It was a long process last year, but the Yorktown ‘Huskers are ready to do it again.

Yorktown coach Dave Marr told me tonight that Yorktown is planning to petition to compete in Class A for the 2010 season.

• Report on Monday night’s Section 1 exceptional senior all-star game

After enrollment figures dropped Yorktown to Class B status after the 2008 season, Marr decided to petition to remain in Class A, where the ‘Huskers have now won three straight sectional titles since falling to John Jay in the 2006 Class A sectional final.

Though it took months, that request was finally approved.

Now, the ‘Huskers are ready to do the same for next season.

There had been some speculation as to the status of Rye for next season, with some speculation the Garnets would be moving up to Class B.

As you can see from the enrollment figures below, that is not the case, and Rye will remain in Class C, where it has won four sectional titles in five years.

Enrollment facts and figures

Here is the breakdown along with a sampling enrollments for some of the top programs in Section 1:

Boys lacrosse enrollments by class

Class A 1,100 and more

Class B 650-1,099

Class C/D 0-649

Enrollment samplings

White Plains, 1,737
Mahopac, 1,332
Suffern, 1,187
Yorktown, 1,029
Greeley, 1,021
John Jay, 967
Brewster, 921
Somers, 731
Byram Hills, 623
Rye, 604
Putnam Valley, 471

Combined enrollments:

Lakeland, 880
Panas, 693

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53 Responses to “Yorktown wants to stay in Class A”

  1. Syracuse says:

    Maybe Yorktown can petition to play in all three classes simultaneously. I mean, why not at this point?

  2. jade says:

    I heard they have to stay in A for 2 years if you opt up

  3. Lax says:

    Good, let them stay so Lakeland can kick their ass next year for being so arrogant.

  4. Old Rugger says:

    Question do they have to petition each year, I thought like Jade said there was some term to the decision? Towns Youth program while still strong are not as far ahead of the many others that have grown over the last few years. Without the numbers this will not be a good long term plan.

  5. Lax 17 says:

    Their arrogance will catch up with them next year with L/P and Pac being young last year and Ytown graduating so many D1 players.

  6. 10598 says:

    Can you clue us into his rationale to “stay in A”?

  7. Joe Lombardi says:

    10598 –

    The feeling is that Yorktown belongs competing against Class A schools.

    There are two schools of thought. When Yorktown has dropped down to B, many have cried foul, saying they should be playing the biggest and best teams in the state even though their enrollment may be just below the cutoff for Class A.

    Conversely, now that they are requesting to compete in Class A, some are also waging complaints.

    It’s obviously a no-win situation either way for Yorktown. One thing that should be noted though is five of Yorktown’s six state titles came when it was in Class B. (The sixth was when there were no class structures — so it was neither A nor B).

    This is an interesting and complex topic. I’m interested in hearing more of your thoughts.

    Also, I am not familiar with any two-year commitment to staying in a class. As far as I know, you have to petition for any changes on an annual basis.

  8. Re-LAX-N says:

    Hey Joe,

    Another great season as always. As for Town staying in A I am not quite sure that is the best idea. While I contend Yorktown will be section champ Again next year in A or B I believe they would have a better shot in Class B. Granted L/P ans Pac will be stronger as well next year, But talk is CHEAP and you play the game on the field. Towns size is really the issue here. They are really a B School.Two quick questions Can Town play an A schedule and compete as a B school in the Tournament?. and Do you know Dave’s rational for staying in A?. It seems to me with the talent level in both classes Town would face a very competitive chalenge,in either class. I know back in the 80’s when we played our teams were more of a take control and go from there team were were rarely challenged until we got to the L.I teams and Western N.Y. Teams But I think the past 20’s years the game has changed somewhat and a team might be better served playing in a class of similar size. Remember Lacrosse is supposed to be a learnig experience as well. And when you always play schools that are larger than you it defeats the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish.Also I agree with jade. Don’t they have to stay in A for two years before they can petiton again. Again great job this year, and I will talk with you soon. In any case Town always plays a great schedule and I wish them well next year . Cuse how was your vacation?

  9. goute says:

    Gotta Love the Huskers!!!!!

    Wanna be the best, gotta beat the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Town!

  10. Syracuse says:


    Thanks for asking. There is no such thing as a re-lax-n vacation for me, but I made the most of it.

    The Yorktown issue will be debated forever. I know I’ve said a lot about it. I’m torn to a degree as well, but can understand all the rationales on both sides.

    As I wrote last week in another thread, Yorktown is a program stuck in neutral. Obviously the powers that be believe staying up in A and taking on the best of the big schools is the best plan of action because it solves a desire to be elite.

    But also it only works if you win. Getting to the state semifinals every year in A is no different than falling short in B, which Town has done its fair share of over the years.

    Town has been to the state finals as a Class A school just once — 1987 — and lost 13-1 to West Genny.

    The great run from 1980-1984 was all done prior to classifications. Granted, they played West Genny in five of those six games (including ’87). Genny is the preeminent A school in the state. We all know this. But during that run they often beat Long Island schools that are not necessarily A schools today:

    Here’s a breakdown of everything Yorktown has done in the state tournament since 1980, but keep in mind there were no state classifications until 1986:

    Beat Suffern (Section 9), 10-7
    Beat Ward Melville (Section 11), 10-9 in OT
    Lost to Syracuse-Henniger, 8-4 in finals

    Beat Suffern, 15-7
    Beat Sewanhaka (Section 8), 14-8
    Lost to West Genny, 11-7 in finals

    Beat Latham Shaker (Section 2), 18-5
    Beat North Rockland (Section 9), 12-7
    Beat Ward Melville, 5-4
    Lost to West Genny, 8-7 in finals

    Beat Suffern, 13-6
    Beat Ward Melville, 13-6
    Lost to West Genny, 11-8 in finals

    Beat Latham Shaker, 9-4
    Beat Manhasset, 9-6
    Beat West Genny, 6-5 in finals

    Beat Latham Shaker, 16-4
    Lost to Garden City, 11-10 in semifinals

    1986 (first year of classifications):
    Beat Columbia (Section 2), 12-2
    Lost to Garden City, 7-4 in Class A semifinals

    Beat Latham Shaker, 13-2
    Beat Garden City, 9-8
    Lost to West Genny, 13-1 in Class A state finals

    Beat Colonie (Section 2), 17-2
    Lost to Ward Melville, 6-3 in Class A state semifinals

    Bye in state quarterfinals
    Beat Elmont (Section 8), 14-7 in state semifinals
    Beat Corning East, 8-7 in Class B state finals

    Bye in state quarterfinals
    Beat Garden City, 7-6 in state semifinals
    Lost to Corning East, 13-7 in Class B state finals

    Beat Troy LaSalle (Section 2), 27-5 in state quarterfinals
    Beat Garden City, 12-7 in state semifinals
    Beat Syracuse Nottingham, 12-3 in Class B state finals

    Beat Albany Academy (Section 2), 18-3 in state quarterfinals
    Beat Lynbrook (Section 8), 15-5 in state semifinals
    Beat Corning East, 10-5 in Class B state finals

    Beat Troy LaSalle, 16-4 in state quarterfinals
    Beat Garden City, 8-5 in state semifinals
    Beat Irondequoit (Section 5), 9-6 in Class B state finals

    Beat Niskayuna (Section 2), 20-1 in state quarterfinals
    Lost to Garden City, 16-9 in Class B state semifinals

    Beat Troy LaSalle, 19-2 in state quarterfinals
    Lost to Manhasset, 16-9 in Class B state semifinals

    Beat Albany Academy, 13-6 in state quarterfinals
    Lost to Bethpage, 15-3 in Class B state semifinals

    Lost in Section 1 Class A championship game, 7-4 to Lakeland/Panas.

    Beat Guilderland (Section 2), 11-5 in state quarterfinals
    Lost to Ward Melville, 9-2 in Class A state semifinals

    Beat Niskayuna, 4-3 in state quarterfinals
    Lost to Ward Melville, 11-8 in Class A state semifinals

    Lost to Niskayuna, 9-6 in Class B state quarterfinals

    Beat Queensbury (Section 2), 16-4 in state quarterfinals
    Lost to Wantagh (Section 8), 7-6 in Class B state semifinals

    Beat Queensbury, 10-1 in state quarterfinals
    Lost to Comsewogue (Section 11), 5-2 in Class B state semifinals

    Beat Glens Falls (Section 2), 14-1 in state quarterfinals
    Beat Shoreham-Wading River (Section 11), 8-7 in OT in state semifinals
    Beat Jamesville-DeWitt, 10-6 in Class B state finals

    Beat Troy LaSalle, 13-4 in state quarterfinals
    Lost to South Side (Section 8), 13-7 in Class B state semifinals

    Lost to Niskayuna, 11-6 in Class A state quarterfinals

    Lost to John Jay in Section 1 Class A championship, 10-9 in OT

    Beat Pine Bush (Section 9), 18-8 in state play-in game
    Beat Niskayuna, 6-5 in state quarterfinals
    Lost to West Islip (Section 11), 12-7 in Class A state semifinals

    Beat Valley Central (Section 9), 18-3 in state play-in game
    Beat Niskayuna, 9-6 in state quarterfinals
    Lost to Syosset (Section 8), 7-6 in Class A state semifinals

    Beat Guilderland, 16-4 in state quarterfinals
    Lost to West Islip, 13-8 in Class A state semifinals

    So there you have it. Yorktown has jumped up and down in classification several times since 1986, with mixed results.

    Final breakdown:

    Section 1 titles: 27 of 29 years
    State semifinal appearances: 25 of 29 (Class A — 8; Class B — 12; prior to classifications — 5)
    State final appearances: 12 of 29 (Class A — 1; Class B — 6; prior to classifications — 5)
    State titles: 6 of 29 (Class A — 0; Class B — 5; prior to classifications — 1)

    So having read all of that (I apologize for putting you through it, actually), from where I’m standing, Yorktown’s best chance to win state championships clearly comes in Class B. It simply has not shown enough in Class A to warrant the type of aggressive approach the school has taken to prove off the field it belongs there. Again, I admire the rationale (be the best, beat the best, etc.), but logic suggests Yorktown can still be a viable part of the state championship discussion and keep its swagger and reputation if it stays where it belongs — in Class B.

    If you win, no one really cares how big your school is because when push comes to shove in the state finals everyone is good and respected, and sometimes your classification doesn’t tell the true story as to who is really the best overall team in New York, among public schools.

  11. slacrosse says:

    Given Town’s talent this season on an exception basis,was in favor of Town staying in A so that they could have a shot a WI, WG and give Somers, Jay others chance to rep B.

    Now feel Town should stay in B given their size and far less talent coming back for next season. Let Marr schedule tough out of Section 1 games to improve the team BUT stay in B for the tournament. Town can still have a national reputation by winning State B plus other tough teams. No “need” to stay in A.

    Frankly Town would have had its work cut out for it to get past Nisky or Canandaigua had they got that far

    Hey if Manhasett can stay in Class C without feeling any angst or the need to “move up”, so can Town.

  12. Smoothie says:

    Somers is also petitioning to go A!!

  13. slacrosse says:


    You serious? Another mistake if true.

    After this season with Town unless extraordinary circumstance permission should not be granted.

  14. SirLaxalot says:

    Syracuse, No need to talk about states. Let’s just look at the section. Does Yorktown have a better chance next year of winning the section if it plays LP in A or Somers or John Jay in B? Obviously the chances are much better in A.

    This move is all about keeping the streak of sectional titles in tact. Seems like Yorktown is not even concerned about states – just like it showed this year by opting to remain in A so it would not have to play and lose to Nisky in the state quarters. The move in effect got Yorktown to the state semis it otherwise would not have made.

  15. Joe Lombardi says:

    Very funny, Smoothie. (Somers is not petitioning to move to Class A.)

  16. Syracuse says:


    First off I was just trying to give everyone a reference guide as far as Town’s doing in the state tournament. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I absolutely, under no circumstances believe for one second that Yorktown’s decision to petition up to Class A had anything to do with Niskayuna. Why would they want to avoid Nisky but have no problems playing West Islip? Again, it makes no sense, especially considering the fact that they just beat Nisky in 2008 and have beaten them more times than they have lost to them over the years. Conversely, Town is now 0-2 lifetime against Islip, both 5-goal losses.

    If you think Yorktown worries about any one particular team that’s a real reach as far as reasoning goes.

    Why, again, would you want, after losing your entire defense, goalie and Ranagan, to take on West Islip potentially again next season when Galasso is coming back and you know Islip will just plug in new pieces?

    I do believe their decision to petition (as misguided as some think) is all about winning state titles. Obviously only they really know what they have in the system, down the pipeline, but it seems their decision making process is not based on the long term. That’s what’s so maddening. I would view a jump up or a drop down something you do because you have to, not because you choose to, and from there you build toward winning something and not just say say, “well, we have him, him and him coming back so let’s take a one-time shot at this.” To me, that type of reasoning has so many risks that come with it. If you don’t win you are ostracized in the court of public opinion as Town is dealing with now.

    As far as next season goes, I think Town fares better in Class A than B in the section, but they will really need a lot of things to break right to win the section and get past Albany. Forget state finals talk for now. It’s just too early to really delve into it.

  17. SirLaxalot says:

    Because like I said this is not about states it’s about saving face for this program that is not at the dominant level it was mainly because everyone has caught up. Don’t you see? If Yorktown loses in state quarters to Nisky – as they would have – the season is considered a disaster. If they lose to West Islip in state semis, not only do they advance another round but they lose a game most viewed them as big underdogs. Next year, if they lose in sectional final to Somers or John Jay if they stayedin B, it’s a big problem for Yorktown fans. So now they win the section again and advance to state semis by moving “up” to A. Just as they avoided a bad loss to Nisky this year by moving “up.”

  18. Syracuse says:

    Forget also the notion of Nisky being a quarterfinal matchup and that a loss would not get Town to the state semifinals. They don’t think like that. It’s all about wanting to win the Class A state title. I commend them for the desire, but as I said earlier and as Slacrosse pointed out as well, what’s the difference? Seriously?

    Manhasset wins Class C and is never criticized because they didn’t win the B title? They also never try to overshoot its reach to satisfy some crazy need to prove something. Why can’t Yorktown just follow the same path? They win B states and no one says, “Well, it’s not a real title because they didn’t win in A.” Not in New York. Ever.

    All the teams, spanning all the classifications get tons of respect because they play great competition and they occasionally go all the way.

    And that’s all you should really want. Because is you choose to aspire to winning at the highest level you better make sure you have the pieces in place to make that run. Yorktown failed in 2008 with the team to do it. This year’s team wasn’t even close to that team. Next year’s team will be even less (at least defensively) than this year’s team.

    So, again, why? Just to satisfy a need?

    Better have a game plan first.

  19. Syracuse says:


    What our discussion boils down to is you think Yorktown ducked Nisky just to get to the state semifinals to save face, to do what they always do and not be called failures. I think that line of reasoning is off base.

    Also, there were no guarantees that Town would have lost to Nisky this season. In fact, I think they would have beaten them because Nisky’s style of play would not have caught them off guard and because history has proven they know how to beat Mike Vorgang-coached teams.

    Yorktown has a linear line of thinking and it all ends with the Class A state finals. Is it misguided? Some think so, while others applaud it, but the bottom line is if they don’t eventually do it, they’ll be regarded more as a regional power than a state kingpin.

  20. slacrosse says:

    Just like Manhassat, you also don’t see Garden City “reaching” for Class A. Again just like Sett, GC plays a very tough LI and out of LI sched (St Pauls, etc) that combined with the chance to win State B keeps them in the national elite school status yr after yr.

    Although Town’s Section 1 sched is easier then a tough LI sched, they compensate for this by playing elite out of Sect 1 teams to build up their “status” . Also there is no diff in toughness between Town playing in A or B as the comp in each becomes tougher, so no need to go to A on this point..

    If its good enough for Sett AND City to stay in C and B, respectively, it should be WAY, WAY good enough for Town to stay in B.

  21. Re-LAX-N says:


    I have to say I agree with everthing you wrote. Yorktown has a much better chance of advancing and winning ib B as the past records indicate. Yorktown has never ducked anyone, It is absurd to even suggest they would. While I can understand why Dave has decided to stay in A and play the elite teams of the elite, I contend there is no shame in Playing schools with similar numbers and size you have. And while a lot of schools have been gaing momentun and experience lately. I am quite frankly disturbed at the lack of respect they Town continue to receive. I am all for team spirit, I am all for thinking your team is the best. As I mentioned back in the 80’s when I played we never thought we would loose, with that said I see no reason to put a team down espically since your schools or team has yet to win a state title. Again I am in favor of team spirit and team love but before you kick dirt in Towns face. Please, please win just one title before we have to hear how great you are and how Town stinks. One other thought remember theese are high school kids, not College players not Pros, high school kids who also read theese blogs. For their sake I think everyone should remain positive. Maybe it’s time for people top stop worring about what Town does and just root for your team. And be careful about what you wish for in most cases you get it. Go TOWN Thanks for all the memories. Cuse glad your back.

  22. YanksJetsSJU says:

    Joe-I could very well be wrong but I don’t remember teams in other sports allowed to move up or stay where they are being as hot a topic as it is with Yorktown lax. I know about of course catholic/private school teams in other sports being forced to move up a class because of their success but that wasn’t of course of their own choosing.
    Is this just something allowed in lacrosse, if so why or can teams in other sports choose to move up a class?
    The only thing I remember remotely, I say remotely, similar was back for the 1988-89 season Peekskill’s teams were put in a C-League because of enrollment but its boys basketball team (as did the baseball team) pettioned to be in a B-league but was turned down.
    As for the question of Yorktown, I don’t know all the ins and outs as much as others but I would say because of their tradition it should be in A.

  23. Syracuse says:

    The lack of respect for Yorktown only seems glaring. It’s a few people who post a lot. I believe, overall, people on this board are quite respectful of all that Yorktown has accomplished over the years. It’s just that when they lose they are like the Yankees. Haters hate. That’s what they do and often they make more noise than people coming to a blog or site like this just looking to learn something they may not have known before.

    It’s a shame, but trash-talking and criticism is a staple of American culture.

    We all just have to deal with it.

  24. YanksJetsSJU says:

    That’s a great way to put it Syracuse. I know I’ve always admired Yorktown since I was a kid.
    A while back I got to do stories on the Huskers as a writer which was a real thrill after growing up in nearby in Peekskill and always reading about them. I finally got to see them live this year, just as a fan and enjoyed seeing them play. I especially liked the Chaminade game and just love the enthusiasm the Crop brings.
    If the Yanks were smart, they would give them the seats behind home plate they can’t sell and they would get their homefield advantage back.
    Now, in fairness to others, I went to a school where lacrosse isn’t a big deal so I never developed a hate that some others may have toward Yorktown because they went to a rival program.
    The only thing is, and I don’t know if this is possible, but they should try to get some bigger signs to promote its six state titles, as well as the girls four state crowns because what they have on the scoreboard signifying that is small, at least for me.

  25. Syracuse says:


    They had made reference to some of the state titles on the Yorktown High School sign you see upon enttering the school, but, of course, the haters vandalized that on more than one occasion so they got rid of that idea.

    I agree, they should have bigger signs around the field.

    And a portrait of Joe Lombardi on the big red wall that houses the gym, something like Ivan Drago from Rocky IV or those intimidating portraits of premiers from the Soviet Union.

    A giant LaxLessons flag rippling on the pole …

  26. sec1 says:

    Cuse good job with the facts, by the way its really 28 Titles in 30yrs,, You say on one hand if they dont do it win A they will be a regional power lol, and on the other hand if they win in B its all good???? Cuse this program TOWN is the reason for everything in this section and I mean everything most of All of the best programs are because of it, lets see Lakeland Frank Vitolo from Yorktown, Mahopac Teddy G from Yorktown, John Jay Rob Kear from Yorktown, Brewster Gerry Walsh from Yorktown,Somers Tim Schurr from Yorktown Put Valley Kuzma from Yorktown, Horace Greeley Kuzma from Yorktown, Rye Dooleys from Yorktown and more. Yorktowns Greatness is the reason for all of this, the feeder programs the fever for Lacrosse in this area.. Cuse most of this was not to address you it was some of the other blogers, some day Yorktown may not win Section Titles every yr but they will always be the King because they are all Your Father!! I more thing thing never forget they are the ones that brought you Sec1 your first Champion stoping WG and their 91 game winning streak, which is the most important win in Sec1s History!!!!!!

  27. Lax Novice says:

    I think Syracuse’s main point is correct, that the NYS Class B title is just as prestigious as either of the others, it’s who you play and beat that matters, and there seem to be quite a few prominent schools in Class B that are every bit as challenging as those in A or C. One thing for sure, no one should be making any decision about which class to compete in based upon whether it’s perceived to be an easier road to a State Championship, not even Syr’s Kreskin-like insights are reliable enough to predict that. He’s also right about the fact that top tier schools don’t spend significant time worrying about what the competition is doing, there’s barely enough time in any season to get your own house in order.

    That said, what can be done to get Yorktown to get past their recent performances at States to be holding the hardware again? They have all of the pieces of a successful program already in place, a thriving youth program, the best athletes in town committed to the sport, experienced coaches who are Yorktown alums who have won the titles the current teams haven’t, and a supportive local community and student body. Just as all the other top tier schools do, Yorktown reloads, not rebuilds. So are they lacking in some area that isn’t being addressed? That’s not apparent from the outside. It could just be that unlike 20 years ago, the growth of the game has expanded the number of contenders such that the road to the State Championship has more hazards than ever, no matter which classification they’re in.

  28. slacrosse says:

    Lax Novice,

    Completely agree with your 1st point. As I said earlier, if its OK with Sett and GC to play in C and B, Town should be OK as well playing in B.

    Yeah, seems like if you have great youth programs with good coaching along the way, not much you can do except wait for the next crop of Ranagans, Marascos, Bocklets, etc, etc to emerge. Guess maybe you try real hard to “identify” “special” kids at an early age and put some extra work, nurturing into them.

    If you’re really lucky maybe you come up with a “Galasso” type kid who is good enough to start playing varsity in 8th grade.

  29. Syracuse says:

    Sec 1,

    I’m not disagreeing with any of what you wrote. Your passion and facts are spot on.

    But what you are saying by touting all the good programs that have risen from the Yorktown chain further emphasizes my point about being known as a regional power. All the coaches you named, who were all great players at Town, are now leading other programs in the area. That’s outstanding of course and a reason to be quite proud.

    But I think as far as the conversation goes on this board it’s easier for all the non- or former believers to be respectful of Town when they win. And that only comes from winning state titles. I think people have totally caught on to the whole Yorktown gets to the state semis idea. They get it. It’s old hat to them now.

    Relevance must go beyond the Hudson Valley and my point is, at least on the field, they haven’t figured out how to remain a power program. Of course, the pipeline is 99 percent of the game, but I think it would be easier for non-Town affiliated people to be respectful of the program and not make sites like this a Town bashing ground if they just had a game plan. This fly by night approach with Class A vs. B is like Brett Favre not knowing when to quit.

    And as we’ve seen with both Yorktown and Favre, they make themselves easy targets for criticism because they both don’t really know how to get what they want.

  30. Syracuse says:

    One thing to keep in perspective here — and great points of course by Lax Novice and Slacrosse — is we are by no means at the low point of the Yorktown program/regional dynasty. What we have here is the aftermath of a disappointing end to an otherwise successful season. The opinions and theories always fly in times like these.

    To me, the “low point” of the program’s 40-plus year history started following the 2004 Class B state semifinal loss to South Side and lasted until the state quarterfinal win over Niskayuna in 2007.

    In that time Yorktown went — by their lofty standards — an unremarkable 42-21 in the regular season, lost in the state quarterfinals (2005, 11-6 to Nisky), failed to win a sectional crown (2006, OT loss to John Jay in A title game) and went 12-10 in 2007, the most losses in a season since 1979 when they went 8-11.

    The 2007 team’s 6-5 win over Nisky in the state quarters got the ball rolling again, but only to a degree. The program’s bugaboo remains Long Island in June as evidenced by two five-goal losses to West Islip and the bitter 7-6 loss to Syosset.

    So, my point is we’re not at a low point by any means right now, but you have to be a bit concerned if you are a fan of the program because the prospects for 2010 are not great and because Town can’t seem to make up its mind how it wants to be known. Do they want to win state titles? Or do they want to win specific state titles based on a need to prove something.

    There’s a huge difference because in Class B their prospects of winning it all are considerably better than in Class A, but they seem more concerned with how they are regarded than with taking their chances in the classification that best suits them.

    Yorktown is alienating itself. Its decisions to keep petitioning up to A are somewhat unfair to all the other programs that have desires each year within the section. As a Town fan, you may not care, but I can assure you those not affiliated with Town aren’t exactly ready to laud the daring Yorktown program.

    Yorktown’s decision-making process is hurting them in the court of public opinion and is fueling the angst toward them on sites like this one.

    But if Town wins an A championship, they’d have every right to tell everyone who doesn’t like their motives to stick it. Problem is, they aren’t doing what they have set out to do and this is making it a lot easier for everyone else to jump on the bashing bandwagon.

  31. Re-LAX-N says:

    All great points by CUSE, SEC1, LAX NOVICE. My point earlier was more in line with Sec1, Town was the program to put Lacrosse on the map in Sec1 years ago and they still regardless of size play a monster schedule each year. And continue to do well inside the section and out as well. My point earlier was that if all things were to remain equal Yorktown because of it’s size would be considered a B school. There would no be no shame in staying it that class mostly because the talent level there is so high.Just because you play in a certian class is no guarantee you will win states. Look at West Islip and Town falling to Syossett last year and Nisky falling to Canandaguia this year(NO DISRESPECT to Canandaguia) But Nisky was on paper certianlly the favored to win that game.While I think Town would be better served playing in B because the competition is so competitive, If they stay in A that’s fine with me. If anything it shows they never duck anyone, and they are willing regardless of their size to go up against the best. I look forward to next year, it should be a lot of fun.Cuse since you seem to have most of the facts, maybe you could post key losses and additions for Town, L/P, Pac, Somers, JJ and a couple of the L.I. Schools West Islip, Manhassett, GC, Rocky Point.

  32. Re-LAX-N says:

    Cuse do you know if there has ever been for lack of a better term a tournament of champions?. Example Take the Class A-B-C winners in NY, CT, MA, MD and have them play eachother to determine an all around winner. That might be fun. Getting those teams to agree to play might be one obsticle, and an approprate venue might be the other. But what a great weekend that would be. What are your thoughts

  33. LI Lax says:

    Set loses everything, I wouldn’t expect them to beat CSH next year.
    WI loses 5 d1 seniors middie Braddish (UNC), attack Bataloto (Sacred Heart), defense Nobile (Hofstra) defense McCormack (Yale) and goalie Zaremba (Army). They also lose attack Craig (Cortland) and defense Mattera (Cortland) who were very good players for them.
    They return Hodgson (Towson) at middie and of course Galasso (UNC) at attack…in addition rising juniors Mike Sagl and Conor Braddish should continue to develop, I wouldn’t worry about WI offense next year. Their defense will be very inexperienced and could be an issue.

    GC returns a lot, should be the favorite in Nassau B…SWR or Wogue in Suffolk B with a loaded Smithtown West team going up to A. RP pretty much just has FOGO Kelly (UVA), they may barely finish top 4 in D2.

  34. LI Lax says:


    Never gonna happen. MIAA schools have already graduated once NY season is over..just not feasible.

  35. Syracuse says:


    Off the top of my head (I know I’m leaving people out):

    Yorktown — Ranagan, Brunelle, Fox, Fennessey, Bonitatibus, Cabrielle, Casey

    L/P — Doherty, Fitzpatrick, Hittman

    Mahopac — Perrelle

    Somers — Marasco, Zmuidins, Haas, Lombardo

    West Islip — Badalato, Zaremba

    Manhasset — English, Cappellini, Duvnjak, Izzo, Koufakis, Molinari, Rubertone, Meyer

    Ward Melville — Ferraro, Monteleone, Quinn, Brennan

    Garden City — Fuller, Chiodo, Dwyer (not Devin)

    From where I am standing, Somers, Jay, West Islip will be very good next year. Manhasset has major shoes to fill. Garden City has a great young attackman in Devin Dwyer (sophomore next year). Mahopac has Brandofino back. L/P I’m not sure about. Yorktown will be good offensively but will be hurting big time on D and in net. Melville is losing their four best players but their style of play and defense-first mentality always makes them a viable opponent.

    Joe probably can take this a lot further when it comes to returning players for 2010.

  36. Syracuse says:


    LILax is right abotu the idea of an interstate tourney of champions, but I would bend over backwards to see one in New York.

    Just an idea — set up an 8-team tournament:

    Class A state finalists
    Class B state finalists
    Class C state finalists
    CHSAA Catholic champ
    CHSAA Metro champ

    So you would have from this year:

    West Islip, Orchard Park, Canandaigua, Niskayuna, Manhasset, Lafayette, St. Anthony’s, Iona Prep

    Pit them in a single elimination, two-bracket tournament on Joe’s lawn in Connecticut. The CROP could come just for the sake of needing them for entertainment value and the Rabidou boys can hock LaxLessons T-shirts.

  37. Re-LAX-N says:

    That would be sweet. I would go for that. I wonder why it has never happened , I can’t believe we are the first to think of it. Hopefully next season we can get back to playng s couple of the teams from M.A. an M.D. I hope so. Joe L, what are your thoughts Who can we talk to in order for this to happen(I’m Talking about the tournament of champions)..

  38. Joe Lombardi says:

    It’s a great idea, but logistically, I don’t know if it’s possible with graduations, all-star games, etc., all scheduled for right after the season ends. Worth exploring though.

  39. YanksJetsSJU says:

    Joe-Do you know what actually goes into the petition process, like when someone petition’s to move up what does a school have to do to show to the Section that it should be allowed to move up?

    Also, do you feel schools should be allowed to move up or be forced to play in the class where their enrollment says they belong?

  40. Lax Novice says:

    That Tournament of Champions idea unfortunately bumps up against the general notion of the restrictive schedules that varsity teams are up against, never mind the crowded non-lax activity this time of year. This is the sort of thing that basketball pre-season tournaments have created on the college level, but once again winter sports schedules and underrated priorities like attending school get in the way.

    The only feasible way to get those teams together is in the fall, when the summer lax schedule is done and kids are back at home. The thing is a lot of lax players play football and aren’t available.

    How about putting that elusive lacrosse video game together? Then you can have Gilman vs. Delbarton all night and day if you like and maybe make a couple of dollars at the same time.

    I recall back in the dark ages of the 1970’s that Alexander Hamilton HS of Elmsford was able to petition ther way out of the Class C (or was it D?) boys basketball tournamemt to play the Mount Vernons and Yonkers HS, not only because they would be competitive in Class A but because leaving them in the lower class would make that tournament extremely uncompetitive. Perhaps the best reason for Yorktown to stay in their B classification is that they haven’t shown the kind of dominance (meaning not just winning but making a joke of the contests) over other Class B schools that compels a change. As Syracuse says, Yorktown’s reason for moving to Class A seems more about the notion that Class A is for the perceived “best” than because they have proved anything lately in Class B, because on the State level over the past 15 years they rarely have.

  41. Joe Lombardi says:

    Lax Novice –

    That’s interesting about Hamilton hoops in the 1970s. I never knew or even heard about that.

    Related to this topic, to answer the question by YanksJetsSJU (I assume the SJU is for Phil Martelli’s St. Joseph’s team in Philly if you’re talking about hoops these days – just kidding!), the appeal is heard by the Section 1 Athletic Council which ultimately decides based on how compelling the argument is that the team petioning indeed belongs in a higher class for competitive purposes.

  42. dmoney says:

    Personally, the thing I really want to know is how big are some of the schools outside of Section 1?

    I know the old Sachem was a monster but how big are:


    I think this would give us a better picture of what Ytown was really up against.

    On a side note, I think sect. 1 will be much more competitive in 5 years or 10 years, when the sleeping (and growing) giant WP has fully embraced the game.

  43. Wasabi says:

    I love the idea of a NYS Federation Tournament. The two Catholic champs could duke it out to see who makes it into the Final Four with the three class champions. Catholic Champs could face the Class B champ (or rotate year to year) while the A and C champs battled it out in the other semi. Who wouldn’t want to see St. Anthony’s v Canadaguia and West Islip v Mahhasset in the semis to set up a possible St. A’s-WI final. That would definitively determine the true NYS Champion. Plus, Yorktown wouldn’t have to worry about all this “elite” garbage; they could just stay put in B and see how things shake out in the end.

    C’mon Joe. Use your almighty pen and make this thing a reality. It would extend the season one more week, tops.

  44. LI Lax says:

    WM 1899
    WI 1373
    GC 886
    Syosset 1608
    Pequa 1910 (biggest in Nassau)
    SS 830

    Town 1033

    All numbers for 2009-2010 school year

  45. LI Lax says:

    FYI, Sachem East 1924 and Sachem North 1699, for a total of 3623 if the old Sachem still existed…still wouldn’t be the biggest school in Suffolk as Brentwood is 3826

  46. Lax Novice says:


    It’s amazing what a guy can remember from delivering the Yonkers Herald Statesman back in the day. Hopefully I have the facts right and someone at Hamilton could confirm that.

    The point being it wasn’t simply a matter of a school saying they were good enough to compete in the larger school classification, they presumably had to show that staying where they were with no competition was unfair. I’d think Yorktown would have a tough time demonstrating the latter currently.

  47. YanksJetsSJU says:

    Joe-Thanks for answering and unfortunately my college alma mater deserves that shot but I will leave it at that since this is a lax blog. Hopefully you’ll bring back a college hoops website next winter.

  48. Lax Novice says:

    With the new Big East lax conference coming on board, St. John’s could really jump to prominence very quickly. If it’s perceived Denver is going to mine the Eastern US for talent, you’d think the Red Storm can point to the schedule they will be playing and attract a number of outstanding yet under-the-radar prospects. Whaddya say, Y-J-SJU?

  49. YanksJetsSJU says:

    I’d say that’s great news. With hoops so down, we need someone else to step up and win in addition to soccer.

  50. John FANagan says:


    great idea, bring the crop to the new Yankee stadium… I’d love to get some airtime behind home plate

  51. YanksJetsSJU says:

    Thanks John. They should’ve invited you guys tonight. Maybe Joe can use his connections and get the Crop into the house that George built.

    I have to put some pressure on Joe after his shot, granted a well-deserved one, at my school.

    As for a federation-style tournament, that sounds great if you can work the logistics out.

    One thing, though- if hoops is any indication, make sure it’s played at the right venue because location of the event is important.

    I know from basketball that the federation tournament feels more like the NFL pro bowl, ie no one cares, because there is just usually no one there after such a great atmosphere the previous weekend at the public school state tourney.

  52. Syracuse says:

    Oh how I long for the days of Chris Mullin, Bill Wennington, Jeff Allen, Malik Sealy (God rest his soul), Billy Goodwin, Walter Berry, Shelton Jones, Willie Glass, Mark Jackson, Matt Brust.

    Hell, I even miss Ron Rowan and Marco Baldi.

  53. CALax says:

    Can I assume that the Y’town petition to move up to A went through?

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