For the last few years, the John Jay-Yorktown game, regarded as the regular season game of the year in Section 1, has been a May tradition.

And it’s been played on a Friday night the last two years.

This year, the game will be played in the opening week of the regular season — and on a Saturday afternoon.

We’ve been bringing you news on the non-league schedules of teams from throughout the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region the last few weeks.

And the John Jay-Yorktown game will be a non-league game this year because of the elimination of the power league and the introduction of cost-cutting geographically aligned leagues.

It will be played Saturday, April 3 at Yorktown’s Charlie Murphy Field.

For John Jay’s entire 2010 schedule, as well as updates on the non-league schedules of other teams, scroll down to the comments portion of the “Winter lacrosse information center” thread by clicking here.

More updates on teams’ non-league schedules also appear on the Shoreham-Wading River Fall Fest thread. Check the comments portion of that thread by clicking here.

Somers-Yorktown update: In case you missed, just posted on the comments portion of this thread that Looks like the Somers-Yorktown game will be Tuesday, April 27 at 7 p.m. at Somers. For a rough draft Somers’ 2010 schedule, check the comments of the “Winter lacrosse information center” thread by clicking here.

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28 Responses to “John Jay-Yorktown game will be played in opening week of season”

  1. Reddog says:


    Will this game still be featured as game of the week?

  2. Doid23 says:

    Seriously, how in the hell did they screw this up so bad? When I looked at the new leagues, it just doesn’t make any sense. I mean, weren’t the power league teams, for the most part, geographically close? Town, Jay, Somers, PV, Pac, L/P, Brewster, etc, are all right next to each other.

    This was brought to you by the same people who thought it would be OK not to have a Rye-Harrison football game. This isn’t nearly as bad as what they’ve done to Sec1 football, but there were so many ways to do this mo’ better.

    That’s the one good thing about living in Texas, they don’t mess with sports.

  3. Joe Lombardi says:

    Reddog – That’s TBD.

  4. Joe Lombardi says:

    Looks like the Somers-Yorktown game will be Tuesday, April 27 at 7 p.m. at Somers.

    For a rough draft of Somers’ 2010 schedule, check the comments portion of this thread:

  5. Observer says:

    Playing this early in season definitely takes away some luster. But I think it will be interesting to see if JJ’s young D can contain Ytown and stay in it.

  6. Can't Wait says:

    The new JJay coach will really be on the spot right away with Town opening week. Should be interesting.

    Not sure who the “favorite” to be the new HC is – if there is one. To me, Carcaterra and Bulkely seem to make the most sense. Bulkely is the heir apparent to Brameyer at Darien and knows his stuff as Paul Carc obviously does.

  7. Laxtime says:

    It will be quite a story having this game right off the bat. Thanks for all the info on the schedules Joe. I don’t know what we would do without you. Merry Christmas to all!

  8. Jaybird says:

    Let’s throw out some early picks for this game.

    I’ll start… JOHN JAY 9, TOWN 7

    Let’s hear yours … and Merry XMas all! I’ve enjoyed reading and posting on the best lacrosse blog in the world all year long and am looking forward to a great new year!!

  9. GreenWhite says:

    Town 12, Jay 7

  10. sec1 says:

    Town 13

    JJ 9

  11. Indian J says:

    Town 11 Jay 8

  12. sec44 says:

    There is a not a defense in Section 1 that will be able to stop Yorktowns attack
    Connor Gately (sophomore stud), Remy Leiberman (senior captain, Wesleyan), Kevin Interlicchio (senior captain, returning AA, Hopkins).

    With the offense returning also 2 starting midfielders, the offense should be quite fun to watch again in 2010 for the Huskers..

    Defense is still questionable as Burke and Keolshe are going to have to be GREAT senior leaders for a very young defense

  13. slacrosse says:


    Great guys in KI, RL (dont know Gately) and have some other good players. Town will be tough for sure.

    But as you said question on D (transition, etc), “replacing” Ranagan’s O and face-offs. These aspects of the game which were GREAT last season need to be dealt with ,otherwise the O may not have enough possession to score enough goals on top teams as well as how many goals they let in.

    Again, Town WILL be tough given players and coaching–but question is whether they will be TOUGH ENOUGH this season vs other top teams?

  14. lovely says:

    JJ 13 Town 7

    john jay has better defense

    john jay has better goalie

    john jay has better middies

    john jay has daniello

    john jay has better athletes

  15. sec1 says:

    Yeah, but ummm, Town has a coach…. 😉

  16. alum says:

    I was just looking through the Yortkown lacrosse website and I was looking at there historical stats, and it seems that Interlicchio only needs 42 goals to become the all time leader at Yorktown. The most prestigous record in section 1 lacrosse. What a day that will be for him and his family.

  17. no one says:

    town dosent have a face off guy of any quality. the middies are good, but no one that can win a majority of face offs and that will be a big issue. def should be solid, burke will play the best attackman and should be able to hanlde most, kelosh will suprise in the goal, the other d men maybe good, but no other standouts, gately can feed, but is small and is not really a stud, strong def. with speed and size will push him around, and everyone knows he will be trying to force it to ki. remy should have a strong year. if the coaches are willing to use some bench players to mix things up expect a few suprises from little used seniors and a couple of jrs who are under the radar. the team can score, but if they can’t win face offs, could be a long year

  18. Georgie says:

    Alum –

    Interlicchio will be shut off every game and will be lucky to finish the season with 20 goals. He won’t touch that record.

  19. dynasty says:

    Have you ever seen KI play? He is one of the best attackmen to ever play at Yorktown…Even if he is shut off every game, he will still get that record…He had 20 goals in his first 2 or 3 games of the beginining of last season with every teams best dman on him..

  20. fcounty88 says:

    If Interlicchio is able to get that record, that certainly would be one of the most prestigious records EVER broken in Section 1 history…

    Knowing him, he cares most about a state title, especially since this is his last year to get one…

    KI, team captain, returning all american, top players in the country going to Hopkins….I dont think 42 goals would be too big of a problem for him lol….

  21. gyrum321 says:

    Where are these records located? online??? Joe do you have any idea

  22. Joe Lombardi says:

    Here’s the link with the Yorktown records from the Yorktown Web site:

  23. BigBadBear says:

    someone correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t a lot of those offensive records get set in an era of 6 poles on the field?

  24. sec1lacrosse says:

    Interesting point! I am not sure..maybe Joe knows better… BUT still, for a kid such as Interlicchio to break records held by some of the greatest lacrosse players of all time is pretty amazing…. kudos to him AND his teamates for being put in such a position to perhaps break a very impressive record.

  25. BigBadBear says:

    sorta like today’s NFL passing records…BUT as a big Hop fan, I will certainly enjoy watching KI break a few Jay records from the Nest

  26. Wake Up says:

    Hey no one says, looks like you messed up a bit on your predictions about some of the YTOWN players ,not many Defenders pushing the SMALL attack kid around ended up with 32pts as a soph, 80 pts as a jr. all section FIRST TEAM, led team in scoring, scholarship to D1 college, soph defender also ALL Setion First Team,scholarship to D1 college, JR defender all Section 1 scholarship D1, what kids were you watching?? Wake up !!!

  27. Long Pole says:

    Hope Kevin Drew,formerly of JJ, can get his act together. Fortunately he didn’t kill anyone. See headline/link below from Insidelacrosse

    Syracuse’s Kevin Drew Charged With DWI After Crash.

    • slacrosse says:

      Wow. Yeah, at least no injuries to anyone. Hopefully some lessons can come from this incident in terms of future behavior.

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