First things first.

Tomorrow is Sept. 1.

If you’re familiar with recruiting — and/or a reader of this blog — I don’t have to tell you what that means.

As we’ve been discussing regularly here, Sept. 1 marks the first day that Division I coaches can contact rising juniors (other than sending out questionnaires.)

If you’re one of the lucky ones that gets an e-mail from a college coach time-stamped 12:01 a.m. Sept. 1, that means you’re in pretty good shape — for now at least.

Of course, most programs will make contacts later in the day or week.

We will of course be keeping track of all this as it progresses.

If you’re a rising junior and you’ve received contacts, be sure to check in with me and let me know at

And as always, be sure to e-mail me with news/info on any college commitments at

Don’t forget to check our “Breaking recruiting news update thread” for the latest, up-to-the-minute developments throughout the region each day by clicking here. (Check for the latest updates in the “Comments” portion.)

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6 Responses to “Contact period starts”

  1. Joe Lombardi says:

    Hey gang –

    Just a quick note for many of you who remember the name Rod Boone. Yes, folks, the man who joined me just a few short years ago in a galaxy now far, far away as we boldly went where no one had gone before when it comes to lacrosse blogging.

    In fact, it was Rod — not I — that posted the first live score update of a HS lax game if my memory serves me right. I guess you could say Rod played the role of Lewis to my Clark. Or maybe I was Lewis. But I digress.

    Well, as I’ve noted here on previous occasions, Rod is now at Newsday covering the Jets, and covering them well, as our friends in Long Island are well aware.

    And he’s still blogging away.

    Check out his blog, “Boone Docks” (I love that name – not to mention the cartoon) and you’ll see an old familiar face in the upper left-hand corner of the homepage.

    With football season upon us, be sure to bookmark the link, Jets fans!

  2. scooter says:

    Some predictions on where these juniors commit too.
    Daniello- JJ- North Carolina
    Shuldt- Town- Umass

  3. laxman says:

    Yeah I heard Daniello is interested in UNC. You have to think that they will be a powerhouse in a few years, they already have the top rising senior class including Galasso.

  4. Old Rugger says:

    Yes UNC would have a great offense but like UVA keep stockpiling great offensive players but when crunch time comes and you need your defense to create a big turnover they don’t have it. Give me some of those Big Defensemen they grow up in Section 3 and 11 and stockpile some of them at UNC of UVA and then maybe a Trophy.

  5. slacrosse says:

    Old Rugger,

    Agree. Defense wins championships. Like the Yankees of past that stocked up on hitting but couldn’t get the critical pitching right (maybe they have it this yr).

    Also the early commits by these schools of this upcoming season’s SOPHS is getting out of hand!! Something should be done about this. And as you point out doesn’t seems to be doing much good as far as winning chanmpionships go!

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