The fall travel schedule winds to a close on Sunday as teams from throughout the region will be competing in the annual Shoreham-Wading River LaxFest in Suffolk County.

For directions, list of teams and college scouts attending, field map and general information, click here.

For the schedule, click here.

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41 Responses to “Shoreham-Wading River LaxFest marks end of fall schedule”

  1. litown says:

    Joe, will Yorktown be attending this year?

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yes, indeed, litown. Yorktown will be there on Sunday.

  3. sec1 says:

    Yorktown will be there BUT what are the chances of them actually bringing all their studs? Will Interlicchio be there? Or is it more of a JV thing?

  4. Joe Lombardi says:

    sec1 –

    Look for most of Yorktown’s leading players to play on Sunday.

  5. Bingo says:

    saw Towns schedule on their WI or WM…was told by a parent that most of their team is attending….lets all remember it is only practices, no plays, etc…

  6. SWLAX says:

    The new BEDS numbers are out for 2010-2011 (they don’t affect this year, but next).

    These are the enrollment numbers used by the State to classify teams.

    If the classification numbers remain the same for each Class (listed below), there will be some shuffling come next year.

    A – 1100+
    B- 650-1099

    The only two I can see that will change classes in Section 1 are Rye and Mamaroneck (Rye from C to B, and Mamaroneck from B to A).

    In Section 8, Manhasset will move from C to B in 2010-2011 as well.

    Class B is going to get a whole lot tougher in New York State.

  7. Manny says:

    Finally the leagues for 2010
    Here you go:

    Conference I

    League A


    League B

    Hen Hud
    North Salem
    Putnam Valley

    Conference II

    League A

    White Plains
    New Rochelle

    League B

    Sleepy Hollow

    Conference III

    League A

    Byram Hills
    John Jay

    League B

    Fox Lane

    Conference IV

    League A

    Clarkstown North
    Clarkstown South
    North Rockland

    League B

    Albertus Magnus
    Pearl River
    Tappan Zee

  8. fan says:

    Such a bad job by section 1 to drop the power league. Section 1 lacrosse will suffer greatly with out it. The great thing about the power league was you had to be ready everytime you got off the bus.

    Bad job Section 1 AD’s

    This is a unique sport and you are now ruining it.

    This is a sport where kids go to big time colleges not like crappy football around here.

  9. slacrosse says:


    Thanx Manny but I have to admit confusion.

    For instance, in Conf III the teams in League A and B cross over Leagues and have home/away games vs each other and then “pick-up” a further 8 games???

    Probably missing something here: thats 8 games + a “pick-up” of a further 8 games for 16 games-who are the “pick-ups” against??

    How far off am I here??


  10. fan says:

    In conf. 3 League A does not play League B. The other 8 games they can play anyone they want.

    For instance JJ will play these 8 teams.

    Corning east
    St. Anthonys

  11. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just talked to our old friend Mike Dougherty from the Journal News and he posted some info on crossovers to go with the standings on the Lax to the Max blog.

  12. fan says:

    Yes they will play home and vs these teams

    Byram Hills
    John Jay

  13. slacrosse says:


    Thanx. Bear with me here. So aside from the 8 “pick-up” games you mention above that JJ will play, JJ will ALSO play another 8 games home/away vs each team in Class B and Class C in League A, Conf III???


  14. TownLax says:

    Much ado about nothing. The leagues aren’t important as long as the top teams still play in regular season whether in league or out. If Yorktown wasn’t playing JJ or Somers outside there leagues this would be important, but they are so who really cares??

  15. Jaybird says:

    True – we’ve known for months the power league was gone. Not really sure what the importance of the power league was other than it ensured the top teams played one another. As long as they play – whether in league or outside league – is also that counts so these alignments aren’t very important unless I’m missing something

  16. slacrosse says:



  17. slacrosse says:


    I agree as long as the traditional power league teams DO continue to play one another. It would be a negative to Town and Jay in terms of playing their usual really tough out of section 1 comp if they come to them having played weaker Section 1 teams. Good that Rye and Jay will be playing. Rye will have a very competititve team this SPring. In particular it will benefit both face-off guys like Walters (Jay) and McCormack (Rye–Cornell) to face-off against each other. From Rye’s stand-point it would be a negative to them if they couldn’t play teams like Town, LP, Mahopac, Putnam Valley, etc.

  18. babajoe says:

    Yorktown adds two huge games this year, Garden City and Ridgefield. There schedule has to be among the hardest in the country. They will not be able to play rye due to the new alignments.

  19. slacrosse says:


    Thx. This is great for Town and testament to their tradition. And yes its up to Rye to schedule tough out of Section 1 games but at least they should be able to play all the toughest teams in Section 1.

    it’s a set-back for the ex Town/Dooley brother Rye coaches who have worked so hard (players as well) to build a top Section 1 program, and have played Town the last 5 years.

    But in the spirit of the decision of the Section 1 AD’s who did away with the Power League I’ll just quote Townlax above when he said , “WHO CARES”

  20. Joe Lombardi says:

    I agree, slacrosse. But Rye will still play John Jay and Somers, because it’s in the same league.

    The real story, as we’ve touched on in previous months, in the end of the power league is the impact it will have on a program like White Plains. The Tigers created interest in the sport – and turned heads – by playing in the power league.

    Tigers coach Mark Armogida told me this morning that the former power league teams he has approached about playing crossovers have pretty much told him their schedules are full. It’s understandable (for instance, Yorktown’s priority in scheduling non-league games would obviously have to be John Jay and Somers before White Plains), but unfortunate.

    While we’ve known about the elimination of the power league and geographical restructuring since May and discussed the composition of some of the new leagues the last few weeks, the real big news today is what SWLAX touched on in an earlier comment in this thread. The new enrollment figures pretty much make it a lock that Rye will in Class B next year. Imagine that class, with Somers, John Jay — and possibly Yorktown — as well as Rye. Wow. Thoughts, slacrosse?

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  22. Fever says:

    Word out is As of right now Yorktown is not playing Somers.

    Talked to Mahopac Coach last night he said . They are also playin Put Valley, Hen Hud, and Ossining. Filled me in that Somers will be Playing Ridgefield, Mahopac, Lakeland, Penn Yan, Niskayuna, and another Long Island team who’s name escapes me. Lakeland is also playing two upstate NY teams, Guilderland, and Penn Yan.

  23. fan says:

    Mahopac is scared to play good teams. They just want wins

  24. slacrosse says:


    Yes at least Rye will still have some tough games to play in its league.

    Yes hear you on White Plains. After working so hard to make the Power League for this to happen and now they’re having trouble scheduling cross-over games!

    How will the playoffs work? Assume back to Class ABC?

    According to “Fever” above, Somers who many feel may be the best team in Section 1 will not be playing Town? Are you kidding me!!

    The AD’s tried to cut travel expenses but with many teams scheduling out of state or longer trip in state games how will this REDUCE overall expenses?

  25. slacrosse says:

    This has the potential to turn into a Don Bosco football situation where parents send their kids there so that they can play at the highest level of competition and have a better chance of being “noticed” by college recruiters!

    In northern west that would be Town or Jay with their great schedules! It will be an “exception” situation but transfers will occur.

    In southern west, the transfer “drawer” will be Iona Prep who now plays Chaminade and St. Anthonys

  26. Joe Lombardi says:

    Somers and Yorktown are still working on getting their game in, so check back for news on that.

    Slacrosse, yes, it does go back to the class structures for leagues. Many of the leagues contain teams from more than one class as has always been the case. .

  27. Joe Lombardi says:

    Somers coach Lew Janavey reports that the Tuskers’ confirmed crossovers for next season are Lakeland/Panas, Mahopac, Ridgefield, Iona Prep, Niskayuna and Penn Yan with the Yorktown game still in the works.

  28. Indian J says:

    We have to inform people about how things work in terms of leagues, schedules and play-offs. No matter how often it gets discussed, people still do not understand how things work.

    The playoffs are based on the size of your school. If you are amongst the larger schools you play in A. Medium schools play in B, Smaller schools play in C.

    If you are the most talented high school lacrosse team in the history of the universe and you only have 400 students in your school, you would play in C in the play-offs. Playoffs are based on the size of your school.

    The “Power League” was an artificial invention. It was not based on the playoffs- and its implications on the play-offs only existed where it was applicable amongst like size schools. It was designed so that a weak program would not have to play Yorktown (example) unless they really wanted to and strong teams would have the benefit of even handed competition throughout the section as a whole-regardless of size.

    What is happening now is supposed to save money. The playoffs will still work the same way. It won’t be based on anything but size of school and your standing amongst ONLY those particular like-size schools.

  29. sec1 says:

    Kudo’s to Yorktown (who is supposely “down” this year (haha i’ve heard that one before…)) for going out and scheduling even more tough games vs Ridgefield and of course Garden City…

  30. SWLAX says:

    Well said Indian J. Though allow me to throw a wrench in the gears. The top four rated teams come sectional time in each Class last year, A, B, and C were all members of the ‘power league.’ They played relatively comparable schedules throughout the year, so comparing records and having a fail safe in place (participation in the power league automatically ranked you higher than teams who played in the ‘B’ league) so that teams like Irvington, who were 15-1, were not ranked higher than teams like Rye made section seeding more or less a no brainer (there we a few exceptions).

    This year however, there is no such fail safe. Look at Conference II. After reading the crossovers on the Lohud blog, each conference other than II has atleast eight out of conference games to schedule (Conference II has four). This allows teams like JJ, Somers, ‘Town and Rye to schedule tougher out of conference competition, making them more battle tested come sectionals. The problem is, what if they lose those games? Are they now ranked below a Conference II team like Mamaroneck, White Plains or Bronxville who have a better record due to their schedule?
    The explanation that I am getting is that a team gets points for beating a team with a winning record, or losing to a team with a winning record. If Irvington is 10-6, and Mamaroneck beats them, do they get as many points as ‘Town would get for beating Somers?
    If White Plains goes 14-2 this year and Town is 12-4, and each has played the same number of winning teams, will White Plains be ranked higher come sectional time? You can’t fault White Plains and say of course not because of strength of schedule. Is the section keeping and calculating SOS now? No, of course not. Each team is playing the schedule they are given and there is no power league to turn to when this happens this year and it is has the potential to be a mess.

    Section 1 lax is going to turn into the BCS. How can you fault a team for winning all the games on their schedule in this format?

    Another item to consider, is how to divide post season honors? You can’t fault a weaker league and say they don’t deserve as many as the stronger leagues, you play where you are placed. You have some leagues with 5 teams in it, others with 8. You have 8 leagues total. How do you divy up which league gets what amount of All Leagues? That meeting is going to be a DISASTER!

    Do you fault the kids for that and take away what they accomplish within their legues because Athletic Directors wanted to save a few bucks? The power league allowed an out for that as well, where these teams and players were pitted against one another, and now that no longer exists.

    Such a mess…

  31. Indian J says:

    SWlax-You do make two very valid points,

    First the issue of the 15-1 weaker opponent who’s only loss is to JJ- getting ranked higher than JJ, because JJ played tougher competition and finished (12-4). It is a bit of an issue but nobody is forcing these stronger teams to play the tougher competition. This is the second year of all class size games within the state counting towards the post season so all coaches would have had the time to take this into account. If you truly have a program worthy of its schedule this will work itself out. The kids will rise to the occasion in terms of post season play. Last year Jay was ranked below Greely largely because of their loss to Corning East. Jay went to Greely in the play-offs and handled them easily ( by ten) so I think, for the most part, it will be ok.

    The power league did come with a bonus that you would be ranked above non-power league teams in your own size class ( even if they ran the table). This element is no longer present, however, I still believe things will fall into place. Perhaps a White Plains will actually have more of an opportunity to get home field advantage in all of this after all. Most teams will not benefit from this and I do think the majority of AD’s out there don’t “get” lacrosse. They may have no choice in all of this either. The cream rises to the top eventually and I don’t expect to see any real surprises in the sectional finals as a result of the “Austerity Leagues”.

    Post season honors have to be waited by strength of schedule, win/loss record, and how far your team advances in the state play-offs.

    Lack of exposure may hurt some teams- but they will omit how glad they are that they did not see Town or Jay .

  32. Sec1 says:

    Can’t wait

  33. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just obtained Rye’s non-league games from coach Brian Dooley.

    Here’s the rundown:

    New Fairfield, Brewster, Suffern, Iona Prep, North Shore and Put Valley.

  34. Sarge says:

    New Fairfield will be pretty loaded. Should be a good one. How good is North Shore?

  35. slacrosse says:

    As for Rye, good to see New Fairfield will be tough (good to have a rematch as last game Rye was missing their top Cornell bound FO guy, Cole McCormack ). North shore was not too strong last season and dont know about this season.

    Disappointed not to see at least one NEW STRONG team on rye’s schedule.

  36. Suflax10 says:

    I don’t know if Ytown was missing players yesterday at the SWR Tournament, but they have some work to do if they want to be competetive this year.

  37. Bingo says:

    They did struggle defensively vs Huntington and Smithtown. They did beat Huntington and Bayshore and lost by alot to Smithtown West. They looked scattered at times. Offensively, they looked pretty good but could not win faceoffs all day. With a young D and no faceoff wins, they will have to control the ball on O. We will see. Again, only fall and even WI looked shaky at times yesterday. Two years ago Town did not win a game at this tourney and went on to the state semis to lose to Syosset. Only fall.

  38. lasx says:

    Smithtown is one of the best teams, if not, the BEST team on Long Island this year.. Going to be in the state semi’s

  39. Suflax says:

    all they have to do is get through West Islip and Ward Melville, and then the Nassau County Champ

  40. greenmachine says:

    O thats all! lol

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