On the right panel of this page, you can find the poll question asking you to pill the top rivalry in the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region.

Among the leading vote-getters is the annual Lakeland/Panas vs. Yorktown Charlie Murphy Cup game.

One of the most memorable games in the history of that rivalry came in 1991 when Yorktown pulled out a dramatic 9-8 overtime win.

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“There were about  20 future D-I stars,” said one of those who in played in the game, Ric Beardsley.

The fact that Beardsley, a defenseman, and former Yorktown midfielder Roy Colsey were among the key figures in the game adds to its aura. The two, of course, went on to become Syracuse University teammates and two of the game’s all-time greats.

“I was on Dave Marr most of the game,” Beardsley told me today, “and at the end (former Lakeland coach Frank) Vitolo locked off everyone and put me on the ball with Roy.”

Special thanks to Ric for e-mailing me the link to the clips from the game.

Before we get to the video, here’s a rundown of the year-by-year Murphy Cup results:

1990: 7-6 Yorktown
1991: 9-8 Yorktown
1992: 9-3 Yorktown
1993: 12-9 Yorktown
1994: 10-6 Lakeland/Panas
1995: 9-5 Yorktown
1996: 14-6 Yorktown
1997: 6-5 Yorktown
1998: 10-9 Yorktown
1999: 5-4 Yorktown
2000: 10-3 Yorktown
2001: 16-4 Yorktown
2002: 11-3 Yorktown
2003: 16-11 Yorktown
2004: 9-3 Yorktown
2005: 12-9 Yorktown
2006: 18-9 Yorktown
2007: 10-9 Lakeland/Panas
2008: 10-9 Yorktown
2009: 11-8 Yorktown
Total: Yorktown 18, Lakeland/Panas 2

Now that you’ve checked out the highlights of the game, be sure to weigh in with your remembrances and thoughts.

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31 Responses to “Blast from the Past: 1991 Murphy Cup”

  1. Sec1 says:

    I was there that day Great game, loved watching the Video, stick penalty was big no sudden death. I wish the players today played the way they use to.

  2. MURPH says:

    Yorktown is the best team Section 1 will ever see, EVER! SICK HIGHLIGHTS!!!!!!!!

  3. Indian J says:

    This video is awesome. First off, Wow look how nasty Lakeland was that year. and their D guys ? You don’t see anything like that anymore. Im fully aware that Yorktown won the game and they were awesome, but it looks to me like Lakeland had this game ( granted its just highlights).

    The questions I have : Who were the offensive stars on this particular Lakeland squad? Which LI team did this Lakeland team beat in the state semis?

    Who was the starting attack for Town besides Marr? Was Kavovit a starting sophomore? Kusczma a starting sophomore on D?

    Still can’t get over the way the D guys were playing.

  4. LaxFan says:

    Y-Town Starters:
    A-Dave Marr (Hopkins)
    A-Rob Kavovit (Syracuse)
    A-Paul Smith (Salisbury)
    M-Roy Colsey (Syracuse)
    M-Ousman Greene (North Carolina)
    M-Anthony D’Andraia (Maryland)
    D-Jason Foley (Loyola) AA
    D-Brian Kuczma (Hopkins)
    D-Henry Wiethake (Georgetown)
    LSM-Paal Elfstrum (Maryland)
    LSM-Matt Dwan (Loyola)
    LSM-Kevin Kuczma (Albany)
    G-Rocco D’Andraia (North Carolina)

  5. Wasabi says:

    That was really cool. Whoever did that highlight video did a great job

  6. Great stuff says:

    Can anyone list Lakeland’s starters from that game? Remember in those days, it was Lakeland, not Lakeland/Panas.

    DiMarzo, Christian Johns on attack, Beardsley on defense. Who else?

  7. laxcv says:

    That Ytown line-up is absolutley rediculous….

  8. Indian J says:

    Beardsley was absurd. Those two teams were silly- but actually Town was even more nutty in 92 and again in 93. They were awesome. Watch Beardsley throwing those checks at the end. He has Colsey. But I guess he kept having to play D over and over again. On that last play nobody slid- which I know your not supposed to when you shut off- but I mean Colsey is going to goal there and Beardsley got slowed by that pick. – and he freaking works that the kid setting the pick too- The film is just awesome.

  9. Land says:

    A Johns, Dimarzo, Weitzman 4th Purpura
    M Greenberg, Carney, Friedman 4th Leonard
    D Beardsley, Reeves, Mintz Amendola
    G Gerace

    Lakelands lineup

  10. Land says:

    Should have put schools as well
    Johns Loyola
    Dimarzo Delaware
    Weitzman not sure
    Greenberg Penn
    Carney soccer
    Reeves Ohio St, Herkimer
    Mintz Army
    not sure of rest, sorry

  11. TP says:

    Lakeland beat Farmingdale in semis then lost 10-5 to Genny. Classic game, one of best HS games I have ever seen.

  12. Jalepeno Poppers says:

    INSANE yorktown team, IN-FRIGGIN-SANE. Those were the days when us long islanders actually feared Section 1 🙂

  13. '91 says:

    Johns = Loyola
    Weitzman, Friedman, Gerace = Delaware
    Mintz = Army
    Reeves = OState, HCC
    Beardsley = Cuse
    Meola = Elmira
    Greenberg = UPenn

    Beardsley has the best stick skills of any defenseman, ever. Keep in mind the type of equipment the guy was using as well. Lakeland had the game. The hightlight tape does a great job showing how the momentum changes. Also an absurd amount of people in attendance for the game that day.

  14. yes says:

    As good as the Yorktown lineup was Beardsley was head and shoulders above everyone on the field in that clip, this coming from a Yorktown guy. Also Carney played lacrosse at Delaware didn’t go to soccer

  15. TownLax says:

    Great job giving this amazing game the attention it deserves Joe!!!

    Inside Lacrosse just picked up on your sick article today …


  16. Indian J says:

    Im curious about a few things. Perhaps someone has this in an archive somewhere- but

    Lakeland vs. John Jay – 1990 score ?
    Town vs. John Jay 1990 regular season score?

    In 1991 I have Town beating Jay handily like 10-2 and Lakeland beating them 6-1 and then 11-1 in the sectional finals. I know Jay elected to play up that year- not sure about the rational behind it.

    1990 Sectional Finals it was Town 10 Jay 7 and it was Town that came roaring back after Turnbull ripped into them at half time- think Jay led 5-1 at one point in that game? Is anyone around who has info about this time period?

    Maybe someone that played in the games …

  17. Bingo says:

    Carney in the film is the Town coachs older brother, Brendan. Sean graduated in 95 and was on the 94 team that won the Murph Cup and lost by one to Melville in state semis. Kieran the youngest graduated in 03 was an AA and won the section that year.
    Friedman, Gerace, and Weitzman did not play at UD. Only Dimarzo.

  18. '91 says:

    Friedman and Weitzman did not play, neither did Carney. Gerace started at UD for a season until injury.

  19. laxman says:

    people should look on youtube at the yorktown highlight videos from 92,94,95,96, absolutely dirty, nuff said,

  20. 91 LHS says:

    Weitzman went to GENESEO.

  21. lhs91??? says:

    Weitzman started at Geneseo, then Manhattan (or Manhattanville?) then Life. come on Mr. W
    Friedman and Gerace went to UD but did not play
    Reeves also ended up playing at Adelphi
    think Leonard went to Salisbury
    Amendola was not on that team that year, the 4th d-man was Crosby
    Totally forgot that the LSM’s (remember you could use 6 at that time) were Al Meola; Eamon Dermody and someone else (Johnson?)

  22. Roc says:


    Here is a link to us all playing together at the 1990 Empire State Games. HV’s first gold medal in lacrosse.


  23. Joe Lombardi says:

    Good stuff! Thanks for posting that, Roc.

  24. Roc says:


    Here are the highlights from the Gold Medal game. This is the best team I was ever on, and I’ve played at just about every level there is.


    Merry Christmas.


  25. Indian J says:

    Can we get a rundown of who was on this team ? For perspective .

  26. Roc says:

    From Yorktown: Roy Colsey, Rocco D’Andraia, Anthony D’Andraia, Jason Foley, Brian Kuczma, Henry Weithake, and Dave Marr.
    From Lakeland:Ric Beardsley, Christian Johns, Anthony DiMarzo, Marc Reeves, Oli Mintz, Andrew Greenberg, and Eamonn Dermody
    From John Jay:Todd Orlowski, Jason Jagentenfl, and Chris Pojednic
    From Fox Lan: Chaz Bertrand
    From Ossining: Marc Dixon
    From Scarsdale: Paul Sullivan

  27. Indian J says:

    Was Jags effective on draws in the Empire Games ? Or was he a reserve ?

  28. Vin says:

    Just watched. Roc was on fire!

  29. sec1992 says:

    ytown!!! DING!!

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