The Section 1 exceptional senior game is set for tonight at Yorktown High School’s Charlie Murphy Field.

Here are the rosters, along with the colleges the respective players will be attending.

• Update: For a report on Monday’s game posted just after the Red team beat the Blue team 13-9, check Joe’s report in comment No. 13 of this thread.


1 Marpet Blaze Hastings Attack Eckerd
2 Simmonds Rob Hastings Defense Hartwick
3 Perrelle Tyler Mahopac Attack Binghamton
4 Synan Brendan Mahopac Defense Scranton
5 Santangelo Robert Rye Attack Westminster Post
6 Keough Donald Rye Defense Westminster Post
7 Thompson Willy Mamaroneck Defense Saint Michaels
8 Bodor Alex Mamaroneck Attack Dennison
9 Moreau Paul Pearl River Attack Manhattan
10 Distefano George North Salem Attack Lehigh
11 Ragazzino Andrew North Salem Midfield Purchase
12 Haggerty Luke Clarkstown South Goalie Herkimer
13 Jelen Eric Clarkstown South Midfield Alfred
14 Parkhurst Collin Hendrick Hudson Midfield Siena
15 Roberts Marc Hendrick Hudson Defense Ithaca
16 Young Jeff Eastchester Attack Siena
17 Addesso Billy Eastchester Midfield Undecided
18 Albert Matt Ardsley Goalie Oneonta
19 Schuman David Ardsley Attack Vanderbilt
20 Rice Zeppice Peekskill Midfield Stony Brook
21 Robinson Luke Fox Lane Goalie Ithaca
22 Tynan TJ Fox Lane Midfield Franklin & Marshall
23 Marasco Joe Somers Midfield Syracuse
24 Haas Dylan Somers Midfield Tufts
25 Stewart Will John Jay Midfield Williams
26 Stearns Geoff John Jay Defense Lafayette
27 Camadeco Nick Clarkstown North Attack Undecided
28 Lynch Brendan Clarkstown North Defense PACE
29 Casey Tom Yorktown Midfield Cortland
30 Vercruysse Justin Yorktown Defense Plymouth
1 Levine Brian Haldane Attack Potsdam
2 Corneilius Justin Haldane Goalie Albany
3 Davis Chris White Plains Defense Notre Dame
4 Bryant James White Plains Midfield Undecided
5 Schuster Ryan Ossining Defense Maritime
6 Nestor Ryan Ossining Defense Undecided
7 Felix John Scarsdale Midfield Geneseo
8 Breite Cody Arlington Goalie Buffalo
9 Fincham Ryan Arlington Defense Plattsburgh
10 Boucher Cary Harrison Attack Suffield Academy.
11 Lentz Dan Bronxville Attack Dartmouth
12 Von Mehren Mack Bronxville Defense Williams
13 Sorrillo Scott Suffern Defense Oneonta
14 Roberts Jamison Suffern Defense Marywood
15 Reda Kevin Pleasantville Midfield Fairfield
16 Thomas Tyler Pleasantville Attack New England
17 Donelan Brendan Brewster Attack Ithaca
18 Mcdermott T.J Brewster Defense Marist
19 Doherty Jack Lakeland/Panas Attack Binghamton
20 Hittman Johnny Lakeland/Panas Midfield Bucknell
21 Schnog Sam Sleepy Hollow Attack Cornell
22 Tompkins Ryan Sleepy Hollow Midfield Westchester
23 Warner Shane North Rockland Attack Binghamton
24 Chalsen Nick North Rockland Midfield Onadoga
25 Fortes Louie Croton-Harmon Midfield Marines
26 Saint Leger John Croton-Harmon Defense Oswego
27 Medeo RJ Byram Hills Midfield Syracuse
28 Carpentieri Stefan Byram Hills Midfield Syracuse
29 Johnson Garret Pelham Midfield Delaware
30 Franzino John Pelham Midfield Susquehanna

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29 Responses to “Section 1 senior all-star game rosters, report”

  1. laxer11 says:

    hey joe, do you know what time the game is or any information that has to do with playing in it?

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    laxer11 –

    As noted in the first sentence of this post, the game is at 7 p.m. at Yorktown High School.

    As far as the second part of your question, I’m not sure what you mean. The rosters are included above, so I’m not sure what else you’re looking for.

  3. who knows says:


    Is there going to be another date that the game will be played on if it happens to get canceled?

  4. hud lax says:

    rain date is tmrw

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  6. lax a says:

    How can we find out if the game is cancelled??

  7. laxer11 says:

    is it cancelled?

  8. Joe Lombardi says:

    The game is still on. Unless there are thunderstorms close to game time, you can expect a 7 p.m. start at Yorktown.

  9. Joe Lombardi says:

    We’re here at Murphy Field in Yorktown. The senior all-star game will be getting under way in just a few minutes.

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    The Red team leads the Blue team 4-1 after one. JoJo Marasco and Rob Santangelo each have 1-1. Luke Haggerty has made five saves for the Red team. Dan Lentz scored the Blue goal.

  11. Joe Lombardi says:

    The Red team leads 12-8 with time winding down. JoJo has 1-3, Santangelo 2-2. Jack Doherty has three goals for the Blue team. I’ll post final stats later today along with the Section 1 academic all-Americans.

  12. slacrosse says:

    Where is Ranagan, Fennesey, etc, etc???

  13. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final: Red 13, Blue 9

    This was obviously a fun game played in a very informal and entertaining way.

    One memorable moment came late in the game when Horace Greeley’s Derek Katchis, one of the best defensemen in the section, borrowed Somers star JoJo Marasco’s short stick and quickly scored a goal.

    “That’s the magic stick,” Katchis said.

    John Jay defenseman Geoff Stearns of the Red team also scored — but with a long stick.

    Marasco was named the game’s most valuable player. He finished with one goal and three assists. Red teammate Rob Santangelo of Rye had two goals and two assists. John Jay’s Will Stewart and Peekskill’s Giuseppe Rice also had two goals each for the Red team.

    Katchis was named most valuable defensive player.

    Lakeland/Panas’ Jack Doherty of the Blue team was named most valuable offensive player. He had three goals.

    While the stars from the top programs shined, there were also plenty of standouts from less heralded teams who made their mark.

    Guys like Rice, the all-time leading scorer in Peekskill history.

    Mike Perlow of Briarcliff and Sam Schnog of Sleepy Hollow each had two goals for the Blue team.

    Other Red goal scorers were T.J. Tynan (Fox Lane), Tyler Perrelle (Mahopac), Eric Jelen (Clarkstown South), and Paul Moreau (Pearl River).

    Other goal scorers for the Blue team were Dan Lentz (Bronxville) and Cary Boucher (Harrison). Shane Warner of North Rockland had three assists.

    The goalies — Luke Haggerty (Clarkstown South), Luke Robinson (Fox Lane) and Matt Albert (Ardsley) for the Red team and Cody Breite (Arlington), Matt Quinones (Nanuet) and Justinh Corneilius (Haldane) for the Blue — all played well.

  14. Joe Lombardi says:

    slacrosse –

    Both John Ranagan and John Fennessy, of course, will be playing on in the Under Armour AA game at Towson along with JoJo Marasco,
    Ian Braddish (West Islip), Connor English (Manhasset), Jeff Frocarro (Port Washington), Steven Murphy (Floyd), Nick O’Reilly (South Side) and Matt White (Ridgefield).

  15. lax watch says:

    #3 on the blue squad the d man from white plains looks like a very good player

  16. Joe Lombardi says:

    lax watch –

    That was Chris Davis. Another White Plains player, midfielder James Bryant, played very well and probably had the best hit of the night.

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  18. laxdad says:

    Who would you say played the best at each positions.

  19. slacrosse says:


    Thanx about Ranagan, Fenessey. Game is on 6/27 with the Regional All -Star games Sat/Sun. Nike Jake Reed Camp (McCormack) Th/Fri/Sat same weekend.

    Looks like the “Upper NY State” team which was open to all New Yorkers only contains kids from upstate.

    Did anyone from Section 1 try out?? Shame about no ESG and NO Hudson Valley kids on this regional team!

    LI Team tryouts today and tomorrow.

  20. Joe Lombardi says:

    Laxdad –

    It was really well-played for guys being placed on teams together without practicing. A real testament to the the skill level of the players. It would be tough to break it down by position as to who played best, but I have to say, there’s no doubt JoJo Marasco was the MVP.

    For fans who never got the opportunity to see him play, it had to be a real treat. You just really see how he excels in all aspects of the game — things like groundballs and precision passing, defensive play —  in addition to scoring.

    It was also great to see the reactions of players from programs that don’t play Yorktown annually when they arrived at Murphy Field and how much they appreciated being at such a prestigious place in the lax world that they have heard so much about.

  21. Puddles says:

    At least the field drains well….

  22. section1lax says:

    they really should play the game at a field that has a better draining system like Somers or JJ- yorktown is a swamp and that field floods. Its bad

  23. BigBadBear says:

    Way to go Mike P, congrats on a great career, and good luck in college!

    Joe: I didn’t see Perlow on the orignal roster for the game (he sure deserved it though!) was he the sole representative from the Bears? Any other “non-roster” kids play?

  24. Joe Lombardi says:

    Hey Bear –

    There were a few kids not on the original roster who played, including Perlow, Matt Quinones of Nanuet and Derek Katchis of Greeley.

    One player who I didn’t have the chance to see during the season who looked very impressive took, by the way, was Garret Johnson of Pelham. The two-way midfielder has committed to Delaware and has a solid all-around game.

  25. LAXIT says:

    Lax dad the red team

    TJ the defenseman from brewster did a nice job on jojo when he guarded him
    Santangelo,Casey,Perrelle,Steward (Haas i believe that was him) played well. Katchis,Keogh,Vercruysse.Synan Sterns Haggerty tough defense to score on you could tell when these kids were on the field alot of fun to watch.Hey Joe
    who picked the teams they were alittle lopsided.

  26. Joe Lombardi says:

    LAXIT –

    The coaches picked the teams. I have to agree, when the Red, with Marasco, Santangelo, Keough, Stewart, Haggerty, Katchis, etc., jumped out to a 4-0 lead, I thought it might be one-sided, but the Blue team came back and made a game of it.

  27. LAXIT says:


    You have to some what agree that if thay didn’t pull jojo haggerty santangelo
    ketchis perrelle etc. that game would not have been that close but i guess all in all it’s there to just have fun one last time and i know they all did.Good luck boys it’ been an absolute pleasure watching you guys

  28. Jaybird says:

    Perrelle is a nice little player but just as he did vs. JJ he tries to put on a show with his shots – just like JJ one of his shots almost hit the scoreboard. He almost never passes. Santegelo showed he’s much better and should have been AA.

  29. hud lax says:

    they are both good

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