marascoSyracuse-bound JoJo Marasco.
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The votes are all in, and in a down-to-the-wire showdown, Syracuse University-bound JoJo Marasco of edged Manhasset’s Connor English and West Islip’s Nicky Galasso to earn the inaugural regional player of the year award. all-region threads:

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When it comes to athleticism, stick skills and shooting ability, Marasco, the all-time leading scorer in Somers history, is as good as it gets.

The two-time US Lacrosse all-American, who had 56 goals and 36 assists this past season to lead Somers to its first sectional title since 2006, continued getting oohs and aahs from fans after the season.

In the annual all-America Senior Classic All-Star Classic, he engineered a jaw-dropping double behind-the-back play that ranked No. 3 on ESPN’s Top 10 plays of the week. (You can watch it by clicking here.)

Marasco has the rare blend of stick skills, shooting ability, athleticism and endurance, making him arguably the nation’s top high school attackman/midfielder. It remains to be seen whether he will play attack or midfield for the two-time defending national champion Orange. He certainly has the ability to excel at either spot.

Here’s how the voting for player of the year ended up:

JoJo Marasco, Somers, 96
Connor English, Manhasset, 92
Nicky Galasso, West Islip, 91
Matt White, Ridgefield, 51
John Ranagan, Yorktown, 33
Mike Daniello John Jay, 20
John Fennessy, Yorktown, 18
Nick Trizano, Iona Prep, 17
Luke Haggerty, Clarkstown South, 17
Erik Pfiffner, Somers, 16
John Bolton, Darien, 17
Rob Bellairs, Plainedge, 16
Jeff Froccaro, Port Washington, 16
Case Matheis, Darien, 16
Greg Petre, Somers, 16
Cole McCormack, Rye, 15
Colin Tullgren, Somers, 10
John Bello, Somers, 8
Andrew West, Darien, 5
Kevin Interlicchio, Yorktown, 5
Brendan Walsh, Ridgefield, 4
Myles Gillespie, Iona Prep, 4
Derek Katchis, Greeley, 4
Cody Ferraro, Ward Melville, 4
Thomas Keith, Syosset, 4
Chas Brickman, Darien, 4
Shawn Honovich, Lakeland/Panas, 4
Dylan Haas, Somers, 4
Donald Keough, Rye, 4
Dominique Alexander, Baldwin, 3
Jim van de Verdoonk, Put Valley, 3
Eddie Schurr, Somers, 3
Rob Santangelo, Rye, 3
Rob Lombardo, Somers, 3
Andrew Hodgson, West Islip, 3
Matt Gorski, Darien, 3
Matt Deiana, Somers, 1

Total number of votes: 615

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11 Responses to “Here is your 2009 regional player of the year”

  1. HVLax says:

    Congrats Jo Jo. I think either of the top four would have been worthy of #1 and am proud we have this kind of talent from this area. Best of luck to all in the future.

  2. slacrosse says:

    Congrats Jo and completely agree with HVLAX comment on how this showcases the talent of the region!!

  3. IslandLaxpert says:

    The polls were a lot of fun. I think the readers got it right. All these guys would have been worthy but I’ve watched lax a long time and have never seen anyone with the combination of skills mixed with athleticism and feel for the game Morasco has. It will be fun watching him at Syracuse.

  4. Tweaker McMuffins says:

    this goes to show…that most of the readers/pollsters are not from LI…you gotta lead your team to some HARDWARE to really warrant this award

  5. Jericho says:

    Actually Galasso and English combined for 183 votes — Marasco got a total of 96 votes so there is obviously alot of LI readership. But I would hope people just didn’t vote for where players are from but who the best player is. We need to get past these provincial biases. I’m from LI and I admit we’re the most biased when it comes to this.

    So I voted for Jo-jo. Championships are a factor but not the only factor. It’s player of the year not MVP. Marasco did win a sectional title. He didn’t have the supporting cast the other top four guys did. So I didn’t hold that against him. Let’s see who does better in college. Should be interesting.

  6. GreenWhite says:

    If anything Long Island was over represented. White and Ranagan should have each gotten more votes. Where was everyone in CT and Westchester to support them? LI guys have won every position poll just about until now so I say it’s about time a Section One guy got some love. The one time a LI guy isn’t #1 LI people cry about it. Having seen JoJo for 5 years on varsity he’s definately deserving.

  7. slacrosse says:


    Well said. I do think serious and knowledgable bloggers like you and IslandLaxpert from LI and others from Westchester and CT try and do their best to be independent on this kind of stuff. “Twicker McMuffins” should follow suit!!

    JO, English, Gallaso, White, Ranagan–they’re all gonna be great players in college and like what was said earlier, its great that THIS region can put Balt/Phil in place by producing this caliber of player.

    Now all we need is for a team like West Islip to put Gilman in place once and for all!

    (from a Westchester-based fan).

  8. tigerlax says:

    green and white

    Haggerty rec more votes over Belairs

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  11. Observer says:

    Very deserving. Good job by the readers going with the best overall senior. Next year though it has to be Galasso.

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