disalvoFairfield University-bound Pete De Salvo and Iona Prep will now
be playing in the same league as St. Anthony’s and Chaminade.
(File photo by Jim Stout/MaxPreps.com)

Change is in the air, gang.

Way back, back, back in the spring – which already seems like years ago – we learned that cost-cutting geographically aligned leagues would make their way to Section 1 this coming season, meaning an end of the the power league.

But early last month, we reported on an even bigger change in the balance of power – one with potentially huge ramifications.

The Catholic League merger has now been officially adopted.

What does this all mean? Plenty.

In a nutshell, the New York Archdiocese approved a merger to form a 16-team league with those teams now in the Long Island Archdiocese.

There will now be an eight-team “Super Division” that will include such teams as St. Anthony’s, Chaminade, Iona Prep and Fordham Prep, with all those teams eventually playing one another home-and-home during the regular season.

The combined New York Catholic League will include two divisions, with the most competitive teams in Division AA. Each division will have eight teams. The A Division will add Cardinal Spellman and Cardinal Hayes in 2011 when  those schools field varsity teams for the first time.

In case you missed our original report, here’s a breakdown:

New York Catholic League

Division AA

St. Anthony’s


Iona Prep

Holy Trinity

St John the Baptist


Fordham Prep

Monsignor Farrell

Division A

Mount St. Michael



St Joe’s by the Sea

St. Francis

St. Mary’s

St. Dominic’s

St. Raymond’s

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18 Responses to “It's official: Catholic "Super League" merger is good to go”

  1. Joe Lombardi says:

    Iona Prep coach Rick Trizano told me today the Gaels’ non-league schedule will info Somers, Rye, CBA Albany and St. Peter’s. As of now, Lakeland/Panas is not on the schedule, but he’s hoping to work them on to it by year’s end.

  2. slacrosse says:

    Great ramp up in IP’s sched. Should be a strong recruiting angle for them.

  3. fan says:

    John Jay is scared to play Iona.

  4. Indian J says:

    John Jay is not scared of playing Iona Prep. What cause would you have to make such an accusation ? Iona has wins over Yorktown, Garden City, Manhasset, Niskayuna and Darien? Posters don’t respond to this nonsense but I choose to call you and Iona on this. Clearly, you represent Iona. In a rebuilding year, Iona beat JJ by a goal in a pre-season scrimmage and you use this as ammunition to make a statement?

    Someday, Iona may be victorious over a powerful program- it just has not happened yet.

  5. casual observer says:

    fan, im not too sure thats the case. last year when IP had its star four and JJ had a team of young sophmores maybe, and even that’s a stretch. but now those four stars are gone, those inexprienced sophmores are now solid veteran juniors and your point is completly off base

  6. slacrosse says:

    I never took ‘fan’s’ comment seriously–dont see how he could.

  7. Flyer Faithful says:

    Love to see Chaminade and St. A’s playing some of the other top Catholic teams from the region. This will help increase the exposure of CHSAA lax and also give Iona Prep the exposure it needs to be a Chaminade/St. A’s caliber program in Westchester. Look for players from schools like Rye to opt for Iona now.

  8. slacrosse says:


    Didn’t Latino of J go to Binghamton? If so cant find him on ’10 lacrosse roster? Info?

  9. Joe Lombardi says:

    Slacrosse –

    Nice job catching that. Yes, indeed. Chris is no longer at Binghamton. He transferred to Clemson, where he is now playing on the Tigers’ club lacrosse team, and doing very well I might add as one of their top forwards.

  10. slacrosse says:

    Thanks Joe. Great for Chris. Good hockey player as well where I think he played forward!.

  11. Section 1 says:

    This July, JJ’s summer team Primtime played against Iona Prep’s summer team. Both teams had about 95% of their key players involved in that game. Can’t remember the score exactly but Primetime won the game approx. 8-1.

  12. casual observer says:

    section 1, while i agree JJ isnt scared of iona, lets not use summer leauge scores please. that’s almost as bad as using winter leauge scores. huge difference when your in season praticing everyday and when your playing summer lax maybe 3-4 days a week.

  13. […] • Catholic “Super League” merger is good to go […]

  14. Section 1 says:

    Casual observer, you might want to become more of a serious observer. All I was saying was that if you match them up player for player, John Jay was much better this summer. Both teams were comprised of the core varsity players in 2010.

    It would be pedestrian of me to think that spring and summer teams are on equal ground. I coach in Section 1 and know how to make objective comparisons so please spare me your lecture.

  15. ipdad says:

    This has some significant implications for Catholic School Lacrosse in the State. With this league and development and growth in Western and Upstate Area’s. Catholic Schools will have a chance to shine on a grand scale. Perhaps there could be a “Federation Cup” type tournement for public school vs catholic schools vs private schools. That would be great.

    Section 1: Clearly JJ is not “scared” of Iona. However, why is it that pre-season scrimages are not an “objective” comparision, but summer league games are? If you want to be truly objective, just play them and settle it on the field!

  16. casual observer says:

    i didnt know two sentences was a lecture?

  17. notsofast says:

    Every game counts.

  18. Friar Lax says:

    Great info on this HUGE move. I don’t think anyone realizes the impact it will have. Biggest story of the offseason until the JJ coach got fired.

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