless that person is a republican, military person or a tea party member).

    The entire Duke lacrosse case was fabricated, admitted to by the over-zealous DA who was caught fabricating the case, but it stayed in the press for months because Duke lacrosse was an easy target for class warfare, which the author, Sharp alluded to throughout his piece. It’s good journalism these days and proof is in the fact that to this day, a slight majority of people believe the Duke players were guilty of rape.

    To somehow suggest that Huguely perpetrated this crime because he was a lacrosse player or a person of status, wealth or privilege may be convenient, but it completely ignores human nature, and moreover, Huguely’s nature; that he is a psychotic, dangerous young man, who committed a horrendous (intoxicated?) crime that has been occurring throughout history.

    In time, we will find out whether or not UVA was somehow negligent in this matter, but rest assured, the press and people like Sharp will be quick to seize upon anything about UVA that can be at the least tangentially attached to the facts.

  17. Lax Novice says:

    You would think that a guy fron Rye would know which county Manhasset is located, after all the beatings they’ve taken in the State playoffs. lol

  18. laxman44 says:

    Thats a tough article to read because there is a lot of truth in it. I agree that some kids feel an undue sense of entitlement and that entitlement is easily transfered to others. It is unfortunate that the whole lax community gets dragged in to this stuff but the culture that permeates lax lends itself to this entitlement more than many other sports.

  19. whatta you mean? says:

    Where in this story is there a sense of entitlement?

    Has Huguely or anyone made even a hint that his crime has ANYTHING to do with a sense of entitlement?

    What are you people thinking about?

    I agree with “not for me” 100%. This has nothing to do with lacrosse and there has been no evidence whatsoever that UVA is in any way shape or form implicated in this at all.

    You sound like a bunch of whiny Obama voters – everything is everyone’s fault.


    The guy was a ticking time bomb and was not motivated by any external factor.

    Think about what you sound like and hold him, alone, responsible.

  20. so what says:

    So what if alot of young lax players feel a sense of entitlement?

    How many of them commit murder?

    If a kid is a spoiled brat you don’t have to like him, or even respect him, but to associate a sport or culture with this crime is naive and short-sighted.

  21. slacrosse says:

    Lax Novice,

    Oooh, that hurts. Yeah it’s been rough out there for us at Hofstra (’07 game was a close 4-2 loss to Cold Spring Harbor). I’m not volunteering the score in the ’05 loss vs Sett.

    Hey, I hope we’ll get another “opportunity” to face Sett this season”

  22. RjamesDIO says:

    The problem with that article is that that is is getting such wide exposure. I have already had two different people forward it to me this week. People who read it will take all of this at face value and blame our “culture” for the ills of society, They are not aware of all the good that comes out of it and the doors the sport can open up.

  23. agreed! says:

    Here here Ronny James! You said it!

  24. gimme a stick says:

    The stereotypes the author of that article threw around makes one wonder which category he fell into. The obvious choice is the guy sitting at home without a date or anywhere to go, and that is unfortunate.

    Do athletes, of all kind, get special treatment? Of course, that story is as old as time, however the bottom line is that they help round out a university of people and therefore many universites. How is an athlete moving on to higher education at a top institution any different than many diversity programs now in place? Does that mean they are all entitled?

    What the author doesn’t take into account is that to be given these opportunities athletes, lacrosse players, football players, soccer players, basketball players, and yes even tennis players, worked harder at that particular sport than countless others to get recognized and ultimately reap the benefits of that skill. What does that have to do with someone so out of control that they would kill someone?

    Being a lacrosse player and coming from money does not make one a murderer, just as being raised under unfortunate economic circumstances, in a project perhaps, does not make one a criminal. There are countless success stories of pro athletes that have removed themselves from awful conditions and made huge successes of themselves in ways other than athletics.

    And what of the “entitled elite” that did not play lacrosse at prep schools and became criminals? I would venture to say that this is a much larger demographic without doing any research.

    This author took the easy way out, and unfortunately the lemmings will fall into step.

  25. Not a pretty picture says:

    attack the writer, excuse the behavior, defend the sport – all predictable reactions to the content of the article. IMO the most troubling aspect of the sport is the Prep insular culture which seems to yeild a higher number of jerks in this sport. Ultimately this is an issue of character or lack there of and UVA seems to have more incidents than other programs.

    In NYS lacrosse, we are more inuslated from the prep school culture that is more pervasive in DC Metro – that is a good thing. I witnessed first hand at D1 Lax the New York players were more down to earth and MD players tended to be arrogant and dismissive. Small sample size and very generalized view, but this great sport is dirtied by the actions of the few

  26. ahslax says:

    Hard to read that article I’d say, EVERY sport has had there fair share of scandal. Elite? Spoiled? I strongly disagree, especially in our area. I think the whole Duke case brought an ugly smear on the Lacrosse community, those 3 young men whose names and family were dragged through the mud and falsely accused eventually were exonerated. The author of that article talks about expensive equipment, well I would say any sport it expensive, hockey probably more. As far as partying, I would say the same thing what sport hasn’t been exposed for having those issues and AD’s are cracking down at the H.S. levels. In this sport we have met some of the best kids and families, we have admiration for those players who have dedicated a lot of time to be the best they can be at this sport. It was nice to see a positive article about Mrs. Daniello and her service to fellow lacrosse parents and her dedications to her sons and sport. We need more positive press than the slanted articles like the one referenced above!!!

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