Roy Colsey. Dom Fin. Steve Carcaterra. Ousmane Greene. Erik Elfstrum. Joe Spallone.

Those were some of the more recognizable teams on the 1989 Yorktown Huskers, who beat Corning East 8-7 in overtime to win the Class B state championship. The Trojans were led by Casey Donegan, Todd Cavallaro and Dan Burnside.

It was the second state title in Husker history. (Yorktown has since won four more for a total of six.)

Let’s take a look back, shall we, to highlights of that classic played at Syracuse University’s Coyne Field

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8 Responses to “Blast from the Past: Yorktown edges Corning East in 1989 state title game”

  1. Laxolution says:

    Classic- nice battle, old school style. Good stuff.

  2. Townlaxin says:

    Dave Marr was only in 8th grade. Not on the team I believe. He would win in 91,92,93.

  3. Townie says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for linking this video Joe.

  4. Old Skewl says:

    That vid was definately awesome.

  5. Partake says:

    20 years later it still kills me to watch the number of point blank shots we missed in the closing minutes…. Yorktown did not deserve to lose but neither did we but C’est La Vie! thanks for the trip down memory lane…

  6. Syracuse says:

    Fin was the best player on the field. Total monster. Spallone in net played maybe the best game he ever played that day. It was unreal.

  7. Partake says:

    Fin was the best player and at the time it was mentioned by Coach Streeten it was the most dominant performance by any high school player he had ever seen. Spallone did play out of his mind and one other nugget for you if don’t remember Yorktown did not have one single penalty all game… Talk about a perfect storm….ah those were the days…

  8. Donegan says:

    Great game and yes was the best on the field and an even better Roomate in college. Glad we were able to get the 1990 game. Thanks for the memories

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