White Plains enjoyed a breakout season last year that included  groundbreaking wins over Mahopac, Putnam Valley and North Rockland.

Though league realignment has altered the Tigers’ schedule this season, they still hope to pick up some eye-opening wins.

That’s among the topics we discussed with Dickinson College-bound senior attackman Norman Greenfield.

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What have you been doing to get ready for the season?
This off season I played fall ball with John Jay/Moonlight, but took the winter off. I worked out and went to a Velocity training center two to three times a week to get ready for my senior season in addition to our weekly team indoor practices.

Can you talk about some of the key players you lost from last year and how you think you will be able to replace them?
Last year, we lost a very talented senior class. On defense, it was a luxury to have two athletic and imposing defensemen in Chris Davis and Joe Freitas. Also, losing our goalie, Auston Longfield, is going to be hard to replace immediately. However, we have some very good young players coming up to the varsity this year who can hopefully fill the void left by their departure. Kevin Barry will assume the goal keeping role for us this year and we’re looking for him to step up in a big way.

Last year, you guys picked up some groundbreaking wins. Can you reflect on them and what you have to accomplish this season as a team?
Last season was proof that any team’s hard work and dedication can yield impressive results. Nobody thought it was possible for White Plains to knock off teams like Putnam Valley, North Rockland and Mahopac, but our team took on and met the challenge. This year, we’re looking to set the bar a little higher and continue to take steps toward becoming a powerhouse program. As of right now, our eyes are set on getting deep in to the postseason, and hopefully to the sectional finals.

What players on your team do you think will surprise some people this season?
Two players in particular I think are ready to make big contributions for us. First, Matt Buerle is ready to have a breakout season as a ground-ball machine. Last season he played as our fourth defenseman, but he will be a leader of our defense this year as a senior. Second, junior defensman Jack Peeples will be a big contributor this season as he comes up from JV. He’s just come off of a strong hockey season and I think he has all the physical tools to have a strong year.

What do you think the strength of your team will be this year?
I’d have to say that our offense looks to be our strength coming in to this year. We return four of our top five scorers and have a promising group of underclassmen who I think are ready to contribute very soon.

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8 Responses to “Player’s perspective: White Plains’ Norman Greenfield, senior attackman”

  1. Tiger Nation says:

    Good breakdown of the team Big Normmm!!!!!

  2. Just sayin says:

    With their athletes and size of the school and all there’s no reason White Plains shouldn’t be a Class A contender every year and beat Class C teams like PV and Rye…

  3. Zack Lax says:

    They just need to get some of the athletes at the school playing lax. The future is bright for White Plains no doubt.

  4. Laxtime says:

    Too bad WP won’t get to play some of the teams they beat this year because of the league realignment.

  5. slacrosse says:

    I’m a big fan of seeing WP continue to build their program and become a Class A/Section 1 contender. Great for Section 1 to have another large school power. Keep up the great work. WP gets a shot at Mahopac, Bronxville and Suffern. Wins here would be meaningful.

    But I’ll stop short of wanting them to beat my team, Rye. Look forward to the upcoming scrimmage.

  6. wr_dad says:

    My son played Westrock with Norm last year…great guy and a terrific player.

    just_sayin/zack lax; WP might be able to build a powerhouse program, we’ll have to see if they are able to add numbers or whether they suffer attrition. Peekskill and Ossining are big schools and they can’t get their programs going. Neither can Sleepy, which is a pretty big school too. Hopefully, WP has a junior program in place that’s attracting players at a young age, which will really pay off in six years and on because I agree it would be great to have another big powerhouse program in Section 1.

    Keep your eyes on Arlington, WP and Mahopac.

    Have a great year everyone and good luck at Dickinson Norm!

  7. Purple/Black says:

    No Doubt About It, WestRock is the Sh–!!!! Go Get em Norm. Cant wait for the season to start. AND for another GREAT summer on the Wolfpack!!!

  8. P&G says:

    The JJ/Moonlight boys you played with Norm, wish you the best!

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