Well, I’m all lax-ed out, gang.

Four consecutive games will do that.

But that’s not to say I didn’t have a great time tonight at Purchase College for the Sound Shore Summer League championship games.

Here’s a rundown of the results.

Be sure to check back for video interviews.

Varsity league

Putnam Valley 5, Fox Lane 2

Men’s league games

Division A1

Publik House 9, Sports Barn (Cake Eaters) 2

Division A

No Limit 10, Mid-Ocean Roadrunners 9

Division B

Crown Lax 8, Huskies 3

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11 Responses to “Here are your 2009 Sound Shore League championship results”

  1. BobbyC says:

    Great night of summer lax last night Joe … Looking forward to fall ball !!!

  2. LI Guy says:

    Joe, thanks for mentioning yesterday that the Lizards would be on the Today Show today promoting the game. I just watched the segment and they were grear led by who else Nicky Polanco. The demonstration was a lot of fun. Matt Lauer even scored a couple of goals!

  3. Rui says:

    Few things about last night:

    Sports Barn (Cake Eaters) were missing their top 4 offensive players, Joey Morgan, Whalen, etc, etc, they were on vacation.

    No Limit is STACKED and Matt White from Ridgefield that will be a freshman at UVA is really really good.

    Rumor that Ned Crotty from Duke was going to play for Mid Ocean last night, but that didnt turn true.

    Great job by Crown Lax, but Sowest should of played them in the finals, Huskies just looked really really bad

  4. BobbyC says:

    Rui … Huskies were also missing 4 offensive players that would have made a big difference … also I guess Chuck’s rule about players from other teams/divisions not being allowed to play with additional teams in the playoffs didn’t apply to Crown Lax … One of those players scored two goals for Crown Lax.

    Huskies beat two teams in the playoffs, 14 – 2 over #3 seed Chappaqua and 6 – 2 over #1 seed Sports Page … so they earned their way in … Sowest lost.

  5. Joe Lombardi says:

    Bob – Good to see you at Purchase. It was a fun night and some great lax.

    Rui – Thanks for the interesting background info.

    LIGuy – No problem. Just posted the video of the TODAY show segment.
    You can watch it here:


  6. Rui says:

    If i am not mistaken, Crown Lax was missing Joe Variano, Craig Rodrigues, and im sure i can keep on going…not sure about what players you are talking about that played for different teams/divisions…i just expected more out of a finals game, especiall when i heard about the players that Crown Lax were missing, either way congrats on making it to the finals

  7. Kyng Lyon says:

    I’m happy for Crown Lax! It’s about time some Ossining guys got to taste championship.

  8. Summer Lax says:

    Crown was up on the Huskies 9-0 at halftime during the regular season meeting of the teams, so I don’t think there was an issue with players missing or being added. I do agree that it would have been more fun to see sowest play crown as both meetings between the two this season involved comebacks by both teams and overtime.

  9. ???!!!!! says:


  10. lax2max says:

    Both teams were missing players and as Rui pointed out you got smoked in the 1st meeting…stop your whinning…it was not even close….and yes Crown was missing LSM Roberts from Hen Hud, G Ender from PV, besides Variano & Rodrigues plus others….and alot of new faces turned up for Harrison in the Finals….

  11. BobbyC says:

    Unfortunately The Huskies were missing a number of players in both games versus Crown Lax … more in the regular season game than in the playoff. It would have been a more competitive playoff if the Huskies had the offensive players they were missing … 2 middies, (Cornell / Dartmouth) and 2 attack, (Cornell / Fairfield) … not saying they would have won but it would have been a better game.

    By the way … The final was 8 – 3 … hardly a blowout, especially if you take away the 2 goals scored by the “added player”.

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