It’s hard to believe just five years ago when the WestRock 18-under team was formed, it was one of just a handful of summer travel programs throughout the entire region.

Now, WestRock has five teams — U-18, U-17, U-16, U-15, and this year for the first time, a U-13 team.

And WestRock is hardly alone. There are now summer programs all over the place.

Some of the are competing this weekend in the UMass tournament, the Crab City Challenge in Baltimore and the Tri-State tournament at Princeton.

Be sure to weigh in with info, thoughts and comments on summer travel action right here.

For now, here are links to various teams’ Web sites, most of which include schedules and rosters. (A couple of teams do not have specific Web pages, so included are links to the Web sites of the business operating the team.)

* WestRock

* Prime Time

• Epic

• Renegades

• Long Island Express

• Lighthouse Lacrosse

* Hudson Valley Hurricanes

* Connecticut Chargers

* North County Lacrosse

* Three Tribes

* Head, Heart and Hustle

* No Limit Lacrosse

* Sports Barn

* Hudson Valley Express

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81 Responses to “Summer travel team updates”

  1. Supa says:

    Rockin’ the Red, White, and Blue.

  2. Old Rugger says:

    Prime Time U15s had a good showing in the National’s in Balt last week making to quaterfinals and losing to Champion FCA, The team has kids from RField, JJ, Larchmont, Brewster and other local communities.

  3. Laxi says:

    Great job with the info.

  4. Rock_the_Whatever says:

    Westrock was at UMASS this past weekend:

    U18 played some great GREAT teams; Contained Gallasso well vs. West Islip; Need to become more cohesive on O.

    U17 going toe-to-toe with many U18 programs and winning 8-2-3 overall.

    U16 in the Finals at UMASS; Did they win?

    U15 undermanned

    U13 are so much fun to watch

  5. Wolfpack says:

    Westrocks U-18 did very well at the tournament playing prime competition. I agree the team needs more time to come together on offense but the d played very well Bello really shut down Gallasso

  6. Laximus says:

    I heard Tullgren from WestRock is now getting alot of D-I looks is this true?

  7. Laxmom says:


    Don’t forget Matt Cameron’s team Hudson Valley Express

  8. Joe Lombardi says:

    Laximus –

    Colin played very well in the postseason for Somers (games in which quite a few college coaches were present) and is doing well for WestRock this summer.

    He has now being recruited by several strong D-I programs, including St. John’s, Siena and Army.

  9. Westrock says:

    Nice weekend for lax saw 3 games

    u-16 very good team nice size

    u-15 as said need players need speed on attack #5 good defensemen

    u-13 who are the 3 attackman unbelievable for 13yrs old

  10. lionfan says:

    west rock contained Galasso????? Nick had 4 goals and left at halftime to go home………West Islip went on to win handily

  11. lax fan says:

    I think the Westrock u 13 attack is 2 kids from Clarkstown-Sullivan & Haggarty and Carteli from Somers.

  12. Westrock says:

    lax fan thanks

    I don’t know #’s but i can tell you # 1 and # 5 are very good and also # 11 and # 13 both middies are very good as well does Hags have a little brother

  13. dee-up says:

    So from reading the above it looks like some of westrock did well while the u-18 did just o.k. . I am somewhat surprised when you see their roster -they look great on paper. And why would Galasso go home in the midle of a tournament …sound like there’s is more to it . And 4 goals , is that confirmed. If so why would someone say Bello shut him down because 4 goals does not = shut down by any means

  14. Joe Lombardi says:

    I was not at UMass but here is what I learned about the game. West Islip defeated WestRock 10-8.

    John Bello was on Galasso and limited him to two goals when they were paired off one-on-one in settled situations. Bello’s performance in the game did not go unnoticed by the coaches in attendance. Since the game, he’s drawn interest from Ohio State and North Carolina, which, of course, is Galasso’s college destination.

  15. To_lionfan says:

    Galasso absolutely did not go home at halftime and scored two goals.

    Bello (Somers) played himself right on to the radar because of it.

  16. lionfan says:

    Nick had to be home by 7, he left the game vs West Rock before the half, with WI leading 4-2, I had the final at 10-6

  17. lionfan says:

    you may have your Lions mixed up, Nick was wearing #50 not his usual #5

  18. Wolfpack says:

    Galasso had 2 goals and only scored when Bello was on the sideline

  19. lionfan says:

    I’m pretty sure he scored twice while playing attack and I thought twice from midfield. I don’t know who was covering him, but I promise you that he left before halftime, and did not play at all on Sunday. Maybe these two teams will meet again at the LI Classic this weekend

  20. Bystander says:

    What’s getting lost in all this ridiculous micro-management is that is was a fun game to watch. Hats off to WI for the win – they beat a very good team and hats off to WR for hanging around a venerable program and team.

    Bardwell did not play the second half for WR and the other goalie WR brought in is simply not as good as Bardwell and it showed. Galasso tallied a couple in the first and in the second the “other” (imagine that, ‘the other’), islip guys started scoring, which they COULD NOT DO in the first half. No shame there, Bardwell is excellent and his absence had a direct impact on the score. It did. Deal with it.

    WI is a terrific, cohesive team, but they don’t have a monopoly on talent. WR is a legit allstar team and it shows. They’re an allstar team and are simply not as polished together as the WI squad. Their passes are often a half-second late or early and guys have to reach behind them a bit to catch a ball or lunge forward a smidge to catch another. The same thing on D; they’re just not as familiar with each other as WI. Could they go toe-to-toe with Islip in a seven game series and win? Absolutely, but it will take what Islip already has – practice time, practice time, practice time and a season of games games games experience. They are legit allstars and any one of them could move over to West Islip and make that team better…they’re allstars…but,

    WR is simply not as good as WI and all things being equal should lose to them by couple/few when they play, which they did. Three weeks ago half of them didn’t even know each other’s names let alone be able to think alike. On paper, WR is as formidable as WI maybe more so, but WI is a better team on the field.

    I do not believe they are scheduled to play at Hofstra.

  21. lax8219 says:

    Amidst all of this nonsensical talk about Galasso and how many times he scored, let it be known that Team Superstar went 6-0 in the highest bracket at UMass this weekend…did West Islip or West Rock fare as well as Superstar did?

  22. dee-up says:

    Bystander – you made for a nice read …. and valid points …good job

  23. Bystander says:

    Thanks Dee.

    lax8219, dude. The IAS Catamounts, West Coast (white) and Rhode Island U17…that’s U17.

    Huntington – ranked like 20th or 21st in Sec 11 this year. Last week, the Westrock U17 beat Shoreham-Wading River, who won Sec 11-B and ranked three on long island. Dude.

    Nice wins, but not exactly a schedule that strikes fear into the hearts of mortal men. LOL.

  24. Not_Jo_Jo says:

    I have to agree with Bystander but not completely.

    I was there and the Catamounts were easily one of the weakest in the bracket if not the weakest. RI was pretty good but they were young and in ovre their heads. They should have been down in the varsity bracket. Huntington looked like a typical town team that had a system, but not the horsepower. They weren’t very good either. The strong teams in that bracket were WR, 3 Villages, West Islip, NH Tomahawks Purple, West Coast (red) EMASS JRM and maybe one or two I forgot. West Coast red destroyed westrock which tells you how good they were. They might be a U19. NHTonahawks purple are U19.

    You can’t take away what Team S did and they did not ask for the schedule they got, but through the random luck of the draw they did avoid playing the really good teams.

    Don’t hate on Team S, but don’t crow about the record until they play some heavy duty squads

    Maybe Team S and WR should schedule a game at brewster where westrock practices. I’d bet it would draw a good crowd. I’d know I’d go and wtach.

  25. Not_Jo_Jo says:

    BTW, I don’t know where lax8219 came up with 6-0. This was a five game tournament…unless they played a game against another team in the parking lot it sounds like he’s trying to pad the stats.

  26. Lax Novice says:

    The Ridgefield hype machine in full summer mode.

  27. lionfan says:

    west islip u17 went 5-0 in the elite division
    west islip u16 went 4-0-1 in the varsity division

  28. Not_Jo_Jo says:


    There were a lot of ties at UMASS because of no tiebreaker. I thought that was odd because there was no trophy on the line, but I guess time did not allow.

    Who did WI U16 tie at UMASS?

  29. lionfan says:

    west coast team (made up of kids fron Az and Cal I think) 4-4

  30. Not_Jo_Jo says:

    Actually I’m pretty sure it’s more than that…WA, CA, OR, AZ and I think a NV or two.

    They have two teams..Red is their primetime and white is their jr. primetime.

    I can only imagine how much money they have to raise for the season. They need airfare, ground transportation, food and lodging seven nights per week for I don’t know how many weeks. When and where do they practice before heading east? That’s another expense and the logistics must be fun.

    I mean this is easily over $100K, right?

  31. lionfan says:

    in WI it costs us about $40 per tournament…….plus Hotels

  32. franklyscarlett says:

    Novice you’re too funny. Never seen someone with such a jones for dissing another team. Hype in summer ball? Hello? You’re like a one man anti RF zealot. Superstar is a mixed team with guys from several towns why are you so bent on equating them to RF? Gotta let go of the anger man. Your blue wave pride hurt from the spring?

  33. sideliner says:

    Be realistic!! Look at the Superstar rosters. The majority of the kids are from Ridgefield!By fa

  34. Lax Novice says:

    On the contrary, frankly, I’m not dissing anyone, simply pointing out that the Ridgefield/Superstar team consists of some people who can’t resist dissing West Islip and WestRock’s teams in order to promote their own good result (although they don’t quite remember how many games they played there) at a tournament in which some other people who were there claim was done against less-than-elite teams. That would be consistent with the hype bloggers here had to endure last spring.

    And my Blue Wave Pride is well intact thanks, no regrets about winning a 5th consecutive Class M State Championship here. We’re enjoying summer ball, and, unlike Ridgefield/Superstar, rather than hype ourselves we’re letting Inside Lacrosse and LaxLessons keep people informed about how our returning boys are doing.

    Enjoy the summer.

  35. CAS says:

    The Team S U17 team, which was the one in question, has 8 Ridgefield kids; the rest are Greeley, Somers, other Section 1 kids. And I only saw one comment about them – but Lax Novice was lying in wait just in case any one said anything good about Ridgefield. I think maybe Colsey stole his lunch money back in grade school or something. Let it go, Lax!

  36. Lax Novice says:

    SuperStar Lacrosse

    The scoop
    Syracuse great (and Ridgefield coach) Roy Colsey’s summer vehicle features the FCIAC champions’ top rising seniors – as well as a few holdovers from Colsey’s last stint, at Section 1’s Horace Greeley.

    On the roster
    Division I prospect – and rising senior attackman – Mike Galione headlines the offense. Keep an eye also on Tiger midfielder Aaron Mathias and faceoff specialist Duncan Morrissey (who will be one of Connecticut’s top FOGOs in 2010.) On defense, Greeley’s Derek Katchis and speedy Ridgefield LSM Casey McKnight lead the way.

    This was posted by Colin, introducing the Fairfield Co. summer programs back in June, which is the first I had heard of this program and got the impression that was basically a Ridgefield program with a dash of Greeley thrown in.
    But you obviously know more about Fairfield Co. lax than Colin, so I defer.

    I may sneak over to the Blue and Gold Elite division this weekend at Hofstra and catch some of Superstar in action in that division, it looks a bit more robust than the UMass tournament division was.

  37. CAS says:

    The roster is available on the Superstar website, if you don’t want to take my word for it. Eight are returning Ridgefield players. Bastian, Katchis are Greeley, Schurr is I believe Somers, the rest I don’t recognize, but I know they are not Ridgefield kids.

    I think the young man’s name was Conor, and, where has he gone? He was a nice addition.

  38. oliveloaf says:

    “That would be consistent with the hype bloggers here had to endure last spring.

    We’re enjoying summer ball, and, unlike Ridgefield/Superstar, rather than hype ourselves we’re letting Inside Lacrosse and LaxLessons keep people informed about how our returning boys are doing.”

    Now really. I’m not exactly a Ridgefield lover but honestly, this site and others are ALL about hype. All regional teams, player of the year, best middie/attack/defense votes, top 25 regional teams, etc. Its all good and all in fun. Common Lax Novice get your nose out of the air. Your posts make you look small minded.

  39. Not_Jo_Jo says:

    Scores and news from Day One at Hofstra Blue and Gold…

    Westrock U17 got hammered by CT Elite, but then regrouped and beat 360 Romans and NH Tomahawks Black.

    Saw Superstar there, but didn’t have time to get a score.

    Competition looked good and no better or worse than UMASS. Seemingly, there are more teams from NY area which will only raise the bar.

    NH Tomahawks Purple
    CT Chargers, LI BRaves, Team Hills, LI Express, Headstrong (who are they?), CT Cardinals, Checkmate, Team LI, Whitman, Skyhawks, CT Rip-IT, North County Navigators, Smithtown, FCA, ESM, NYC Empire, Huntington varsity, North Shore Rage, West Islip

    Some of the Varsity bracket:
    LI Pride Hughes, NH TOmahawks U17, LI Tomahawks, FTL of the Game, CT Rip-It, CT Chargers Gold, Syosset Braves, Pride micheals, CT Chargers Blue, Team S, Renegadesm(hey they finally showed up at a tournament), Connetquot, South Shore Seals, Maverik Dallas, Turf Island Oilers, West Islip Westrock

  40. Lax Novice says:

    Hey, oliveloaf, I’m all about the fun, especially in the summer ball season. I’m not taking any of this who’s better than who in July seriously. I just got back from the Blue and Gold out at Hofstra this weekend. My son’s team won some games, lost some games, hopefully learned some things and had a good time.

    The guy I was tweaking, the one who was claiming that the Superstar team was better than West Islip and WestRock, now HE was dead serious. So I try to burst his self-important bubble a little bit, and then other people pile on, because they take what I’m saying seriously, for some unknown reason.

    As far as the hyping goes, personally I only pay attention to what Joe Lombardi, Syracuse and other knowledgable people have to say about current and upcoming star players. I think Dads and others who come on here singing the praises of their own kids by name do those boys a disservice, there’s enough pressure in scholastic sports without that.

    So, please understand that all I try to do from time to time is bring some of those outlandish, and generally unsubstaniated, claims back to earth, hopefully with a dash of common sense and light humor. I have no interest in any sort of hype that contributes little to any serious conversation about the sport of lacrosse or where its next HS stars are coming from. That’s why I come by, to learn from the people who really know what’s going on.

  41. Bystander says:

    Nice tournament this weekend at Hofstra. Competition was terrific, weather was great (what makes the L.I. sun hotter than other places?) and it was good to see so many local teams there…I think 220 teams overall. Nice.

    I agree with Not_Jo_Jo, competition appeared to be no better or worse than UMASS – actually a little better (maybe because of so many locals??)

    Through the grapevine…

    Westrock U18 went 3-0 on day one then lost two one goal games on Day 2 to end up 3-2. Elite bracket was the only bracket to crown a champ, but I don;t know who won.

    Varsity bracket hosted the Renegades who went 3-2 on the weekend – great job Renegades. Don’t know what Team S did but they were there and I think had two teams one in elite and one in varsity. Westrock U17 went 4-1 on the weekend and are heading to Hotbeds next week – nice job.

    There were a bunch of other locals at Hofstra including Yorktown, but I don’t know about Epic, 3 tribes, Prime Time or others…If you have scores or news post away.

    For all who’s tournament season is over congrats and well done. See you all next year and good luck with your school teams.

    P.S. Don’t forget about Brewster Winter League, Mt. Vernon Sports Under Dome now has an indoor league and the West Rock ‘N Roll Box league in the autumn.

  42. slacrosse says:

    “Brine Shootout” started tonite at UMBC. Know LI Sting (includes Cole McCormack, Rye) beat Georgetown Prep 5-4 in double OT!

    Teams attending:
    Atlantic Sportswear
    Boys Latin
    Calvert Hall
    Comp Edge
    Georgetown Prep
    Long Island Express
    Mad Lax Super Select
    Maryland Fireballs
    Mile High All-Stars
    Nova Premier
    Penn Charter
    St. Albans
    St Mary’s
    The Hill Academy
    Top Gun Clams
    Tri State

  43. Hofstra Pride says:

    Some of that Info is incorrect. Westrock was 2-1 on Saturday, they lost to Superstar by three or four. The Ridgefield argument can go either way, however in that game, goals were only scored by Tigers, No-One else really did anything anywhere on the field. Not sure what the results for Sunday were? Also, to call Superstar U- 17 is a bit Iffy, they have about five players who are 2009 grads??. Anyway what’s in a name?
    Westrock has two teams at Hobeds?? Can anyway verify this??

  44. SuperFan says:

    Hofstra Fan that’s interesting. Who are the 2009 grad’s on Superstar? Are they doing PG years or something?

  45. Lax Novice says:

    Superstar did a good job in the Elite division, losing in semis to the eventual champion Smithtown.

  46. Observer says:

    What players stood out for West Rock and Superstar? Did West Islip have their best players?

  47. CAS says:

    Who are 09′ grads on team S? None of the Ridgefield players have graduated.

  48. SCH says:

    Think there talking about D Katchis, and another Greeley kid, Also there is a player that actually wears a Westrock helmet , and the Pelham middie who are all 09.

  49. franklyscarlett says:

    Looking at the roster listed pretty sure Katchis is the only ’09 although I’m not sure who SCH is referring to with Pelham middie, does he have a name? I’m trying to be careful here as I don’t want to be accused of spreading “outlandish and unsubstantiated claims” based on the roster.

    I think Katchis is going to Deerfield PG. So I guess the Superstar website should list the team as “U17 with a kid who is actually PG’ing next year but may in fact still be U17 by the date rules listed on the Superstar website for tryouts”. I guess next year Colsey should tell such kids to take a walk so as not to offend posters here.

    Also, can update that two “overhyped” players on “overhyped” Superstar from that “overhyped” northern fairfield HS just wrapped up their college commits for next year and another is close. Again, I’ll let Joe report it when he finds out because God forbid something nice happens to a RF kid and someone points it out and says nice job fella! Don’t all these college coaches know these RF kids are “overrated”?

  50. oliveloaf says:

    Almost choked on my sandwich reading your post frankly! Very funny. Is one of the two mcknight by any chance. Good player.

  51. slacrosse says:

    At Brine Tournament LI Sting I has won all games so far with another OT win (9-8) over a combined team of kids from very top philly area prep teams of LaSalle (4th nationally) and Malvern Prep.

  52. slacrosse says:

    LI Sting mainly LI kids. Among other non LI kids are McCormack and 3-4 other Rye High kids (ladder kids playing on various Sting teams) + Razook (very strong A) and Setter(M) from RCDS, and a great LSD named Rose who plays for Deerfield.

  53. everybodys_bud says:

    Westrock U17’s are going to HBeds, that’s confirmed.

    This is the list of teams from the Hotbeds web site, but I don’t know if it is complete or accurate:

    Connecticut Lacrosse Club
    Greene Turtle
    Mesa Fresh 2011 (DIDN’T THEY WIN IT LAST YEAR?)
    Team Central
    Team Fin (Florida)
    Team Miami
    Team One Lacrosse
    West Michigan Lax
    Belax Elite
    Black Bear
    Blackjacks Black
    Checkmate Lacrosse Club
    Chesapeake Elite
    CT Elite
    Florida Carolina
    Florida Navy
    Florida Rising Stars
    IAS (Mass.)
    LI Pride A
    LI Riptide
    Mass Elite Red
    Mass Elite White
    Minn Elite
    NED (Mass.)
    NJ Lacrosse Club
    NoVa West
    Ocean State (RI) Warriors
    Pa – Tomahawks
    Prime Time
    SMS Elite
    South Jersey Shamrocks Green
    South Jersey Shamrocks Orange
    Sting Black
    Sting Gold
    Team 302
    Team 302 White
    Team Georgia A
    Team Hammer
    Team Hills (Out near Deer Park)
    Team Indiana (They’re from Ohio…kidding)
    Upper Shelf Lacrosse
    Ward Melville
    Washington Starz
    West Rock
    West Rock B (U17)

    Does anybody know if Prime Time is the John Jay Prime Time?

    Too bad there’s no tv coverage of this.

  54. A Hot-Bed says:

    Mesa fresh did win it last year . They are a sick team. As is Team Florida, and others. GREAT Tourney. More college coaches then anywhere!. Prime Time is The JJ Boys. WestRock getting two teams in…. ( Is it a 17, and a 18 team or just two mixed teams put together for Hotbeds??? ) Thats Huge. Usually a Long Waiting List!!

  55. Old Rugger says:

    Yes Bud it is the JJ Primetime U17 team

  56. Lax Novice says:

    I’m going to violate my no-hype vow to advise everyone that there’s an elite level end of summer season tournament hosted by the Connecticut Chargers this coming weekend, July 25th and 26th. Youth levels U-11 and U-15 are on Saturday at Greenwich HS, U-12 and U13 Saturday at Darien HS, U-16 at Darien on Sunday and U-17 and U-18 at Greenwich HS on Sunday. Top Connecticut programs such as the Bulldogs, Superstar, CT Rip It and Paragon are participating, along with Head Heart Hustle, Duxbury, Mass., South Shore Seals and others too hard to spell to mention here.

    The schedule is found on the main page of the Charger web site. Pray for good weather!

  57. Smokie says:

    Not Superstar U-18 aren’t they going to Champ Camp??

  58. franklyscarlett says:

    Superstar doesn’t field a U18 team, only a “U17 with a kid who is actually PG’ing next year but may in fact still be a U17 according to the age rules on the Superstar website team” and yes they are going to Champ Camp. However, the “overhyped” U11 – U16’s rostering all those “overhyped” RF youth will be participating. Make sure you tell all the RF parents of the U11-U16’s standing on the sidelines how overrated RF children are because that would just add so much to the experience for us.

  59. everybodys_bud says:

    No mixing – Westrock is traveling as separate teams, a U18 and a U17. The 17’s are going to have their work cut out for them, but they’ll win some games and get terrific experience. I didn’t know this, but they have only five long poles on the roster and one is a pole middie, so hats off to the D. I wonder how well they’ll hold up with the brutal schedule this year 12 games in 4 days. They’re also comfortable playing behind and coming back, but they won’t be able to do that against the older/better teams in Delaware.

    I have no idea how they got two teams in – leave it to Lew Janavey to get it done – mad wizard. lol.

    It’ll be good for Prime Time too who are traveling as a U17 (?). Does that mean Daniello (sr?) and others have to miss out? I hope not, they’re a fun group to watch.

    No Epic, Yorktown, 3 Tribes or Renegades. What’s up? Is the invitation process that dynamic and selective or do those organizations just choose to not go?

    I was also surprised to not see Team S at HBeds – they would do well there. No Team Florida either, or are they actually called St. Andrew’s or something like that?

    The Chargers tourny looks good.

    I still wish they had some tv of this.

  60. Lax Novice says:


    They might have some highlights somewhere after the tournament, but there are more people who watch poker reruns than actual athletic events on ESPN (and not just lax). Maybe you can apply for some TARP funds to start up the Lacrosse Channel. Good luck down there in Delaware.

    Speaking of tournaments, I thought frankly sounded a little aggravated in his reply, but I took a peek at some of the teams they drew at the Champ Camp, such as Gilman, Dukes 2 and NH Tomahawks, and I’d be a bit on edge too. Good luck there as well.

    And btw, anyone playing in the top bracket like Superstar is this weekend, it doesn’t matter if you have U17 (rising seniors with a birth year of 1992 or later), U18, PG’s, GP’s or CPA’s, you’re good to go.

    A nitpick here, the term “overhyped” not only hasn’t been used by me, but I’m not sure that’s even a word. The term “hype” has been used to describe teams whose supporters take good results and/or high expectations and, apparently not satisfied with that, make outlandish claims with little basis in reality. A classic case of this is the post #22 in this thread, where it wasn’t enough to simply say that a team went undefeated in a tournament, but was compelled to suggest that his team had a better tournament than West Islip. Those sorts of things should probably be filed in the “Who Cares” folder, but it seems to be the same group, spring or summer, who aren’t happy just having a talented successful team.

    Lastly, its not the job of adults to remind varsity teams who might be overrated or not. That is the task proudly upheld by rabid student sections in the regular HS season such as the CROP, who I’m sure would be happy to greet the Ridgefield HS team next spring with the same warmth and affection they hold for John Jay and other admired opponents.

  61. franklyscarlett says:

    Nitpick away. I don’t believe I ever attributed the word to you directly. Secondly, overhyped is a word. You might look it up before you lecture, especially since you attempt to define it’s root in your own self serving way. And, as you point out, since its not the job of adults to remind teams who might be overrated or not perhaps you should heed your own advice.

    Finally, I appologize to all the posters who have had to endure this little sandbox spat. I’m done. It’s clear this lady/gentleman has issues with RF and I’m just enabling at this point.

  62. everybodys_bud says:

    Hey Novice,

    LOL. I think the only way I can TARP that is if I first lose a $Billion$ then apply.

    You mean, you don’t like watching crappy, un-compelling people play poker on TV? Oh, wait a minute, I don’t either…

  63. Old Rugger says:

    RField is a very good program. Do you know if they are scheduling JJ this year as this could/should develop into a good rivalry. As a good cost cutting measure it would save gas vs Corning East and also a loss for JJ (only pointing out here not predicting) would not hurt them in the idiocy of NY section 1 seeding. BTW these spats happen, only people with opinions post so its bound to happen, LOL.

  64. everybodys_bud says:

    The spats are good as long as there’s no name calling or personal attacks. I think everyone here does a good job with that and because it’s summer there are fewer people posting which helps too..

    I do not believe anyone seriously considers RF to be a second rate program and that all is in good fun.




    real refs, real facilities…it should be a fun game to watch so come on out if the weather is nice, Joe Lombardi COME ON OUT!

    Maybe if some of the other area teams ‘happen to show up’ with their gear some great pickups games might break out too! LOL!!!!!

    Have a great day everybody!

  65. pel lax says:

    SCH — the Pelham middie is a rising senior graduating in 2010

  66. franklyscarlett says:

    I think Colsey would like to get some type of section 1 rotation going however he only gets 4 open slots per year and its really a case of matching open dates. His clear intent is to beef up the strength of schedule. Of course that’s just my read. RF had a yearly going with JJ but it stopped a couple of years ago.

  67. Joe Lombardi says:

    For info on today’s game between the U-18 WestRock team and the HV Shootout team, check the comments portion of this thread:

  68. freelaxer says:


    The U-17 Prime Time team is made up of rising jrs and srs. So, the team does have Daniello, Walter and that age, but also has Pickel and Franklin’s age, so they are considered U-17. The team has about 15 jrs and 7 srs.

  69. LAX says:

    Yeah it includes the 13 JJ rising juniors who were on varsity this past season, 7 JJ rising seniors, and 2 rising junior studs from Bronxville Near and McCormick. Some very talented kids, 7 of the rising juniors were in the Maverick Showtime all-star game.

  70. […] •  Summer travel team updates […]

  71. George says:

    Hi Joe:

    Just got word that Team Primetime(a John Jay Team) while at Battle of the Hotbeds has had a few players selected to play in the extremely elite All Star Game tonight under the lights. Representing Team Primetime are, Brandon Merlino(Midfield), Forest Walter(Midfield), and Mike Daniello(Attack). From what I understand, in total 1,500 players are at this tournament(750 rising Junior, and 750 rising Senior). Of that total, a roster of approximately 44 players from each graduating class are chosen to field two teams to play against one another in an All Star Game @ The University of Delaware.
    Much luck and continued success to our boys while at this tournament!

  72. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yes, indeed. The Hotbeds all-star game is tonight.

    The names you posted, George, are incomplete for Primetime, however. Also, Mike Daniello is no longer in Delaware. He left Sunday with a shoulder injury.

    As I get confirmation of the names of players selected to the all-star game, I will post them on our “Summer Showcase Updates” thread. Stay tuned.

  73. Salem Shores says:

    Sorry Tri-Star, as Joe said PT is 1-1 today (7-1 overall). The lost a team from Washington 4-2, and beat up on a team from South Jersey. They lost another middie to injury – they are beat up but hanging tough.

  74. West Lax says:

    Joe, FYI Hotbeds All – Star 2011 Michael Collins, Long Island Sting , I believe he goes to Rye HS?

  75. slacrosse says:

    West Lax

    Yes, Rye High.

    Rye kids had great lacrosse summers which should bode well for next year’s team.

    Aside from LSM Collins, other rising junior Rye High kids playing for various of the LI Sting, CT Chargers and HV in major tournaments included, O’Callaghan (M), McReddie (M), Barton (A), Chapman (M) Boneventura (DM), Bonsall (LSD). Rising seniors playing included McCormack (FO,M), Hasselmann (LSD),Acquilino (A), and Linehan (G).

    Sorry if missed some.

  76. BigDog says:

    Team Superstar went 7 and 1 at Champ Camp- losing only to eventual champ BELAX, and beating Dukes 2, Tomahawks, Gilman and host of other teams along the way. Overall record on the summer was 21-3…in the elite division at every tournament. And they beat West Rock easily at Hofstra in front of a ton of D-1 Coaches.

  77. Lax Novice says:

    Congrats to the Superstar team for a good summer season.

    Of course, the Ridgefield season wouldn’t be complete without one last exaggeration of what was otherwise a fine showing at Champ Camp. Belax was not the champion of the tournament, they lost to the Dukes #1 team, the rising senior team, in the finals 6-5. Yet the urge to claim more than was actually accomplished never leaves Tiger Hollow.

    How did the Superstar guys look in the all-star game?

  78. Lax Novice says:

    If there was an all-star game, that is.

  79. Gary says:

    Joe – Any chance West Rock will play Primetime next year?

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