We’ve reported on recruiting commitments as they’ve been made throughout the year.

Today, senior players from sea to shining sea started to make those commitments official — and binding.

The NCAA’s fall signing period got under way today and continues through Nov. 18.

Here now is a look at where senior players from Westchester/Long Island/Fairfield are headed.
I’ve also tacked on commitments that have already been made for members of the Class of 2011 — current juniors.

National signing week recruiting roundup

Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut

Class of 2010

Rich Akpinatis, Happauge
College, position:
Manhattan, goaltender

Bryan Anderson, Bayport-Blue Point
College, position:

Bryan Anecchino, Darien
College, position:
Providence, midfield

Tyler Begley, East Islip
College, position: Hofstra, attack/midfield

Drew Belinsky, Manhasset
College, position:
Penn, midfield

John Bello, Somers
College, position: St. John’s, defense

George Benitez, Darien
College, position: Stony Brook, defense

Okie Bernabo, Mahopac
College, position: C.W. Post, midfield

Jake Bernard, Irvington
College, position:
College of Wooster, midfield

Evan Bloom, Sachem North
College, position:
Dartmouth, defense

Brendan Bouchard, Cold Spring Harbor
College, position:
Bryant, attack

John Brandofino, Mahopac
College, position: New York Tech, attack

Tyler Brenneman, East Hampton
College, position: Notre Dame, midfield

Harley Brown, Fairfield Prep
College, position:
Denver, defense

Ricky Buhr, Manhasset
College, position:
Syracuse, midfield

Stephen Burke, Yorktown
College, position: C.W. Post, defense

Dominic Cerasi, Middle Country
College, position:
Stony Brook, midfield

Steve Chmill, Chaminade
College, position:
Brown, attack/midfield

Cody Ciolino, Sachem North
College, position:
Hartwick, midfield

Colin Clive, St. Anthony’s
College, position:
Siena, attack

Austin Cohen, Glenn
College, position: Dartmouth, defense

Kevin Coleman, Manhasset
College, position:
Amherst, defense

Tommy Cox, Cold Spring Harbor
College, position:
St. John’s, goaltender

James D’Aprile, St. Anthony’s
College, position: Army, defense

Greg D’Arienzo, Carey
College, position: Maryland, midfield

Sean Day, Clarkstown South
College, position: Union, midfield

Peter De Salvo, Iona Prep
College, position: Fairfield, midfield

Albert DeStefano, Ward Melville
College, position:
West Point, midfield

Kevin Dondero, Smithtown East
College, position:
Marist, midfield

Colin Dunster, Greenwich
College, position:
Bryant, midfield

Mike Ehrhardt, Chaminade
College, position:
Maryland, defense

Morgan Faller, Weston
College, position:
Marist, attack

Jamie Faus, Sailsbury
College, position:
Denver, goaltender

Ryan Fitzgerald, Putnam Valley
College, position: St. John’s, attack/midfield

Fletcher Franklin, John Jay
College, position: Kenyon, goaltender

Nicky Galasso, West Islip
College, position:
North Carolina, attack

Mike Galione, Ridgefield
College, position:
Lafayette, attack

Nick Giampaolo, Ward Melville
College, position: Bryant, midfield

Craig Goodermote, Sachem East
College, position:
Marist, goaltender

Ian Gordon, Salisbury
College, position:
Loyola, midfield

Norman Greenfield, White Plains
College, position:
Dickinson, attack

Austin Heneveld, East Hampton
College, position: Navy, attack/midfielder

Todd Heritage, Cheshire
College, position:
Bucknell, attack

Will Himler, Chaminade
College, position: Princeton, attack

Andrew Hodgson, West Islip, attack/midfield
College, position:

Shawn Honovich, Lakeland/Panas
College, position:
Fairfield, midfield

Andrew Hull, Smithtown East
College, position:
Dartmouth, attack/midfield

Rich Hurley, Ward Melville
College, position: Siena, attack

Kevin Interlicchio, Yorktown
College, position: Hopkins, attack

Derek Katchis, Deerfield
College, position:
Colgate, defense

Thomas Keane, Chaminade
College, position: Holy Cross, defense

Tom Kelly, Rocky Point
College, position: Virginia, midfield

Christian Kennedy, Cold Spring Harbor
College, position:
Georgetown, midfield

James Kenny, Sachem North
College, position:
Dowling, defense

Donald Keough, Westminster Prep
College, position:
Notre Dame, defense

Derek Koelsch, Yorktown
College, position: Trinity, goaltender

Zac Koufakis, Deerfield
College, position:
Dartmouth, attack

Matt Kunkel, Ward Melville
College, position:
Duke, defense

James Lang, Hicksville
College, position: St. John’s, defense

Dylan Levings, Plainedge
College, position
: Yale, midfield

Zack Losco, Happauge
College, position:
Penn, midfield

Remy Lieberman, Yorktown
College, position: Wesleyan, attack

Connor Mackay, Lakeland/Panas
College, position:
C.W. Post, attack/midfield

Bobby Maher, John Jay
College, position: John Jay, goaltender

Aaron Mathias, Ridgefield
College, position:
Amherst, midfield

Cole McCormack, Rye
College, position: Cornell, midfield

Jamie McCulloch, Ossining
College, position:
Franklin & Marshall, midfield

Kevin McDonough, St. Anthony’s
College, position:
Binghamton, midfield

Ryan McGee, White Plains
College, position:
St. Joseph’s (Pa.), attack

Dan Mellynchuck, Sayville
College, position: Maryland, defense

Brandon Merlino, John Jay
College, position: UMBC, midfield

Jack Meyer, Manhasset
College, position:
Yale, defense

Maxx Meyer, Half Hollow Hills East
College, position:
University of Pennsylvania, long-stick midfielder

David Mitchell, Kings Park
College, position:
Stony Brook, defense

Connor Mooney, Avon Old Farms
College, position:
UMass, attack

Rob Moore, West Islip
College, position:
Jacksonville, midfield

Jack Moorehead, John Glenn
College, position:
Hofstra, defense

Andy Moran, Sachem North
College, position:
Assumption, midfield

Duncan Morrissey, Ridgefield
College, position:
Amherst, midfield

Kurt Mueller, Ridgefield
College, position:
Towson, midfield

Will Murphy, Sachem North
College, position:
Manhattan, goalie

Derek Muzio, St. Anthony’s
College, position:
Stony Brook, defense

Andrew Nicol, Brewster
College, position:
Vassar, goaltender

Bobby Nolan, Darien
College, position: Gettysburg, midfield

Will O’Donnell, John Jay
College, position: Army, midfield

Greg Petre, Somers
College, position: Army, attack

Erik Pfiffner, Somers
College, position: Colgate, midfield

Jameson Pickel, John Jay
College, position: Hopkins, defense

Joey Porcelli, Yorktown
College, position:
Wesleyan, midfield

Troy Press, Briarcliff
College, position:
Wingate, midfield

Derick Raabe, Hotchkiss
College, position:
Princeton, defense

Harry Razook, Rye Country Day
College, position:
Washington & Lee, attack

Brendan Rotanz, Fairfield Prep
College, position:
Dartmouth, attack

Jimmy Ryan, Ward Melville
College, position: Colgate, midfield

Rob Santangelo, Westminster Prep
College, position:
Fairfield, attack

Phil Schaefer, Sachem North
College, position:
Hartwick, attack

Eric Schneider, Massapequa
College, position: Johns Hopkins, goaltender

Thomas Schreiber, St. Anthony’s
College, position:
Princeton, midfield

Brendan Schroeder, St. Anthony’s
College, position: Navy, attack/midfield

Ryan Shaw, East Hampton
College, position:
Providence, attack/midfield

Bobby Sincero, Hen Hud
College, position: Army, goaltender

Brian Slevin, Ward Melville
College, position: Vermont, defense

Sam Stanton, New Canaan
College, position:
Wesleyan, attack/midfield

Mike Strebel, Northport
College, position:
Manhattan, midfield

Doug Tesoriero, Syosset
College, position: Cornell, midfield

Chase Thompson, Mahopac
College, position: Franklin & Marshall, midfield

Scott Thomson, Wilton
College, position:
Delaware, defense

Jesse Troy, Arlington
College, position:
Le Moyne, defense

John Urbank, Chaminade
College, position:
Chaminade, defense

Ian Vazquez, Ridgefield
College, position:
Wesleyan, midfield

Peter Vivenetto, Rocky Point
College, position:
Brown, attack/midfield

Chris Walsh, Bronxville
College, position: Wesleyan, attack

Zack Waldman, John Jay
College, position: Tufts, defense

Connor Waxon, South Side
College, psoition:
Hofstra, midfield

Matt Weiner, Mamaroneck
College, position:
Connecticut College, goaltender

Andrew West, Darien
College, position:
Cornell, goaltender

Joe Wood, Bronxville
College, position:
Washington & Lee, attack/midfield

Class of 2011

Mike Daniello, John Jay
College, position:
Hopkins, attack

Greg Danseglio, St. Anthony’s
College, position:
Virginia, defense

Conor Fraylick, Pleasantville
College, position:
Fairfield, goaltender

Tom Gordon, Garden City
College, position:
Johns Hopkins, midfield

Mike Pelligrino, Connetquot
College, position: Hopkins, defense

Eddie Schurr, Somers
College, position: Hopkins, defense

Matt Shannon, Ridgefield
College, position:
North Carolina, defense

Keep us posted

As always, be sure to e-mail me with news/info on any college commitments as they are made to joe@laxlessons.com.

Also, feel free to let me know of any commitments that have been made that are not included here.

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34 Responses to “National signing week commitment rundown”

  1. LI Lax Nut says:

    Nicely done Joe. Very complete list and some interesting surprises. Impressed by the large group of commits from WM.

  2. indianjoe says:

    hey joe,
    do you know how the leagues will be setup this year?

  3. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yes, Indianjoe. They will be set up with geography being the overriding factor. John Jay and Somers are in a league with just six teams, so the teams will play each other home and home. Yorktown is in a league with Mahopac and Lakeland/Panas, among others, but which has more teams, so it will be playing each team just once.

  4. casual observer says:

    any word on the rest of the CHSAA? mainly the iona prep and fordham prep seniors? i know there are kids from iona like fahy, trizano(steven), tracy, and kaiser who shuld be up on this list soon.

  5. Joe Lombardi says:

    CO –

    Just Pete De Salvo (Fairfield) for now. Stay tuned for news on the others.

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  7. slacrosse says:


    I know Rye kids will be playing for the LI Sting this weekend at the Yale-Bulldog tournament. You know of other metropolitan kids, teams going?

  8. Joe Lombardi says:

    SL – There will be quite a few other Long Island teams at Hofstra. As far as Westchester, WestRock will be competing.

  9. […] LaxLessons.com’s Joe Lombardi is following the NLI commitment list in the Hudson Valley/Connecticut/Long Island area. […]

  10. slacrosse says:

    Thanx Joe

  11. […] LaxLessons.com’s Joe Lombardi is following the NLI commitment list in the Hudson Valley/Connecticut/Long Island area. […]

  12. Red Devil says:

    What about Dylan Levings, middie from Plainedge going to Yale?

  13. travlax says:

    Interesting to read and review all these names and schools. Great job Joe and your entire staff for compiling this. It’s obvious many people and many hours went into this.

  14. Alex says:

    Impressive list. Thanks for all the info, Joe.

  15. LI Guy says:

    Lots of interesting names and choices here. Thanks for being so comprehensive with the list Joe. It took me a good hour to digest them all but very informative.

  16. Jericho says:

    I see a few more kids have been added since I last checked. This is a great list. I have already printed it out for future reference. Thanks Joe!!

  17. Emmett Lax says:

    Nice job putting this together Joe.

  18. IslandLaxpert says:

    Excellent job with this Joe. Very comprehensive. Much appreciated.

  19. BeachLax says:

    Nice group of kids coming aboard the national champs at CW Post.

  20. lax212121 says:

    D-pole from Ridgefield, CT, Matt Shannon verbally committed to University of North

  21. lax212121 says:


  22. Gonzo says:

    Heard that Pleasantville goalie Conor Fraylick has committed to Fairfield

  23. LIGuy says:

    I know many thought there would be a bit less D-1 kids overall from this region because of the spread of lax to the West, Midwest and South. That clearly does not to be the case, Way to step up your games.

  24. Piqua says:

    Real interesting checking these committments out in one list. Awesome job with this Joe.

  25. Setter says:

    Somehow I missed this listing when it first came out but just saw the link on the Laxlessons Facebook fan page. Great job with this Joe. You didn’t leave any stones unturned!

  26. LaxWatch says:

    Great job with this Joe.

  27. TigerLax says:

    Good luck to all of the college bound seniors and juniors!

  28. CT Lax says:

    So many excellent academic schools aming the choices too, which is great to see.

  29. foreveradog says:

    Nice job with this Joe.

  30. IslandLaxpert says:

    Just a head’s up there have been alot of new commitments added in the year end recruiting roundup from this one so make sure you check that out too.

  31. Stag Party says:

    A hearty welcome to all the future Fairfield Stags on this list!

  32. Lax Splash says:

    Thanks for noting the updated recruiting list. There are quite a few new players on there. I cut and pasted that link …


  33. I-95 Lax says:

    Perfect. Thanks for cutting and pasting that recruit rundown link. I read it when it was originally posted but was just searching for it the other day.

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