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13 Responses to “Countdown to 10,000: Post the comment and win a $50 gift card”

  1. John FANagan says:

    lax season is back.. Joe, what do you know about Don Bosco for Town on Thursday? Being the football school that they are, I expect them to be very athletic… any input?

    I’m more interested for the scrimmage on Saturday vs. Ridgewood… just a side note that the weather is warming up and so is the crop simultaneously… be ready… were in for a competitive year

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    Lax is back and so are you, John F. Good to talk to you again.

    The upcoming scrimmages for Yorktown will be good tests. Don Bosco and Ridgewood are not quite at the level of the elite programs in New Jersey, namely Delbarton and Mountain Lakes, but they still will provide good runs.

    Now that the weather is heating up and you will be out catching the action, we’re all looking forward to your insights and thoughts on these scrimmages and the season!

  3. fan man says:

    Hi guys,
    What do you know about Frankie Fusco on Town? Where did he come from was he transfer?

  4. LoveTownLax says:

    Joe – St. Patrick’s Day – at Charlie Murphy Field! What a great day for lacrosse! It’s been a long winter, but the season is finally here… :o)

  5. Joe Lombardi says:

    LTL – Welcome back! Hope you’ve been well. If you go to the scrimmage, let us know your thoughts.

  6. Jaybird says:

    Any reports on the JJ scrimmage? Couldn’t get out of work in time to catch any of it.

  7. colby says:

    Bronxville vs john jay scrimmage ???????

  8. Bigeasy says:

    Town was up by around 4 after 3 then ran through the roster. Sloppy game with both sides making many mistakes. Early but nice to see lacrosse in the sun this early in the year. Lots of scorers for Town, new D, no Derek Keolsch. I did see him dressed though, so I dont know the deal there. Potential is my thought of the day but we will see.

  9. John FANagan says:

    My thoughts on the Town – Bosco scrimmage:

    Fusco seemed like the real deal to me from the sidelines. He seemed pretty nervous from the get go, but once he got settled in his talent was clear. Once he gets settled into the Yorktown offense, he seems like a piece to what seems to be a puzzle with almost too many pieces on offense.

    On the offensive side of things, Yorktown’s roster seemed very deep. They did a lot of mixing around between middies and the attack, trying different lineups to see what mixes worked best. The attack still starts and ends with KI, but Gately was a great feeder, finding cutters going to the cage. Remy continues to showcase his laser shot, and that will continue to be his MO.

    The midfielders leftover from last year have grown tremendously, not just in comfort/talent, but in size as well. It is evident that Ty Schuldt and Justin Mabus put the hours in in the gym during the offseason, and Joey Porcelli was impressive, showing great poise and quickness. The offense just needs to get more time in on the field, and that should be fine.

    The questions that have been raised ever since the end of last season has been replacing the defense. Derek Koelsch, who suited up today, but is still injured, will be back in time for the showdown against John Jay. We hope that he will be able to jump right back into the swing of things because the goaltending was a bit shaky today. Steven Burke will be the shutdown defender and it seemed they lacked speed on the defensive end- which could be a problem in transition defense.

    Overall, it seemed that Town lacked size. Goals from KI and Lieberman were expected, but Town needs big things out of Mabus, Schuldt, Fusco, Porcelli, and Gately if they truly want to be successful. If the offense is having a slow day, they wont’ have the luxury of relying on the Division I defense they had last year, but don’t blink because the potential today was obvious.

  10. laxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Jay won by a good amount. Scoring from a bunch of different people. Daniello, Walter, and B. morris all put up some good numbers, not sure of the other scorers but there were a couple more.

  11. Pac Lax says:

    The Pac looked good against North Salem today. Mahopac’s O looks good but they still need to work out the kinks. Overall a good showing on both sides of the ball for the Pac. McGuigan looked good. Brandofino had at least 5 or 6 goals with his linemate John Bota adding around 3. Overall I think the Pac lost 1 face off so Thompson and Evans did some work at the x.

  12. mr.1000 says:

    good luck to all laxers, time to test the hard weeks of practice against some other people for a change, scrimmage time is here, before you know it we’ll be in full swing

  13. Joe Lombardi says:

    Excellent scrimmages reports, folks, especially John F. for his Yorktown-Don Bosco report.

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