The busiest — and for many travel teams, the final — week of the summer season is upon.

There are several major recruiting events throughout the Northeast.

Here’s a rundown:

• Battle of the Hotbeds, July 26-29, University of Delaware

For more info:

• Champ Camp, July 23-26, Johns Hopkins and Towson universities and other sites

For more info:

• Connecticut Chargers Tournament, July 25-26, Darien and Greenwich high schools

For more info:

• New York Shootout Presented by Nike, July 25, Henninger High School, Syracuse

Participating teams: Hudson Valley (Sections 1 and 9), Nassau (Section 8), Suffolk (Section 11), Albany/St. Lawrence (Sections 2 and 10), Central (Section 3), Southern Tier (Section 4), Rochester (Section 5) and Buffalo (Section 6)

Be sure to read the comments and additional information on our Summer travel team updates thread by clicking here.

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• North County News article — Lakeland/Panas’ Shawn Honovich’s college choice is a familiar place: Fairfield

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54 Responses to “Summer season reaches its peak”

  1. casual observer says:

    any links to a website for the NY shootout. would love to read more about it

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    CO –

    Nope. There’s no Web site and no complete information on rosters. Keep in mind, this event was organized pretty late — after many if not most players committed to Hotbeds and other events. (In fact, it was finalized just over a month ago.)

  3. Laximus says:

    Also, the hudson valley team is scrimmaging u18 westrock tomorrow. Should be a good game.

  4. bodbod says:

    I know these names are participating on the hv team.

    Interlicchio- Yorktown
    Lieberman- Yorktown
    Briggs Barton- Rye
    Kieran Donohue- Somers
    Robert Caffrey- Lakeland
    Will Fallo- Lakeland

    Mabus- Yorktown
    Shudlt- Yorktown
    Mclee- Yorktown
    Porcelli- Yorktown
    Honovich- Lakeland
    Prunty- Lakeland
    Allegra- Suffern
    Mcnally- Suffern
    McCormack- Rye

    Zidi- Yorktown
    Burke- Yorktown
    Bonitatibus- Yorktown
    Conroy- Lakeland
    Fennell- Lakeland
    Another Rye defenseman

    Koelsh- Yorktown
    Longo- Somers

    Pretty good team.

  5. Joe Lombardi says:

    Laximus –

    Yes, indeed. The Hudson Valley Shootout team faces WestRock’s U-18 team tomorrow at 6 p.m. at Somers.

    Our friends at posted the roster for the Central Shootout team for those interested:

  6. LaxRat says:

    Excuse me…Not a single John Jay kid on this team? If so, they are not a team that will compete. Nice, Yorktown coach and how many Ytown kids made the team. Enjoy it now – they will petition to stay in “A” – so they can actually win the sectionals over the next 2 years. If they stayed in “B” they would not win. Just MHO.

  7. bodbod says:

    John Jay kids are on another team, Primetime. And nobody likes them in section 1 anyway so it would have been a chemistry confilct.

  8. truth says:

    the lack of johnny mcguigan on any of these teams just shows how coaches pick their own players over the kids who deserve it.

  9. LaxRat says:

    You can’t be serious. I know where and how the JJ kids play….enjoy the 6th place finish with the “good chemistry”. The point was you can’t have a representative HV team without JJ kids. If the point was to have a sub-standard team made up of Ytown and L/P kids – then mission accomplished. Where the JJ kids even invited to participate?

  10. meatball says:

    The jj kids were invited but they will be at the hot beds torny.

  11. slacrosse says:


    Your above comment is SO off base in SO many obvious ways.

    Hey I even heard some kids gave up going to hotbeds or might start late so that they could represent Section 1–any Jay kids consider this?–may have been the “right” thing to do.

  12. Old Rugger says:

    It just summer (re) lax. Prime Time made commitment long before this Nike thing was on the board. If Empires were happening this year maybe a different story as they would have planned ahead. I think the Ytown coach did a good job of putting together a reasonable team on such short notice, and given the fact that he is missing some good talent not just from JJ but also Somers, Put Val and others I thing keeping a lot of Ytown and LLP kids together (who have already played together) may actually help them in the chemistry department given so little time to plan. Just my 2 cents

  13. Lax Novice says:

    I noted the coach of the Central team from Corcoran took 5 of his players, and there’s no one from West Genessee on the roster. So please set the conspiracy theories aside, it’s summer, and its NOT the Empires, at least not this year.

  14. meatball says:

    Yorktown and lakeland will not win a game at the nike torny

  15. LaxRat says:

    slacrosse – my comment was made based on bodbod’s comments.

    “And nobody likes them in section 1 anyway so it would have been a chemistry conflict”

    That comment is off base. And I’m only calling him on it.

    Name one kid who “did the right thing” by skipping Hot Beds. I don’t believe it, and suggesting otherwise is again a thinly veiled insult against the JJ kids.

  16. slacrosse says:

    Old Rugger,

    Agree. Would have been a WHOLE other story if the ESG’s were on and like last summer, kids could have made arrangements with their summer teams in case they made the ESG.

  17. Joe Lombardi says:

    Hey gang –

    I’m at Somers for the Hudson Valley Nike Shootout team’s game vs. the WestRock U-18 team.

    Check back for updates.

  18. Joe Lombardi says:

    HV has jumped out to a 3-1 lead. Robert Caffery of Lakeland/Panas has two goals. Somers’ Colin Tullgren scored for WestRock.

  19. Joe Lombardi says:

    Chris Longo is in goal for HV. Greg Bardwell is in goal for WR.

  20. Joe Lombardi says:

    It’s 5-1 Hudson Valley team. Kevin Interlicchio of Yorktown, Briggs Barton of Rye and Kevin McNally of Suffern have scored for HV.

  21. Joe Lombardi says:

    HV has opened up a 10-1 lead. WR had a two-hour practice before the game and looks tired but HV is playing very well together. Derek Koelsch has played the second half in goal for HV.

  22. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final: HV NYS Shootout team 11, WestRock U-18 team 2

  23. Roundlax says:


    How does Longo look wit HV? Did he do anything in todays game?

  24. Joe Lombardi says:

    Roundlax –

    Very good. He let in a quick goal by Colin Tullgren, his Somers teammate, early in the game, but then made some nice saves. As noted, Derek Koelsch played the second half and played well.

    BTW – After competing in the Shootout on Saturday, Chris will be heading straight down to Hotbeds in Delaware, where he will join the WestRock U-17 team. (Both teams U-17 and U-18 WestRock teams will be at Hotbeds.) Should be a real hectic few days for him.

  25. Roundlax says:

    Wow so he’s really putting himself out there for colleges!
    Any ideas on where he’s planning on heading?

  26. Joe Lombardi says:

    Chris is open right now. This will be a big week in terms of visibility for him as well as all the uncommitted rising seniors and rising juniors throughout the region.

    Needless to say, when any recruiting news breaks, we’ll fix it. I mean, we’ll have it right here. So stay tuned.

  27. INC says:

    WestRock is missing a lot of guys. Where are they?? Pfiffner, Lombardo, McCulloch, Thompson??

  28. L/P says:

    Longo was unreal in that game. He made a bunch of doorstop and inside 8 yrds saves. I thought a nice play was when one of the middies came down he passed it to Lieberman who fed it across to Interlicchio who did a quickstick pass to Caffery for a easy goal. Very good ball movement.

  29. […] Summer season reaches its peak Jul 23  Email This […]

  30. Lax 17 says:

    HV tyeam is nothing close to what should represent Hudson Valley. Where is Brandofino,Mcguigan, Bernabo from Pac. Daniello and the boys from Jay,Fitzgerald from Put Valley.All going to Hotbeds .Ridiculous that the best players are not playing. Put Daniello Brando and KI on attack with Fitzgerald,Petre and Lieberman then you could represent.This team is porous.

  31. Lax Novice says:

    If somebody had talked my son into dropping out of a big lacrosse event like Hotbeds to take part in this on the HV team and then we find out that our schedule is Southern Tier, Northern NY (not one senior) and Western NY, I’d be furious. No (scheduled) games against Central, Nassau or Suffolk? No playoff?
    What would be the point?

    Someone knowledgable please project what the line would be for HV – Northern.

  32. meatball says:

    Can you say money maker

  33. laxforfun says:

    Who talked whose kid out of going to hotbeds?

    I think everyone is whinning an awful lot – everyone says let the kids play – well they are, so what is the issue? Many of the kids mentioned didn’t tryout so it wasn’t that they were snubbed. Everyone is so wound that their boys aren’t on the team – ask them why, bet they didn’t tryout. But the kids that did and made it will play to the best to represent the HV – so instead of knocking the team – WISH THEM LUCK

  34. Jericho says:

    I’m guessing Nike is giving each coach of each regional team a stipend. That’s probably the only way they were able to make it a go. And yeah HV kids are out of luck because games are played at the same times few college coaches will bother watching them. They will be watching Nassau, Suffolk and Central.

  35. RED RAGE says:

    Somers and JJ kids were very smart to stick wit Hotbeds. Now they look like geniuses.

  36. MurphsPlace says:

    With KI all set with Hop and Honovich with Fairfield why are they wasting time and risking injury competing in this and travelling 10 hours roundtrip to do it?

  37. PurpleReigns says:

    This is a rare occassion where John Jay and Somers ppl are in total agreement. Furthermore why should Mikey Daniello go up to Syracuse now? He will be spending a lotta time there in a few years. Wait did P-Reigns really just say that? Let’s keep that on the DL.

  38. Lax Novice says:

    laxforfun – wake up – no one is knocking the team, we’re knocking the event that would seem to be much less competitive and worthwhile for the HV team than before the schedule came out. If parents of the kids on the team are around, please chime in on your impressions. Are you happy to not be playing Nassau, Suffolk, Central or Rochester? You’ll likely be 3-0 (although Western will have a good group, at least), will that make the day worthwhile? Please let us know. And, btw, we don’t live in NY so we don’t have a dog in the hunt, to turn a popular cliche. It just seems like a lot of outstanding players and good people (read: parents of really good players) will spend a lot of time in the car to participate in what amounts to the “B” division of this new event.

  39. laxforfun says:

    Lax Novice, Thanks I am awake and before I respond I read the comments so – read the above comments – try comments #6, #9 # 11 and #114 for starters – very much stating these kids aren’t good enough. Maybe some kids who weren’t playing wanted to play. Why bash the event and make the kids feel like they are a joke for going this.

  40. Not_Jo_Jo says:

    Joe’s right…Westrock was gassed and missing guys, so don’t read too much into the hammering whether you love them or hate them. Good job by HV – they look workman like and methodical. Actually, they look like Yorktown.

    I understand that a lot of the area players were already committed to Hotbeds, but apparently nine Yorktown guys tried out and nine made the team…a couple of guys from PV…a handful of lakeland…yeah yeah.

    This is pretty hard to root for, but it is what it is. I’m not so sure that people even are objecting to the team, but rather, how it came together.

    LEAVE IT TO NIKE to think they can put on a show without any regard for what else is already on the calendar and plop the thing right in the middle of HBeds, Champ and the others. That’s okay, they’ll learn the hard way a put the thing on a different weekend next year.

    Good luck, have fun HV, Prime Time, Westrock U18, Westrock U17.

    PS – Longo is going down with the WR U17.

    PSS – Hotbeds will have a Rising Seniors All Star game AND a Rising Juniors All Star game on Tuesday.

  41. Lax Novice says:

    laxfofun, with all due respect you’re missing the point. A few days ago in the comment you reference the JJ contingent was making a big deal about how could you have a HV team without JJ guys, etc etc under the assumption that the Nike event would be much more like the Empires, with a playoff and eventual champion. Now we know that isn’t the case, and the one-day three-game format is great if you’re Central or Suffolk or Nassau. No one is criticizing the kids who are part of the team for signing up for this, and no one from JJ is begging to be part of it, either. I think a lot of people seem let down by the disrespect the organizers have for Hudson Valley lacrosse. Maybe next year will be different, who knows. But please don’t continue to confuse the uproar over the schedule and format for complaints over the makeup of the team. Thanks to the organizers, those complaints no longer exist.

  42. Not_Jo_Jo says:

    Hotbeds schedules:

    vs. Northport, NJ Lacrosse Club, CT Elite, Team Hills, Team Central, Sting Black, Scorpion, LI Pride B, Old North State, Black Bear

    vs. NJ Lacrosse Club, Northport, EMASS JRM, Team Indiana, Team Fin, Sting Gold, Shamrocks Green, LI Riptide, Pa. Tomahawks, Black Jacks Black

    [Black Jacks Black is their ‘A’ team, Shamrocks Green is their younger team]

    vs. Braveheart, Black Jacks Red, Team Georgia A, Mass Elite Red, Team Miami, Team 302, Washington Starz, Shamrocks Orange, Baldwin, CT Lacrosse Club

    [Black Jacks Red is their ‘B’ team, Shamrocks Orange is their ‘A’ team]

  43. YoYo says:

    hotbeds is the 26 – 29…how do othey conflict?

  44. laxforfun says:

    Lax Novice with due respect, not missing the point at all I don’t even disagree Nike picked the wrong w/e – they were trying to compete for a piece of the action. No doubt it in many ways it backfired on them. However, not sure of your statement “few days ago in the comment you reference the JJ contingent was making a big deal about how could you have a HV team without JJ guys, etc etc under the assumption that the Nike event would be much more like the Empires, with a playoff and eventual champion.” Not even sure what your point is but please re-read what I said, very simply, that before the jj contingent (your words) or any other people start with the jumping on who isn’t on the team there maybe a reason – they didn’t tryout – they weren’t snubbed. Nothing more – stop the negative comments and find out why they aren’t- Lets face the fact, these kids didn’t tryout because they are going to hotbeds or where ever because of college coaches and recruiting not for the championship. Hotbeds may be played as a team but be very sure it is an individual showcase. And I hope every kid from HV that is there rocks the socks off of the college coaches – wouldn’t that be great.

  45. Laxfan says:

    When were the try-outs for the HV team for the Nike event or was it invitation only?

  46. A-B-C-Lax says:

    U-18 WestRock Roster is wrong on the website?? This is whos going to HotBeds-


    Honovich- L/P

  47. Lax Novice says:


    That will be great, there is every expectation that HV will rout at least two of the three teams they will play this weekend. The only issue is whether they will be doing that in a vacuum while the coaches are watching more competitive games involving Central,Suffolk, Rochester and Nassau. I hope for all their sakes the coaches come out in full force. If your going, please report back on how the event is run, and good luck.

  48. slacrosse says:


    Agree. You could finish NY Shootout on Sat aft and then go to Delaware (1 or 2 kids are doing this I think). I’m sure a summer team coach would have no problems given you’d be playing for your Section. Maybe there was too much pressure to NOT miss summer team practice in order to do tryout for HV.

    Yeah I know the conflict, tightness in schedules are REAL and the Shootout is not a great format but still playing for Section 1 in the best that couls be arranged. Doable if the desire was there!

  49. Not_Jo_Jo says:

    Yo Yo and slacrosse…You’re on mark with the dates and such, but a lot of parents are at the point in the summer where expense and time are becoming a problem. Remember, these guys have been traveling and paying for travel, camps and recruiting venues and all in they’re at about $3K – $4K for the summer by now and on the road for six weekends in a row.

    Many are feeling the strain…WE NEED TARP FUNDS!

  50. Maryland Lax says:

    Great info and coverage Joe Lombardi. You know your stuff.

  51. LI Guy says:

    Maryland – We’re spoiled because we get to read Joe’s info on the tristate area everyday up here.

  52. slacrosse says:

    Maryland Lax

    Plenty of people up here know the MIAA/MD scene pretty well. Next season why not give Joe, rest of us up here some good color/highlights?

  53. slacrosse says:

    Maryland Lax,

    OK, knew I couldn’t resist. Seriously the competition was tough in the Under Armour Regional Tournament but how come it turned out to be such a disaster for MD–no wins?? What were /md people saying??

  54. Oregon Lax says:

    Joe …

    Just discovered your site thru your Facebook group. Awesome articles and recruiting coverage on this blog. There’s nothing like it out there.

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