A chance to win a national title.

The likelihood of earning playing time.

The campus.

Quality of student life and social life.

Location and weather.


There are many factors that go into selecting a college — for students as well as athletes.

But if you were a lacrosse player offered scholarships by every school imaginable, which one would you attend?

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We want to find out what folks in the Hudson Valley/Connecticut/Long Island region think — and why.

The poster whose response wins will have a choice of receiving either a free player profile or a free coaches’ playbook.

Be sure to weigh in with your comments below on this thread, and exercise your right to vote by weighing in with your opinion in our poll.

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• Previous “You make the call” topic threads

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5 Responses to “You make the call: What college would you pick if you could go anywhere?”

  1. ctlax says:

    UVA for sure…

  2. townie says:

    tie neck nd neck b/w hopkins and cuse…i really cant decide

  3. oldeneagle says:

    UVA would be my choice. They (a) have won and regularly compete for the NCAA Championship (b) have a beautiful campus (c) have ACC athletic events and to attend (d) are often ranked in the top 25 National Universities and (e) have lower tuition than most schools.

    Runners up: JHU – all of the above but not as nice a campus or as much to do there. Also, higher tuition. Duke – all of the above but have never won the title, coaches have not won the title and higher tuition. UNC all of the above but, again, coaches have not won the title. “Cuse – great lacrosse but not as nice a campus or as prestigious academically.

  4. Cloverdale says:

    The University of Virginia, no question. Great town, outstanding academics, lovely campus just a few hours from my hometown of Baltimore. Perfect social life, beautiful women. Program is obviously top notch and Starsia is a great person. What else could you possibly want?

  5. woah says:

    Obviously UVA would be awesome

    But at the moment, I dont want to play D1, I want to play D3.
    So Wesleyan would be the coolest place to go. AMAZING academics, great program, perfect size and location, and a beautiful campus

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