College fall-ball action winds to a close this weekend with a variety of events scheduled.

As we told you late last month, the inaugural Connecticut Cup is set for Sunday (Oct. 18) at Yale.

It’s a five-team fall-ball event featuring the Nutmeg State’s five D-I programs: Fairfield, Yale, Quinnipiac, Sacred Heart and Hartford.

Here’s more.

Also of note, new Princeton head coach Chris Bates and his Tigers will be among the teams in the University of Delaware’s tournament. Bates, the former head coach at Drexel, is a John Jay graduate.

For a rundown of this weekend’s events, just scroll down a bit on this page from Inside Lacrosse.

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9 Responses to “Connecticut Cup highlights weekend's fall-ball action”

  1. CONN - CUP says:

    Joe do you have any details on who won who played well for section one alot of kids go to to any # of those schools

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    Quinnipiac won the inaugural Connecticut Cup, beating Yale 12-11 and 9-4 and also a one-goal win against Fairfield. (I don’t have that exact score, but it was crucial because it got the Bobcats into the title game.) The 9-4 win over Yale came in the championship game.

    Among the local standouts on the day was QU’s Billy Alessi from Branford, Conn.

  3. ALSO says:

    You should also add christian haggerty Quinnipiac 2goals 3 assist in a 9-4 win
    over yale

  4. Joe Lombardi says:

    Good to hear. I didn’t get any official stats, so anyone who adds info, as always, should do so.

  5. Joe Lombardi says:

    Thanks. I thought Chris would make an immediate impact with Quinnipiac. Sure enough. …

  6. QU Lou says:

    Good job Quinnipiac. Beating Fairfield, Yale is a nice feat. We now know who the #1 team in Connecticut is!

  7. SouthMouth says:

    Chris Haggerty is gonna have a ridiculous season for Quinnipiac for sure.

  8. Cody says:

    Quinnipiac will be the next national program out of the East coast. Great academics, gorgeous campus, great recruiting poll of Long Island/New York/Conn.

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