Joe’s going to be upset that I’m posting on something that has nothing to do with lacrosse but this is a video I think all of you have to see. Sorry Joe!

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15 Responses to “Completely Off Topic”

  1. OldSchool says:

    that was pretty ridiculous!

  2. Judo says:

    he’s alright

  3. Husker21 says:

    that opening scene riding the fence top is unreal. man has talent.

  4. dee-up says:

    i have been doing this stuff for years … is this supposed to big a big deal … check me out on any given Saturday at bear Mt St Park with the park Rangers chasing me around lol

    Only kidding nice

  5. frankdt says:

    wow judo is a moron id like 2 see any1 do that

  6. Judo says:

    its called sarcasm

  7. Syracuse says:

    What do you think Joe is doing when he’s not posting on this site? He’s all about this. He has ramps set up all over his Connecticut property and an X Games bike strapped to an ACME rocket.

  8. Joe Lombardi says:

    So that explains it, Cuse. You were the one hiding in the bushes with a flip camcorder who got the footage used here.

  9. Laxerdude says:

    I can believe that Syracuse. Joe is talented at whatever he does.

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    Laxerdude. I’m blushing.

    Speakng of things off topic, here is some interesting news that was announced today.

    The NCAA will experiment will instant replay in college games next season.

    Here’s a link to the official announcement released today by the NCAA:

  11. LI Guy says:

    Having instant replay is stupid in lax. One of the great things about the game now is that there are no long delays. This will just slow it down.

    I like the later starts for the semis/finals thoigh. This way you can enjoy your day outdoors on Memorial Day weekend and then come inside late in the afternoon to watch the games on TV.

  12. 007 says:

    I agree 100% instant replay is not something that should be incorporated in to lax the game is great the way it is why slow it down???

  13. floxia says:

    Ummm. What does a kid riding a bike have to do with lax?

  14. Dougie says:

    I dk some random video I guess. Kinda weird but I guess Joe was away that day???

  15. Syracuse says:

    I’d like to see this biker dude chase down Kanye West

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