Coach Jeff Brameier and his Darien team have a tradition of playing close games against Manhasset. Will that continue Saturday? Weigh in with your thoughts in our latest poll question.
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We’re now just a day away from a special day of lacrosse throughout the region, folks.

It’s a day that’s not only special for the games that are being played, but the special causes those games are benefiting.

First off, at St. Anthony’s, there will be a marquee tripleheader featuring six of the top programs in the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region.

The “Lead the Way Lacrosse Day of Heroes” features St. Anthony’s vs. New Canaan in Game 1 at noon, followed by Chaminade vs. Yorktown in Game 2 at 2 p.m. and Manhasset vs. Darien in Game 3 at 4 p.m.

The event honors the memory of Jimmy Regan, a Manhasset native and former Chaminade and Duke star who served as a sergeant with the Army Ranger Regiment. He died on Feb. 9, 2007 after an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle while he was on combat patrol in northern Iraq.

For more info on the event, click here.

Meanwhile, in Somers tomorrow, the Tuskers host Lakeland/Panas at 5:30 p.m.

Not only is the game a toss-up, but it features an added twist in that Somers second-year head coach Lew Janavey is a former longtime Lakeland/Panas assistant. Last year, the Tuskers pulled out a one-goal win over the Rebels.

But this year, it’s special for another reason.

It’s the inaugural “Communities Collide Benefiting Autism Speaks.” Autism Speaks is a group dedicated to raising awareness of Autism as well as funding research.

Just last week, Eastchester hosted a benefit for Autism Speaks in a home game against Sleepy Hollow.

There will be a 50-50, food and refreshment and T-shirts, all of which will benefit Autism Speaks.

In addition to the 5:30 p.m. varsity game, here’s a look at the schedule of events:

Somers vs. Shrub Oak
Turf No. 1 ( Scoreboard) Turf No. 2 (Lower Field)
9 a.m.-  K-second-graders
10:30 a.m.- Seventh-eighth graders (B/C squad)                                   5th-6th Graders (B/C-Squad)
12 p.m.- Third-fourth graders (6-quarter game)                                  5th-6th Graders (A-squad)
1:30 p.m.-  Seventh-eighth graders (A-squad)
3:30 p.m.- Junior varsity game (Somers-Lakeland/Panas)
5:30 p.m.- Varsity game  (Somers-Lakeland/Panas)

Now, to today’s relatively light schedule.

Garden City, which has made its way to the No. 8 spot in the latest Under Armour/Inside Lacrosse National Rankings, hosts Wantagh at 4:30 p.m.

But that’s not the only big game in Nassau. Keep an eye on the 4:15 p.m. contest between South Side and host Lynbrook.

The marquee game in Suffolk is a 4:30 p.m. contest between William Floyd and host West Islip. Also at 4:30 p.m., East Islip hosts Lindenhurst. At 4 p.m., Copiague is at Half Hollow Hills East. At 6 p.m., Bay Shore plays at Smithtown West’s turf field.

In the Hudson Valley, Hen Hud hosts Bronxville at 7 p.m. Albertus Magnus hosts Suffern, Pearl River plays at Clarkstown South and Clarkstown North is at Nyack at 4:15 p.m. At 4:30 p.m., Sleepy Hollow hosts Saunders, New Rochelle is at Edgemont, Mamaroneck visits Ardsley and Eastchester visits Hastings.

As always, be sure to post your thoughts and predictions on these matchups as well as any info on the scores and game details.

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58 Responses to “Scoreboard Central: Friday/4.23.10”

  1. LI Guy says:

    St. A’s 13, New Canaan 6

    Chaminade 10, Town 5

    Set 11, Darien 7

  2. WhaleBelt says:

    LI sweep. standard.

  3. ctlax says:

    Darien – Manhasset will be a great game. Count on it. Both teams are very evenly matched up. Here’s how i look at it. Darien is (IMO) improved since last year and Manhasset (I can’t imagine) is as good as they were last year, when they beat Darien by 1. So I like Darien by 1 or 2 in this one. Let’s say… 8-7 Darien. Andrew West is the difference for Darien. He’s a great goalie.

    St. Anthony’s will probably beat New Canaan, but I could see N.C. making it a game. They are very good this year and will turn some heads. I like St. Anthony’s 12-8.

    Chaminade should have no problem with Yorktown…

  4. da Man says:

    L/P 10 Somers 7

    St.A 8 NC 6

    GC 12 Want 4

    WI 14 Floyd 4

    SS 8 Lynbook 5

    Cham 14 Town 7

    Darien 10 Set 9 OT

  5. SWLAX says:

    Now I know that it will all straighten itself out come sectional time, regardless or seedings, but has anyone else looked at the seeding criteria for playoffs in Section 1 this year?

    First of all, you need to win 25% of your games to get in, either within your league, class, or overall. That is going to leave Greeley out, a team that loses to JJ by 3, Somers by 1, and smoked South. South will make it, will probably get a home game and Greeley won’t. How can you punish a team for playing in the toughest league in the section? Put them in any other league in the section and they’re atleast 6-2 right now.

    Here is the point system that the seedings are based on:

    – Four points for every win, regardless of class
    – Two points for every tie, regardless of class
    – No deduction of points for losses
    – Two bonus points will be awarded for playing a team that has a winning percentage of .750, or above – teams receive this if they win or lose, determined at seeding day
    – One bonus point for playing a team who has a winning percentage between .500 and .749- teams receive this if they win or lose, determined at seeding day
    – Bonus points will only be awarded for NYS Federation games, as seeding will only come from these games (these are teams in NYSPHSAA and its affiliates- CHSAA, PSAL, NYIS)

    Now that means that teams that played CT teams, NJ teams, WA teams, or even NE 2 FAA teams (Rye Country Day), those games don’t count towards earning any points towards sectional seeding.

    Currently, that leaves Rye with a 2-4 Record to be used towards seedings. At a glance, it looks like the best they’ll have heading into seedings is a 6-7 record. That puts the likes of Nanuet and Pelham ahead of them come seeding time. From what I see, that would put Rye at #7 in Class C if everything plays out without any major upsets. That would mean whoever is ranked #2 going in, would face Rye in the second round after they smoke the #10 team; not exactly a lucky draw.

    Yorktown also plays out of state and ‘non-sanctioned’ teams, so they will also be at a seeding disadvantage. It may pan out for them as their NYS schedule is strong and they will get points for playing those tough teams, but win or lose against the CT teams, they get nothing for it. I know, I know, they play better competition and it prepares them for the playoffs better, and I agree with that 100%, but what if it turns out that they do not have a home playoff game? What a sham that would be. Arlington may be ranked ahead of them, even after ‘Town presumably beats them by a large margin.

    The kids will play it out and it will work itself out in the end (the best teams will be playing each other on June 2) but it’s a shame that some seniors may not have a home playoff game when their team deserves it, or even make the playoffs in Greeley’s case!

    Section 1 may want to fix this mess. The old system of the power league worked, so of course we had to go and change it. Schools save an estimated $13,000/year on transportation, not season, YEAR on this geographic league alignment change across all sports (except for football) and I for one do not think it is worth the cost.

  6. Indian J says:

    L/P 10 Somers 9

    St.Anthony’s 11 New Canaan 8

    Garden City 12 Wantaugh 6

    West Islip 13 Floyd 4

    South Side 8 Lynbrook 7

    Chaminade 12 Yorktown 7

    Manhasset 12 Darien 8

    John Jay 9 Corning East 8 OT

    If L/P is looking to establish themselves as a member of the top half of Section One’s quagmire, what better opportunity then Saturday vs. Somers? Yorktown played much better yesterday but I don’t think they have it this year to take down Chaminade. It will really depend on whether Town is truly improved and if Chaminade comes ready to play. I imagine Chaminade will bring their A game. St. A’s is not as good as Chaminade, but will beat New Canaan (who is not as good a St. A’s.) Garden City will whip it around on offense and cause enough turnovers to beat Wantaugh. West Islip will begin to take out their opening day loss on all of its future opponents. As they find their rhythm, they will establish themselves as the best team in class A (NYS). South Side vs. Lynbrook is a nice Nassau class B rivalry. South Side appears to have a slight edge this season. Manhasset might be the best team on LI. Darien will have their work cut out for them, but in all fairness, the Wave does play Manhasset well. It will probably be an even game halfway through the fourth. As for Jay, they could win this game. It will have to be their best and most consistent effort this season. A full four quarters of work could get them a marquis win. Good Luck to our friends in LI, CT and the rest of Section One. Go Get’em!

  7. BigBadBear says:

    sw, great post, agreed to most, one thing I never cared for in the Power League structure was the automatic nature of the seeds, even if a non-power League team beat a Power team head-to-head, the Power team always got the seeding advantage…having said that, the current system will make for some strange games early on…come Monday, we should be about at the half way point for most teams, maybe there is someone out there that can do a spreadsheet and see where the teams stack up.

    Random notes, no one should be surprised at the up and down nature of Y’town they are young! it only matters that they get hot in May…I bet J continues to use two goalies, both kids are seniors, why not let them have equal playing time? some things more important..NCAA quarters at Stony Brook this year, will Hop be there? doesn’t look like it

  8. LI Lax says:

    Picks for the next few days

    GC 8, Wantagh 5 (great defense>great offense)

    WI 14, Floyd 6 (Floyd’s a good team, but not enough weapons against WI

    Chaminade 11, Town 3 (Come on, you think Town is going to score more than they did against GC? Chaminade’s defense might be better)

    Manhasset 12, Darien 8 (Set won’t lose on this side of the sound)

    St. Anthony’s 13, New Canaan 7 (NC has yet to prove they belong among the elite teams in the region)

    and of course…

    Mahopac 9, Northport 7 (Tigers have the 9-2 historical edge and home field, but the ‘Pac gets their first win in the series since 2005)

  9. laxhat says:

    Joe- can you clear some things up for those of us planning to attend tomorrow’s triple header at St. Ants… The website that you direct us to above says that tickets need to be purchased online and that we need to bring reciept of purchase to the game along with photo ID to be guaranteed entrace. Also that they expect to be sold out and that tickets are $15. Can you confirm please. Thanks.

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    Laxhat –

    I’ll let you know if I get confirmation on that.

  11. mike bean says:

    JJ is 3-1 all time to Corning East and Corning is way down this year. I would not consider this a big win.

    JJ 11 East 5

  12. Kobey says:

    Hats off to coach Lew and Gang for putting together such a nice day for all these kids and Families. Lax people always first to lend a hand. Can’t make it Joe. AnY other way to make a donation. LP~9


  13. LAXman says:

    I’ll pick JJ to win but not by that much mike bean. Corning East beat JJ by a large margin last year and although it’s a different story this year, they crushed all opponents except for a two goal loss to defending state champs Canandaigua.

  14. Doid23 says:

    Jay has struggled to put teams away, and got hammered by the elite team they played. Given how Sec 1 has faired out of section, I think this would be a good win, even if CE is down this year. CE is still a quality program, and Jay hasn’t proven to be a team that will roll over anyone.

  15. Doid23 says:

    I think Set gets by Darien, St. A’s handles NC by 5 or 6 goals, Somers takes L/P, Jay squeaks by CE, and Chaminade beats Town (although with Jeckyl/ Hyde Town, it could be by 1 or by 10).

  16. laxified says:

    GC 7 5 half

  17. truth says:

    Somer 10 L/P 8
    Manhasset 12 Darien 6
    Garden City 11 Wantagh 5
    St. A’s 12 New Canaan 7
    Chaminade 13 Town 7
    Jay 9 CE 8

  18. RedRageisback says:

    …the name says it all

    Somers looks healthy and their D will be back in full effect for their weekend’s host.. I have to go with Somers by 1 or 2. Last year’s game was very interesting in the FOG!! Should be a nailbiter.
    Good Luck boys!!

  19. laxified says:

    8 7 GC 6 40 lefr 3rd

  20. LI Lax says:

    Laxified- thanks for the updates! greatly appreciated

  21. laxified says:

    9 7 GC 230 in 3rd. If Wantagh could actually pick up a gb they could win

  22. laxified says:

    Happy to help LI Lax. Wantagh scores with 5 seconds left in 3rd.9 8 GC

  23. LI Lax says:

    Sounds like a great game…are Mangan and Walsh scoring for Wantagh or is it mostly their midfielders?

  24. LI Lax says:

    Mike Bean,

    CE is down? They’ve lost once, to defending state champ Canandaigua on the road by two goals…how does that mean they are down? CE by 5 or 6.

  25. laxified says:

    Mostly attack

  26. laxified says:

    9 9.9 left. #8 middie

  27. laxified says:

    9 9 4 28 left Wantagh ball. Goalie playing great. Awful clears

  28. laxified says:

    9 9 2 24 left. Wantagh ball

  29. laxified says:


  30. LI Lax says:


  31. laxified says:

    Great save on Walsh. GC ball

  32. laxified says:

    Double OT. 3 great saves for Wantagh

  33. LI Lax says:

    What a great game…and odds are good for a rematch in June.

  34. laxified says:

    Jahelka and LSM go down on same play and will have to come out. Wow

  35. LI Lax says:

    wow…does Wantagh have possession?

  36. laxified says:

    I believe Mangan on a roll 10 9 Wantagh

  37. LI Lax says:

    Great win for the Warriors!

  38. LI Lax says:

    SS over Lynbrook 10-6
    Hauppauge over Glenn 11-10
    East Hampton finishes their suspended game, 15-10 over Huntington.

  39. laxified says:

    The GC-Wantagh game was a great game. The Wantagh goalie was fantastic, some huge 4th quarter saves and the 3 in OT. Honestly though, Wantagh was awful on clears and gb’s otherwise they win by 3 easily. What a freak play at the end when Jahelka and LSM #39, who by the way was very good all game, go down with what looked like cramps, have to go off the field and Mangan rolls from X against the sub for the win.

  40. laxified says:

    Great game by Wantagh goalie. The 3 saves in OT were fantastic. Honestly though, if Wantagh could clear or field gb’s they would have won by 3 or 4. The play in OT where Jahelka and LSM #39 went down together with what looked like cramps was crazy. The LSM had a great game by the way. Mangan then rolls from X vs the sub for the winner.

  41. laxified says:

    Sorry for repeat….

  42. Sec1 says:


    You might be right with your picks, but your word standard? Town has beat both St Anthonys and Chaminade the last two yrs. So your word standard does not fit. Also only one team on Long Island has more State Championships than Town!!! And went through to get everyone of them, tip your hat sir..

  43. LI Lax says:

    Laxified, isn’t 39 Fischer?

  44. Sec1 says:

    Long Island

  45. laxified says:

    I don’t know, but if it is he was running some pole today and very very good.

  46. LI Lax says:

    It is Fischer, just verified via the GC site…That would definitely hurt them, not having their two stud defenders in the second overtime. Of course, nothing gets taken away from Wantagh who clearly played well to get the game to that point and took advantage of the situation presented to them. Hopefully Jahelka and Fischer are back for their next two games against New Canaan and Manhasset

  47. laxified says:

    LI Lax- just looked up the roster and yes Fischer is 39, I relied on a GC fan who said the other kid down was Jahelka but I am not 100 % sure it was. Fischer went down first at the top of the box then the close d at the crease and both were being worked on like it was a cramp. They both walked/slight limped off on their own. Never saw that happen before.

  48. laxified says:

    Now that I see the roster the kid Savage, a middie is only a soph ? Rocket left hand with a very quick release Looking ahead to the Set game next Saturday, would think Dwyer will have a real tough time against Duvnjak if that’s the way they go

  49. LI Lax says:

    Garden City will be the best team on LI next year…maybe one of the best teams they’ve had in a long long time. Savage, Berkery and Dwyer are sophs, Gordon, Jahleka, and Fischer are juniors…scary team next year

  50. Bronco Bob says:

    Bronxville 9, Hen Hud 5 … Nice win, improving record to 6-2. Joe Wood 4-1. Chris Wood 3-2.

  51. laxified says:

    No doubt…

  52. CHS fan says:

    Mangan, 4g 1a scored in second overtime against Jahelka, not sub. Fisher and I believe #17 went down with cramps.

  53. laxified says:

    I thought he rolled against #27 but since I was wrong before I guess I can’t argue too much. I was too much fan and not enough reporter

  54. kr says:

    LI Lax – not sure GC will even be the best in Nassau. Manhasset has a lot young talent that is returning as well: Tompkins, Moroney, Gavin, Kucharczyk Matthews, Duvjnak, Morelli,…all highly talented.

    CSH has some young talent too, not sure who they’re losing besides Kennedy this year

  55. laxified says:

    kr- The Woodstick is sure to be a great game this year as well as the next couple. Morelli could really surprise a lot of people. Very athletic goalie

  56. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay wins in OT 6 to 5!

  57. LI Guy says:

    WM is way too high. … What does Wogue have to do to get ranked???

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