koufakisPutnam Valley goaltender Brendan McCrudden makes a sprawling save
on Manhasset’s Zac Koufakis during Manhasset’s 16-4 win yesterday over Putnam Valley
in the downstate Class C semifinal.
(Photo by Ray Gallagher)
For more photos from the Manhasset-Putnam Valley game, click here.

We’re just a day away from the state finals, folks.

Be sure to follow the action every step of the way throughout the day tomorrow right. For now, be sure to weigh in with your comments and predictions.

New York State championship schedule

Games at Paetec Park in Rochester


Class C

Manhasset vs. Lafayette, 11 a.m.

Class A

West Islip vs. Orchard Park, 1:30 p.m.

Class B

Niskayuna vs.Canandaigua, 4 p.m.

Connecticut state championships

Tripleheader at Brien McMahon


Class S: St. Joseph-Trumbull vs. Weston

Class M: Darien vs. Wilton

Class L: Fairfield Prep vs. Simsbury

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• New York state tournament playoff bracket and schedule

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26 Responses to “Here are your NY/CT state championship matchups”

  1. Pequa says:

    Don’t sleep on Orchard Park everyone. I hear they are athletic and have the depth to hang with WI. Having said that though I just don’t see WI letting this one slip away.

    Manhasset, on the other hand, always seems to find a way to do just that. They should be a Section One team really haha.

    A -WI 10, O-park 7

    C- Laf 9, Set 8

    B – Nisky 8, C’daig 4

  2. jade says:

    Yorktown blew it if they beat west islip they would have the state in the bag, orchard park is no good. West Gennee is out and marr wanted a piece of them.

  3. SilverSwords says:

    I don’t want to count our chickens before they’re hatched but is there any doubt Nisky is on the brink of their first state title? I know, I know its not a given. Look at John Jay beating Huntington in 07 then choking vs an inferior JD team.The reason that can’t happen with us is coaching. Great coaches don’t allow let downs. They finish the job. Vorgang is a great coach. Tomorrow he will be a state championship coach.

  4. Re-LAX-N says:

    Well it’s been a great ride this year. Unfortunally the ride has come to an end. We have been fortunate to see and hear about some fantistic games in each class, and I know I can’t wait to do it all again next year. I know the results are not what a lot of us were hoping for. But that is why you play the game. My hat is off to all the teams that played in the tourney this year. Your heart, grit and determination did not go un noticed. As for the teams that played yesterday. Here is a special thanks to Put Valley, and TOOOOOWWWWWNNN. Put Valley had a great year and has nothing to hang their heads about. They gave a great effort but Set was a little to talented. I am sure they will work hard to get there again next year. As for TOOOOOOWWWWWNNN. What can I say. Again you made it to the semi-Final you lost to perhaps the best team in the nation. So keep your heads high. And speaking of TOOOOOWWWNNNN, I applaud you as well. For decades, let me say that again DECADES you have made us proud to wear the green and white. Before many schools in the area had a program Yorktown was winning sectional titles, and State Championships. So to you I say Bravo. Thanks and we will see you again next year. I am sure of it. To my friends Joe L. CUSE. And others who have written in the blogs this season I wish you well. And not to dispair Lax is a year round game. And finally best of luck to the Lady Huskers who have their chance to move on to the State Finals today, Let’s go TOOOOWWWWNNN

  5. RyeGuy says:

    Swords –
    In addition to JD, JJ also blew one last year against Rocky Point, another team they were definately better then. Hey at least there consistant

  6. TownLax says:

    Silver sword –
    Please let us know what day next week Princeton will be holding that press conference to introduce Vorgang as their new coach – lol.

  7. Joe Lombardi says:

    Re-Lax-N —

    Thanks for the great comments. It’s much appreciated. You’re right. Lacrosse is definitely a year-round sport.

    Later today, we will have video highlights from the West Islip-Yorktown game, shot by our videographer extraordinaire Ryan Rabidou.

    Tomorrow, we will have live scoring updates on the NY and CT state finals.

    In the coming days/weeks/months, we will be covering summer showcases, leagues and camps. We will also have recruiting news and notes.

    On Saturday at midnight, we conclude our voting for attack on the LaxLessons.com all-region team and shift to midfield. Then it’s on to defense and goaltender.

    We’ll also be presenting our final LaxLessons.com Top 25 regional rankings and then our LaxLessons.com 20-member all-region team and all-region player of the year and coach of the year.

    In some ways, the coming weeks will be even more fun and action-packed than during the season. So be sure to keep visiting here a few times each day so you don’t miss out on anything.

  8. Re-LAX-N says:

    Eloquent as always. I know I will be checking in on a daily vasis. Any chance someone will be reporting how the Lady Huskers are doing later today.

  9. Joe Lombardi says:

    Jim Stout from MaxPreps.com is on hand for the big Yorktown girls game today, Re-LAX-N.

    You can follow his updates on Twitter.

    Just check this link:


  10. Re-LAX-N says:

    Thanks Joe,

    By the way. What do you think was the turning point in the Yorktown game yesterday. I think it was the goal West Islip scored right before the half, however many of my friends think it was the first 5 minutes of the third quater.

  11. WhaleBelt says:

    I think Pequa plays on Cold Spring Harbor’s JV team

  12. Joe Lombardi says:

    re-Lax-N —

    Both were big.

    The goal that made it 6-4 came just 18 seconds before the half and right after Remy Lieberman pulled Yorktown within 5-4. Otherwise, Yorktown would have gone in with a huge amount of momentum. That goal, by Nicky Galasso in transition after the ensuing faceoff, was huge.

    But the first six minutes of the third quarter were probably even more important.
    That’s where we saw the Lions’ depth on full display.

    Maybe the biggest sequence came early in the third. Yorktown was called for slashing. Shane Craig then scored from Andrew Hodgson just five seconds into the man-up to make it 7-4.

    Galasso then scored his third with 6:39 left in the period to make it 8-4.

  13. Re-LAX-N says:

    Joe I agree.

    For what it is worth and obviously no one can tell, But do think Yorktown would have been better served Playing in B? And with all of the tallent they loose this year do you seen them playing in (B) next year, as far as the tournament is concerned?.

  14. laxbus says:


    Your predictions for the Finals?

  15. Syracuse says:


    West Islip 14, Orchard Park 6

    Niskayuna 11, Canandaigua 6

    Manhasset 11, Lafayette 9

    Good luck to you and your boys. They are quite deserving.

  16. LI Lax says:

    Finals predictions

    WI 14 OP 6
    Nisky 10 CA 7
    Set 16, LaFayette 15

  17. LI Lax says:

    I don’t believe Town can play in B next year, when you opt up I believe you commit to that class for two seasons, and that would be their second.

    BTW, congrats to the Lady Huskers for upsetting #1 state ranked Canandaigua in the state semis today (although one of CA’s best players is out playing for the Canadian world cup team, it is still a huge win). CA is the only team in the nation to defeat IAAM champ McDonogh this year.

  18. Syracuse says:

    LI Lax,

    Yorktown girls are no joke.

    I don’t know how many state title this will be if they win, but they’ll be eclipsing the boys in short order.

  19. LI Lax says:

    They have three state titles (one of them over Northport, I believe in 1998). They’ll face GC tomorrow to try for their fourth, the game is probably a tossup.

  20. laxbus says:


    Hopefully Nisky will deliver and make your pre-season prediction a reality. Thanks for the informative dialogs. I’ve learned a lot this year from you.

    Good luck to all the teams and I’ll see you in Rochester. I’ll be on the roof filming with a Nisky shirt and a Georgetown hat if you care to meet.

    I’ll be back tomorrow night win or lose.

  21. jade says:

    Joe is that true that Yorktown has to stay in A because if you opt up it is a 2 year commitment??

  22. laxman says:

    the girls have 4

  23. LI Lax says:

    I thought when I was watching the Town-JJ game on MSG I saw on the Yorktown scoreboard “six time boys and three time girls state champions.” I could be wrong though of course, the only ones I know about for the girls for sure are 1998 (over Northport in the finals) and 2006 (big upset over FM)

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  25. CA Fan says:

    Canandaigua is going to give up 11 goals and only score 6? Wow, your scouting report has let you down Nisky fans. The reverse score is more probable.

  26. slacrosse says:

    WI 13- OP 6
    Nisk 12-Daig 5
    Sett 12-Laf 8

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