Action in the Sound Shore Adult Men’s League starts tonight with five games.

This is the league’s 30th season. Teams that compete are from Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Fairfield counties.

You can check out the day-by-day schedule for this season here.

We are also inviting teams to post their rosters on this thread.

Reach Joe Lombardi at

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46 Responses to “Sound Shore League action is under way”

  1. BigBadBear says:

    Go Ying Yang!

  2. Rui says:

    Tonight, Tuesday 6/16 @ SUNY Purchase:

    No Limit vs. Beck & Wheatley

    Chappaqua vs. Ying Yang Lacrosse

  3. Mike says:

    What does the A division look like this year?

  4. Joe Lombardi says:

    Mike –

    I’m sure Rui will have more info (BTW – thanks for the sked, Rui), but I would say No Limit, the defending champ, is probably the team to beat. Of course, that will depend on who all is on the team, which we won’t know for a few days.

    Also of note, the A-League power, Thirsty Turtle, has a new sponsor. The team will now be known as SuperStar Lacrosse (named after Rob Doerr and Roy Colsey camps/summer teams).

    Here’s a rundown of last year’s champs:

    A Division — No Limit

    A-1 Division — Publik House

    B League — Sowest

    High school division — White Plains

  5. Mike says:

    I suspect Super Star, No Limit, Beck & Wheatley and Green Lobster will be among the best.
    I look forward to seeing some great summer lax

  6. Old School Lax says:

    Rui –

    Looking forward to hearing more on the No Limit vs. B & W game.

    B & W has some good older players like Rocco D’Andraia in goal and Jeremy Guski of Mahopac at midfield.

    No Limit always has a good mix of old and new with guys like Paul and Brian Carc, Dave Marr, Mike McCall, Max Mauro, Chris Bocklet, etc.

    Nice matchup to start the season.

  7. Rui says:

    No Limit- 10
    Beck & Wheatley- 7



    Mike McCall(Ytown/UNC) 5
    JoJo Marasco(Somers/Syracuse) 1
    Mike Ammann(Putnam Valley/SUNY Albany) 1
    Rocky Bonitanibous(Ytown/SUNY Albany) 1
    Kevin Stockel(John Jay/Drexel) 1
    Steve Ammann(Putnam Valley/SUNY Albany) 1


    Paul Carcaterra(Ytown/Syracuse) 2
    JoJo Marasco(Somers/Syracuse) 2

    Peter Coluccini(John Jay/Syracuse & Ohio State) 11



    Matt Toth(Rye Country Day School/Skidmore(i think) 2
    Brett Miranda(Ossining/Manhattan) 1
    Jeremy Gusky(not sure HS/UMASS) 1
    Andrew Wasik(not sure HS/Pace) 1
    Jimmy Kapler(not sure HS/not sure college) 1
    JJ Liam(LakelandPanas/UPenn)


    Marcus Mayus(not sure HS/not sure college) 2
    Jeremy Gusky(not sure HS/UMASS) 1
    Jimmy Kapler(not sure HS/not sure college) 1
    Matt Toth(Rye Country Day School) 1


    Rocco D’Andraia(Ytown/UNC) 17

    First of all, please let me apologize for many misspellings, and also if i got your high schools and/or colleges wrong, just trying to get the best information out to the readers.

    2 of the Top League A faced off this evening at SUNY Purchase(what a nice facility they have, and Sound Shore is very lucky to be using it). No Limit started out quick and jumped to a 4-0 lead, but B&W fought back and halftime score was 6-4 NO LIMIT. In the 2nd half, alot of back and forth goals with NO LIMIT winning with the score of 10-7.

    Here are some game observations that i saw:
    Goalie Rocco D’Andraia already looks to be in midseason form, i have worked in the league for many years, and dont think that i have seen him play 1 bad game, good job Rocco, Bob Wheatley is very lucky to have you in the net.
    Andrew Wasik is a dangerous player when fully healthy, you can tell that his knee isnt 100%, but when he is on, he is a lethal midfielder with a cannon of a shot.
    Jeremy Guski and Marcus Mayus still play hard every game, another 2 players that Bob Wheatley counts on alot.
    Brett Miranda had the goal of the night, behind the back to a top corner, very very nice from a player that doesnt come from the top/big schools.
    I think and am sure that B&W had some players missing, if that is the case, they will be in the running come playoff time.

    Mike McCall still got it, he is a legit attackman, very hard to guard and he is quick.
    Jonathan Myers(Greenwich/Princeton) aka “OX”, is a BEAST, i truly mean it, he is a BEAST, winning faceoffs regularly and he must of had about 15 groundballs, this kid can play, and he is probably a better football player, if i am not mistaken, he was offered by the University of Florida.
    Great to see Brian Carcaterra, who was an All-America goalie at Ytown(i think) and Johns Hopkins playing with a long pole, after the last couple of years as an attackman, not sure if this is a definate move, but its fun watching him have fun out there.
    NO LIMIT had many many guys missing, which is kind of scary, and once they have everyone ready to go by mid-summer, they will definately be the team to beat.

    Hope you guys enjoyed reading this, let me know what you think.


  8. Sound SHORE Luva says:

    Excellent job Rui. You da man!

    Also …

    Matt Maraynes had 5’s for Chappaqua. They beat Ying Yang 10-5.

  9. Cradler says:

    Game of the nite – Sound Shore beats ADE 8-7 in OT at Boulder Brook!

  10. Rui says:

    Chappaqua beat Ying Yang 10 – 5

    Matt Maraynes had 5 goals for Chappaqua, he has a nice shot.

    Sean Mulholand had 2 goals for Ying Yang.

  11. Top Corner says:

    Sound Shore vs ADE was a very good game. Good intensity all around. Sound Shore has got a solid group of good playes.

  12. Rui says:

    Sound Shore Summer Lacrosse League

    Wednesday, June 17th
    White Plains High School

    730pm- Sports Page vs White Plains Alumni

    845pm- Samurai Lacrosse vs Mugz Bars

  13. TownLax says:

    Thanks Rui. Looking forward to reading the uodates on these games later.

  14. Rui says:

    Per schedule, here are the other games:

    06/17/2009 7:15 pm A Division Super Star Lacrosse vs Young Braves
    Boulder Brook Park Upper

    06/17/2009 7:30 pm A1 Division Lurkers vs Sports Barn
    Putnam Valley High

    06/17/2009 7:30 pm A1 Division Hudson Water Club vs Captain Lawrence Brewing
    SUNY Purchase Turf

    06/17/2009 8:45 pm B Division The Saloon Lacrosse vs Chappaqua
    Putnam Valley High

  15. Rui says:

    White Plains Alumni- 4
    Sports Page- 9

    Goals: Erik Lantier 1, Savaughn Greene 1, Matt Altieri 1, Mike Smith 1
    Assists: Scott Montaldo 2, Joey Adamiak 1
    Saves: Connor Lantier 12

    Goals: Connor Nugent 4, James Goldman 1, Geoff DeSoye, Mike Doane 1, George Castellano 1
    Assists: Geoff DeSoye 1, Tyler Nugent 1, Nick Marino 1, Chris Dunn 1
    Saves: James Rogers 13

    Good first game from both teams, nothing too exciting to report, here are a couple of things i saw:

    WP: Goalie, Connor Lantier kept them in the game as much as possible with some nice saves. Close D-Man Savaughn Greene had a goal off of a fast break from a faceoff, you can see that he has good stick work, nice clears, and could use some work on the 1 on 1 defense, but that is what summer league is for.

    SP: Conner Nugent is a tough, little midfielder. Goalie, James Rogers made some really nice saves for the win.

    In the 2nd game,

    Mugz Bars- 8
    Samurai Lacrosse- 2

    Dont have full stats, but for MUGS BARZ, midfielder Henry “Chip” Chapman had 2 goals and 1 assist. He has a wicked hard shot, probably one of the fastest and most accurate in the B Division, Goalie for Samurai Lacrosse, George Gleuser had about 15 saves. Samurai Lacrosse looks like they are a team that belongs in a 35 and over league, they have ALOT of old time players that are probably just playing for the fun of it, good job fellas.

  16. Ted says:

    Any report from the Super Star (Thirsty Turtle) game?

  17. Laximus says:

    Superstars (formerly known as Thirsty Turtle) beat the Young Braves, 12-8, at Boulder Brook. Digger (Marc DiGiovanni) had 4-2, Tommy Werney 3-0. Mike Novosel was sick in goal with like 15 saves. Superstars did not have Tim Schurr who was at all section dinner.

    Everyone is waiting to hear if John Ranagan is going to play for Superstars or No Limit.

  18. Ted says:

    Anyone have the full stats on the game? who are the Young Braves?
    Predictions for NoLimit/Pineapple tom’w night?

  19. Cafe au Lax says:

    Laximus, Here’s what I have on the Young Braves,

    Young Braves:
    Matt Feeney – Attack – Greenwich – St Michaels
    Tyler Gwozdz – Def – Greenwich – Trinity
    Jared Horowitz – Attack – Greenwich – UPenn
    Brian Milazzo – Def – Greenwich – Skidmore
    Bob Sullivan – Def – Greenwich – Union
    Sean Sutton – Middie – Greenwich – Charleston
    Brendan Eppley – Middie – Darien – Endicott
    Tyler Foley – Middie – Darien – Loyola
    Jameson Love – Goalie – Darien – Bryant
    Freddie Schweitzer – Def – Darien – F&M
    Brian Belak – Middie – NC – Gettysburg
    Teddy Citrin – Attack – NC – Wesleyan
    Mike Fox – Def – NC – Roger Williams
    Kevin Gildea – Def – NC – Fairfield
    David Hawley – Middie – NC – Williams
    Jamie Mauk – Middie – NC – Fairfield
    Richie McGuinness – Def – NC – Georgetown
    Chip Murray – Middie/F/O – NC – Dickinson
    Gardie Ashforth – Attack – Deerfield – Trinity
    Christian Beitel – Attack – Newtown – Dickinson
    Colin Campbell – Goalie – Westminster – Wesleyan
    Joe Del Visco – Middie/FO – Brookfield – Wesleyan
    Cody Hickok – Middie – Joel Barlow – Dickinson
    Steve Schmidt – Coach – NC – Lehigh

    That’s all I know about them……

  20. mike says:

    Sound Shore in the B divson very impoverd from a year ago, there lookin really good, big win the other night agains ADE a team who has been playn toaghter for a while…..

  21. Laximus says:

    For the uninitiated the great thing about the Sound Shore League is it unites players from all sort of backgrounds – recent HS grads to Wall Street traders – and age groups – from 17 year olds to 40-somethings – in one venue. It’s really special. If you haven’t seen a game you should come out and catch one.

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  23. Beach Lax says:

    Hey Rui …

    What’s the schedule?


  24. Rui says:

    This is the link for the schedule:

    I will only do reports on the games that i cover, this week i have:

    6/24- Crown Lax vs. Rockwest Lacrosse
    6/24- Highlanders vs. Sowest Lacrosse
    Both games will be played at Tibbetts Field in Yonkers, starting at 8pm.

    6/25- Delillo Contracting vs. Publik House
    Game will be played at SUNY Purchase, starting at 845pm

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  26. Rui says:

    Sowest 9, Pig Pen 8, 2 OT: In a Sound Shore Adult League game at SUNY Purchase, Drew Wendol scored three goals, including the winner with two minutes left in the second overtime. Teammate Jake DeLillo also had three goals, and tied the game with six seconds left in regulation. John Giordano scored three goals for Pig Pen.

    Yin Yang 7, ADE Lightning 6: In a Sound Shore Adult League game at Boulder Brook Park in Scarsdale, Brendan Chillemi scored two goals, including the winner with two minutes left. Eric Brandel had two goals and an assist. Sammy Freihofner led the Lightning with three goals.

    Beck & Wheatley 9, Blue Line Sports 8: In a Sound Shore Adult League game at SUNY Purchase, Steve Doherty led Beck & Wheatley with three goals. Cole Cherney scored three goals for Blue Line.

  27. Laximus says:

    Good stuff. Thanks Rui. You do a great job with the league.

  28. BigBadBear says:

    other cool stuff about this leaque…Brendon Chillemi and Eric probably palyed each other like 12 times during their High School careers…and now playing together…

  29. Kyng Lyon says:

    Yin Yang…. Not Ying Yang…. Yorktown players and coaches are the MOST overrated in the county. You could give Y-town H.S. a rock to coach them, and they still would win the section. Somehow, Section 1 coach of the year is the Y-town coach…. and thy got their asses kicked again in the state tourney! Long gone are the days of Colsey, Carc, & D’Andria (when Y-town players weren’t prima donnas)
    P.S. The Tarrytown Riders (a team comprised of Sleepy and Ossining guys) kicked the crap out of sports barn a couple of years back. It’s time to recognize some players from losing programs as EQUALS to Y-town players. The sooner that is done, the sooner Section 1 will win a state title!

  30. Rui says:

    Last night at Tibbetts Field in Yonkers:

    Crown Lax beat Rockwest

    Sowest beat Highlanders

    I will post the stats later this afternoon, didnt have time to call it into the newspaper because the games finished at about 1030, and too late for me to sit on computer and post the info, so will do so later on

    Tonight, i will also report on the game:
    Delillo Contracting vs Publik House @ SUNY Purchase 845pm

  31. Rui says:

    Cole Cherney had five goals and two assists tolead Chappaqua to a 14-11 win over Samurai Lacrosse in a Sound Shore Adult League game last night at SUNY Purchase.
    Matt Witko added two goals and four assists for Chappaqua.
    Rob Bonaventura had four goals and two assists for Samurai

    Harrison Huskies 10, Salsa Stompers 9: In a Sound Shore Adult League game at Putnam Valley High School, Vinny Menzenski scored three goals to lead led the Huskies. Luke Slegar had four goals for the Stompers.

    White Plains 15, Sound Shore 7: In a Sound Shore Adult League game at White Plains High School, Scott Montaldo scored six goals. Teammate Mike Smith had three goals and an assist. Miles Rich scored five goals for Sound Shore

    Sports Page 11, Westchester Wizzards 4: In a Sound Shore Adult League game at White Plains, Jeff Desoye had two goals and four assists for Sports Page. Adam Ishmail scored twice for the Wizzards.

    Eurotech 8, Sports Barn 4: In a Sound Shore Adult League game at Putnam Valley, Nick Hautau had two goals and an assist for Eurotech. Teammate Conner Quinn also scored two goals.

  32. Old Rugger says:

    No Limit hands down to repeat.

  33. Lax player says:

    Is there any over 35 leagues in Westchester/Fairfield County area?

  34. Husker21 says:

    Lax player – There is a 30+ league in CT. Teams are from Fairfield Country, Danbury, Glastonbury, and one in Arlington, NY. Fun competitive league where most teams have been playing together for many years.

  35. Townie says:

    Hey Rui, was everything rained out last night?

  36. SSLax says:

    No, at White Plains, Mugz’s Bar beat White Plains and Sports Page beat Sound Shore. Don’t know the exact scores but both looked to win fairly easily. Both teams have some talent.

  37. SSLax says:

    Checking the SS website schedule, it appears that Sports Page and Mugzs actually meet next week. Should be a good B division game.

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  39. Joe Lombardi says:

    Here are the latest Sound Shore League standings:

  40. Joe Lombardi says:

    As you can see by the standings, defending champion No Limit is unbeaten.

    I just obtained No Limit’s roster from player/coach Paul Carcaterra. Please post any rosters for other teams in the league.

    No Limit Soaring Eagles


    Dave Marr
    Rob Kavovit
    Paul Carcaterra
    Matt White
    Mike McCall


    Mike Ammann
    Steve Ammann
    Jo Jo Marasco
    Mike Bocklet
    Rocky Bonitatibus
    Dwayne Stewart
    Mike Nicolosi
    Kevin Stockel


    Dan Tracy
    Adam Lodewick
    Justin Schneidman
    Jonathan Meyers
    Tyler Lovas
    Ethan Fox
    Brian Carcaterra
    Sean Le Floch
    Brian Kuczma


    Pete Coluccini
    Mike Bonitatibus

  41. joey says:

    how many teams in the A league make the playoffs?

  42. ReLAX says:

    Four – semis then the finals.

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