There are no Empire State Games this year, of course, but there will be a statewide lacrosse event featuring every region of the state.

It’s the New York Shootout Presented by Nike, and it’s set for July 25 at Henninger High School in Syracuse.

Each team will play three games in a round-robin format.

Dennis Pettit of has done an outstanding job compiling rosters, schedules and directions.

Here now, are those links:

New York Shootout Presented by Nike info

• Rosters

• Schedule and rules

• Google map directions

Reach Joe Lombardi at

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43 Responses to “New York Shootout info, rosters”

  1. slacrosse says:

    Thanks Joe.

    Dont get schedule? Each team plays 3 games and no play-off games? Guess with just 1 day of play not much you can do.

    Suffolk county LOADED with top guys from WI and Nassau pretty tough as well.

  2. LionsDen says:

    Agree. Maybe HV can get Jo Jo a uniform and have him play under an assumed name haha. Otherwise Suffolk should dominate. Too bad HV doesn’t play Nassau or Suffolk.

  3. LIGuy says:

    With the one day round robin format this is basically a glorified showcase event. If so why in the world did they schedule it to conflict for so many kids with Hotbeds?

  4. Lax Novice says:

    And why would anybody not go to Hotbeds to participate in this? At least Nassau and Suffolk are going to play each other. Hudson Valley isn’t playing either of those teams, or Central or Rochester. So why go?

  5. SirLaxalot says:

    It is what it is. I think some people here got overly excited when they heard about this and thought it would be a legitimate substitute for ESG Games. Just the fact that maybe 3 of the top 10 rising seniors in the Hudson Valley will even be playing in the shootout shows it hardly is. It’s still a decent one day tournament.

  6. Lax Novice says:

    If you had nothing else going on, its no big deal, although if I were a committed rising senior AA like Interlicchio or Galasso, you’d have to be more than a little disappointed that it seems to be Empires light.

    And it’s a hike to the Syracuse area for one day only? Geez.

  7. S1wss says:

    yeah seems like a lot of schools didnt even bother trying kids out, some programs may have told their kids keep away. because unless im mistaken i didnt see a SINGLE kid from St. Anthony’s, Chaminade, John Jay, Mahopac, West Genn, probably more schools im not thinking of but those just stood out, not that they are elite schools, but def some pretty big ones, gotta think they have one prospect good enough to make one of these teams, at least one player still going to be in high school next year that can make a regional team…….

    HV team seams like its just Yorktown and Lakeland with some Somers and Rye kids sprinkled in….

  8. Thomas says:

    Hudson Valley will lose, as usual. This is due to the selection of players. As long as the “good ‘ol boys” run things, Hudson Valley will be unsuccessful. I am so tired of Yorktown, Lakeland/Panas, Rye etc. It’s time McNally goes bye, bye and independent evaluators select the team.

  9. Laxlow2high says:

    HV is going to do nastyyyy!!!! They move the ball great and there attack and midfield are pretty stacked! Defense isn’t as good but with “THE WALL” longo in net there bound to dominate!! longo also going to hotbeds wit the U17 team westrock I think he should be on the U18 team over the HenHud goalie Bobby, deff not as good as the WALL!

  10. The Island says:

    Suffolk played Nassau the other night and won by 15 GOALS!!!!!

  11. Old Rugger says:

    Ouch are no WI kids going to Hotbeds?

  12. Old Rugger says:

    Also North Country team looks almost totally section 10 not much if any Section 2 players (No Nisky, Guilderland, Shen etc). Hopefully there will be a few college coaches there, with the short notice and competing venues, probably not as many as hoped, it is looking like just another one day round robin for NY. HV have fun and play hard!

  13. Not_Jo_Jo says:

    I know, no WI at Hotbeds. Hmrph. (Grumpy grunt) Are they playing somewhere else?

    Thomas brings a good point about the “good ‘ol boy” network, but I think coaches will gravitate toward their own guys because they know what to expect. Just look at Bill Parcells over the years. In the meantime, the HV teams are not as good.

    One thing about NIKE, they’re not stupid and they are reading these blogs and getting feedback. They’ll make whatever change they need to going forward and will get it right in the future.

  14. TreLax says:

    Interesting info and thoughts. I think one thing that’s been overlooked that hurts this event is that the games are played at the same time. At Empires the games follow one another so college coaches can see everyone. Also the obvious not having a championship.

  15. totot says:

    College coaches I know who will be attending the shootout.

    Johns Hopkins
    North Carolina
    Stony Brook
    Ohio State

    My son played at hotbeds, there was not that many coaches, but the shootout seems to be getting more on short notice.

  16. Joe Lombardi says:

    The shootout has garnered attention from some media outlets from throughout the state. Here are a few links:

    • First, an interesting entry by John Moriello in the state sportswriters’ blog:

    • Here’s a story by Lindsay Kramer from the Syracuse Post-Standard:

    One other note. Word is the New York Titans of the National Lacrosse League are close to announcing a move to Florida, possibly Orlando.

  17. NO CLUE says:

    Mr Totot,

    I don’t know what Hotbeds your son went to. There at least three to four college coaches at every field, AND almost every College sends a rep sometime during the four days. My son is playing in college because he went to Hotbeds with Westrock two years ago. Coach Lou made more contacts for him, in a month then our HS coach made in two years. Before we went EVERY school we talked to asked if we were going to Hotbeds?

  18. LAX says:

    Any would-be empire state games roster for HV? Here’s mine:

    Interlicchio, sr – Yorktown
    Brandofino, sr – Mahopac
    Daniello, jr – John Jay
    Petre, sr – Somers

    Honovich, sr – L/P
    Pfiffner, sr – Somers
    Walter, jr – John Jay
    McCormick, sr – Rye
    Tullgren, sr – Somers
    Near, jr – Bronxville
    Schuldt, jr – Yorktown
    Fitzgerald, sr – Putnam Valley

    Pickel, sr – John Jay
    Schurr, jr – Somers
    Bello, sr – Somers
    Bastian, sr – Horace Greeley
    Caviola, jr – John Jay
    Fazio, sr – L/P

    Longo, sr – Somers
    Sincero, sr – Hen Hud

  19. LAXIT says:


    Very good list except your goalies McGuigan belongs there before both of them

  20. RE-LAX says:

    I would have Christian Smith on the list. Proved one of the best shutting down Stewart in the Champ game . Plus having a very solid summer. And Chase Thompson ,becoming one of the best all-around middies in the section.

  21. TownLaxDad says:

    LAX ? Caviola, jr – John Jay ?

    I see a lot of people seem to be very high on this kid…. can’t figure out why, from what I see he has great stick skills, is on the smallish size but at times can’t cover his own shadow…. seen a number of games where he seems totally lost out there.
    Steven Burke has more all around talent and his head is always in the game.

  22. slacrosse says:


    Good list but I’d but I’d say either of juniors O’Callaghan or McReddie from Rye would win a slot at middie.

    Great choice in Fazio!

  23. Laxfan says:


    Did they have try-outs for the team going to the Shoot-out?

  24. Joe Lombardi says:

    Laxfan –

    Yes. As we detailed here a while back, there were tryouts. Players were invited based on the recommendations of their coaches.

  25. Observer says:

    Not bad for the first year. It will only get bigger. NY can use another statewide showcase even if Emps returns.

  26. REALLAX says:

    Check out all the teams rosters. What do you see in every team except HV. Maybe if Dave Marr picked the BEST kids from Section 1 instead of half of his Yorktown team we would know how Section 1 measures up against the other sections. Is he for real? Does he really expect us to believe that he has 10 of the best players Section 1 on his team – PLEASE! Isn’t this exactly what he complained about last year. This was NOT, by any stretch, a Section 1 All Star Team. This farce of a team was only about promoting Dave Marr and Dave Marr’s players – END OF STORY!!!

  27. LaxRat says:

    Bingo! He might have actually done his kids a disservice. Going 1-2 against average competition didn’t help any of kids. If I’m a college coach with limited time, I’m watching the LI teams and Central. And guess what – no kid worth his salt will try out next year even with advance notice. If the kid is legit – he will go elsewhere for exposure.

  28. REALLAX says:

    LaxRat – Glad you agree. Did you see that disingenuous e-mail he sent to the Section 1 coaches asking that only the best players in Section 1 tryout for this team when he knew all along he already had the team picked. By the way, rumor has it that his star player showed up late for the tryout. I guess he got the word he made the team without trying out. This guy is a joke. Anyone with a shred of intelligence intuitively knows that it statistically IMPOSSIBLE for one high school team to have 10 All Stars..but what are you going to do? Unfortunately, he runs the show in Section 1. And, unfortunately he abused that position by using this forum to showcase his players. He forgot one thing – performance is what matters.

  29. Laxfan says:

    The problem with asking coaches to recommend players is if you have a coach that is involved in other things and doesn’t think to recommend anyone. They should have had try-outs just like the Empires, especially if this team was going to represent Section 1 & Section 9.

  30. PurpleReigns says:

    They did have tryouts. Folks the problem was no kids from 2010 state champ John Jay tried out. There you have it. Also just 2 kids from Somers tried out.

  31. PurpleReigns says:

    So basically you wound up wit 10 kids from what will be the third or fourth best team in the Section next year … Yorktown! Not good and it showed.

  32. Lax Novice says:

    I think after the schedule was posted that HV had nothing to gain and lots to lose at this initial showcase event. I thought they would beat Southern Tier, beat Northern handily, and have a competitive game with Western. I can’t blame the coach for having little motivation to knock the socks off anybody the way this event was put together, albeit in a very short-term time frame. I hope this event take hold and becomes part of the summer calendar on a regular basis, some of the hysterical reactions here (performance is what matters? In the last week of July? Please..) show just how much people miss the Empire tournament and take pride in having HV do well there.

  33. TreLax says:

    This was not planned or prepared for. It was thrown together at the last minute. The first thing they should do is get a date and location for next year and have a more predetermined tryout process.

  34. slacrosse says:

    Was at the games.

    Here’s a novel post. A comment about the performance with no bashing of the team!

    Central was the best team not only because they had very good personnel but alot of people from the area said the the team practiced alot. Makes a pretty big difference.

    “Nassau” lost ALL its games and heard parents of both Nassau and Suffolk commenting on how each team was missing kids due to scheduling conflicts. No different then HV. You just make the best of it.

    HV’s game vs Western was very close until last part of game when penalties killed HV. It was the last game in intense heat and continually playing man down was too much for kids that were understandably dragging at this point in the day.

  35. slacrosse says:

    This HV bashing, “Jay is great” stuff (i.e. “2010 state champs”) is getting old!! And some Jay bloggers are surprised that there are people out there (not this blogger) that bash Jay??

    Were Jay, Somers, other top kids NOT INVITED to tryout for the team? Were Jay kids “not encouraged” to try out by their summer coaches?? If so, then why? Maybe it was having to play in Delaware on Sunday? OK but a few kids from HV did go to Delaware after the Shootout.

    Unless top Jay, Somers, etc and other kids WERE NOT INVITED to try out which would have been wrong , then why bash the HV team???

    Yeah everyone knows this whole ESG cancellation was a disaster and was then overcome by kids scheduling other tournaments—but the “Shootout” was created for better or worse and the kids who played for AND WANTED TO REPRESENT HV played their butts off.

    So leave the team alone!

  36. truth says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Marrs just looking out for his own self and not players on other teams. I dont know who half the kids are that he picked.

  37. Prestlax says:

    What they should do is have it next year as a state wide tourney but with non ESG players to give other guys a showcase.

  38. nasslax says:

    Nassua went 1-2 after beating suffolk as their last game…

  39. JJLAXPLAYER says:

    I play for JJ and I never got an invite to try out, or even heard about it until seeing it in this blog.

  40. meatball says:

    Thats because all the best players were on the primetime team

  41. JJLAXPLAYER says:

    I play for primetime

  42. meatball says:

    We talked to the primetime coach and he said you guys would be at a torny that weekend.

  43. Jim Schiltz says:

    Why were there no Section II athletes on the North Country team?

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