We have been reporting on league and non-league schedules for teams from throughout the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region the last couple of months.

Now, there’s a convenient one-stop shop where you can check out schedules for teams from through the region — and throughout the nation.

George Baldassare, director of high school lacrosse for LaxPower.com, just passed along a link that includes many complete schedules — with plenty more to come.

So be sure to check it out — and to bookmark it for future refernce.

You can check out the link by clicking here.

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14 Responses to “Schedules galore”

  1. Joe Lombardi says:

    We’ve passed along several revisions of Somers’ schedule.

    Today, it went “FINAL.”

    Here it is:

    Somers Varsity Lacrosse 2010

    March 20th Red/Gray Classic @ Somers 9:00am

    21st Somers 2nd Annual Youth Clinic 9:00am

    25th Scrimmage Darien @ Somers 4:00pm

    27th Multi-Team Scrimmage @ Somers 8:00am

    30th Somers,Suffern,Bronxville@ White Plains11:00am

    April 3rd St Anthony’s Away TBD

    8th Ridgefield Away 7:00pm

    10th MAHOPAC 7:00pm

    13th HORACE GREELEY 6:30pm

    15th John Jay Away 7:00pm

    17th IONA PREP 4:00pm

    20th BYRAM HILLS 4:30pm

    22nd Rye Away 5:00pm

    24th LAKELAND 7:30pm

    27th YORKTOWN 7:00pm

    29th Horace Greeley Away 4:30pm

    May 4th JOHN JAY 6:00pm

    6th Byram Hills Away 4:30pm

    8th NISKAYUNA 7:00pm

    11th RYE 5:00pm

    15th MONTGOMERY NJ (Somers Fest) 6:30pm

    22nd Sectionals First Round TBD

    25th Sectional Quarters 4:30pm

    27th Sectional Semi-Finals 4:30pm

    June 2nd Finals @ White Plains 3:30pm

    5th State Intersectionals @TBD 3:30pm

    8th State Regionals @ Sect 9 3:30pm

    10th State Semi-Finals @ Hofstra 3:30pm

    12th State Finals @ Stony Brook 11:00am

  2. Tigers says:

    I think this is just another selfish , not so bright move by Janavey. Does he realize the new point system for the playoffs. I think this will come back to bite Somers. Schedule is grueling!!.

  3. Observer says:

    Sounds like you don’t know the playoff system Tiger. Games vs. out of state teams don’t count on your seeding so it was wise to schedule Montgomery from NJ and Ridgefield. St. Anthony’s is a good early test to learn from and prepare for the two JJ games. You can’t expect to win a state title if you don’t play state championship caliber teams a few times during the season.

    Joe posted this schedule weeks ago and it was just updated apparently. If you feel so strongly why are you waiting till now to speak up?

  4. Old Rugger says:

    Observer agree with you and besides their main competition JJ has games with Corning East, (ST A’s to be scheduled), Manhasset (though probably a down year for them) and Syosett so Somers has 2 potential losses to NY out of section teams and JJ has 4 possible losses. At least they are still trying to schedule the best. Can see in future if this becomes and issue in seeding that Darien, Delbarton, Mountain Lakes, Summit, and some PA teams become more popular to schedule than the NY teams, which is rediculous.

  5. nuts says:

    jj schedule is just as hard with

    corning east

  6. laxxer says:

    nuts, i will give you the first three but syosset is not nearly as good as they were a few years ago. and as for somers’ schedule, they dont have what it takes to compete with the upper echelon teams. yes playing these teams will undoutedly help them come sectionals and possibly states if they get there, but i don’t see them winning any of there out of section games (except maybe montgomery ive never even heard of them)

  7. slacrosse says:


    Jay. Agree about syosset and while ridgefield is very good, sure they’re not nearly as strong as the Matt White team of last season where he could win games on his own. So I’d call Corning East (prob) and Sett (Definite) their only “elite” teams.

    As for Somers I’m picking them to be a pre-season, close #1 in Section 1 but their out of Section 1 sched is not elite except for Nisky and St. Anthony IF they can schedule them. Agree they would be better served for the “states” by having a stronger “elite” team sched.

    Really, no one touches Town’s out of Section 1 elite team sched!! It is brutal and they surely will lose more then they will win of these games BUT it will toughen them up for the Section 1 play-offs.

  8. laxerrrrrr says:

    John Jay plays st anthonys as well so add that to the list

  9. slacrosse says:


    Missed the St. A’s game. Great game for J to play.

  10. Tiger Town says:

    Nice to see Ridgefield playing all 3 powerhouse Section One teams from nearby – Town, JJ and Somers. I know that’s been mentioned before here, but just pointing it out again.

  11. Schedule says:

    I believe,, not sure . By St Anthony’s playing Somers , this means that they are now not playing John Jay?????.

  12. Indian J says:

    If thats true, then a scrimmage with Darien and a game with St. Anthony’s have been lost as a result of the coaching change.

  13. TuskerTown says:

    Somers-St. A’s is a good early test for both programs.

  14. slacrosse says:

    Hockey Play-Offs

    Hey why wait for lax for a Jay/Town game. This Sunday, a Town/J semi-final match!! .The winner will face the winner of the Rye /Sleepy Hollow Irvington match in the final at West Point Sunday.

    In Div 1 semi-finals between White Plains/Suffern and Mamaroneck/Lakeland Panas (Sunday)

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