It should come as no surprise that when 44 of the nation’s best senior boys lacrosse players gathered for the fourth annual Under Armour all-America Senior Classic last night, there was plenty of scoring — and one unforgettable play.

The South outlasted the North 19-16 before 2,364 fans at Towson University’s Johnny Unitas Stadium in Towson, Md.

Joe’s column: White/Marasco behind-the-back goal leaves quite an impression at All-America Classic

The unforgettable play happened early in the third quarter and involved Syracuse University-bound JoJo Marasco of Somers and University of Virginia-bound Matt White of Ridgefield of the North team.

“We were riding and I was able to scoop up a ground ball by the box, and it was a two-on-one with myself and Matt, and I waited for the defender to slide and I threw a behind-the-back pass to Matt and he finished behind-the-back.

“I threw it behind the back because I had confidence in throwing the pass and thought it was the right time to throw it.”

Marasco and White, who became friends at last summer’s Jake Reed Blue Chip Camp in Maryland, roomed together at Towson.

“We have been working on tricks for the game for the past month saying, ‘We have to get on ESPN’s Top 10 plays,’ ” Marasco said.

They got their wish. The goal, which tied it up at 8-8, indeed did make it on SportsCenter’s “Top 10 Plays of the Week.” It drew the No. 3 ranking among the 10 plays no less.

“We knew we would be able to,” Marasco said. “It was just a matter of what trick we could pull off and if it would go smoothly and luckily enough, we had the opportunity.

“We watched it (on ESPN) all night. It was insane.”

White, who finished with four goals and two assists for the North, also scored off a feed from Marasco 2:56 into the final period to give the North a 13-12 lead.

You can check out Marasco’s behind-the-back pass and White’s BTB goal — No. 3 on the ESPN “Top 10 Plays of the Week” — by clicking here.

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7 Responses to “Watch it here: White/Marasco double behind-the-back goal is No. 3 on ESPN SportsCenter's Top 10 Plays of the Week”

  1. PurpleReigns says:

    WOW. That was like the sickest goal ever.

  2. Keeler Tav says:

    Yeh Matty White! Your my hero!!! Sick play!!! Nice pass Joe-Joe.

  3. CoppsHill says:

    If I hadn’t read Joe’s nice writeup about how they worked on the play in advance I would have been completely floored as opposed to just floored. What an incredible play. Hard to believe they just finished high school. I can only imagine what they both have in store for us at the next level.

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