Teams from throughout the region will be flocking to Trinity College in Hartford on Sunday for the Capital City Carver Tournament.

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49 Responses to “Fall tournament at Trinity College”

  1. slacrosse says:


    Assume you saw Somers losing in football. Too bad. Pretty much had all their lacrosse guys playing (Diena, Pfifner, Petre, etc, etc). Neat to see Somers versus Rye with all of Rye’s lacrosse kids playing BUT of course better for Rye as we get to play Poughkeepsie at HOME (Somers game would have been at Somers).

    Also noticed in the Lakeland win a few lacrosse kids. In particular Chris Fazio. If he’s the lacrosse kid of “LP” then he’s “my man”.

    You know my opinion on him. Inch for inch, pound for pound, at around 5 ft he’s the best long stick D guy in Section 1!!!! If he were 5″10, etc, with his ability gotta believe that Hopkins and other top D1 schools would be all over him!! Anybody that watched him in the OT win over Jay and playoff game vs Town would have to agree!!

    Go Garnets!

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    SL –

    Andrew Fazio actually doesn’t play football. Chris Fazio is a 6-5 tight end and a big target for QB Conor Prunty.

    Things do look good for Rye right now for sure. But Poughkeepsie has three D-IA players (two committed as seniors and a junior recruit), and that will be a tough one for the Garnets I think.

  3. slacrosse says:

    Thanx Joe. Maybe I saw Andrew play soccer on TV?

    Yeah, Should be a good test for both teams!

  4. BClax says:

    joe how did this tournament go?

  5. towntime says:

    yorktown wins it all nd goes undefeated…not a surprise…2 wins vs li sting, 1 vs connecticut chargers, nd 1 vs moonlight
    yorktown ballers vs moonlight (essentially the john jay varsity team) big win for town 12-4 or something like that…daniello held scoreless by burke…big game for interlicchio, lieberman, and the goalie koelsch…moonlight did not have pickel or a couple other players that i cannot remember
    great day for town

  6. West Lax says:

    Got a chance to see a few games, local kids well represented Yorktown was class of tournament. LI Sting had talent, local kid Michael Collins playing long stick and close “D” looked sharp. Based on what is ahead in Section 1 I see Yorktown 1, John Jay 2 Bronxville 3 Rye 4. Harvard on November 1st should be a good one.

  7. SWLAX says:

    Bronxville?! WHAT!?!?! They have some good players but come on. Somers? Mahopac? LP? Lets be realistic here. Bronxville has to be ranked third in Class C behind Rye and Put Valley, not third in the entire section.

  8. brandy says:

    Heard Ridgefield was up there and didn’t fare too well. Were they missing a lot of guys or are they in trouble this year?

  9. BigBadBear says:


    hey there, long time no speak! Doesn’t Rye go to B this year?

  10. Old Rugger says:

    Gotta have Somers on that list.

  11. slacrosse says:

    West Lax,

    Good report. Michael Collins plays for Rye and had a good summer with Sting (made an under 17 all-star team in one of the big tournaments). He also starts on Rye’s football team (which has lots of other lacrosse kids) which is looking to go to the state finals in A (been there 5 of last 7 yrs winning 3 times).

  12. old timer says:

    somers 1

    town 2

    jj 3

    rye 4 will stay in class c

  13. slacrosse says:


    1) Jay and Somers tied
    2) In no order. Town, Rye, PValley, LP, White Plains
    3) In no order. Bville, Pac, Greeley, Hen Hud, Suff, Bcliff

  14. SS says:

    in the yorktown vs. moonlight game moonlight was missing pickel, o’donnell, franklin, waldman, and some of its juniors. thats a lot of talent to be without, don’t think the game will have much bearing on the season.

  15. townlaxxx says:

    Yorktown was missing two of there biggest players, justin mabus and tyler shult. Mabus was a starter for yorktown and shult played just as much. I think it was a pretty good judge of who will win this season.

  16. old timer says:

    JJ was missing Merlino face off guy, Starting goalie, Pickel captain of the defense, The Morris twins attack/mid,

  17. old timer says:

    I say somers number 1 because they have athletes, jj has some good players but are soft.

  18. old timer says:

    What would somers football do to John Jay football probably 27-7 enough said..

  19. slacrosse says:

    More detail.

    1) Somers
    2) Jay
    3) Town
    4 In no order. Rye, PValley, LP, White Plains
    5 In no order. Bville, Pac, Greeley, Hen Hud, Suff, Bcliff

  20. Joe Lombardi says:

    That’s true about Merlino and Pickel not playing yesterday for John Jay.

    There were several key players missing for just about all the teams that participated, including Yorktown, which was minus Ty Schuldt and, for its final game of the day, Kevin Interlicchio. But that’s the nature of fall ball.

    Overall, I think Yorktown’s performance was the story of the day. Yorktown went 4-0 and beat four very good teams in doing so: the Long Island Sting, Connecticut Chargers, Moonlight (John Jay) and Greenwich.

    As expected, Interlicchio and Remy Lieberman were the stars of the Yorktown offense. Another player who came up big was sophomore attackman/midfielder Conor Gately, who showcased outstanding feeder skills.

    But Yorktown’s defense clearly stole the show. Senior Derek Koelsch played exceptionally well in goal, and did so in front of his future coaches at Trinity College.

    The defensive effort of Stephen Burke throughout the day, including the matchup vs. Mike Daniello, was also superb. Another player on D worth noting is long pole Nick Donovan, a converted midfielder.

  21. slacrosse says:

    old timer,

    Hey I like your “football” logic.

    But you didn’t go far enough! Yes as you said, Somers beats Jay 27-7 BUT then Rye beats Somers at least 35-7 and then all of Rye’s lacrosse/football players go on to take Rye to top of Section 1 lacrosse!!!

    Go Garnets!

  22. Syracuse says:

    Yorktown’s close defense will determine what happens. They have to replace everyone. Koelsch could be a really nice story next season. With Mabus, Schuldt, Lieberman and of course, KI, plus these new kids Town is getting from the other side of the globe, who knows?

    Right now, though Somers lost Marasco they are bringing back a lot and Jay has a million underclassmen who should be good.

    It’s impossible to say with any certainty who will be the best among these three, but all the matchups should be a lot of fun to watch.

  23. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just a quick note about Yorktown’s possible additions from Australia. I’m told, if it happens, they would enroll for the 2010-11 school year, not this current one. So they will not be available this coming season.

  24. slacrosse says:

    So you dont buy the “old timers” football logic. I did because it works for Rye!! JUST KIDDING!

    “Athletes” help but you cant do without enough key kids that have true lacrosse talent/skills.

  25. old timer says:

    is yorktown defintly class A??????

  26. scooter says:

    I think you’re sleeping on Mahopac. we lose perrelle but jon bota and kevin carey had solid sophomores year and both will be good compliments to brandofino. Almost all of the middies comeback including chase thompson tj foley and okie bernabo. The longsticks are a question but they were last year too and the defense was pretty good by the end of the season. More importantly, they return the best goalie in the section in mcguigan and you can never count out a team that has joe corace on the sideline.

  27. springlax says:

    Fall ball is not always a great indicator of spring success. However, the Trinity results were not all that surprising. We all knew Yorktown with KI would be strong and Jay back to form next Spring. All Sunday means is that there will be some great games in May 2010. Yorktown on top until proven otherwise.

    Old Timer, you seem to be down on Jay football and its relationship to lax. Not sure I agree 100%. Somers would find much different results playing the likes of Carmel, JJEF, and Arlington this Fall. Based on Somers’ one and done playoff run they would be fortunate to be 500 in AA North. And if football success equated to lax success then New Ro would the best team around.

  28. old timer says:

    When yorktown football won so did lax state champs

  29. laxman says:

    JJ football is having a down year compared to recent years (still a good team just play in the toughest league in the largest class in the section but they compete with these teams). But I wouldn’t say they have such a strong relationship with lax. They don’t have many like Rhyder Bohlander or Kevin Stockel or Chris Bocklet anymore, who were great football players as well as lacrosse players. JJ football was perhaps top 2 or 3 in the section back when Rhyder was on the team behind New Ro, so it’s kind of unfair to compare that team to this years team even though it’s still a good team this year. Looking at the football roster though their projected starting lax lineup doesn’t include many football players (perhaps only Pickel, Weil, Morris brothers if they start). They still have good athletes on the lacrosse team – Daniello, Walter, Pray, Lanza, Caviola, Winter, Merlino, Franklin, Chen, Lupinacci, Smyth, etc. – just most players including all the ones I just mentioned are not on the football team, so the relationship is not as strong as many would expect this year. But it tells you something about JJ that many of JJ’s best athletes are focusing at lax as their only sport or just on a team other than football like Daniello (soccer). Pickel though is someone to watch both on the football field and on the lacrosse field he’s an excellent athlete, kind of expected as his father (one of JJ’s coaches) is a former NFL all-pro.

  30. slacrosse says:


    Do you have any idea if Rye gets moved up to B this season given they moved up to A in football. Prob. no connection.

  31. Joe Lombardi says:

    Good question to ask, SL, but with three classifications in lax compared to five in football, there was no impact. Rye remains in Class C in lax.

  32. slacrosse says:

    Thanx Joe.

  33. needWeSayMore? says:

    Yorktown is Section 1’s Top Dog until proven other wise (just like every single year)

    Do we really have to have this conversation every single year!!????

  34. slacrosse says:


    Do you know if Section 1 will still have a “power league” so that teams like Rye would get to play Town, Somers, etc. Or no Power League this season due to geographical traveling restrictions (expense reasons)? Thought this was definitely discussed last season? I hope not!!

  35. old timer says:

    no power league this year

  36. Joe Lombardi says:

    Old timer is correct. There is no “power league,” per se, because of the geographically aligned leagues. But most of the top teams will be meeting either within the new leagues or as crossovers.

  37. slacrosse says:

    Thanx Joe. Well then I hope Rye gets to play a few “cross-over” games vs the traditional northern west. powerhouses. At least within Section 1 scheduling I’d hope these teams would want to schedule a “cross-over” with Rye who will be putting out a very competitive team this Spring!

  38. no one says:

    Joe, what is the deal with the kids from australia coming to yorktown. what are they recruiting now? how is this coming about? a little insight would be nice.

  39. SWLAX says:

    Found this stuff on
    Scroll down and you’ll find all sports numbers and enrollment numbers for this year.

    Enrollment numbers by class for boys lacrosse, 2009-2010:

    Boys Lacrosse
    A- 1100+
    C- 649-below

    Rye’s enrollment this year = 646. Just made the cut. Byram is a little less with 630.

    Pleasantville = 450
    Put Vally = 439
    Bville = 339

  40. Joe Lombardi says:

    No one –

    If that happens, it won’t be till the 2010-11 school year. Long way off. It’s a job relocation situation involving the father. Stay tuned.

    SWLAX –

    Thanks for posting that link. It was indeed a close call for the Garnets.

  41. SWLAX says:

    Here are the class numbers for this year:

    Boys Lacrosse
    A- 1100+
    B- 650-1099

    Class C more in depth

    Rye has 646 kids, just made the cut.
    Byram is next with 630.
    P’Ville – 450
    Put Valley – 439
    B’Ville – 339
    Haldane is the smallest with 236

    Here’s the website with all enrollment numbers and classifications if anyone is interested in taking a look. Found on pages 4 and 5.

  42. BigBadBear says:

    does anyone have any insight to the league alignments? For B’cliif, assuming geography now counts, seems like it would be P’ville, Westlake, Byram Hills, Irvington, and Edgemont…actually, if that alignment is true, it is not half bad

  43. needWeSayMore? says:

    Yorktown will be in a league of its own for 2010 😉

    Best attack for the 4th strait year with a strong, smart defense with Koelsh calling the shots as he’s waited for his turn in net…

  44. Old Rugger says:

    Doesn’t the Aussie know that Katonah is closer to the train station and NYC and has a lovely downtown, a great place to relocate! (LOL)

  45. Lion Town says:

    I heard Coach Craig in West Islip actually speaks Australian

  46. Indian J says:

    “I said do you speak a my language, He just smiled and gave me a vegamite sandwich.”

    For all you people who were around for the 80’s.

  47. Joe Lombardi says:

    Indian J –

    “Men at Work” lives on!

  48. Jay says:

    Moonlight Lacrosse is in no way, shape, or form a representation of the John Jay Varsity Lacrosse Team. Moonlight is not affiliated with John Jay, it is a Sec. 1 All-Star team. Saying that not having Schultz and Mabus is equal to not having an entire starting defense including the goalie, as well as middie and attack lines that aren’t all JJ players is blasphemous.

  49. Gonzo says:

    What is the deal with Moonlight? I don’t recall seeing them much if at all on the summer circuit this past year but now they are everywhere this fall. After most of the John Jay kids played for Prime Time this summer, the program is nowhere to be seen this fall. And Moonlight’s rosters are 75%+ filled with Jay kids, with 2-3 teams entered into each of their tournaments.

    Also, any views on which programs Bare Truth will siphon players from? Westrock, Epic, the Ballers…etc?

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