Welcome to the first installment of “Player’s perspective.”

If you read the preview of this feature posted here yesterday, you shouldn’t be too surprised as to who our first subject is.

Yorktown’s Kevin Interlicchio (pictured above in the file photo by Jim Stout/MaxPreps.com).

In addition to being the first up for the “Outside the Box” feature that I introduced in 2007 that established the template for our LaxLessons.com player spotlights, Kevin was among the first players to have his profile up right here. See for yourself. And when we launched video interviews, Kevin and once (Yorktown) and future (Johns Hopkins) teammate John Ranagan were among the first there, too.

You get my point.

So before we go to our Q&A with Kevin, here’s how “Player’s perspective” will work. At various points in the season, starting now in the tail end of preseason workouts and just over a month before official varsity practices start, we will ask the same basic questions to a core group of players. (Those questions will be tweaked a bit depending on the player and team, of course.) But it will be their way — and your way — of getting their thoughts on what’s happening as it happens.

It should be fun – and interesting. And if you’d like to get in on the act, just e-mail me at joe@laxlessons.com.

So away we go. Here’s installment No. 1 featuring Yorktown’s Kevin Interlicchio.

For background on Kevin, click here.

What have you been doing the last few months?
We’re getting ready for the season by getting in the gym as much as we can during the week.  We have a lot of new faces this year so it’s great just to get in there and go over formations and things like that.

Do you have more of a sense of urgency since you’re a senior?
I think it’s the opposite this year as a senior.  In three years, I’ve  realized that in order to reach the big goal at the end of the season, the whole team has to take it one game at a time.  The most important thing is that we get better as the season progresses, and we’re playing our best come June.

How does your scrimmage schedule look and which ones are you looking forward to most?
Our scrimmage schedule usually always starts with Don Bosco Prep, and it’s no different this year.  Then we’ll play Ridgewood.  I’m looking forward to this game because I know last year things got a little chippy between our teams.  Both teams are tough opponents and it’s going to be a good indicator as to where we are at in our progression as a team.

What players on your team do you think will surprise some people this season?
We have a good core of kids coming up from JV and some others that where on the team last year.  With John (Ranagan) not here anymore, Tyler Schuldt and Justin Mabus are going to have to run the midfield, which they can definitely do.

You have John Jay right off the bat on April 3. Would you rather be playing them later and how do you think they will respond to such a big test so early with a new coach?
It doesn’t really matter if we played them later in the season or if we play them right off the bat because the intensity is still going to be there and it should be a great game.  (New John Jay) Coach (Tim) Schurr has been around Section 1 for a while now and he knows how to prepare a team for a test early on in the season, so I have no doubt it will be a battle till the end in that game.

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12 Responses to “Player’s perspective: Yorktown’s Kevin Interlicchio, senior attackman”

  1. lax44 says:

    Stand up kid with a hell of a future ahead of him… Go KI, Go Town!

  2. sec1 says:

    Nice job KI….Cant believe Mr. 22 is finally a senior…Bring it home this year! Go Town!

  3. Sec1 says:

    Sec1 your not me are you? Lol..

  4. BigBadBear says:

    Much discussion on the Hopkins blog about two of KI’s future team mates and ex-local starts getting serious playing time this year, Tom Palasek at attack, and Sec 1’s own John Ranagan, who is making a push as a SSDM. Hop may start 5 freshmen, first scrimmage tomorrow against Harvard.

  5. slacrosse says:


    How you guys gonna be this season?

  6. BigBadBear says:


    I wish I knew! New coach to start, and just about all of our kids from our good team from 2 years back are now gone. JV was very good last year, so we will have to see.
    Actually, those of us in the ‘cliff our celebrating our O/T win over the #1 ranked B school in NYS hoops, which just happens to be P’ville!!!! Let me savor that for a few days at least

  7. slacrosse says:


    For sure.

  8. Gonzo says:

    Bcliff returns its goalie and the vast majority of its long poles, its first middie line and its second leading scorer from last year on attack. Most of these kids played on Westrock, Superstars or Epic in the summer and fall, and have hit the weight room. Lost its leading scorer, and has a couple of holes on attack to fill though. Will be better than last year but hard to say how much. Needs better chemistry than was the case last season. This is probably the biggest question mark.

  9. slacrosse says:


    Sounds like Bcliff has a good base of talent to work with this season, particularly on D which is key.

  10. Just Sayin says:

    Could be a long senior yr for Interlichio (Sp) with teams face guarding and shutting him off like John Jay did last year in holding him to 1 goal.

  11. Agreed says:

    Not having Ranagan around is gonna to result in not only Interlicchio getting face guarded and shut off every game but probably having another backer on him as well. He may not get 20 goals all season. Will coaches still vote him AA?

  12. Bigeasy says:

    Kevin had two goals vs Jay and was face guarded in other games as well. Some teams throw junk at Town, but Chaminades and Darien, etc never do. They play straight up and say ‘We will beat you at our game’. Face guarding has been going on for years. I remember Merril Turnbull, Rob Kavo, Sean Carney, Dooley, etc being face guarded. Dont think it worked too well. Coaches will work on picks to get him free and he’ll be fine. Only 20 goals for Kevin is absurd. Remember he was good last year, but will be better this year. Losing Ranagan stinks, but him and Casey were the only seniors on O. They have alot of talent on that end and will have the best O in the section, it is the D that will have to find a way.

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