As far as season openers go, it wasn’t exactly tailor-made.

But the Garden City Trojans certainly learned a lot and made improvements after falling to Syosset 6-3 to start the 2009 campaign.

Well guess what, gang?

The teams meet again to start the 2010 season. The game is set for 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday at Garden City.

We checked in with Coach Finnell (shown here in a file photo by Jim Stout/ for his thoughts.

How has the team looked so far in practice. What areas are you happy about and what areas do you think the team still needs to work on?
The team has looked very good. … The staff has been very happy with the effort of the team for the first week of the season.  Our biggest strength this year would be our experience.  We have many key players back that have played on the team for a few years already and know our system.  We have two returning starters back on defense in Fischer and Jahelka.  In addition, we have a lot of depth at midfield..which we be a key to our success this year.

Last year’s opener vs. Syosset was not a vintage performance for you guys. But you obviously learned from it and went on to have a real strong season. What are your thoughts on that game and how it impacted the season?
Last year I thought Syosset played a very good defensive game and forced us into numerous turnovers.  Obviously, we were disappointed in our performance and after the game went back to the basics.  We had a young team at the time and I believe that game gave us an opportunity to look at the areas we needed to improve.

What were your thoughts when you so your team ranked so highly nationally in the preseason?
As far as the national rankings are concerned it is nice to be considered a top-level program, We have a great youth league with many devoted dads who have helped through the years to create an outstanding feeder program, The players and staff know the rankings are not an exact science and that there are so many good teams in Nassau and Suffolk County alone, much less the whole country.

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