The Syosett-Garden City season-opening matchup we spotlighted here yesterday headlines today’s action.

In another big 4:30 p.m. Long Island battle, South Side plays at Cold Spring Harbor.

In Section 1 today, Pearl River visits Eastchester for a 4:30 p.m. game.

As always, be sure to post your thoughts on these matchups as well as any info on the scores and game details.

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16 Responses to “Scoreboard Central: Wednesday/3.24.10”

  1. Eagle Eye says:

    Eastchester beat Pearl River 12-5!!!

  2. WhaleBelt says:

    Cham 9, Pequa 5
    GC 10, Syo 5

  3. Jericho says:

    Hicksville 9
    Kellenberg 4

  4. wizard2 says:

    Cablevision started airing ESPNU finally!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lacroosser says:

    wattttttt!!!!!!!!!! what channel!!??

  6. Joe Lombardi says:

    Channel 144 and the HD version is Channel 794

  7. towntime says:

    thank god for espnu, cant wait to watch some college lax finally

  8. LI Guy says:

    Cold Spring Harbor 6, South Side 5

  9. slacrosse says:

    Cant believe it–Great news!! Was considering switching to FIOS to pick ESPNU!!

  10. blax says:

    YESSSS, ESPNU!!!! finally

    so where can i get a schedule of all the lacrosse games that will be aired?

  11. Laximus says:

    Here’s the schedule of college lax games on TV …

  12. LI Guy says:

    Some real interesting games right off the bat. What I think we will see in LI as well as HV and CT is more parity than ever and lots and lots of 1 goal games. Should be a wild ride.

  13. slacrosse says:

    LI Guy

    Who do you like in WI/WM game and score?

    Would love to see Garden City beat St. Pauls. That would be a big one!

    One thing that’s unfortunate is that when they play on 4/10 SP will have already played 10 games vs City’s 3 games!!

  14. Old Rugger says:

    LI Guy in HV that will definetly be true as the other programs youth teams move into high school. This will be great for Lax but with everyone possibly dropping a game or 2 it will be harder to ensure NY bragging rights over Maryland. (LOL).
    I look for teams like Mamaroneck and Bronxville to improve greatly over the next 1-3 years as youth programs are pretty good.

  15. slacrosse says:

    Old Rugger

    I’d especially include White Plains in your group above.

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