I’ve heard it called the greatest upset in state playoff history — and one of the biggest ever.

I’m talking about John Jay’s 11-10 double-overtime win against Huntington in the downstate Class B semifinals, which we are featuring today in our “Blast from the Past” video series.

I strongly disagree. When John Jay and Huntington played during the regular season in 2007, Huntington pulled out a 9-6 win — and John Jay played the game minus two-time all-America defenseman Ryder Bohlander (now at Maryland), who was attending his brother’s wedding that day.

So when the teams met again in the Class B state semifinals, I went in feeling it was a tossup.

Was it an upset? On paper, sure. I mean, Huntington entered the game with a 63-game winning streak, was ranked No. 1 in the nation and had two of the most publicized players in high school lax history — twins Rhamel and Shamel Bratton, who are now starring at Virginia.

But Bohlander held Shamel Bratton in check and all-America attackman Brian Douglass (now at Yale) scored off a left-handed shot with nine seconds remaining in the second OT period as the Indians made the state finals for the first time.

Huntington was looking to become the first Long Island team to ever win three straight state titles.

John Jay, which had never won a game on Long Island, pulled out the win despite trailing 9-5 early in the fourth quarter.

Be sure to check out a video of the game at the link below. Be sure to submit video you have of any memorial games by clicking here.

To watch the John Jay-Huntington 2007 game from Hofstra, click here.

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26 Responses to “Blast from the Past series: John Jay vs. Huntington 2007 2OT state semifinal”

  1. SirLaxalot says:

    I totally agree. Talent wise the teams were even. Like you said Jay only lost by three at Huntington without Ryder. Enough said. Plus Huntington played no legit teams outside their weak league. What naybe gives the perception that it was a huge upset was the fact Huntington did win back to back state titles, was ranked #1 in the nation and had the huge win streak. But man for man it was an even matchup and the way the game wound up being decided – in double OT – proved it.

  2. jade says:

    nope it was an upset… the first game was 9-6 but latino had 23 saves it should of been more like 14-6… JJ would lose that game 9 out of 10 times.

  3. Wasabi says:

    It was the best game I ever saw. The JJ-Manhasset game from earlier in the season came pretty close though.

  4. Joe Lombardi says:

    It definitely has to be regarded as an upset. When a team that had never been to state finals — and had never won a game on Long Island in its history — beats a two-time state champ with a 63-game win streak and a No. 1 national ranking, it’s clearly an upset. But not the biggest ever. Not even close.

    Having seen the teams closely that season, I would say if they play 10 times, Huntington would win six — maybe seven — times.

  5. PurpleReigns says:

    What a sick game especially cuz I got to leave skewl early to go haha. KDrew was ridicolous wit 3 g’s.

  6. Jaybird says:

    Jade what’s your point? (He fact Latino made 23 saves shows JJ had a great goalie on a great team that was as good or close to as good as Huntington. Joe hit it on the head. It was an upset in magnitude but not in terms of the talent levels of the teams. They were both equally great.

  7. TownLax says:

    I have a HUGE upset for you. How about JJ losing to JD in the state final in their very next game!

  8. Rebel Yell says:

    Wow Jay fans are gonna take that loss to JD to their graves. It was probably their one chance ever to win a state title. Doubt they’ll ever make it back. What does everyone else think?

  9. PurpleReigns says:

    You won’t have to wait long for that state title there pal. P-Reigns is predicting a state championship.for JJ next year led by 4 AA’s: J-Pickel (Hopkins), Mikey Mike Daniello (Cuse, Hop or UVa),Forrest Walter and Fletcher Franklin!!!

  10. LAX says:

    Rebel Yell you have no idea what you’re talking about. The very next year JJ was winning by 2 goals in the state semis in the 4th quarter against Rocky Point before losing by 1. Afterwards RP dominated in the state final.

    JJ is overdue for a state title after being so close in 07 and 08 and they’ll almost definitely make it back. In fact I’m saying JJ wins one within the next 2 years. Next year will be pretty hard though getting past Somers and Nisky and the Island champion.

  11. Old Rugger says:

    Next time Savs will be better prepared (JD) game. This game was Drew’s signature game. Man down with the ball at the center line, double coverage by the Bratton’s and he makes them look slow and unexperienced, every scout int he place was furiously writing, gets off a decent shot but saved. Best HS sporting event I have ever attended in my life. Athletes at every position.
    Got to love the hidden ball (LOL). JD game will haunt JJ until they win states. Just goes to show how impresive towns 6 are. As more teams join and sections like 5,6 &2 gain strength States will be harder not easier. Beat LI and Section 3 win a trophy is no longer all you have to do. Getting the young athletes to play Lax instead of Baseball, Tennis, Spring Soccer & Track is the key as all of the schools are getting better youth coaching & starting younger.

    Give a program like Bronxville another 3-4 yrs and they can give Rye/PV a run if the kids stay and don’t go to prep schools.

  12. jade says:

    Nisky loses lots of seniors next year

  13. LI Lax says:

    It’s really funny when people from Section 1 talk about how Suffolk B is weak…other than Yorktown, how many of your B teams have won a state title? Ever hear of Rocky Point, Comsewogue, SWR…? I have respect for Section 1 but to say that Class B in Suffolk is weak is just wrong. The reason 05-07 Huntington killed everyone (except Sayville in the lightning game in the final in 05) is because they were that good. It is true that 07 was not as good as 06, but to say JJ winning that game was not an upset is absurd. No, not the biggest upset in the state tourney history (that might be this years St. Lawrence over Chenango Forks), but a large upset nevertheless.

  14. THEGilmanfan says:

    That commentary is PRICELESS.

  15. Joe Lombardi says:

    Wasabi said JJ-Huntington was the best game he’s ever seen. If we had to pick a best game for this season in the region, which would it be?

    Here are a few that come to mind for me – and they all happen to be in OT.

    • Ridgefield 7, Darien 6 (FCIAC final)

    • Yorktown 11, Lakeland/Panas 10 (Section 1 Class A final)

    * Ward Melville 8, West Islip 7 (regular season)

    * Yorktown 9, Chaminade 8 (regular season)

    Let’s hear your thoughts.

  16. CoppsHill says:

    Joe – I think both Ridgefield-Darien games were the best with FCIAC final 1a and the regular season game 1b. Though as someone pointed out Darien had no quality wins this year they did play Manhasset and Ridgefield very tough and really had the first game under control. Or so it seemed. Two classic contests.

  17. Syracuse says:


    Don’t forget Manhasset 14, Darien 13 in the Battle of the Sound!


  18. Syracuse says:

    I’m still completely stunned by that Jay-JD game. I know JD was a good team, but there’s little doubt, at least in my mind, that Jay should have won by a few goals.

    I think that loss has to be put in perspective though. I don’t think it “haunts” anyone but people who were fans of that team or actually played in that game. It has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the future. And no, I do not believe in curses.

    Just to echo what LILax said about Suffolk B it is BY FAR the most interesting and entertaining section/classification in NY State. You never know who is coming out of that postseason tournament and whomever does is usually an automatic favorite to win the state crown (Sayville’s loss to Nisky this year notwithstanding).

    Shoreham-Wading River, Comsewogue, Rocky Point, now Sayville, are teams you have to worry about every year. LILax told me Smithtown West is moving up to A next year (I think that’s what I heard him say over wireless, low volume ear piece in the car). If so, that’s a big loss for B and a potentially a huge headache for West Islip and Ward Melville.

    Plus, Jay’s road starting next year will not just be difficult against Suffolk should it get that far. Garden City will be as stout defensively as any team in N.Y.

    Ultimately, I think once Jay gets that elusive first state crown it has the potential to become THE dominant Class B program in the state.

    And to answer your question, LiLax, no Section 1 team other than Yorktown has ever won the Class B state championship.

    That said, no Section 1 team other than Mahopac in 1996 has ever won the Class A state title. Yorktown’s title in 1984 does not count in this discussion for two reasons: 1. It was won when there were no classifications and 2. The sport exploded in the mid-1980s, took off even more in the 1990s and is now THE sport to play in the spring in N.Y. state-wide. The number of programs that came to be after 1984 are too many to count.

  19. Syracuse says:

    People like to talk about John Jay-Huntington 2007, Yorktown-West Genny 1984 and Yorktown-Shoreham Wading River 2003 and Somers-Manhasset 2003 as four of the best games in Section 1 history and they are …

    But for my money the single greatest accomplishment — something you may never see again in your lifetime — was what Mahopac pulled off in 1996.

    The Indians beat Ward Melville 2-1 in the state semifinals and West Genny 4-3 in the state final. Between Melville and Genny, you had teams that won the Class A state crown 8 times in the 1990s (Genny 5, Melville 3). Melville also won the crowns in 1988, ’89 and 2000. Genny also won the title in 1987.

    So from 1987-2000 — a span of 14 seasons — Melville and Genny combined for 12 championships, with each winning 6.

    For Mahopac to do what it did that one season is simply astounding. It beat the two best programs in the history of the state — each probably loaded with AA after AA and with coaches Messere and Cuozzo, each legends in their own rites, at their respective helms — all within a 72-hour period is, at least to me, something that should be lauded for the rest of time.

  20. Joe Lombardi says:

    ‘Cuse –

    Darien-Manhasset for sure. Wound up being a showdown of two eventual state champions, too.

  21. Old Rugger says:

    Haunts may be too strong more like missed great opportunity.

    Hoping that JJ RField turns into a natural rivalry and great games in years to come.

  22. LI Lax says:


    Completely agreed about 1996 Mahopac, its unbelievable that with all the Jay hysteria of recent years people so easily forget about perhaps the greatest accomplishment in state history, defeating the two best all time programs in succession to win the state title. All time, Mahopac has to be considered Section 1’s second best program…beyond the 1996 miracle they also gave powerhouse 2000 WM, one of the best teams ever, its toughest test in losing by one in the state semifinal. The next year, they lost to eventual state champ Northport by 1 in the same round. Although after that they began to slide, and since 2004 Jay would certainly have the title as #2 in Section 1 (being the only ones to reach a state final), Mahopac certainly deserves more respect, especially for those two games in 1996. Jay fans seem to only remember the parts of history that have been kind to them (2004 on, except for the state finals in 07).

  23. Indian J says:

    Mahopac’s dominance was in effect from 1991 to 2001. 91 was there first win over Yorktown and they were very strong during that 10 year period. 96 was indeed a miracle season and Corace’s Indians will always be remembered ( as will Georgalis’s) What complicates LI lax’s above statement is Lakeland. Although Mahopac had success, Lakeland and then later Lakeland/Panas was also very strong. The number 2 program in the section from the eighties through 1997 was still probably L/P. L/P beat Mahopac for titles in 90, 91, 94, and 97, after dominating them in the 80’s. Mahopac’s win in 96 was the start of a run from 98-2001 that definitely had them at the number 2 spot at that time.

    Jay’s dominance ( excluding 2009) solidified in 2004. However, as I have said before Jay has been in the top of section one since the mid eighties with the exception of years 92-94. Jay won section titles in 88, 97, 98 and was runner up in 89, 90, 95, 96, 99, 2002, and 2004, before winning the title four years in row 2005-08. What makes Jay unique is that for a period 2006-2007 they were hands down the best in Section One. No other program has done that in Section one-ever. They beat Yorktown twice in one season (never before by a Sec 1 team) and beat them four times in 5 year period-also not accomplished before.

    In this new era, I think many are unaware of what took place in the 80’s. Based on a quick formula that uses titles, big wins, DI college contributors and respect amongst the lax community as criteria. I would rank the all time Section one programs like this:

    1. Yorktown
    2. John Jay
    3. Mahopac
    4. Lakleland ( L/P)
    5. Somers

    Suffern was actually nasty for a long, long time and has wins over Yorktown including one as recent as 2003 but no sectional title wins-even when they should have like in 2003. Somers has NYS title appearances as well as a bunch of sectional titles. They have beaten Manhasset twice in their relatively short existence as a program. They have beaten Yorktown twice too.

  24. Syracuse says:

    Indian J,

    Good stuff. The only thing you may want to look at again was the 1997 Section 1 A title game. If memory serves me, Lakeland/Panas beat Yorktown, not Mahopac.

    If you had to rank the programs all-time, not that I disagree with anything you said, I think Nos. 2-4 are much closer. John Jay has been the best of the three this decade, Mahopac owned the 90s, Lakeland or L/P has had its moments throughout the last 20 years.

    Going forward it seems like it’s a two-horse race, with Yorktown still leading but with John Jay with the brighter future (at least in the short term).

    Yorktown’s decision to petition up to A the last few years really skewers the stats. It’s hard to know who the true Class A power is.

  25. Indian J says:

    Yup, was aware of L/P beating Town in 97 just wasn’t specific about it because of the point I was making. L/P would have beaten Mahopac in the semi’s that year-Town was the number 1 seed becuase they won the CM cup 6-5 in OT. Then the Dalton bros and company beat them 7-4 in the Finals.

    On a weird note, Scarsdale, had a crazy good team that year. They beat both Jay and Town in the regular season ( yes ) and made it to the Class A semi’s where Town, furious about losing to them earlier in the year, crushed them. But still – Also Jay and L/P beat Wilton that year which at the time were huge wins.

  26. sec1 says:

    Cuse, Indian J good stuff, like your pick of 96 Mahopac Team saw all the playoff games on their way to the Title, it was Mahopac’s Goalie who made the diff stood on his head he was like CRAZY.. If you remember in 96 Town was the #1 Team in the State/Country going into the State Semi’s and lost 16-3 to Bethpage with AJ Huaghen (Hopkins) worst beating Town has ever taken… Cuse I do not agree with your op of the 1984 game not being and A game every team in the State had the op to be there and the BEST two were, also with Town stoping WG 91 game winning streak…Which had WG won they would have broken the National boys record of Sewanhaka also at 91, oh by the way it was a GREAT game if you remember? I agree that the game has grown sence, and your point might have been stronger if they had beat a Team like Lafeyette… WG has always been and A Team… Also JJ will get back to the State Title game I think sooner than later…

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