During the varsity season, we present our Top 25 regional rankings each and every week.

The 2010 season won’t start for another five months.

But why wait?

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Let’s hear your thoughts. You don’t have to name the Top 25, but how about the Top 5 from the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region?

To name a few contenders. …

• Where does three-time defending NYS Class A state champion West Islip rank?

• How about 2009 Class C state champ Manhasset?

• Ridgefield, the ’09 FCIAC champ? Darien, the five-time Class M state champion?

• How about St. Anthony’s? Chaminade? Brunswick? Fairfield Prep? Yorktown? John Jay? Somers? How do they factor into the mix?

Let’s hear who you think will rank where — and why.

Reach Joe Lombardi at joe@laxlessons.com.

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203 Responses to “You make the call: Who will be the region's top five teams in 2010?”

  1. mcattack says:

    Everyone is counting Ridgefield out – we shall see!

  2. BlueWhite says:


  3. observer says:

    West Islip
    Fairfield Prep

  4. Jalepeno poppers says:

    West Islip
    Garden City
    John Jay
    Cold Spring Harbor

  5. purple lax says:

    Joe, any chance you can post the league alignments for the upcoming year?

  6. ffclax says:

    1 and 2: Brunswick or West Islip
    4.John Jay
    5.St. Anthonys

  7. laxman says:

    What about Ward Melville people? I hear they are going to be excellent this year, perhaps best in the region.

  8. Old Rugger says:

    1. West Islip
    2. St A’s
    3. Brunswick
    4. Chaminade
    5. Ward Melville / JJ / Somers /Fairfield prep / Darien

    Ridgefield, Garden City, CSH

    Even though Manhasset reloads IMO they lost too much to graduation

  9. fcl456 says:

    Brunswick, West Islip and Saint Anthonys are the three best teams

  10. Sid vicious says:

    Sag harbor
    Klein metford
    Solomon schecter

  11. Syracuse says:

    Word on the street is Yorktown is bringing in some serious reinforcements from Australia for 2010. Three brothers who played U-17, U-16 and eighth grade down under. A reliable guy I know said all three are legit offensive players and that he had heard this is a done deal. He also said there’s a chance that Yorktown may also get the services of two other kids who are currently in another school district should that family move.

    What does all this mean? Hard to say. Yorktown’s defense and goaltending will be in serious rebuilding mode next year so that’s the main reason why I won’t say they are going to be a top 5 regional program.

    I guess you have to go West Islip, Brunswick and a few others. Way too early to tell, but should be interesting …

  12. slacrosse says:

    Hey Cuse,

    Good to hear from you!

    Intersting about Town. Yeah not surprised that there is not more potential movement from a Section 1 kid and parents who are super devoted to lacrosse and really feel like they require a “boost” in program, coaching, sched, etc.

    In the above vain, as I said in an earlier subject if southern west TOP schools are prohibited (cut expenses) from traveling to mid, northern west to play I wouldn’t be shocked if a top lacrosse kid/family transferred to Iona Prep (who now play Chaminade and St. Anthonys) or Town, Jay, etc to get the better comp, sched!!!

    Agree that unless Town makes these types of moves I seriously dont see at this point how they get close to being in the upper tier of regional programs.

  13. Joe Lombardi says:

    ‘Cuse is definitely back with a vengeance, slacrosse. He has been working on some developments in Section 1 lax and will be back with more in the days/weeks to come.

  14. slacrosse says:

    Can’t wait!

  15. slacrosse says:


    You catching a game friday night?

  16. BClax says:

    Syracuse, who is yorktown’s goalie this year? I haven’t heard anything about their goalie situation.

  17. ctlax says:

    Brunswick is better than any school in the CIAC next year. They could compete (if not beat) almost every school in NY next year too.

  18. Sec1 says:

    Towns Goalie is Derek Koelsch, he is going to Trinity next yr. Should hold his own..

  19. Joe Lombardi says:

    SL –

    I’m definitely planning on it.

    BC Lax –

    For more on Derek Koelsch, check this link:


  20. Syracuse says:


    yeah, I got some stuff cookin. We’ll see where it all leads.

    I think you should do yourself a favor and see Brunswick play next year. The Bruins were pretty good this year and are bringing back a lot of excellent players. They also play a killer schedule. I mean, Deerfield and Avon Old Farms are in their league.

    As for Yorktown and Section 1, someone told me today “You can never count Yorktown out because they always seem to find a way.” Well, that’s pretty obvious, but my concern is there are just too many holes to fill on defense. As for Koelsch in net, remember, a lot of people didn’t think Ethan Vedder would pan out and how did that end up working out?

    But then again, if these kids from Australia pan out and compliment KI, Town could just end up being a team that outscores you instead of outplays you, which is fine, depending on your point of view.

    I think Section 1-wide you’ll continue to see the emergence or re-emergence of programs that have been dormant for a while or have never really been known as lax-first schools. For my money, White Plains was one of the best stories in Section 1 last year.

    On the Island, my hope is yet another non-descript Class B team comes out of nowhere.

    And now that we have five or six viable programs in the FCIAC, it should make for some excellent action going forward.

    For my money 2010 can’t get here fast enough.

  21. LaxFan says:

    who does Bruinswick play and who have they beaten to be ranked that high? I haven’t heard much about them prior to this forum. Do they have anyone going to any big time schools as well?

  22. slacrosse says:


    Wow didn’t know Bwick’s sched inc. those top prep schools! Would like to know more about Bwick’s players. Where are players from? There are no PG’s there!

    Would love to see some “new blood” emerge strongly in Section 1. Would be nice to see the continued emergence of WP on the lacrosse scene. Combining some really skilled lacrosse players with others out of the universe of athletes they have there could be interesting.

    You “hope” some non-descript Class B LI team emerges. Doesn’t it pretty much ALWAYS happen out there with that LI depth!

  23. slacrosse says:


    Wondering as well. There was Garrett Virtue from BW (lives in Rye) who played for the HV ’08 ES team. He’s at Vermont. Maybe he was the only NY kid playing for BW that year?

  24. Syracuse says:

    LaxFan, Slacrosse:

    Without writing an entire Brunswick 2010 preview, here’s what I know:

    Brunswick went 14-4 last year with almost entirely underclassmen. Now, who did the Bruins beat? Well, you have to have somewhat of an understanding of the NE Prep D-1 league to understand.

    Brunswick lost to Deerfield Academy, largely believed to be the premier prep school for lax in all of New England by just 4 in the second game of the season. The handed Salisbury, also highly regarded, it’s only loss of a 13-1 campaign. They lost to nationally recognized Haverford of Pa. by one and lost to Lawrenceville, N.J., a team that beat mighty Ridgefield, by one as well. Wick smacked Greenwich around and beat Malvern Prep of Pa.

    Wick also plays Avon Old Farms, Choate and Hotchkiss, among others, all thought of highly in NE circles. Again, you have to have a little understanding of the NE prep scene to really appreciate what Brunswick has been and will likely continue to be.

    So last season’s team was extremely legit.

    Brunswick is not allowed to play the best New York publics because it uses PGs, so coach David Bruce tries to load up with the best prep competition he can find, while at the same time playing an FCIAC school the caliber of a Greenwich.

    I know Brunswick sports pretty well from years of covering them and later admiring the school. In every sport they play the very best that New England has to offer. Look no further than the hockey program. They’ve been doing it in lax for years.

    As for returning personnel, and this could change because you never know who might transfer or whatever, what I know is they will be bringing back their entire attack — a trio of sophomores last season — Conrad Overbeck, Bo Stafford and David Dickson. I don’t have their final point totals in front of me, but know that this is a smallish but extremely quick unit that plays in true prep fashion — push the ball whenever and wherever.

    This was a transition team in 2009 and extremely good defensively.

    Brunswick graduatred its two best middies, or at least they were said to be seniors last season — the aforementioned Garrett Virtue, a past Empires stud, and Charlie Peyton, brother of former Duke captain Sam Payton. So maybe their middie personnel next season will be in a bit of a rebuilding process.

    The Bruins also graduated three-fourths of its defense, two poles and their goalie, co-captain Peter Castine, but will bring back pole Jimmy Craft, who Bruce raved about last season. The two graduating poiles were said to be going to Middlebury.

    So there is hype surrounding this team, but it mostly focuses on the attack unit. It remains to be seen how Bruce will fill the voids at middie, defense and in the net, but Brunswick has traditionally had its fair share of athletes, guys who do the football-lax or football-hockey-lax thing.

    I honestly do not know what the pipeline holds for the future, but you can probably count on more of the same from Brunswick.

    Defense and transition offense.

    Go Yanks!

  25. slacrosse says:

    Thanx for going to the trouble of providing that detailed color Cuse. Yeah that’s a really tough schedule!! I had not thought that Wick had PG’s as they dont have “boarders” but guess the PG’s live in the area.

    Wick also has a really good academic as well as athletic reputation.

  26. ffclax says:

    for the record…brunswick does not have pgs or boarders

  27. laxflee says:

    As long as you’re on the record, how many of those non-PGer’s repeated a grade? A 5th year senior is a fifth year senior.

  28. ffclax says:

    Unless I am misinformed, there are only two repeats on the Brunswick team, neither of whom are seniors, and neither of whom are “old” for their grades after repeating

  29. Syracuse says:

    David Bruce told me last season he couldn’t play NY’s best publics because they are not allowed to face teams in regular season play that use PGs, so that leads me to believe Brunswick has either had them before or does currently. Regardless, this is still a very good program, one that has flown under the radar in top program discussion for far too long.

  30. kclax says:

    Brunswick Baseball looks for a repeat FAA Championship this season. With returning starting SS Matt Henkel and star pitcher Nick Garzona, who threw a no hitter last year (nbd), it should be an easy task for the Bruins. Look out for them to be on the national radar in this upcoming season. Come support the Bruins!

  31. kclax says:

    o….i thought this was a baseball website….sorry! but for real, Wick Baseball is legit.

  32. brandy says:

    Apparently the aptitude standards are not quite on par with sports at the Wick. I guess it was the site name “LAXlessons” that threw you off.

  33. Indian J says:

    NYS public has a rule that is specific. Whether or not you have a PG on your team is not the only criteria. It is if your schedule has any PG’s on it. That is to say: even if you as a team do not allow PG’s and don’t have them at your institution, you cannot play a NYS public if you play schools that have PG’s.

    The only exception is to be part of some “Friends of something or other club” which allows schools like RCDS to play public schools- Brunswick is not part of this club.

    You can lose eligibility for the post season in NY if you so much as scrimmage a non-sanctioned team in the preseason.

  34. slacrosse says:

    Indian J

    The results of bureaucrats making rules like the above that effect kids’ sporting careers can be SO VERY VERY wrong and frustrating.

  35. Indian J says:

    I agree. Im not sure what is behind the strict rule but its obviously not consistent from one state to another.

  36. LILax says:

    in Suffolk
    1. WM
    1a. WI
    3. Smithtown West

    1. GC
    2. CSH
    3. Hicksville

  37. 6x's says:

    1-Yorktown- Has one of the best attackman in the country, solid D/goalie, 2 returning starters at the midfield, one of the top coaching staffs in the country
    3-John Jay

  38. Indian J says:

    In terms of section one.

    John Jay
    L/P, Mahopac, Hen Hud

    Many posters on laxlessons have mentioned JJ as one of the better teams in the region next year and I think this leans towards the optimistic. Jay has a lot of offensive fire power coming back this year but it is still in its junior year. , This could mean they will be fun to watch, win the games they should win (some by wide margins) but will be inconsistent and still struggle with the top powers on their schedule. We don’t have any reason yet to think that we will be the best in section one. Having said that, I don’t see how Somers competes with Jay this year. So much had to be in place for Somers to beat Jay last year and none of those things are consistent with this year.

    Look for JJ to upset one powerhouse of the many that will be on their schedule, lose to Yorktown, and beat Somers and the rest of the competitive powers in Section One by 3.

  39. Jalepeno poppers says:

    NYS champs

    A – WI
    B – GC or Carthage
    C – Lafayette

  40. sec1 says:

    Until proven otherwise, Yorktown is #1 in Section 1…

    Interlicchio’s curtain call may be a very scary thing for sec 1 opponents…

  41. HVLAX says:

    It’ll be a very close race in section 1 this year. The top spot will be contested between JJ, Somers, and Yorktown with Rye, L/P (who is usually underrated), and Mahopac close behind.
    JJ will be very good but it’s a tough call to say they’re the best in the section, at least they’re not clearly the best as of now. It will still not be a senior led team, I wouldn’t be surprised if the only senior starters are Pickel and the goalie (probably Franklin). But that’s just because they have very good young talent. Daniello had a breakout year last year as a sophomore and will emerge as the leader of the team, the talented duo of Walter and Weil will lead the midfield.
    Somers I think has a very good chance of being the top in the section actually. They lose Marasco but hardly anyone else. They have quite a few potential AA candidates (Petre, Pfiffner, Schurr, Longo, Bello), as well as a lot of other athletic players such as Deiana, Tullgren, and A. Lombardo.
    Yorktown loses a lot, but they will probably not have a tough time rebuilding. KI is returning and that’s scary alone, leading a very good attack. Defense is a question but Burke will emerge as the star defender and Koelsch from what I’ve read here is a very good goalie.

    If I had to rank them now I would say:
    1. Somers – deserves more credit than they’ve been getting here, they can function very well without Marasco
    2. John Jay – will be tough to match the athleticism of Somers but this junior-led team has a very good shot at the sectional title
    3. Yorktown – Some may be mad at me for ranking them #3 but they could easily end up being the best in the section. For that to happen though KI will need a good amount of help and their defense must develop into a strong unit.

  42. lax says:

    Old timer,

    Good point BUT Yorktown DID win those games because Yorktown ALWAYS prevails…It just doenst make sense for their to even be an argument about who should be ranked #1…. Until someone knocks them off their thrown Yorktown will continue to hold the thrown in Section 1….

  43. old timer says:

    JJ beat town the last 4 out of 7 times. back in 2007 it was for a class A title.

  44. lax says:

    old timer, if ya wanna play that game, how many times has JJ beat Ytown since 1970


  45. old timer says:

    I am talking about the 2000 era

  46. slacrosse says:


    Agree. Somers a bit ahead of Jay with Town lurking closely at #3

  47. Manny says:

    Somers D is better then J

    Somers Athletes are better

    Somers coaching is better then J and Town

    Somers football is better

    Somers is unstoppable

    Somers goalie is better then J and Town

  48. Ziggie says:


  49. HVLAX says:

    It will be a very good race between John Jay and Somers for the B title, but with the athletism Somers is returning and the fact that JJ is still a young team makes me give Somers the upper hand. This is coming from a JJ fan, but JJ I think will be unquestionably #1 in the section next year.

    Agree with your points Manny except I don’t think Somers will be “unstoppable,” even if they do end up being the best in the section it won’t be by much. Also to say Somers coaching staff is better than the Sav brothers and the Yorktown staff is quite a stretch that I don’t agree on, it’s tough to compare how good coaching is though. But Somers does have very good athletes, part of why they are so good at football.

  50. cuse44 says:

    1) Town
    2) Somers
    3) JJ

    Until Town is beat by a section 1 opponent, they stay at #1…

  51. slacrosse says:


    stop beating around the bush on your feelings about somersI how do you really feel?

  52. Indian J says:

    Who does Somers have that competes with Daniello, Walter, and both Morris brothers? Maybe I don’t know enough about Somers but I do know that they would not have won last year without JoJo, and this year they don’t have him.

    Im not being argumentative, I just don’t have names or stats to go on. Maybe we could benefit from some hard evidence. The football, athlete, coach thing is inconclusive and not accurate. Coach Lew has only been there for one season …

  53. laxturf says:

    1) Yorktown – One of the top attackman in the country returning for his final section 1 debut…Experienced attack and midfield with a strong young defense with a VERY steller goalie in Koelsh

    2) JJ – Daniello has show signs of being a great player, Morris bro’s and Walter should look very good together..Also Pickel will hold down the D

    3)Somers- Big question mark as their go to go gun (JoJo) isnt there anymore, but Lou will have them going in the right direction no matter what..

  54. moss says:

    don’t sleep on rye, they will win the section easy this year

  55. gosec1lax says:

    1) Town – Nobody will be able to stop Interlicchio….
    2) Somers- Great coaching staff, loads of talent returning
    3) JJ- Daniello will need some help but I see Somers topping them in class B

  56. laxforfun says:

    Indian J here’s some stats of both teams for players with over 20 goals Omitting all players who graduated.

    Somers – Petre – 48 Pfiffner – 22, Donahue – 22, Tullgren – 25

    JJ – Daniello – 31

    Both teams have players with 20 or less but when you want the big names and numbers these are them. Somers looks to be returning a well balanced team in the scoring duties. The coach, first season, I am sure he will continue to show his abilities. What we have seen, is a program that was flailing be rejuvenated and players that had left come back and win a championship. As far as the athlete thing I think in both meetings between Somers and JJ it was evident that athletism plays a big part. Holding JJ to 7 goals in the first meeting and 9 in the second – that was a team effort led by a very strong defense that will be returning. I think 2010 will be a great year for B.

  57. Manny says:

    Just remember Timmy Schurr built this thing. It is easy to come in when talent is handed to you. lets see when it is Lew team in 2 or 3 years.

  58. laxforfun says:

    It is true that this program was here before Lew, also true that this program was loosing players at a rapid pace. Please do not forget that most of these kids have been playing since the 3rd and 4th grade so lets give a shout out to Steve Smith, Rob Miller and Jim Donahue – they are the ones who started these kids and gave them all the fundamentals and without those you have nothing.

  59. hvlaxfan says:


    jj has 2 of the best goalies in the section. Both going to competitive lax colleges.

  60. Manny says:

    why isnt he going to a college to play lax?

  61. HVLAX says:

    laxforfun here’s JJs stats

    Top returnees statistically:
    Daniello (A) 32g 28a (leading point scorer last year)
    Walter (M) 31g 13a (2nd leading point scorer last year and f/o guy)
    Weil (M) 17g 17a (4th leading point scorer last year)
    J Morris (M) 10g 6a
    B Morris (A) 9g 2a
    Billy Pray (A) 5g 2a
    Chen (M) 3g 1a

    Those are all juniors. Top senior returnee is Merlino who had 2 and 1 (I think he’ll have a breakout year this year though he’s a good player). Offense will be almost totally juniors but JJ does in fact return most of their point scoring (sophomores made up for most goals and assists last year) as seen on their stat page. JJ also returns a good defense which includes Pickel, who’s an exceptional athlete, both their goalies, and kids who got good playing time last year like Caviola, Lanza, Waldman.

  62. […] • You make the call: Who will be the region’s Top 5 teams in 2010? […]

  63. JR says:

    john jay’s offense and rye’s offense will be all juniors this year. it will be great to watch both teams develop

  64. red says:

    JJ has a returning senior who commited to UMBC didn;t see much lastyear by stats.. should have a breakout year

  65. Tug Speadman says:

    Old timer, So you’r hanging you’re hat on a 4-3 record against Town in last 7 years. Wow, that’s total domination! LOL. You comment about last year’s team being their best in a long time is not accurate, nor really relevant since Town really has been average for them since 2001. 2003 won it all but over achieved as much as anything. So, JJ has their best teams ever this decade and Town is average compared to their past history and Jay comes out slighly on top. Not sure that’s really a positive point??

  66. fan says:

    Yes it is when no other team in section 1 has touch town

  67. slacrosse says:

    One real advantage I see to J and Somers compared to Town is on face-offs which will give them good time possession. J has Walters and Somers has Diana. Who will do FO for Town? Thought I read that Town did not do well at FO at the recent SWR tournament. Maybe they’ll be better then I think?

  68. slacrosse says:

    J’s real yr for claiming a clear #1 most prob next yr.

    This yr,no obviously dominant team as Town was last season. Realistically games could go either way between Town, Jay, Somers.

    Rye has a realistic chance to beat J and Somers each at least once (they dont play Town). Aside from senior McCormack who will give rye good possession at FO/ and will score as a middie , they have a strong core of juniors inc. several middies, a strong lefty attack and DM’s. Other seniors inc. a strong Pole and a very strong returning senior goalie who started last yr. Key will be how strong they will be on D and depth of their scoring power.

    Given the ‘brilliant’ scheduling I dont know who Putnam Valley plays (except rye) but they’d be a potential spoiler playing the top teams as well.

  69. sec1lax says:

    As long as Interlicchio is around, Ytown is #1 until proven otherwise 😉

    Gotta beat the best to be the best…

  70. slacrosse says:


    Despite great respect for KI, and other strong players like Lieberman, Mabus, and the great coaches I feel that Town lost way too many top players at key positions ALL OVER the field which will reduce their possession time (weak at FO, lose the great defensive and transition play of Fox/Fennessey), contributing to KI not getting all the touches he got last season. Teams will also score more goals on Town this season.

    I dont underestimate the ability of Town to end up being a contender. Great tradition! As I said above, aside from KI they have some known good players and I’m sure others not as well known.

    But for a rational pre-season ranking, for the reasons I stated above, Town should not be #1.

    I’ll go with 1. Somers 2. Jay 3. Town

  71. HV Lax says:

    KI will get shut off every game and there is no Ranagan now. This could be a long year for Town. I see losses to Somers, JJ and LP, a team Town should have lost to in the finals last year even with all the talent they had.

  72. slacrosse says:

    HV Lax

    Who’s coming back for LP?.Dougherty, Hittman (strong FO guy!) others gone?

  73. RebelYell says:

    Yes, but Honovich (fairfield) leads offense and Andrew Fazio the defense.

  74. Observer says:

    2009 looks like it will join 1997 and 2006 in Yorktown history. Town fans know exactly what I mean.

  75. slacrosse says:


    Yeah, 2 great players. As Joe Lombardi knows I’m a vocal GREAT fan of Fazio who I think would be a shoo in for AA/D1 if he was bigger. Dont know the players that well. Do you think they still have enough depth of quality to contend? Hittman gave them alot of FO possession!

  76. slacrosse says:


    Let the rest of us in on it! Were they overachieving yrs?

  77. section1lacrosse says:

    talking section 1 rankings…

    1. (John Jay)- daniello will have is way with section 1 in 2010, other players like walter, chen, pray, and obviously merlino and pickel will step up big as well. I see the indians being the top team and the team to beat in section one. I dont think yorktown or rye’s bruised up defense will be able to handle jay’s offensive firepower.

    2. (Rye)- coming off the subpar season last spring, look for the juniors mentioned by slacrosse to step up big, rye’s goalie was a junior last year, we will see how good he looks now after rye’s losses at defense. even tough rye did lose its 3 starting defense, with cole mcormack on faceoffs, possesion should not be too much of a problem. if the junior offense i have heard so much about can step up it should be a good season for the garnets.

    3. (Yorktown)- I have town in a lower uncommon position for them for these reasons. losses at defense will be picked apart by rye and john jay. remember when yorktown played horace greeley, they slid early and doubled him constantly, he had 1 goal, the reason they won was the fact that ranagan put up 8 goals. we will see who else can step up this year.

  78. slacrosse says:


  79. slacrosse says:


    A rye fan but at this point I dont see them as in the top 3.

    Yes, as in past seasons McCormack will get good possession for Rye BUT as I said above and as you said, it remains to be seen if this more experienced strong junior class can convert the FO wins into enough goals. As for D, Keough couldn’t get it ALL done on D last season and I felt that apart from him it was not a consistent strength of Rye. I’m hoping that even w/o Keough Rye’s D will be better this season with kids that played last season and worked hard this summer on top notch clubs. Yeah I think Rye’s senior goalie will be among the best in Section 1. Another yr of starting. He was also the goalie on Rye’s very successful soccer team.

    What no love at all for Somers?

  80. Laximus says:

    Town has failed to win sectional titles just twice since 1980 – in 1997 and 2006. I think Observer is hinting that 2010 could be the third time. He wrote 2009 but I’m sure he meant 2010 … as in this coming season.

  81. slacrosse says:


    OK. Thanks.

  82. Fever says:

    Manny, and Lax,

    This is not College , to have to wait for Lou’s recruiting class! HS coaches yes, are dealt the cards, and there was a lot of talent there before. But remember the team that won the sectional title last year was the exact team that lost the year before to Brewster in the Qtrs????
    2010 will be interesting with NO JoJo ( Grad) , Deiana ( Football ) , Lombardo ( Grad ) , and Tullgren ( Not Playing ) . Thats a lot to replace

  83. fan says:

    IS Deiona playing. Why wouldnt tullgren play

  84. Dog-Lax says:

    Also heard they were not Playing to concentrate on Football recruiting.

  85. Wasabi says:

    Wow! Tullgren not playing will be a significant loss if it’s true. Deiana’s athleticism will be missed, but Tullgren has the athleticism and the tools to really do some damage on offense…that’ll really be missed. It’ll put a lot of pressure on Pfiffner to produce. Heard that Somers had arguably the top JV in the section last season, so they’ll probably have a few kids who can step in and help right away, but probabl no one like Tullgren.

    Replaing Jo Jo is not going to happen. The attack will have to really step up to even attempt to fill that void. I figured the offense would be bolstered by Deiana’s face offs and Tullgren and Pfiffner loosening up the D with their dodges from up top. It seems two thirds of that trio may be elsewhere. Interesting.

  86. slacrosse says:

    Wow. Hate to see those kids not playing. Tough break for Somers.

    Good luck to them in football recruiting!

  87. fan says:

    is this true about somers or a rumor

  88. Joe Lombardi says:

    Let’s keep in mind, Somers does have quite a few football/lacrosse standouts. As I’ve said in the past, I think that physicality and athleticism has benefited the lacrosse team especially a great deal.

    As a result though, there are a handful who may have better college opportunities in football than lacrosse. What their definite status is as far as each season is concerned is usually not determined with any certainty until we get closer to the season. In this case, we probably won’t know for sure till the first day of official practice on March 8.

  89. obserlax says:

    By now, we all know that your one of the biggest Town Haters on this website…your most likely a JJ guy but thats besides the point… I hate how we have to have this convo EVERY YEAR!! do you reallly think Town will be down? TOWN IS NEVER DOWN!!!! They return almost their entire starting offense, not to mention one of the best attackmen in the country in his senior year…The kid Connor Gatley (a sophomore) is apparently the next STAR for ytown at attack as he is a hell of dodger with a insane stick…Derek Keolsh is in my opinion as good as, if not, better than Bonitonabus and he will be a stud goalie leading his young athletic defense.
    Guys, just so we avoid all the b.s talk, remember one thing, this is Towns section, it will always be there section and I agree that UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE (some sec1 team actually beats them) they are NUMBER 1, no questions asked..


  90. fan says:

    they were down the year they lost to

    hen hud

  91. Indian J says:

    Right now,


    You can’t put Somers over Jay right now because they were better than them last year. They just came off losing to JJ by ten goals three years in a row prior to that. JoJo was huge as was the fact that Jay’s nucleus was in it’s sophomore year. People who look at returning stats are not looking at the overall major picture. Sophomore to junior year is a huge leap. Jay has at least 7 contributors making that leap this year.

    Somers will essentially be slightly weaker than they were last year ( because of JoJo’s absence) and John Jay will be totally different. Upperclassmen all over the field.

    I am a JJ fan. Just my two cents

  92. slacrosse says:

    Indian J

    I had Somers closely followed by J and then Town close behind not because Somers beat J last yr but because I thought Somers would beat them THIS yr even without JO (the fact that J beat Somers 3 yrs in a row before last yr has no relevance to this yrs rankings)

    BUT NOW ,IF rumors are true with Diana and Tulgren not playing for Somers on top of JO not there, I’m changing to:
    1) Jay
    2) Town/Somers

  93. slacrosse says:


    Oh sorry, I and I’m sure fans from J, Somers, LP, Pac , Rye and others didn’t realize that “this is Town’s section” and “will always be Town’s section”. Sorry!

    Look there’s no room for “hate mongers” like me on this site so I think your next move should be to try and get Joe to filter all similar “hate” comments relating to people that dont rank Town #1. This needs to be stamped out, once and for all!!

  94. Joe Lombardi says:

    Haha, slacrosse. That was one of your better ones. I’m laughing out loud.

  95. RINGS says:

    Town will dominate as usual…Of course they have Interlicchio but Leiberman has really show signs of being an extremely talent player, especially this off season and the “super sophomore” Connor Gately is supposely the next best thing since sliced bread…

    JJ is a close #1 as well with Hopkins bound Daniello and Pickel
    Somers with a few of their guns not playing? hmmmm not good! Eddy Shurr will have to anchor that defense big time…

  96. Indian J says:

    I agree with Rings. Town will be awesome. They have enough coming back and the coaching too. Im very excited about the Garden City match-up that is an old school rivalry that is primed to be set off again. Jay will be a dangerous team for sure too.

    Check this out:
    State Semis scores:

    85 GC 11 Town 10
    86 GC 8 Town 5
    90 Town 7 GC 6
    91 Town 12 GC 7
    93 Town 8 GC 5
    94 GC 16 Town 9

    2010 reg. season ?

  97. sec88S says:

    Yorktown vs. Garden City game is certainly probably the most tradition rich games being played in the season..should be awesome to watch.

  98. Lax says:

    I find it interesting that every year we do this L/P is never mentioned among the top teams (last year we had them below mahopac and John Jay and they beat both teams, Mahopac twice) yet each year Lindsay has them right at the top in the end competing for a sectional title. I’ve heard from several people who talk to him that this might be the most talented team he’s had in the 5 years he’s been the head coach. These are the first group of kids that have come through the program from the middle school level (where he works) that have been taught only by him. If that is true then I wouldn’t sleep on them this year, they could be the sleeper team in the section.

  99. Tug Speadman says:

    Town beat gc 9-8 in 87 and the score in 86 was 7-4 GC.

  100. slacrosse says:


    Agree. Honovich, Fazio. Any info on other players?

  101. Lax says:

    I know they have Conroy, Fennel, and Fazio returning on defense, all started last year. They’re goalie is a senior who is very talented, not so different from Yorktown situation. The have Honovich, Prunty, and Monteferante returning on at midfield. And they have Fallo, Mackay (who would have started last year) and Caffery who played man up last year as a soph and saw significant time towards the end of the year. I know they return a few poles and midfielders who were all on the team last year but saw limited time so who knows what else is over there. That’s a pretty solid core of kids returning to that team this year.

  102. slacrosse says:


    Thanx. Yeah, didn’t realize had so many kids coming back. Should be a top contender! As a rye fan I remember that 9-8 OT win for rye last season. What a game! Rye has a great FO kid and Hittman (now at Bucknell I think) and he waged war all game!! Love that kid Fazio. How tough is he!!

  103. fan says:

    Lakeland should be number 1 in the section

  104. Indian J says:

    Whoops. I did omit the 87 game. Which was important too because Yorktown ended GC’s win streak which had gone on for nearly two seasons.

    Sorry Tug, I will get my scores straight next time for sure.

    Wasn’t there a fight at West Point one year? Maybe it was just bad behavior or something like that?

  105. Tug Speadman says:

    Yes, that was at the 1985 and the first time the two teams met. IMHO, Town was better in 85 and should have won. The 87 GC team was much better, but somehow town pulled off the upset.

  106. […] • Shoreham-Wading River LaxFest marks end of fall schedule • You make the call: Who will be the region’s Top 5 teams in 2010? […]

  107. section1lacrosse says:

    I do not see how with these key losses i hear about of tullgren and dienna somers can be ranked so high

  108. Joe Lombardi says:

    Section1lacrosse –

    Just to clarify. While some players are considering their options for next season, as of now there have been no Somers personnel losses. Whether or not there will be won’t be determined till the start of practice in March. Some comments have implied it has already been determined. That’s not the case.

  109. Pac Lax says:

    Not saying they will be the best team in the section but Mahopac’s only key player lost was Perrelle. Everyone else is back including their 3yr starting All section Goalie McGuigan, all their Mids: Thompson (all section), Bernabo (3yr starter), Foley, and Berardis. On Attack: Brandofino (All section), Bota, and Carey, who split time last year for the third attack spot. Also their JV team was 12-3 last year. They should be a good team this year. Def in the top 5 in the section. They may be primed to make a run.

  110. scooter says:

    100%, most underrated team in the section this year. The only question is the poles as Gargano is the only returner and they don’t have a proven close defenseman but if anybody can get the defense in order it’s Corace.

  111. Laxman says:

    Lakeland/Panas is constantly underrated on this blog, they can easily be the best team in class A.

  112. slacrosse says:

    Scooter and Laxman,

    For sure it could be a war between Pac, LP and Town in Class A. True, I for one had not realized all the strong returnees for Pac and LP when doing my earlier ranking.

    Now I don’t think its a given at all that Town will get by LP and/or Pac to win Class A.

  113. fannymay says:

    Lakeland only does well when there is no excpetations. This year they will have pressure on them and Town will beat them 15-4

  114. lax says:


    Just like the mortgage company you have no idea what your talking about. Maybe if this were still the Weir years then you’d have something to talk about. Maybe if you reverse that score you’d have a more accurate outcome of this years game. Your obviously just upset that the cup will be living in Lakeland for the second time in four years. Lakeland finally has a coach that will get the kids to play in the big games, and this year will be no exception.

  115. BigBadBear says:

    neutral observer, I happen to think Coach Lindsay is as good as we have in Section 1, and a great guy too

  116. […] • Shoreham-Wading River LaxFest marks end of fall schedule • You make the call: Who will be the region’s Top 5 teams in 2010? […]

  117. Lax17 says:

    Would love to see the Italian Stallion Attack of Interlicchio,Brandofino and Daniello play together . What a show they could put on.

  118. bradex44 says:

    Lax17- you will see Interlicchio/Daniello rip it up together on Homewood Field in a few years..

  119. Lax17 says:

    Both lefties though could be an issue.

  120. Laxer 231 says:

    I want to see KI and Brando back together one more time like when they were young. Ytown would not need any defense this year.

  121. yopres83 says:

    I would take Leiberman over Brandofino… Remy is a smoother player who can move the ball much better.

  122. Just a fan says:

    On that topic it would be interesting to here some peoples all-section picks.
    Top 3 Attack, Mids, D, LSM, Goalie and FOGO.

  123. fannymay says:




    Mahopac kid

  124. scooter says:

    mahopac “kid” is jonny mcguigan
    Get used to reading his name.

  125. Laxman says:

    HM: Petre, Fitzgerald, Lieberman, Near

    Mccormick (F/O)
    HM: Pfiffner, Tullgren, Schuldt, Mcreddie

    HM: Burke, Bastian, Fazio (LSM)

    HM: Longo

  126. slacrosse says:


    Solid list! A few changes on mine. Clearly some “HM” names could easily wind up as top choices.

    HM: Petre-Som, Fitzgerald-PV, Lieberman-Town, Barton-Rye , Near-Bville

    McCormack (F/O)-Rye
    HM: Walter-J, Fitzgerald-PV, Tullgren-Som, Schuldt-Town, McReddie-Rye, O’Callaghan Rye, Diana-M/FO-Somers, Merlino-J, Bernabo-Pac

    HM: Burke?, Bastian-Greeley, Fazio (LSM)-LP, Collins (LSM)-Rye

    HM: Longo-Somers, Linehan-Rye

  127. scooter says:

    Daniello- JJ
    Brando- Pac
    KI- Town

    Bernabo- Pac ( you watch, he’ll be a machine this year on groundballs)
    Walter- JJ
    Honovich- Lakeland
    McCormick- Rye- FOGO

    Fazio- Lakeland- LSM
    Schurr- Somers
    Bello- Somers
    Pickel- JJ

    Mcguigan- Pac

  128. radlax says:

    HM: Longo-Somers, Linehan-Rye

    looks like some quality goalies this year. you can add the PV,JJ and L/P goalies are all returning starters and solid players.

  129. radlax says:

    oops forgot the hen hud goalie who could be the best of them all

  130. fannymay says:

    I agree the hen hud goalie is the best in the section but always has the worst defense around.

  131. slacrosse says:


    who’s that? sincero??

  132. radlax says:

    yes, he’s playing at Army next year

  133. section1lacrosse says:

    regarding the 3 best attack I feel brandofino should not be in the top 3 list and it is a toss up between the rest, we will see, daniello and interlicheo are locks but the other spot i would say is a toss up

  134. slacrosse says:


    Thanx. Good pick.

  135. Reddog says:

    Yorktown will have the best goalie in the section… again. Him and Burke are extremely underrated.

  136. Suflax says:

    YTown is going to have a lot of trouble scoring this year…….

  137. lax17 says:

    KI Town
    Brando Pac
    Daniello JJ

    Honovich L/P
    Mccormack Rye
    Thompson Pac

    Schurr Somers
    Bello Somers
    Pickel JJ

    McGuigan Pac/Longo Somers

    These are locks . Petre, Fitzgerald, Portenza, backups

  138. TriLax says:

    For Section One…




    McGuigan Pac

  139. John FANagan says:

    look for Derek D-Man Koelsch to make some noise at goalie, never really got the opportunity behind bonitatibus…

    also look for bryan dibuono to do work at FOGO, big things big things…

    as for the best team in section 1? its a toss up this year, so many things could happen.. i’d say it is down to either somers, town, or jj… lakeland is close, they always have the players but never seem to put it all together when it counts

  140. John FANagan says:

    and although ranagan is gone, dont underrate town’s midfield… they have an experienced midfield with porcelli, schuldt, mabus… the three of them can make some serious noise and will certainly be producing… the difference between this and last year’s midfield is the balance at midfield, not just centered around ranagan’s single man transition, but instead focused around a balanced attack with KI as the focal point, and lieberman as a strong wing man

  141. slacrosse says:

    John FANagan

    If Somers has Diana and Tullgren playing (understand could be out for football recruiting) then they’re right up there with Jay. LP has lots coming back and assuming LP can “put it together’ they’re definitely on a par with S and J. I’d put Town right behind this group. If Somers is w/o Diana and Tullgren (football recruiting) then J and LP on top with Somers and Town equal but following.

    Right below these 4 teams come (in no order) Rye, Pac, PV.

    Next group , White Plains, Hen Hud, Bville, Suffern, Byrum Hills,Greeley, Brewster

  142. Laxittome says:

    2010 Hudson Valley AAs… in order …

    1. Daniello (JJ)
    2. McCormack (R)
    3. Interlicchio (Y)
    4. Petre (Somers)

    These are locks… For the last 5 spots, here are contenders:

    5. Pickel (JJ)
    6. Fitzgerald (PV)
    7. Honovich (LP)
    8. Brandofino (Pac)
    9. Walter (JJ)
    10. Bello (S)
    11. McGuigan (Pac)
    12. Schurr (S)
    13. Franklin (JJ)
    14. Sincero (HH)

    Anyone want to throw theirs out there?

  143. Laxman says:

    My picks are (in no specific order):

    1. Interlicchio – Town – Hopkins
    2. Daniello (jr) – JJ – Hopkins
    3. Pickel – JJ – Hopkins
    4. McCormack – Rye – Cornell
    5. Petre – Somers – Army
    6. Schurr (jr) – Somers – Hopkins
    7. Brandofino – Pac – NYIT
    8. Honovich – L/P – Fairfield
    9. Fitzgerald – P/V – St. Johns

    On the brink: McGuigan – Pac, Walter (jr) – JJ, Bello – Somers, Pfiffner – Somers, Sincero (HH), Lieberman (Town)

  144. slacrosse says:

    In no order
    . Interlicchio – Town – Hopkins
    . Daniello (jr) – JJ – Hopkins
    . Pickel – JJ – Hopkins
    . McCormack – Rye – Cornell
    . Petre – Somers – Army
    Schurr (jr) – Somers – Hopkins
    . Brandofino – Pac – NYIT
    . Honovich – L/P – Fairfield
    . Fitzgerald – P/V – St. Johns

    On the brink (no order): McGuigan – Pac, – Bello – Somers, Pfiffner – Somers, Sincero (HH), Lieberman (Town), Fazio (LP), Tullgren (Somers), Bastian (Greeley)

  145. Wave-Lax says:

    KI- Yorktown
    Petre- Somers
    Daniello- JJ
    Bello- Somers
    SIncero- Hen Hud
    Pickel- JJ

    On The Bubble: Pfiffner, Longo, Bernabo, Prunty, Levanthal.

  146. slacrosse says:

    Update (additions on the brink in CAPS)
    in no order
    . Interlicchio – Town – Hopkins
    . Daniello (jr) – JJ – Hopkins
    . Pickel – JJ – Hopkins
    . McCormack – Rye – Cornell
    . Petre – Somers – Army
    Schurr (jr) – Somers – Hopkins
    . Brandofino – Pac – NYIT
    . Honovich – L/P – Fairfield
    . Fitzgerald – P/V – St. Johns

    On the brink (no order): McGuigan – Pac, – Bello – Somers, Pfiffner – Somers, Sincero (HH), Lieberman (Town), Fazio (LP), Tullgren (Somers), Bastian (Greeley), LEVENTHAL (Greeley), PRUNTY, BERNABO

  147. Lax says:

    What’s the deal over that John Jay? Word is that the Sav’s are out and it’s only a matter of time before they make that announcement. Both have been told that they aren’t to have any involvement with the program and are not allowed to attend any meetings regarding lacrosse at the school. Rumor is that Vin Sav has been inquiring about coaching openings around the section. Joe, anyway you can varify what’s going on over there?

  148. Joe Lombardi says:

    There has been a review of the John Jay lacrosse program for the last several months. I can report that there have been no changes in coaching personnel or anything like that at this point in time. In the meantime, there’s no sense in speculating. The matter will have to be resolved pretty soon since the start of practice is around the corner.

  149. slacrosse says:

    No speculating at this point as Joe says but IF it’s true, WOW!!

  150. fannymay says:

    Wow!! What school is going to jump on these guys to help build there program. Go from Beating Huntington the number one team in the nation to out.

    These are some big wins for the Savs the past few years.

    JJ beats Manhasset Triple OT
    JJ beats huntington Double OT
    JJ beats Yorktown for class A sectional title
    JJ beats Garden City
    JJ Beats Nisky in Class A regional
    JJ Beats Syosset in overtime
    JJ Beats Darien Ct
    JJ Beats Corning East
    JJ Beats Duxbury

    4 Sectional titles in a row.

  151. laxadasical says:

    Didn’t Hen Hud give Vinny Sav the boot also, Don’t know if any of you remember but when Sav was there they almost beat a very strong Yorktown Team. He had the youth program strong, when he left they all hit the skids, have never been the same. Good Luck JJ, hope you find the right man for the job. Nothing is perfect in this world, the grass usually not greener on the other side. Happy Holidays!

  152. Joe Lombardi says:

    Now hold on, folks. No one is “out.” That has not happened and may not happen.

  153. slice says:

    JJ will start to go down hill if they get rid of those guys. Sav is in the school which is more important when running a program.

  154. fanoflax says:

    everyone thinks jj will have a great season – not without the savs! it’s disgusting how they are letting the team, and more importantly Nick who built the program to what it is, sit and wait and may bring someone new in at the last minute- outright crime! good luck jay, you are going to need it!

  155. Laxman says:

    I understand that JJ is firing lots of teachers and coaches but why the Savs out of all people??? They are exceptional coaches with fantastic resumes if this is true than JJ’s future does not look too bright.

  156. Laxman says:

    But good news is that JJ I think will almost definitely have the Savs this coming season. I hear JJ is laying off a lot of people but not until after the school year ends. Plus, the savs are still employed by JJ it’s hard to believe they would make a last minute change before lacrosse season. Hopefully they’ll still be at JJ the next season as well.

  157. hvlaxfan says:

    Only Nick Sav is employed by the school. Without Nick, the program could suffer tremendously. Many people have said that Vin is gone for sure and Nick’s position is still under review. It is absurd that whoever is to make this final decision has taken so long, and left all of the players and coaches hanging. This could prove detrimental for all the players who are in the middle of their recruiting processes. It is also detrimental for the team that Sav cannot hold pre-seasons meetings, meaning they have no captains thus far.

  158. slacrosse says:


    Yeah shame to delay a decision.

    As a Rye fan, not privy to anything that goes on internally, “politically”. etc but

    from afar certainly appears that the Savs have built a great program and importantly are able to nurture the young talent coming up!

    So let’s hope he stays!!

  159. LI says:

    As a Long Island Parent I have seen John Jay numerous times and thought the coaches ran a top notch program. The team seems very well coached and very competitive. I was at the game when the team beat Huntington and thought it was one of the best coaching jobs I have seen. Why would that community let these coaches go?

  160. jj says:

    Unfortunately, the parents did not have a say in the matter. The school board was the one running the show and they are opening themselves for more “legal” action if this does not get finalized real soon! Either way you look at it, the program is going to be affected because Vin is gone.

  161. slacrosse says:


    you guys saying right now, he’s gone?

  162. jj says:

    my bad, I meant IF Vin is gone


  163. Indian J says:

    Either one of the above mentioned coaches goes anywhere and I will go off and I hope others join me. Unacceptable Katonah/Lewisboro Administration. Unacceptable.

  164. TraditionsLax says:

    Been reading ppl’s AA lists for HV. Here are mine:

    2010 Hudson Valley AAs… in order …

    1. Daniello (JJ)
    2. McCormack (R)
    3. Interlicchio (Y)
    4. Petre (Somers)
    5. Honovich (LP)
    6. Pickel (JJ)
    7. Fitzgerald (PV)
    8. Schurr (Somers)
    9. Walter (JJ)

    Others in hunt …
    Bello (S)
    McGuigan (Pac)
    Brando (Pac)
    Sincero (HH)

  165. ho ho says:

    When are these school andministrations going to stand up to these complaining parents that playing time should not be entertained.

  166. Old Rugger says:

    Lets hope it doesn’t digress into another Kear situation and only the Lawyers get rich and a program and kids get hurt. No information and or decision at this point is painful (But the powers that be did not want to jepordize a vote on the school fields that occured last Tuesday) Hopefully we can put an end to all and just start practicing and playing Lax.

  167. Indian J says:

    The administrations have a hard time because the parents don’t complain about playing time. “The Parents”, who are in fact disgruntled about playing time, cry “abuse” and “harassment” in order to hurt the coaches who they perceived to have hurt them first. Everyone knows that in today’s world if you cry “abuse” or “harassment”, the powers that be have to listen.

    If there is another issue at the heart of this matter, supporters and boosters deserve an explanation.

    Otherwise, with this scenario re-occurring every season, who in there right mind would want to coach? Forget it.

    Parents who do this should have their names disclosed.

  168. Jasper says:

    Bottom line is Sav had up 13 talented 10th grade kids and parents could not handle that.

  169. Indian J says:

    They got embarrassed that their sons did not get their name in the paper the way that they had expected. So they stamped their feet.

  170. Tug Speadman says:

    Vinny will not be coming back per one of the current coaches still under review. Time will tell!

  171. Jasper says:

    Tug where did you get your info.

    Parents, alumni, coaches, teachers stand up!

  172. Pam says:

    Joe can you post this on the main page…

    Please DO NOT be the one’s to get rid of the coaches who
    built an ELITE PROGRAM here at John Jay and that do so much for our kids!

    I wanted to start out by saying I am a parent in the community who had my two son’s play for this terrific coaching staff. One of my boys was one of the top players on the team and my other boy was toward the end of the bench. I needed to say that they were each treated wonderfully and fairly. The one son who didn’t play very much was actually treated great. He always felt he was helping the team and encouraged and praised for his toughness and overall improvement. I couldn’t think of anyone else I would have wanted to lead ‘OUR’ lacrosse program. Do we want to be known as the people who got rid of the coaches who built this fine tradition here at John Jay? Do we want to be the community who couldn’t handle tough practices and hard life lessons for our boys?
    Please read below for some statistics, facts and notes about the coaches and the program.

    • 6 Straight Sectional Championship Appearances
    • Winning 4 straight Sectional Championships
    • Making it to a State Championship
    • Being the team to beat the #1 team in the Nation (Huntington 63-0 record)
    • Leading 12 kids to get All-American Honors
    • Helping countless numbers of kids to get Scholarships
    and helping them to get into great Colleges and Universities
    • In creating a Nationally Ranked Program

    Why would anyone want to take away what has helped so many student athletes
    with this fine sport?

    Apparently, some people were very jealous and couldn’t handle the fact that their child wasn’t the superstar or the one they felt didn’t get the PLAYING TIME they deserved.

    It all comes down to PLAYING TIME people. My kid didn’t play, who can I blame?

    Some Facts:

    • These coaches never cut anyone in their lives; they believed in anyone who wanted to make a commitment and be apart of something they weren’t going to be the one’s to take that away from them.

    • They cared about the last kid on the bench to the top player on the team the same.

    • They run a grueling hard working practice and are very disciplined and hold kids to a very high standard – Is that a bad thing?

    I’ve heard them say: That when the parents are allowed to run the program
    it is time to step down.

    It’s very unfortunate in our Society today that we bring kids up in “EVERYONE IS A WINNER’ mentality, because when they do get in the real world and adversity hits they do not know how to handle it.

    The coaching staff has always received glowing recommendations every year. They received them from the Athletic Director, Administrators and even the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent of Schools actually wrote how this was the Best Program in the school in terms of showing Great Character, Sportsmanship, Teamwork, and Enthusiasm. He was even on their sideline for many games taking pictures and supporting the program and said that the coaches and players represented themselves in a first class manner.

    These coaches that you are thinking about getting rid of are the same coaches that we as a community organized a Fire Engine Escort and Parade for after a Championship Season. Many administrators, teachers, parents and community members gathered for the celebration and gave their accolades.

    It’s a shame that administrators have to cave into the demands of a few disgruntled parents.

    It’s a real travesty that the former youth of John Jay will not get to experience the amazing success that these coaches have built because Mommy and Daddy put too much pressure on their own kids rather then just enjoying and being proud of their son for working hard and being apart of something very special.

    I really feel bad for the hundreds of kids from 2nd grade all the way up that are going to miss out on the opportunities and many great connections these coaches have made with the Top College Coaches of America. In this economy missing out on the many fine opportunities for big time scholarships is going to really hurt.

    In conclusion, after thirteen years coaching OUR boys here at John Jay and everyone telling them what a wonderful job they are doing and receiving glowing recommendations to now being told see you later. How are we helping them? If things need to be corrected, someone should tell them what they want fixed and give them a chance to correct them. Those in education preach: Let’s help our students and Let’s give them a second chance. For teachers and coaches it’s see you later, we don’t like what you did. Please think about how your decision will effect the lives of so many students for years to come and what we will be looked at for bringing down the coaches who build such a wonderful thing here for our COMMUNITY and our CHILDREN.

    Thank you.

  173. slacrosse says:


    You make it sound like its a done deal?? Is there still time for the Board to hear your very persuasive side?

  174. Outsider says:

    I think its time we just give parents a whistle and let them coach. They seem to know everything and have all the right answers. Its very easy to be a monday morning qb and bash a coach when your kid is not playing. There is probably a good reason why they are not playing its called they are not any good. Last time I checked we live in a capitalist country based on competition. Lets just let everyone play and the world will be this great place filled with rainbows and butterflies and we can all get a trophy at the end of the year.

  175. CALax says:

    Is Yorktown staying in class B this year or will they continue to play in class A?

  176. Old Rugger says:

    Well said Pam

  177. HV Lax says:

    Yorktown will definitely be in A. That’s been on this blog since the end of last season.

  178. Lax says:

    Two things;

    1. Lakeland HAS won the Murphy Cup since that incident, something the previous coaching staff failed to do for 13 years. AND they have had to compete with either John Jay or Yorktown for the sectional title, something the previous staff only had to do in one season.

    2. Yorktown must request on a yearly basis that they be allowed to play up in A and it’s something ALL the athletic directors must vote on. That vote is taking place today.

  179. Indian J says:

    Something that should be noted: These parents are furious over playing time which then leads to anger about post season accolades and a percieved drop in social popularity within that community.

    However, “The Parents” don’t complain about that. Because this would indicate them to be the pathetic failed socialite pretenders that they are. They instead go after the conduct of the coaches. This opens up an entire can of worms about what is appropriate for a coach etc.

    A coach who does not passionately coach his kids with a sense of urgency, stinks.

    That sense of urgency can be rough. It can be harsh and it can be unkind. In 99 percent of the cases though it is still appropriate for a contact sport at the highest level of NYS (which Jay has been for a number of years)

    If you don’t think your kid can be exposed to this, then do not let them participate. If you have a problem with your kid’s playing time, keep your complaints to that area.

    If you believe that your family should be able to dictate the conduct and technique of district wide program, then you have already destroyed it.

    None of these programs were ever meant to be viewed underneath a microscope. That’s what makes them special.

    This is not about the Savs or any of the other coaches in various sports that have had success, it is about the principle.

    Everybody is heading home for Christmas soon. We need to do something about this. An AD, a principal, even a superintendent … they can go down too.

  180. Joe Lombardi says:

    Nick Savastano was told today that he will be not retained as John Jay coach.

    We will have more in just a little bit.

  181. slacrosse says:

    Wow! Shame!

  182. Lax Novice says:

    This situation seems very similar to that which transpired in Duxbury MA over the summer, where the very successful coach there did not have his contract renewed for 2010 at the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools. The issue there was similar; a number of talented freshmen were brought into the varsity team ahead of some sophomores and juniors whose parents were similarly annoyed. Eventually that decision was reversed and the coach was retained.

    Very little of the circumstances with John Jay will be made public, the school district will cite confidentiality laws relating to their personnel decisions. So parents like those who have written above will have to get to the letter-writing, phone-calling and show-up-in-person-to-meetings campaigns to save their coaches. However, if they approach this with the viritrol shown in some of the comments, referring to fellow taxpayers and school parents as “pathetic failed socialite pretenders”and “very jealous”, those coaches are as good as gone.

    Our family moved from the Town of Lewisboro in 1997 in large measure because the town and the school district could never agree with taxpayers on the direction they wanted the town to go, resulting in lots of inaction, lawsuits and general chaos. It seems little has changed.

  183. Indian J says:

    Stop using the term “Taxpayers”. It is completely irrelevant. All homeowners in the town pay taxes. Some are pathetic socialite pretenders and some are not. Does paying taxes give you the right hire and fire the lacrosse coach? are their 30,000 de facto Athletic Directors in Katonah/Lewisboro ? Does paying taxes give you the right to have your son or daughter be a starting member of a sports team? Perhaps the new coach will start 20 kids instead of 10 this coming season.

    Paying taxes gives you the right to attend the public school. You get a big yellow bus that will picks you up in the morning.

    Viritrol? Really? Imagine what this is like for the kids who did everything correctly. They worked hard, and most importantly, had the talent to legitimately start for JJ as sophomores. Now, factor in what impact this could potentially have on their future being recruited or being accepted on collective merits to a strong College or University.

    Yes, these particular taxpayers were jealous of other taxpayers.

    Everyone is a taxpayer. It is not leverage for an argument.

  184. Lax Novice says:

    You miss my point. As in the Duxbury case, you CAN get the Board of Education to change their minds and RETAIN the coaches. But that won’t ever happen if you simply take out your frustrations by name calling and character assassination. Not to mention all the drama about kids not getting recruited blah blah blah.

    I feel very badly for these successful coaches who were left to twist in the wind while the Board there dithered about their decision until the start of the pre-season training (as opposed to practice, which as you know is prohibited).

    So come in from the ledge and take constructive actions. Nothing else will get you the result you want.

  185. RebelYell says:

    1. LP

    2. JJ

    3. Somers

    4. Town

    5. Rye

  186. Ziggie says:

    1. Somers

    2t. JJ (New Coach can be really good or can be really bad but they’re not beating Somers)

    2t. Rye (Great tough team, under dog, and overlooked)

    3. Town

    4. L/P

  187. Old Rugger says:

    Overall Area
    1. Ward Melville
    2. West Islip
    3. St A’s
    4. Brunswick
    5. Chaminade

    HM Somers, Darien, GC

    I’m changing my story due to JJ coaching issue
    Section 1
    1 Somers
    2 Town
    3 Rye
    4 LP
    5 JJ

    Sect 11
    1 Ward Melville
    2. West Islip
    3. Smithtown West
    4 Comsowogue
    5. Mt Sianai

    Sect 8
    1. GC
    2. CSH
    3. Syossett
    4. Baldwin
    5. Peaqua

    1. Darien
    2. Fairfield Prep
    3. Ridgefield
    4. New Cannan
    5. New Fairfield / Wilton

    1. St A’s
    2. Chaminade
    3. Iona Prep

    1. Brunswick

  188. slacrosse says:

    Section 1

    1. Somers (assuming Diana/Tullgren play)
    Tie. Jay/LP
    4. Town
    Tie. Rye/Put Val
    Grouo 1 (no order) WP, Pac, Greeley, Bville
    Group 2 (no order) Suff, HH,Bcliff, Brewster

  189. IslandLaxpert says:

    I suspect West Islip could be #1 Nationally let alone in this Region. After that, I would say Ward Melville, Garden City, Manhasset, Somers, Darien.

    What does everyone else think??

  190. observer99 says:

    For Section 1, Yorktown has to be the obvious favorite as they return 2 starting midfielders, 2 starting attackmen (one being one of the best attackmen in the country), a great great goalie in Derek Koelsh and one of the top coaching staffs in the country…Defense is young but will learn quickly under Lodewick..
    Attack- Interlicchio (Hopkins) – Best scorer sec 1 has seen in a while, 4 year starter, AA, captain, will end his amazing career with a bang….Leiberman- Great stick/hands, knows how to feed and finish, Gately- Young stud who will look to be towns next top gun in the next few years, very skilled
    Midfield- Ty Shudlt- Very slick player, returning starter, much D1 attention, Justin Mabus-Returning starter, dodges like an animal, good shot, much D1 attention
    Defense- YOUNG! Burke- Amazing stick skills, very talented and will have to lead a young defense
    Goalie- (my darkhorse AA for 2010) Koelsh has been waiting a long time for this opportunity..The kid is as good as any goalie ytown has had in last 8 years, see’s the ball tremendously and is a very smart player
    Coaching Staff- Marr(hopkins), Carney(deleware), Lodewick(maryland), Graham(st.johns), Doerr(hopkins) – Cant beat this coaching staff….

    Gonna be a exciting year in section 1 but I dont see ytown losing a section 1 game…

    Joe, any idea what Towns streak is with going unbeaten in section 1, I do believe they had another undefeated season in sec 1 last year.

  191. party@murphs says:

    Yorktown will go undefeated in section 1 again…. No one can stop Interlicchio, especially being his “curtain call” in sec 1, gonna be playing with a chip on his shoulder. Leiberman will be playing with a lot of confidence as he has tons of experience starting for the Huskers. Mabus and Shuldt will lead the midfield again…without Ranagan they will have a lot more opportunitys to get their shots off (which is a good thing…)
    The offense will be very strong as the defense, although young, will certainly be just fine under Lody’s direction…
    Koelsch in my opinion is very talented and will guide his D to hold it down for them in 2010

  192. Niner says:

    Don’t forget about senior midfielder joe porcelli. He is also a senior returning starter at midfield and a captain this year. He has flown under the radar but should be a big impact this year.

  193. slacrosse says:

    Long Island Fans

    Can you guys lay out details on the top teams, rankings and their players?

  194. Party@Murphs says:

    Joey Porcelli is CERTAINLY the heart of that midfield…The kid is a returning starter and a captain at Yorktown def stands for a lot….He could get hit by an 18 wheeler and still manage to get up…Extremely quick and has a great shot on the run…The first line midfield and attack will certainyl be one of the top units around NY…Hope that first midfield has enough gas to play about 80% of the game though! Im sure the Ytown coaching staff will take care of that with a little conditioning through FDR Park 😉

  195. Pequa says:

    slacrosse …

    West Islip is not only the best on LI but probably the best in the country. After that … some other teams that will be strong:

    Ward Melville (beat WI last year)

    St. A’s


    Cold Spring Harbor


    Garden City

    Shoreham Wading River

    Teams coming off suprising seasons are Sayville, Hicksvlle, Comsewogue, Lynbrook.

  196. slacrosse says:


    Thanx. Any names of some top returning kids like Galaso of WI

    Thought I heard Sett had lost enough kids this could be an “off yr” for them, although realize that an off yr for them could still make them team to beat in C.

    Whats with Syosset?

  197. Laxstar says:

    Diana is the most talented player in the section. I am not saying he is the best, but he is the most talented. I watched somers a bunch of times last year and he honestly stood out more than jojo to me, biggest problem is his lack of care for lacrosse and seems more interested in dishing out hits than score goals.Against yorktown he thoroughly dominated ranagan and thats what kept them in the game. ask anyone around the section, no opposing teams want him to play, and the somers kids are begging him to play

  198. cool like that says:

    just throwin this out there so the next person will be the #200 comment on this posting. lol.

  199. BigBadBear says:

    Joe, just thought you would like to know that your Dayton Flyer’s kicked off their 2010 campaign with a 5-4 scrimmage win over ex-DI Michigan State….and I bet it was really cold there….at least one poll as them as the pre-season #1 team in the MCLA D2

  200. slacrosse says:

    Thanx Joe.

    Great work as usual!!

  201. slacrosse says:


    Dont know about “most talented” in the Section but one of the top players for sure. Great effort in that Town game.

    Any “opposing players” worth their salt WANT Dieana and any other of a teams’s best players to play. You want to beat the best a team can put out.

  202. Joe Lombardi says:

    Thanks for the update, Bear. To quote Rex Ryan, I think the Flyers should be the favorites to win it this year – the whole tournament!

  203. BigBadBear says:

    Well, Rex, I mean Joe…remember what happened to the Jets!..I do think the defending champs St. Thomas is the favorite, along with Michigan in the D1 ranks,,and my Emory Eagles kick off the season in two weeks, can’t wait

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