brandofinoJohn Brandofino of Mahopac is the latest rising senior
from the region to commit to a college.

(File photo by Jim Stout/

Mahopac’s John Brandofino, one of the region’s top attackmen, has given a verbal commitment to attend Division II national power New York Institute of Technology.

Here’s a Q&A with John on his decision:

When did you finalize decision?
I finalized my decision after seeing the school and meeting Coach (Justin) Arini (NYIT’s recruiting coordinator and offensive coach) and Coach (Bill) Dunn (NYIT’s associate head coach) on Friday after we arrived home.

What were the main factors in deciding on NYIT?
I chose  NYIT because it is a really nice campus with a good business school  and lacrosse is the main sport on campus.

What were your thoughts when you visited and met with the coaches?
I really liked the coaches because they spent time explaining what was expected of me and their  way of playing which fits my style.

What areas of your game do you think you need to improve on and what will you be doing this fall and winter training-wise in preparation for next season?
I am working on my strength and size this winter training at Evolution every day both cardio weights and flexibility.

For more on John Brandofino, check out his player profile by clicking here.

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28 Responses to “Mahopac's Brandofino decides on New York Tech”

  1. truth says:

    Congrats Brando. Wreck sh*t next year…. you too okie

  2. Terry Fox says:

    Congratulations, John ! Have a super senior year, and best of luck at NYIT.

  3. Lax 17 says:

    Go Johnny got a good chance for a ring

  4. George Johnson says:

    Congratulations and good luck.

  5. The Thompson's says:

    congrats brando good luck

  6. IndianChief45 says:

    Congratulations Johnny. For the unitiated, NY Tech is a team that would be most Division I teams. For now looking forward to another season of stardom for the Pac. Yorktown’s loss has been our gain! Johnny would undoubtedly be the leading scorer for Yorktown next year with teams all shutting off Interlicio (sp).

  7. Cool site, love the info.

  8. Laximus says:

    People don’t realize the talent level at D-2 programs. They give as many rides as D1 schools so athletically they are just as good as the top D1s.

  9. Pac Man says:

    I think this commitment makes Brando an AA lock.

    Here’s my list for next year from HV …

    Interlicchio – Town
    Daniello – JJ
    Pickel – JJ
    Brandofino – Pac
    McCormack – Rye
    Petre – Somers
    Pffifner – Somers
    Honovich – LP
    Ninth spot – TBD

  10. LAX says:

    I like your picks Pac Man. I would say Fitzgerald from PV should also be considered or a goalie (McGuigan, Longo…). Somers has many that could be AA- Petre, Pfiffner, Longo, Bello, Schurr, but I would say 2 or 3 depending on how they do. Somers may very well end up being the best in the section, will be a tight race between them and John Jay as well as a tight race between L/P and Yorktown in class A.

  11. laxzilla says:

    Hey “LAX ” Somers and John Jay wil have to deal with Rye because they will be class B this year also (that should be the best race in section 1)

  12. LAX says:

    Is this true? I thought they were staying in C.

  13. troter says:

    RYE HIGH SCHOOL 646 you need 650 to be in class B

  14. Judo says:

    they go moved in to B for football idk what the criteria is for football in comparison to lax idk why it would be different

  15. meatball says:

    every sport has different numbers. Rye will stay in C for lax…

  16. Freon says:

    In some ways you are better off going D-I and getting the scholarship then to a non scholarship D1 program or one that offers very little in scholarship money.

  17. off-topic says:

    Off Topic Question:

    If you make the Empire Team, are you allowed to miss practice time to go to a recruiting camp?

    Please get back to me. Thanks.

  18. Laxerdude says:

    Depends w/e each individual ESG coach decides obviously. HELLO…

  19. ArmchairLax says:

    I agree the top D-2 schools could beat most lower D-1 schools.

    D-3 is all about academics not really athleticism so that doesn’t enter into the discussion.

  20. lax2831 says:

    ArmchairLax..gonna disagree with you on that one. The best Division 3 schools are better than the best Division 2 schools…both academically and athletically. You think any of the top Division 2 schools could hang with Division 3 schools such as Gettysburg, Salisbury, Stevenson, Wesleyan, or Middlebury? I doubt it.

  21. LAX says:

    Well there is a lot more D3 schools then there are D2 schools.

  22. AmLax says:

    Interesting posts. I do agree a few DIIIs like Cortland and Salisbury can play with many DIs. The top DIIs would all be very competitive with mid to low D1 programs.

  23. LI Guy says:

    Lax2831 – You’re dead wrong Granted schools like NY Tech and CW Post are not at level of those D-III academically, but athletically its not even close. Tech has had guys like Christian Scuderi a 6-4 defenseman who now starts at Hofstra. Don’t forget D-II schools gives rides just like D-I schools so they get D-I caliber athletes. Each D-II teams has 12 or more of these guys. A D-III team may have 1 or 2.

  24. Lions Den says:

    Great point LI Guy. Schools like Cortland State and Salisbury though may have 4 or 5 D1 caliber kids because their academic demands are not as high as the Middleburys.

    Put it this way so everyone can understand. If CW Post played Wesleyan last year CW Post wouldve won like 14-2 or even worse.

  25. PV Lax says:

    Exactly. If you wants academics and you’re not athletic enough to play Division In not that there’s anything wrong with that as Seinfeld used to say, then your only option is those D-III programs mentioned above geared oward academics. Its gives kids an opportunity who can’t make it athletically at higher D-III level programs like Cortland to still play the game.

    I agree though that Cortland and Salisbury are D-III in name only. They have depth and athleticism and could both beat many D-IIs and some D-Is.

  26. Observer says:

    One thing I think we can all agree on is that if you’re a recruit and has the choice, you should chose our college based on academics over athletics.

    So all you young laxers out there, work hard to keep your grades up. It will open many doors for you come recruiting time.

  27. Laxtime says:

    Not surprised at all to hear that about CW Post and you figure Marist is better than most if not all D3 programs. Or are they? I guess that starts another debate.

  28. Ytownlaxer4life says:

    CW Post scrimmiged both St. Johns and Marist last year before the season. Not sure what the score of St Johns game was but post did win. Post also beat Marist by 9 or 10 goals. So this shows there are many D 1 atheletes at the D2 level

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