Computers. Taxes. Cooking. Special diets. Web design. Travel. Green living. Cars. MySpace. Even eBay.

Whatever the topic, you can probably find a “For Dummies” book about it.

So why not, lacrosse?

Why not, indeed.

* Overview of lacrosse positions for men’s and women’s field lacrosse and box lacrosse

* Differences between men’s and women’s lacrosse

In 2003, the publishers of the “For Dummies” books unveiled “Lacrosse for Dummies.”

That book’s primary author was Jim Hinkson, a former player and coach who is Canadian born and Canadian bred. As many of you know, it focused on box lacrosse, with some info on the field game.

Last March, the publishers asked me if I would revise that book in a new edition in which the main focus was on field lacrosse — both men’s and women’s — while still using much of the content on box lacrosse included in the first edition.

In other words, every aspect of lacrosse.

I’ve always been down for challenges, so I took on this one.

Eagerly and enthusiastically.

And I’m glad I did.

I think the finished product, “Lacrosse for Dummies/2nd edition” is the most thorough and comprehensive book on the game that’s ever been done.

Please don’t misunderstand. That’s not a boastful statement. Because, just like this blog, I relied on the insights, opinions and information of many to put it all together.

So thanks to the many contributors, many of whom are from the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region, for all your help and your support.

In fact, one of this region’s — and the game’s — all-time greats, Roy Colsey,  wrote an outstanding and personal foreword to the book. I’m also indebted to coach Joe Alberici at Army and to Kristen Carano Bulkley for their outstanding technical reviews of the finished product, as well as the dozens upon dozens of players, fans, officials and coaches I interviewed while doing research, many of whom are mentioned and acknowledged in the book.

Were there some bumps along the way during the nearly one year I spent working on the book? Sure. I mean, it was my first book project, and the “For Dummies” style is quite unique and took some adjusting to, I must say. To say nothing of the fact that researching and writing a book is not exactly all peaches and cream.

Were there some creative differences here and there? Some days of frustration and anxiety?

In the words of Sarah Palin, “You betcha.”

But I think the finished product is pretty complete and comprehensive.

I hope you’ll agree.

The official release date is early April.

You don’t have to wait to get a preview, though.

Chapter 1 gives an overview of what is included in the other 20 chapters. You can read it now in pdf format by clicking here.

You can check out the Table of Contents here. (If you scan through it, you can see who I selected as 10 of the greatest players of all time in Chapter 19.)

And if you’re like me, when you get a new book, you start not at the front, but at the back. In the index, for a quick scan of some of the content that you’re about to spend valuable time reading about. You can read the index here.

For more of a sneak peek of the book, click here.

You can order a copy of the book by visiting here.

Click here to get a $5 rebate

For more general info on “Lacrosse for Dummies/2nd edition,” click here.

I hope those of you who wind up reading the book enjoy it. I really feel there’s plenty of stuff in the more than 300 pages that even the most established lacrosse expert may find enlightening and interesting and can learn from.

I sure did.

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16 Responses to “Lacrosse for Dummies”

  1. Jaybird says:

    Joe – Now we can all say it. You wrote the book on lacrosse!
    It’s only fitting and appropriate. Can’t wait to buy a copy!

  2. slacrosse says:

    How do I get an autographed copy!

  3. Joe Lombardi says:

    Thanks, guys.

    Slacrosse – We will be having some book signings in the area. Hopefully you can attend one. If not, I’m sure something can be arranged – haha.

  4. wizard2 says:

    Great job Joe, they should make the parents of all players have to read it! When is your season preview coming? And do you know if MSG Varsity and MSG game of the week is going to be showing local lax games?

  5. IslandLaxpert says:

    Everyone should read it because even those who THINK they know everything there is to know about the game can always learn more. Joe it’s a great boost and honor for lax in this region to have you, the face of the sport around here, as the author of this book.

  6. Bronco Bob says:

    Joe – I just preordered a copy for $14 on You can’t beat that price. Here’s where I found it if others are interested;

  7. Joe Lombardi says:

    Thanks, Bronco Bob. Hope you enjoy it. I didn’t realize it was up on amazon until earlier today when I walked into a co-worker’s office and he had it punched up. A few minutes earlier, the publisher had informed me that the book was now officially in print, and as living proof, I received a FedExed copy a few hours later.

  8. SirLaxalot says:

    My copy is on order – Can’t wait to read it, Joe!

  9. Cali Lax says:

    I’m sure the book will do real well out here in California and throughout the Pacific Northwest as well Joe. The sport is just exploding here and in places like Oregon.

  10. Dante's Inferno says:

    Joe … My copy of the book arrived safely from Amazon yesterday and I couldn’t put it down. Great stuff. It’s a must read for all lax players, parents, coaches, fans, officials. Well done sir!

  11. I-95 Lax says:

    Tremendous job Joe. I had gotten the first edition a few years ago and was disappointed because it was mainly on box. Your new edition though has it all. I couldn’t put it down. This is a must read for sure.

  12. Lax Mom says:

    Hi Joe –

    I didn’t realize you also included girls lacrosse in your book. It’s just wonderful. So informative and useful. You did a great service to the sport and lax families everywhere.

  13. Oyster Bay says:

    Great work joe! Just read the book.

  14. Lax Guy says:

    Joe, Just ordered the book……cant wait to read it, sounds like you did a great job.

  15. Ride the Wave says:

    Joe – I bought the book at Borders last week and just finished it this morning. What a great read with lots of wonderful insights. Great stuff!

  16. Quaker Nation says:

    Way to go Joe. As the other poster said, you wrote the book on lacrosse. I just wish you’d give some pointers to the other writers around here.

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