The all-section dinner will be held tonight at Colonial Terrace in Cortlandt Manor.

Here’s the list of this year’s honorees, which I just obtained this morning.

Name School Name School
Greg Petre Somers John Felix Scarsdale
Erik Pfiffner Somers Dan Leventhal Horace Greeley
Dylan Haas Somers Derek Katchis Horace Greeley
Eddie Schurr Somers Ben Litwak Horace Greeley
Chris Longo Somers Jon Cha Tappen Zee
Donald Keough Rye Paul Moreau Pearl River
Robert Santangelo Rye Jack Near Bronxville
Cole McCormack Rye Devin Delucia Nyack
Michael Bonitatibus Yorktown John Eich Pelham
Brendan Brunelle Yorktown Kevin Reda Pleasantville
Brett Cabriele Yorktown Brian Jennings Wappingers
Tom Casey Yorktown Luke D’Alessandro Hastings
Cody Hanlon Yorktown Colin Parkhurst Hendrick Hudson
Liam McCarthy Yorktown Brendon Donelan Brewster
Remy Lieberman Yorktown Ryan Fitzgerald Putnam Valley
Harrison Silver John Jay Billy Ries Putnam Valley
Geoff Stearns John Jay Dillon Chesnut Putnam Valley
Ian De Ruiter John Jay Andrew O’Meara Lakeland-Panas
Jamison Pickel John Jay Jack Doherty Lakeland-Panas
Michael Trapp White Plains Johnny Hitmann Lakeland-Panas
Chris Davis White Plains John Fitzpatrick Lakeland-Panas
Even Waldenberg Byram Hills Shawn Honovich Lakeland-Panas
Shane Warner N. Rockland Greg Mooney Nanuet
John Brandifino Mahopac Alex Bodon Mamaroneck
Johnny McGuigan Mahopac Mike Perlow Briarcliff


Marc Roberts Hen Hud James Bryant White Plains
Bobby Sincero Hen Hud Nate Becker Horace Greeley
Luke Robinson Fox Lane Sean Day Clarkstown S.
T.J. McDermott Brewster T.J.  Dertinger Nanuet
Drew Bottge Brewster Doug Eich Pelham
Joe Wood Bronxville Greg Bardwell Ossining
Nick Chalsen N. Rockland Jamie McCulloch Ossining
Joe Porcelli Yorktown Justin Segal Harrison
Justin Mabus Yorktown Cary Boucher Harrison
Will Fallo Lakeland/Panas Matt Albert Ardsley
Patrick O’Callaghan Rye Zach Grant Ardsley
Scott Sorillo Suffern Sebastian Fontanges Nyack
R.J. Medeo Byram Hills Matt Weiner Mamaroneck
John Bello Somers Connor Ferguson Mamaroneck
Chase Thompson Mahopac Tyler Thomas Pleasantville
Forrest Walter John Jay Pat Boyle Arlington
Mike Daniello John Jay

Jeff Young Eastchester

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65 Responses to “Here is your all-Section 1 team”

  1. 10598 says:

    Congrats to these fine student atheletes! You have made your families, classmates, and fans so proud of you. Your dedication and time spent achieving your goals are a tribute to you.
    To the seniors, thank you for your great contributions to your team and best of luck to you on your next step. Your most memorable moments will remain in our thoughts for years to come.

  2. PurpleReigns says:

    How does Mikey Daniello leading scorer for JJ as a soph only get HM?? I know he’s a soph but ya gotta pick the best players period. Wake up Sav!

  3. LAX says:

    I actually have to back Preigns on this one Mikey really impressed me this year leading the offense.

  4. Jaybird says:

    Absolutely. He’s the best player on the team and is going to commit to a Cuse or Hop by the end of year. Bad job by the Sav’s.

  5. GreenWhite says:

    Wow. Purple Reigns or should I say P Reigns makes a good point. There’s a first time for everything lol.

    For Town, Ty Schuldt deserved HM with Mabus.

  6. jade says:

    Thats because they only got 4 picks and you cant argue with who got it.

    Stearns captain Senior

    Silver captain Senior

    Deruiter captain senior

    Pickel junior commit to hopkins

  7. LAX says:

    Good point, a little surprising it went to all defensive players but those 4 are still deserving.

    Offensively speaking though I think Mike was the MVP

    If anyone is interested in final stats they’re posted on JJ’s website by the way. The team is going have a lot of firepower coming back for the next 2 years.

  8. Joe Lombardi says:

    We”re live from the Colonial Terrace in Cortlandt Manor for the all-Section 1 dinner.

  9. Joe Lombardi says:

    Section 1 man of the year John Jez, an Ossining graduate and head coach of Division II men’s national champion C.W. Post, just spoke and the all-section and all-section honorable mentions are now about to be introduced.

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    The all-Americans have been introduced and are now gathering for a photo.

  11. Joe Lombardi says:

    Couple of final notes on tonight’s all-section dinner:

    • Jeff Young of Eastchester was not on the original list of all-section HMs I posted this morning. He has been added to the list above.

    • The nine all-Americans, of course, automatically are all-section as well but are not listed on the all-section list and appeared separately in tonight’s program. To re-read their names, check this link:

    • Finally, the first-ever best dressed award for the all-section dinner — as I announced at the dinner actually (so those on hand already know this) — goes to Rye’s Rob Santangelo. Rob was really stylin in those multi-colored pants. Nicely done, Rob.

  12. laxfan1 says:

    Yorktown wins section and regional championships they get 4 AA’s, 7 all section, 2 AS honorable mention. Putnam Valley also wins section and regional championships and they end up with 1 AA, 3 all section nods, these numbers just don’t add up!

  13. LAX says:

    True, but town is a better team with better players, best in the section this year

  14. rambo says:


  15. juby says:

    Thats because town would beat Put Valley 15

    But that is embarissing to lose with that many all americans

  16. randy says:

    Yeah embarassong to lose to the #2 team in the nation with 3 aa’s themselves and the best player in the nation, a total embarassment.

  17. LacrosseInsider says:

    Joe – Tomorrow at 3pm is the JJ Alumni Game at JJHS. Should be a good time. Listed below are those players registered to play.

    2009 Andrew Masterson
    Will Stewart

    2008 Andy Sternfeld
    Billy LaPerch
    Brian DiBetta
    Brian Murphy
    Chris Bocklet
    Dan Duffy
    Harrison Jones
    James Whalen
    Kevin Drew
    Lucas Durst
    Ryan Lett
    Tyler Granelli

    2007 Justin Schneidman
    Kevin Stockel
    Ryder Bohlander

    2006 Chris Daniello
    Colin McLafferty
    Connor Sweeney
    Greg Branca
    Matthew Vibert
    Mike Waxman

    2005 Cade McCarthy
    Cole Di Domenico
    Josh Goldfarb
    Nick Hautau

    2004 Aaron Hagele
    Andrew Goldfarb
    Carlo Sementilli
    Kyle McLafferty
    Mike Ferrarone
    Peter Coluccini
    Tom Duffy

    2003 Michael Bocklet

    2000 Kenneth Seitles
    Scott Tobin

    1997 Michael Tobin

    1996 DJ Tobin
    Scott Vaccaro

    1989 Colin McGahren

    1988 Marty Kelly

    1987 Geoff Nolan

    1984 Craig Mygatt
    John Cunniffe

    1983 Ted Chase
    Tom Mertens

    1982 Dan Riordan
    Jon Hammond
    Jon Shaw

    1981 Chris Recouso
    Peter Foster
    Scott Smith

  18. Laxtime says:

    It was interesting to review this as we get set for another season.

  19. Laximus says:

    It was fun rereading this as we get ready for the new season – thanks!

  20. Just sayin says:

    How did Mike Daniello only get honorable mention – isnt he like the 4th best junior in the country???

  21. Indian J says:

    Ironically, The Sav brothers focused on getting awards to their seniors because they knew that their sophomores would have the next two years to dominate and earn accolades. Yes, Daniello was the most potent offensive player on the team, but often times the award you receive your senior year acts as an end piece of your H.S. career. The Savs had only so many awards to give because Jay was not as dominant in 09.

    The Families that moved to remove the coaches did so because their kids (who were seniors) were not able to take on the role that they desired. Even as the coaches were willing to prioritize post season accolades, a verbal abuse complaint was put forth to enact revenge.

    This year Daniello will be AA candidate and will dominate against the section one teams that he faces. It seems as though the kids are doing really well and really enjoy playing with Coach Schurr because his style is similar to the Savs. This will be a big year for Daniello and John Jay.

  22. kay says:

    just wait until this year the all section was cut from 50 to 24. that means only 1 or 2 kid will get in from the top 8 teams in the section. Night mare city

  23. LAX says:

    He’s certainly one of the best, ranked 9th best by Inside Lacrosse and had the most points on JJ last season. He should’ve definitely made all-section imo but the savs didn’t want to leave out any senior captain (nor JHU bound Pickel). He’s basically a lock for 2x AA so it doesn’t really matter though.

  24. kay says:

    Daniello will have less point this year then last year because he will be faced gaurded by every team out there

  25. Bigeasy says:

    U think Somers, Town, etc will faceguard him. Not likely.

  26. Indian J says:

    He will be face guarded occasionally. He will still have his overall point total increase by about 30 percent. He is better than any defender in section one that will cover him. Also, face guarding can ruin a team defense and very rarely can it be done for an entire game. Jay also has enough coming back so that face guarding Daniello will only mean a higher output from Morris, Walter, etc.

    He goes up 30 percent.

  27. laxin' says:

    yeah I don’t see how face guarding him will be affective with two other attackmen being Morris and Pray who can get it done along with good middies like walter weil and morris

  28. Just sayin says:

    Seniors smeniors. When a kid leads your team in scoring and is one of the top jrs in the country he’s gotten get all section. The Sav’s dropped the ball!

  29. Agreed says:

    It should never be about politics or what grade a kid’s in. Coaches should be consistent and just PICK THE BEST PLAYERS!

  30. TriLax says:

    I couldn’t agree more. That makes it so simple. Just go with the best players. Not too complicated now is it?

  31. Have you been reading? says:

    This is exhausting, but you guys don’t get it. Jay has issues with parents. Big Time Issues. The Savs got fired because one senior who started would get pulled and another did not start-but expected too. The families went after the Savs with everything they had. Nobody disagrees with you, but we know the Savs were trying to keep their jobs as coaches.

    How can you critique them for being mindful of politics when ignoring politics surely would have had them removed sooner?

  32. lax 17 says:

    Forget all section. AAs are
    Interlicchio Town
    Daniello JJ
    Honovich L/P
    Brandofino Pac
    Bello Somers
    Longo Somers
    McCormick Rye
    Pickel JJ
    Fitzgerald Put Valley

  33. wtf says:

    no love for petre???

  34. slacrosse says:

    lax 17

    That’s a good list. But I’ll be safer and say the “locks” are

    KI Town
    Daniello Jay
    McCormack Rye

    The rest will come from

    Brandofino Pac
    Honovich/Fazio L/P
    Longo/Bello/Pfiffner/Petre/Deinana Somers
    Pickel/O’donnel/Merlino JJ
    Fitzgerald Put Valle

    Fazio of LP should be an AA but prob wont be in running w/o a D1 commitment

    As usual prob forgot some kids.

  35. Pac Alum says:

    KI Town
    Daniello Jay
    Brandofino Pac
    Mcguigan Pac
    Honovich LP
    Fitzgerald PV

    The rest will have to prove themselves

  36. Just sayin says:

    HV AA 5 locks:


  37. Old Rugger says:

    HV AA

  38. Lax212 says:

    Hudson Valley AA

  39. Laxer23 says:

    HV AAs

  40. Pacman says:

    HV AAs

  41. Beach Lax says:

    9 HV AA’s

    Daniello … JJ
    Interlicchio … Town
    Petre … Somers
    McCormack … Rye
    Bello … Somers
    Schurr … Somers
    Honovich … LP
    McGuigan … Pac
    Merlino or Pickel … JJ

  42. Laxer123 says:

    Hudson valley AAs
    Beach good list but here they are

  43. TuskerRage says:

    Section 1 AAs…
    Based on seniors going to D1 programs.

    Interlicchio ( Hopkins )….Yorktown – A
    Petre ( Army )….Somers – A
    McCormack ( Cornell )….Rye – M
    Pfiffner ( Colgate )….Somers – M
    Honovich ( Fairfield )….L/Panas – M
    Pickel ( Hopkins )….John Jay – D
    Bello ( St. Johns )….Somers – D

    The other 2 spots will come from the following players….
    Brandofino, Fitzgerald or Sincero.
    The only junior to have a chance is Daniello.

  44. Wasabi says:


    With the 00’s officially over, how about an All-Decade Team discussion (school-by-school):

    I’ll start the ball rolling with what I believe to be JJ’s All-Decade Team:

    Attack: Chris Bocklet, Mike Bocklet, Kevin Stockel
    Midfield: Chris Daniello, Kevin Drew, Johnny Carrozza
    Defense: Matt Bocklet, Ryder Bohlander, Justin Schneidman, Zach Weil (LSM)
    Goalie: Pete Colluccini

    I don’t think there’s another Section One team that could put up a lineup like that over the past decade. I’d even go as far to say that the best LI and Fairfield County teams would have a tough time matching up with this squad. Huntington’s best, West Islip’s best, Darien’s best…maybe.

    Even JJ’s Honorable-Mention Team would be pretty awesome:

    Attack: Brian Douglass, Nick Hautau, Tyler Granelli
    Midfield: Craig Buckhout, Will Stewart, Ben Grinnell
    Defense: Rob Crossett, Matt Crossett, Nick Daniello, Ian DeRuiter (LSM)
    Goalie: C. Sweeney / C. Latino

    Top that

  45. Old Rugger says:

    I would also add Town’s, Ward Melville, Chaminade and St A’s as other 00’s besides the ones you mention that would give a good game to the teams above.

  46. Bigeasy says:

    Attack Crockett, McCall, Interlicchio Matthias or Mike?
    Midfield Ranagan, Interlicchio, Santavicca Dooley
    Defense Watson, McElduff, Fennessy
    LongPole Fox, Vercruysse, Settembrino
    Goal Vedder


  47. Wasabi says:

    That is a great team. I forgot about that Crockett, McCall, Culligan year.

  48. towny89 says:

    Yorktown All Decade Team:

    Attack: Crocket, Mike McCall, Interlicchio Subs: Dooley, Matthias McCall
    Midfield: Santavicca, Interlicchio, Ranagan Subs: A.Mac, Lenseth, Raniolo
    Defense: Watson, McElduff, Vercruysse Subs: Olmstead, Kurpis, Fennessy
    LongPole: Settembrino Subs: Fox
    Goal: Vedder Subs: Ethan Vedder doesnt need a sub, never did, never will….

  49. Cradler says:

    HV AA locks …

    Interlicchio – Town
    McCormack – Rye
    Daniello – JJ
    Petre – Somers

    Lots in the mix for the remaining 5 spots.

  50. Tuskerville says:

    Somers All-Decade team could rival those Jay and Town squads imo:

    A – JoJo / Rabidou / Werney
    M – Radidou / D’ Ascoli / Pfiffner
    D – Smith / M. Marasco / Coppelecchia / Petre
    G – Novasel

  51. junior says:

    AA locks:
    Interlicchio — Yorktown
    Petre — Somers
    McCormack — Rye
    Pfiffner — Somers
    Honovich — L/Panas
    Pickel — John Jay
    Bello — Somers
    Daniello — John Jay

  52. Cradler says:

    HV aa’s

    1) Daniello
    2) Interlicchio
    3) Mccormack
    4) Petre
    5) Honovich
    6) a goalie, probably sincero or mcguigan
    7) Bello or Schurr
    8 ) Pickel
    9) Fitzgerald

  53. somlax says:

    AA goalie is Longo.

  54. Laxer24 says:

    HV AAs

  55. Laximus says:

    This is the preseason. There is no such thing as LOCKS for AA. That’s crazy. Daniello and Interlicchio should get it but you have to perform.

  56. Well says:

    Locks meaning I guess all things being equal if these guys have the seasons they should and their teams do. In that case I do this Interlichio (sp), Daniello, Petre and McCormack are the four HV locks. Thoughts?

  57. HV Lax says:

    Agree on those guys for sure.

  58. Lax HV says:

    Add Brandofino from Pac as they will get one at least and he should easily be the one as is Honovich from L/P

  59. laxxxer546 says:

    Interlicchio and Daniello are the only locks…. (future blue jays too! 🙂

    gonna be cool watching them play together!!!!!

  60. junior says:

    Ther is such a thing as a LOCK and here it is:

    HV AAs Bello Brandofino Daniello Honovich Interlicchio Longo MCormack Petre Pfiffner Pickel

    Check back at year’s end

  61. scooter says:

    Somers won’t get 4 AA’s. Let’s get real for a second. McGugian is a better goalie than Longo anyway. We have no idea how their offense is going to look without Jojo and it’s tough for a middie to get AA unless they can win faceoffs AND score goals.
    It’s way to early to even start having this conversation. The regular season hasn’t even started yet

  62. LaxNut says:

    They should spread the wealth more and make it so that each team gets the same # of all section players.

  63. lacroosser says:

    how wud that make any sense all section is the best players in the section

  64. Yoyo says:

    The best teams should have the most all sections…

  65. lax says:

    why would the second best player on the 20th ranked team deserve it more than the 3rd best player on the best team? All Section Goes to the Best in the Section.

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