Scrimmage action started earlier this week and it will be a busy weekend of action.

Among the more noteworthy events on tap for Saturday are the West Islip Four-Way and the Red/Gray Tournament at Somers. Both events begin at 9 a.m. Garden City also takes on Delbarton at Delbarton, and in another New York vs. New Jersey battle, Yorktown hosts Ridgewood. Both scrimmages are at 11 a.m.

The West Islip event will include St. Anthony’s, John Jay, Massapequa and the host Lions. For the schedule, click here.

Be sure to post the score and any info/thoughts on the events you attend on Saturday, and in the coming days/weeks/months.

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38 Responses to “Scrimmage Central”

  1. scooter says:

    Mahopac goes out to Long Island for a scrimmage with a bunch of other teams. I believe they play Comsewogue, Floyd and Sayville.

  2. Bigeasy says:

    Interested to see how JJ plays vs St Anthonys and WI. Also interesting to see how Town plays vs Ridgewood. They play two weeks from today so they had both better get rolling. What about any LP scrimmages? Interested to see how they come together after losing their goalie, Doherty, Omara, Hitman, etc. Wondering if they have the firepower to keep up with Town.

  3. Joe Lombardi says:

    Here are some updates on today’s action. Please add your own insights/info as well. Keep in mind – scores are not kept or posted on the scoreboard for scrimmages, so these reports are very unofficial, but do provide some interesting info at least:

    * West Islip’s starters defeated John Jay roughly 6-3 in the first half of today’s marquee event at West Islip. Both teams mixed and matched players in the second half. A variety of John Jay defenders guarded Lions star Nicky Galasso. John Jay either tied or had a one-goal advantage with its starters against Massapequa and John Jay’s starters defeated St. Anthony’s starters roughly 4-2 through one half. One of the more noteworthy performances of the day was that of Hopkins-bound Massapequa goalie Eric Schneider, who was outstanding.

    * Yorktown jumped out to a 3-0 lead against Ridgewood with Justin Mabus scoring off a feed from Conor Gately to start the scoring. Ridgewood came back to tie it at 3-3 at the half.

    * Somers was minus several starters and other key personnel with nagging injuries (none serious), including John Bello (defense), Cole Partenza (attack), Kieran Donohue (attack) and Matt Deiana (midfield), but the Tuskers beat Guilderland, Don Bosco, Auburn and Brewster by two or more goals in each scrimmage. Somers goalie Chris Longo looked sharp and the Tuskers were led offensively by Greg Petre and at midfield by Erik Pfiffner and Anthony Lombardo. Petre had a nice behind-the-back goal vs. Don Bosco. Pfiffner and Petre, who played midfield as well as attack, dished out some crushing hits as well. Fox Lane was led by the play of Conor Morris on offense, Noah Hammer on defensive and first-year starting goalie Cameron Stephens, who looked very impressive taking over for three-year starter Luke Robinson (Ithaca). Andrew Nicol was solid in goal for Brewster.

  4. gosec1 says:

    Joe, not sure where u heard JJ played okay but I was there and unfortunatley that got WAXED! West Islip was just on a complete different level than them….I had it at 11-3 (most of WI goals coming when starters were in, Daniello was good but nothing great)

  5. laxing says:

    that is very false. The first half was the starters for both teams and West Islip only won 6-3. Then both teams put their backups in the second half and i think jj’s backup’s actually beat islip’s backups in the second half.

  6. colby says:

    I heard john jay looked slow and out of sorts that is from a parent that was at the game. anyone have insights on the game that was there live?

    how many did galasso have?



    Goalie play for J?

  7. slacrosse says:

    So was it 6-3 Islip end of 1st half with starters (great for Jay) and then 11-3 for full game (subs in 2nd half).

    Or was it not close in the 1st half ending up in an 11-3 drubbing by WI as gosec1 said?

    Can we have an objective arbiter here please??

  8. laxrat says:

    it was 6-3 with starters in first half. gosec1 was wrong. And i think he should change his name because he does not seem to support daniello or jj very much. he should just wait till jj plays his team

  9. colby says:

    JJ 20th team in the country bragging about 6-3 at half time give me a break. that means 12-6 final or worse with the depth WI has. JJ has no team speed and was clueless on defense

  10. laxrat says:

    depth WI has? jj has 10 solid offensive players and were even getting goals by kids like freshman thomas beck who had 2 on the day. They actually do have good speed as they aren’t the most physically large team. And just wait till Tim Schurr corrects that “clueless” defense, him being a defensive genius, and then talk trash. They’re called scrimmages for a reason, to get the clueless mistakes, against the #1 team in the nation, out of their system.

  11. lax rover says:

    No question West Islip was the top team at the 4-way scrimmage today. The format was starters for the first half (30 minutes running time) and back ups for the second half (20 minutes running time). All scores and/or win-loss comments below are based on the first half of play.

    JJ vs. WI: The Lions got off to a blistering start against JJ. After 15 minutes of play WI was up 5-1. JJ settled down, made some stops and was respectable the rest of the way. The half ended with WI up 6-3. Galasso was very noticeable (two top shelf rips) and he looks physically bigger than last year. Daniello had some nice cuts and netted one.

    St A’s vs. WI: Lions took this one as well by one or two goals.

    St. A’s vs. Massapequa: St. A’s cruised to a solid win in the 9:00 am session.

    JJ vs. St. A’s: A competitive game. While St Anthony’s had the edge in time of position, JJ had the edge on the score board 4-3. The two teams seemed evenly matched and both played well throughout. I heard St A’s was missing a starting middie.

    Massapequa vs. JJ: Jay took this one 3-2. Good game. Massapequa goalie kept it close.

    WI vs. Massapequa: Didn’t hear the score here.

  12. Purple 'n' White says:

    Jericho … Thanks for the props for JJ. It means alot to hear from a LI fan.

    With Coach Schurr now at JJ you will never see us give up 14 goals in the state semifinals ever again … even if we were playing SYRACUSE!

  13. laxerrrrrrrr says:

    John Jay was also missing one of their top middies in Merlino, who missed most of the game if not all of it.

  14. John FANagan says:

    Yorktown started off well in the first half. Most impressive today was KI and Joey Chachi Porcelli. Only saw the first half, but the attack/midfield was impressive, defense a little a sloppy. Steven Burke made some big stops and good clears, and seemed to be a strong anchor to the defense.

    Faceoffs were where Yorktown gave up a lot of goals, once agian its the same old story, defense needs to get in line

  15. LIlax says:

    Here is the real deal from a LI fan who happens to know Timmy real well. His team played well and he said he is just getting to know his kids. He played them all and they deserve some credit. He plans on having his starters in place for their first game. Good luck to all and let’s get the season underway!

  16. colby says:

    Calm down Schurr great D gave up 14 or more to john jay every year with his zone. How many did he give up to Huntinton with somers?

  17. MamoLax says:

    Nice job Mamaroneck, beating Rye n 5-1 in a scrimmage today (30 minute running time)…

  18. Old Time Laxer says:


    I was at the WI Games

    JJ started slow but then settled

    Played WI strong in the later part of the first half

    6-3 was the score

    In the second half, JJ subs out scored the WI subs.

    The other 2 games were close

    JJ played their back ups in the second half and they held their own

    JJ has some depth that they are developing

    All 4 teams are strong. Its was a great event for early in the season.

    The real tests will come later

    No sense in trash talking now. They are all KIDS! who are working hard. Let’s not lose sight of that.

    Everyone looked to be having fun and playing hard.

    Great day of lacrosse.

  19. Observer says:

    Based on the scrimmages today, it sounds like all the big games coming up through April 3 mentioned in the poll question should all be very highly contested. Can’t wait. Let’s just hope the weather then is like what we had today!

  20. P&G says:

    Lax Roller and Observer have it dead on. I was there. Couple of observations.

    West Islip at a different level…Hard to believe Yorktown getting by them this year, given they didn’t last year.

    St. Anthony’s – strong, solid, developing. They will be a different team come mid-May

    Massapequa – very good team, didn’t win a game – but given the other 3 nationally ranked teams a very good showing.

    JJ – got off the bus late, limited warm-ups, after a very shaky start settled in and played WI very even for the last half. Beat Massapequa and a very strong Saint Anthony’s team. Tim will mold them/improve them as the season goes on, and they will be there at the end in Section 1.

  21. P&G says:

    slacrosse – it was 6-3 at the end of a 30 minute running time first half. WI outplayed JJ, period. a horrendous 10 minute period. It was not 11-3. Gallasso is the real deal.

    2nd half was subs. not that it matters but JJ outscored WI 2-1 in the 2nd half. I was there – with no reason to not tell you what I saw. Book it – WI will win down-state…Jury is out on JJ – but definitely a solid effort with playing about 30 kids and a new coach.

  22. slacrosse says:


    Thanks. From what you say think J should look back at yest and feel pretty darn good. They beat St. A’s, had some decent minutes vs WI, beat Pequa! No one said they were meant to be that close to WI.

  23. Baffled says:

    Guys……are you SO sure of JJ’s showing yesterday against those LI teams ?
    Don’t agree that JJ was quite as strong as others thought.
    Just saying.

  24. Purple Pride says:

    I was in the bleachers watching all the JJ games and this is what I got out of it.
    JJ showed me two different teams throughout the day.

    They had some periods were they were flat on defense and some laziness (first 10mins of WI they were down 5-0) but they also had some great long periods of good defense and offense. They got many goals from many different kids and passed the ball very well.

    They are very deep on defense, and with all the practicing they have doing the past few weeks, no one seemed tired.

  25. slacrosse says:


    J beat St. A’s # 3 ranked in the country, and had at least good periods of play vs the #1 ranked team in the country, and beat another good LI team, Pequa?

    These are only scrimmages, no less or more. They in no way relate to how these teams would against each other in the regular season.

    But any way you cut it, from what I’ve read IMO Jay had a real good day of scrimmaging.

  26. slacrosse says:

    In Rye’s first scrimmage of the season, they tied Iona Prep, beat Suffern and Pine Plains and lost to Mamo.

  27. Hdsnlax says:

    Anybody note how many Hop recruits were playing during our 2nd game ?

  28. slacrosse says:


    It was 5-1 Mamo.

    Appreciate your question but purposely didn’t include any color as I dont want to make any excuses for Rye or take away from Mamo’s good effort.

  29. LAX says:

    I wasn’t there but in my eyes that’s a very good showing for JJ. Former JJ star Chris Bocklet had 4 goals today helping UVA to beat Towson btw.

  30. Indian J says:

    They were scrimmages, it is very difficult to make heads and tails of everything. It is very interesting to hear from people who were at the scrimmages and I am glad Jay was playing teams of that caliber. Seems like they played well for the most part.

  31. blaxdog says:

    I thought JJ looked ok after the initial WI onslaught, they did not match up well against WI’s midfield………..I didn’t see JJ vs St A’s, but I do know that St A’s best 2 mids did not play (Shreiber and Schoeder)…..they are difference makers and if they are back for the regular season game JJ will have a hardtime matching up.

  32. Doid23 says:

    I don’t put a ton of stock into scrimmage scores, good to hear that JJ hung with some of the big boys. No surprise that WI was a notch above, but wasn’t embarrasing either. Hell, just happy to hear that the season is finally getting ramped up in NY, been going on forever it seems down here.

    JJ boys in college are enjoying a nice season, besides Bocklet, Daniello is having a good start, Bohlander playing well, Schneidman, Sweeney all contributing, and Chris Bates is off to a nice start at Princeton. Other Section 1 players are doing well also, Ranagan in the middie rotation at Hopkins, Novasel at Dartmouth (Ivy League player of the week). Joe, any updates on other Sec 1 players doing well this year?

    Anyone know whatever happened to Tyler Granelli and Chris Latino?

  33. Old Coach says:

    Stockel 10 G 2 A from the midfield for Drexel and Douglass 10 G 4 A for yale off to good starts as well

  34. slacrosse says:


    Perrelle of PAC and Van de verdonk of PV starting for Binghamton and Cortland.

    Interesting that Lofrink of Byrum Hills walked on successfully at Gtown. Carpentieri of Byrum Hills walked on to Syracuse and is being red-shirted.

    Think Joe had said Latino had transferred to Clemson playing club lacrosse.

    Thouight Granelli had transferred to Cortland

  35. laxerrrrrrrr says:

    I believe Granelli transferred to Salisbury after Cortland.

  36. slacrosse says:


    Didn’t notice TG’s name on the Salisbury roster. Maybe he has sat out a yr.

    As you know Delillo of Town a key player on the team.

  37. laxrat says:

    TG got surgery or some sort on his leg as far as I know. Maybe that is the reason?

  38. laXer says:

    Not to make excuses for St Anthonys but Schreiber, Schroeder, Gilmartin, and Munnelly, there first four middies were out. St Ants offense should be a little less stagnant with those guys out there. But overall it was a great day and I believe all the teams looked good and had sportsmanship. Also JOE your site is excellent and its greatly appreciated.

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