The New England Patriots improved to 5-2 today by picking up a 35-7 win against Tampa Bay.

Success in football is nothing new to the Patriots’ Bill Belichick, who has coached three Super Bowl champions.

But Belichick says depending on the time over year, lacrosse is either is favorite or second-favorite sport. He grew up playing it in Annapolis, Md., and all three of his children played or are playing, and his daughter is coaching lax.

Be sure to check out this video in which Belichick explains why he’s so passionate about lax. There are also interesting comments from Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala.

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3 Responses to “Belichick speaks out about his love for lacrosse”

  1. Syracuse says:

    Yeah, he likes lacrosse … But if he’s ever a fan or employed by your favorite school, don’t expect him to stick around more than a day ….

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  3. Laximus says:

    Awesome video Joe. But after blowing the 4th and 2 call versus the Colts, Belichick should stick to lax!

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