We saved the best for last, gang.

Kind of like the grand finale of a fireworks display, we’ve now reached the part of our LaxLessons.com all-region selections we’ve all been waiting for.

Namely, the selection of player of the year.

Before we get to that, though, congratulations to West Islip’s Scott Craig, who guided the Lions to their third state title in the last four years. Craig was voted as LaxLessons.com coach of the year.

Here’s a rundown of the final coach  of the year balloting:

Scott Craig, West Islip, 39
Roy Colsey, Ridgefield, 35
Bill Cherry, Manhasset, 28
Brian Kuczma, Putnam Valley, 26
Drew Werney, Irvington, 18
Lew Janavey, Somers, 16
Rick Trizano, Iona Prep, 16
Dave Marr, Yorktown, 13
Joe Scarsella, John Jay – RIP, 10
Jeff Brameier, Darien, 6
Nick Savastano, John Jay, 5
Mike Hoppey, Ward Melville, 5
John Wiseman, Wilton, 4
Keith Wieczorek, St. Anthony’s, 3
Christian Doller, Sayville, 2
Mike Vorgang, Nisky, 2
Mark Armogida, White Plains, 2
Chuck Arnone, Hicksville, 1

Total votes: 231

Now, let’s get back to player of the year.

Here are your nominees:

Connor English, Manhasset

Nicky Galasso, West Islip

JoJo Marasco, Somers

John Ranagan, Yorktown

Matt White, Ridgefield

Feel free to write in anyone not named above. But whatever you do, be sure to exercise your right to vote in what promises to be a close, down-to-the-wire race.

Limit one vote per person. Voting ends at midnight on Saturday.

Reach Joe Lombardi at joe@laxlessons.com.

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19 Responses to “Who is the LaxLessons.com regional player of the year?”

  1. CoppsHill says:

    These are all worthy candidates but at the end of the day before you vote ask yourselves this question …

    If this were a draft and you had the #1 pick, who would it be?

    Who best combines scoring with athleticism and leadership?

    When you weigh all those things, I’m sure, like me, you will end up with just one name – Matt White.

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  3. Keeler Tav says:

    What he said! Nice job summing it up Mr. Cops Hill.

    Matty White is the one!!!

    Cast your votes people!

  4. GreenWhite says:

    Game winner vs Chaminda, 4 g’s vs JJ, game winner in sectional finals … John Ranagan is not only a clutch player but a great athlete. He gets my vote easily.

  5. ctlax says:

    Agreed, it is Matt White. He has made the case for himself as the #1 incoming recruit in the country and clearly the best player in the tri-state. There is not a flaw in his game – he does everything and does it well. Unbelievable stick skills, quickness, athleticism, and vision. Also anyone who saw the 2008 FCIAC Championship knows that he has an absolute rip! He also rides hard, hustles all the time, and can play defense as a midfielder. I fully expect him to start at UVA as a freshman next year and make some noise.
    Galasso is the only one who I think can go in the conversation with White. He was the best player in New York and the Tri-State’s best team. He’s a really good all round player like White, but White is much quicker – which sets them apart.
    Marasco and English are also both very good, but ask the college coaches who the best incoming attackman is, and almost everyone will tell you White. Ranagan’s too raw to be the best player in the region – phenomenal athlete though…

  6. LionsDen says:

    Simple question. If all these guys are on the same team, who draws the best pole? Who does the opposing coach make the #1 priority for their defense?

    Nicky Galasso hands down. ,

  7. SirLaxalot says:

    Here’s another question. If you put Joe Marasco on West Islip, Manhasset, Ridgefield or Yorktown imagine what he would have done. As it is he had a season as good as those other guys on a team not at their level. He is the most athletic, skilled and best shooter of this bunch. Unlike Galasso and English, he can also play midfield and play it well.

  8. Pequa says:

    I haven’t been by here for a few days because its the off season and I figured nothing was going on. Man I won’t make that mistake again. Lots of good new articles and info.

    As for player of the year it’s definately between Galasso and White. I think Galasso is a bit more well rounded so he gets my vote.

  9. S1wss says:

    if Regional player of the year is like an MVP it goes to Galasso

    If its most impressive season it goes to White

    if its the draft pick thing you guys are talking about its Marasco, he has the most raw talent, and athleticism, he has the most upside, imagine the jump going from a program like West Islip or the team and coaching this year in Ridgefield (not that Somers had good coaching, but Janevey didnt crack top 5, and supporting cast on a lower level) so make the jump from there to say a UVA (Matt White) now imagine the leap from a Somers to a ‘Cuse…. Marasco will get better in huge strides with the teammates he will have in the dome…

    Marasco has a future that leads to Tewaaraton Trophy consideration

  10. slacrosse says:

    Marasco is player of the yr.

    Ranagan is MVP

    LionsDen: Coach never makes that decision as he called up previously to say his bus broke down and had to forfeit the game!!

  11. Taz says:

    All great players. For me I think winning the whole things is a part of the equation so only Galasso and English qualify there – just my own opinion. If that’s not a criteria Matt White or 1 of those 2 is my POY.

  12. John FANagan says:

    John Ranagan is hands down the player of the year. Where would Yorktown’s midfield be without Ranagan? Where would the whole team be without Ranagan providing mind-blowing clears for the defense single-handedly with his athleticism; he lit up the stat sheets with passes and his laser of a shot. He won faceoffs, and was a one man fastbreak.

    The kid is a freak of an athlete; he has the size to succeed, and once that frame of his develops and Coach Petro puts the finishing touches on the beast that he is- he will be amongst the best. His emotion and intensity is what should really put him over the top.

    p.s. Joe- I hope this post gets in the north county section

  13. laxman says:

    KI scored the game winner against chaminade

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  15. wahoomurf says:

    SirLaxalot stayed-“Unlike Galasso and English, he ( White) can also play midfield and play it well”.

    Connor English played midfield last summer for the Gold Medal winning LI team at the Empires.

    He certainly can and did play midfield…….and played that position rather well.

  16. Taz says:

    Wahoo – I had totally forgotten that. In fact, if I recall correctly he was the high scorer for the LI team.

  17. wahoomurf says:

    English gets my vote fro POY.

    Taz- You are correct….he was the high scorer for LI.

  18. Illmatic says:

    Nicky Galasso the best tri-state attackman I have seen since Danowski

  19. Laximus says:

    Have you seen Marasco play? Even if you give him the edge there (which I doubt) Galasso is a junior. I couldn’t vote for a junior when there were seniors as good like Marasco and White. Next year Galasso will definately be the favorite to win POY.

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