New York/At University at Albany

pfiffnerSomers’ Erik Pfiffner

New York/At Stony Brook University

dachilleGarden City’s Kevin Dachille

Connecticut/At higher seeds

mcgoldrickFairfield Prep’s Griff McGoldrick

(Photos by Jim Stout/

We’re just one game away from the final four, folks.

Later today, state semifinal matchups will be set in New York and Connecticut.

It promises to be an interesting day.

We, of course, will have correspondents reporting live throughout the region. So be sure to check back for score updates and also weigh in with scores/info/thoughts of your own.

Downstate New York quarterfinals

Section 2 vs. Section 1 at the University at Albany

Class C, 3:30 p.m.

Putnam Valley 16, Schuylerville 4

Class A, 5:30 p.m.

Yorktown 16, Guilderland 4

Class B, 8 p.m.

Niskayuna (Section 2) vs. Somers (Section 1)

Long Island championships at Stony Brook University

Class C

Manhasset 10, Mount Sinai 6

Class A

West Islip 14, Hicksville 7

Class B

Garden City (Section 8 ) vs. Sayville (Section 11), 8 p.m.

CIAC quarterfinals

Class L

Ridgefield 13, New Milford 5
Fairfield Prep 9, Amity 8
Simsbury 11, Newtown 7
Glastonbury 11, Xavier 4

Class M

New Fairfield 10, New Canann 2
Wilton 15, Guilford 6
East Lyme 9, Conard 5
Darien 7, Fairfield-Ludlowe 5

Class S

Weston 12, Granby 4
Ledyard 11, Morgan-Clinton 10
No. 7 Somers at No. 2 Joel Barlow, ppd., Wednesday
No. 3 St. Joseph’s 19, Immaculate 2


• To the University at Albany:

From the South: I-87 (Thruway) to Exit 24; I-90 East to Exit 2; cross Washington Avenue onto campus and turn left onto University Drive.

• To Stony Brook University:

Take the Long Island Expressway (I-495) to exit 62, and follow Nicolls Road (Route 97) north for nine miles. The main entrance to the university is on the left.

Reach Joe Lombardi at

• New York state tournament playoff bracket and schedule

• Voting starts for all-region team with attack

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216 Responses to “Tuesday's state quarterfinal scores and highlights”

  1. Joe Lombardi says:

    Hey gang –

    There has been one slight change for today. The Manhasset/Mount Sinai Long Island Class C championship game will start at 3 p.m. It had been originally scheduled for 3:30 p.m.

    There are no other changes as of now with any of the other games.

    Be sure to check back throughout the day.

  2. silver s says:

    Joe, Directions to U of A please

  3. Joe Lombardi says:

    Silver s –

    We have directions to both Albany and Stony Brook in the main body.

    Here is Albany. Have a good trip!

    From the South: I-87 (Thruway) to Exit 24; I-90 East to Exit 2; cross Washington Avenue onto campus and turn left onto University Drive.

  4. Conor says:

    One quick Connecticut scheduling note:

    Class S’ Barlow-Somers quarterfinal has been postponed to tomorrow, at 4pm.

  5. silver s says:

    Thanks, you da man Joe!

  6. Frisky Nisky says:

    Hey this site is awesome with all the info from NY CT and LI. You guys should expand to Albany and Syracuse!

    Hey LI fans can you give us scouting reports on Garden City and Sayville for Thursday’s big game. Thanks!

  7. Islandlaxpert says:

    GC vs Sayville will be the game of the day at Stony Brook. I know GC defense is strong but Manhasset was able to penetrate against it. Sayville has a strong offense and I think they will too.
    Say 9, GC 6

  8. Pequa says:

    Don’t count out Mount. Cuozzo is the master and let’s not forget Set’s history of playoff failures.

  9. Lax Novice says:

    Good luck to all teams today. Down here in Fairfield Co. the rain seems to have relented, for now.

    Does anyone else think Joe should send a computer virus to anybody who can’t find directions to SUNY – Albany by themselves? Geez, the guy is providing all this info and coverage and insight, can’t you do your own Google Map?

  10. syracuse says:

    Frisky Nisky,

    We plan on doing a lot more on Albany and Syracuse, and hopefully a little more on Buffalo and Rochester. I have put up numerous stories on many of those teams, including rankings and stats. Look for “A View from the Dome: Upstate update.” There are three separate stories — Updates I, II and III.

  11. WhaleBelt says:

    Pequa – u really hate on Manhasset! its amusing

  12. Re-LAX-N says:

    Wow I don’t know if I should be writting Joe Lombardi, or Joe Rao– the weather oucch . but we all played in weather like todays. Good luck to all teams involved and let’s hope the games are clean and no one get’s injured on any team.. Let’s go Section 1 TOWN, TUSKERS, TIGERS. . Make us proud.

  13. Doid23 says:

    Best week in high school lax (maybe sports) is here! My team isn’t even in it and still pumped for the next 5 days of lax. Thank god for MSG here in Texas, and of course I’m getting used to “watching” games through the updates, then watching the highlights on MSG.

    FriskyNisky – while Nisky will probably win, you seem to be skipping past TODAY’S game to a game Thursday vs. LI team. I’m not sure I would count that chicken, Somers may have something to say about that….

    Go Section 1!

  14. syracuse says:

    Doid, good to hear from you again.

  15. WhaleBelt says:

    4-1 set, end of the first

  16. Joe Lombardi says:

    Manhasset 4, Mount Sinai 1 (after one quarter)
    Zac Koufakis had 1-1 for the Indians, who also got goals from Connor English, Kevin Heenan and Glen Tompkins.

    Mount Sinai’s goal was scored by Joe Bongiorno. It cut the Indians’ lead to 2-1.

  17. WhaleBelt says:

    6-5 Set

  18. Re-LAX-N says:


    Do you know if the games in Albany are starting on time?


  19. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Stony Brook:

    Manhasset 6, Mount Sinai 5 (halftime)

    Mount Sinai has coming roaring back, scoring three man-up goals in the second quarter. Bongiorno now has three goals.

    Update from Albany:

    As expected, it hasn’t taken Put Valley long to pull away from Schuylerville.

    After falling behind 1-0, the Tigers have reeled off four straight goals.

  20. WhaleBelt says:

    Manhasset 6, Mount Sinai 5 (Halftime)

    Halftime Stats
    Shots: Manhasset 24, Mount Sinai 12
    Shots on Goal: Manhasset 14, Mount Sinai 5
    Saves: Poillon (Mount Sinai) 8, Meyer (Manhasset) 0
    Faceoffs: Manhasset 11, Mount Sinai 2
    Ground Balls: Manhasset 20, Mount Sinai 7
    Clears: Manhasset 7 for 8, Mount Sinai 9 for 9
    Extra-Man Opportunity: Manhasset: 0 for 1; Mount Sinai: 3 for 3
    Turnovers: Manhasset 5, Mount Sinai 7

    Goals: Heenan 2, English 1, Molinari 1, Koufakis 1, Tompkins 1
    Assists: Koufakis 2, Izzo 2, English 1

    Mount Sinai
    Goals: Bongiorno 3, Henry 1, Diaz 1
    Assists: Marino 2, Henry 1, Maurer

  21. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Put Valley 6, Schuylerville 2 (after one quarter)

    Ryan Fitzgerald is 1-3, Dillon Chesnut is 2-1 and Kyle Calabro 2-0 for the Tigers.

  22. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Put Valley 9, Schuylerville 3 (midway through second quarter)

    Ryan Fitzgerald is now 2-3, Dillon Chesnut is 3-1 and Kyle Calabro 3-0 for the Tigers.

  23. WhaleBelt says:

    9-5 ‘Set, end of the third

  24. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Stony Brook:

    Manhasset 9, Mount Sinai 5 (end three quarters)

    The Indians bounce back after a shaky second quarter by outscoring the Mustangs 4-0 in the period. Connor English had two goals in the quarter and now has three for the game.

  25. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Put Valley 13, Schuylerville 3 (halftime)

    Calabro is 5-0, Chestnut 4-1 and Ryan Fitzgerald is now 2-4.

  26. WhaleBelt says:

    10-6 Set with 6 mins to go; Set dominating in terms of shots and faceoffs, Mt. S is 4-4 on man-ups.

  27. WhaleBelt says:

    FINAL: Set wins 10-6

  28. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Stony Brook:

    Final: Manhasset 10, Mount Sinai 6

    The Indians will face the winner of today’s Section 1/Section 2 quarterfinal in Albany (which looks like Put Valley for sure) on Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in the Class C state semifinals at Middletown High School.

    English led Manhasset with 3-2. Koufakis had 2-2. Bongiorno led the Mustangs, the defending state champs, with four goals.

  29. jlombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Put Valley 16, Schuylerville 4 (after three quarters)

  30. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final from Albany:

    Class C state quarterfinal: Putnam Valley 16, Schuylerville 4

    Put Valley will play Section 8 champion Manhasset on Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in the Class C state semifinals at Middletown High School.

  31. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from CIAC quarterfinals:

    Ludlowe 2, Darien 1 (after one quarter)

  32. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Stony Brook:

    Our man on the scene, Chris Kieser, reports that Hicksville and West Islip will be getting under way in about five minutes. The rain is still holding off.

  33. Joe Lombardi says:

    Downstate New York semifinals at Middletown High School


    Class C – 3:30 p.m.

    Manhasset (Section 8 ) vs. Putnam Valley (Section 1)

    Class A – 5:30 p.m.

    West Islip/Hicksville winner vs. Yorktown/Guilderland winner

    Class B – 8 p.m.

    Garden City/Sayville winner vs. Somers/Niskayuna winner

  34. twinlax says:

    New Caanan vs New Fairfield should be a good one. Hoping that New Fairfield knocks off the rich kids.

    Simsbury beat Newtown 11-7.

  35. Joe Lombardi says:

    For those who don’t know, No. 1 Ridgefield is playing No. 9 New Milford in a Class L CIAC quarterfinal.

  36. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Stony Brook:

    West Islip 2, Hicksville 1 (with 3:33 left in the first quarter).

    Braddish and Sagl have scored for WI.

  37. offthebench says:

    Town 2 (remy~schultz) Guilder 1

  38. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Stony Brook:

    West Islip 4, Hicksville 1 (end first quarter).

    Hodgson and Craig scored the Lions’ last two goals.

  39. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: 4-1 West Islip after 1

  40. Seattle says:

    WI 4 H 1 (30 sec left in Q1)

    Anyone have a Y-town update?

  41. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from CIAC quarterfinals:

    Ludlowe 2, Darien 2 (halftime)

  42. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Yorktown 2, Guilderland 1 (midway through the first quarter)

    Remy Lieberman and Ty Schuldt have scored for Yorktown.

  43. offthebench says:

    Town 5 to Guild 1

  44. offthebench says:

    Town 7 Guild 3 with 4 min left in 1st 1/4

  45. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Yorktown 7, Guilderland 2 (late in the in first quarter)

  46. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from NYS Class C quarterfinals:

    Penn Yan 17, Silver Creek 6

    Lafayette 22, Salmon River 9

    Penn Yan of Section 5 will meet Section 3’s Lafayette in the other Class C state semifinal on Thursday. The winner of that game will play the Manhasset/Put Valley winner on Saturday in the state final in Rochester.

  47. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Stony Brook:

    West Islip 7, Hicksville 4 (two minutes left in the second quarter).

    Nicky Galasso now has three for the Lions. Hamblin has all four goals for the Comets.

  48. Doid23 says:


    Good to be here, really hit’s home that I’m in Texas this week, the Texas State Lax Tournament just didn’t cut it for me, to say the least. Now let’s see some Sec 1 teams move through to Thursday!

  49. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from the CIAC quarterfinals:

    Darien 6, Ludlowe 4 (end third)

    Update from Albany:

    Yorktown 7, Guilderland 3 (end first)

  50. Syracuse says:

    West Islip up 8-4 at the half. Galasso has 4 goals, Braddish, Hodgson, Sagl and Craig have also scored for the Lions.

  51. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Stony Brook:

    West Islip 8, Hicksville 4 (halftime)

    Galasso has four goals. Other WI goals by Braddish, Hodgson, Sagl and Craig. Hamblin has all four goals for the Comets.

  52. Syracuse says:


    Somers-Nisky and Garden City-Sayville tonight will be very, VERY good games. Stay tuned.

  53. Re-LAX-N says:

    Off the bench,

    Thanks for the update, Do you have an up-dated score? who is Town’s D playing?.

  54. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Yorktown 9, Guilderland 3 (late in the first quarter)

  55. silver s says:


  56. laxfan says:

    9-3 town at half

  57. offthebench says:

    9 to 3 at half! Town has gotten most of the face offs! Shout out to towner ear o corn for the updates!

  58. Syracuse says:

    Wow. That’s somethin’

  59. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Yorktown 9, Guilderland 3 (halftime)

    Sophomores Ty Schuldt and Justin Mabus have stepped up with big games. Each has two goals, along with senior Tom Casey. Ranagan is 1-1. Lieberman and KI have also scored.

  60. silver s says:

    9-3 Town H

  61. jade says:

    where is the crop? Somers will beat Nisky 9-4

  62. Syracuse says:


    Is Guilderland trying to shut off the studs?

  63. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Stony Brook:

    West Islip 9, Hicksville 5 (midway through the third quarter)

    Craig just got his second goal for WI. Geneva scored for Hicksville.

  64. Doid23 says:

    I called for the Somers upset last week, let’s see if we can go 3-3. Not sure it’s going to happen, but they’ve got a punchers chance.

  65. Re-LAX-N says:

    Keep it up TOWNNNNNNN, W.I. in control as well. Thursday should be something. This is why I played and Love this game, It’s exciting even after 25 years.

  66. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from the CIAC quarterfinals:

    Darien 7, Fairfield-Ludlowe 5 (final)

  67. Syracuse says:

    Update from the CIAC quarterfinals:

    Ridgefield 13, New Milford 5

  68. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Stony Brook:

    West Islip 12, Hicksville 5 (with 50 seconds left in the third)

    Galasso now has five

  69. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Stony Brook:

    West Islip 13, Hicksville 5 (end three)

    Kevin Dolan just scored for the Lions.

  70. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Yorktown 11, Guilderland 3 (late in the third quarter)

  71. just a fan says:

    Keep it up Town! Go section 1!!!!

  72. Syracuse says:

    Update: West Islip has emptied its bench up 13-5

  73. offthebench says:

    town 12 to guild 3 brunelle assist to KI!!!

  74. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Yorktown 13, Guilderland 3 (end three)

    KI and Lieberman each have three goals. Schuldt, Mabus and Casey each have two.

  75. Syracuse says:

    Either Yorktown is now fully awake or Guilderland is the most overrated team in a long time. Anyone care to guess?

  76. offthebench says:

    13 to 3 after 3 quarters!

  77. Joe Lombardi says:

    Downstate New York semifinals at Middletown High School


    Class C – 3:30 p.m.

    Manhasset (Section 8 ) vs. Putnam Valley (Section 1)

    Class A – 5:30 p.m.

    West Islip/Hicksville winner vs. Yorktown/Guilderland winner

    Class B – 8 p.m.

    Garden City/Sayville winner vs. Somers/Niskayuna winner

    Directions to Middletown High School:

  78. just a fan says:

    Town bench seeing action yet with it 15-4?

  79. lax - ref says:

    CIAC Final
    New Fairfield 10 New Canann 2

  80. laxfan says:

    if anybody doesnt know Ithaca HS is beating West Genesee 3-2 after 3 quarters. perhaps and easier or at least different opponent in class A this year for the downstate teams

  81. Re-LAX-N says:


    I called it last week as you might recall. After the L/P game. I said Town has to have others step up and stay focussed for the entitr game. Looks like they did. Town seems to have found it’s stride. and is playing like the team we all expected. Guilderland was not really tested the whole year except for a few games. Town pride seems to have come through again. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Thursdays Town West Islip game. Talk to you soon,

    Peace Bkatt out

  82. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Yorktown 15, Guilderland 3 (eight minutes remaining in the fourth quarter)

    The ‘Huskers just pulled their starters

  83. laxfan says:

    sorry 6-2 in the forth i mean

  84. just a fan says:

    Love the fact Town is spreading the O around and the soph’s are stepping up. No comment needed for their stud D. Bodes well for the future without Ranagan.

  85. Syracuse says:

    Final: West Islip 14, Hicksville 7

    West Islip moves on to face the winner of Yorktown-Guilderland on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at Middletown High School.

  86. Syracuse says:

    Just a fan,

    Expect for the fact that their entire D is graduating this season, plus Mike b

  87. taz says:

    Some notes on the LI games. Manhasset/MS – Cuozzo shutoff/faceguarded English the entire game. When he did get the ball they doubled with a second pole immediately. Tale of 2 halves for Manhasset goalie – 0 saves in the 1st and many huge saves in the 2nd. MS goalie kept his team in it in the 1st half. Manhasset excellent ball movement especially in the 2nd half. Biongorno from MS is a very good player.

    WI/Hicksville – Just too much firepower here. You always had the sense that the WI onslaught was about to start.

    More later.

  88. Syracuse says:

    I’ll tell you this: If Ithaca beat West Genny and held them to 2 goals in the process they are a serious team.

  89. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Yorktown 16, Guilderland 4 (final)

    Yorktown will play West Islip on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. in the downstate Class A state semifinals at Middletown High School.

  90. Joe Lombardi says:

    Downstate New York semifinals at Middletown High School


    Class C – 3:30 p.m.

    Manhasset (Section 8 ) vs. Putnam Valley (Section 1)

    Class A – 5:30 p.m.

    West Islip (Section 11) vs. Yorktown (Section 1)

    Class B – 8 p.m.

    Garden City/Sayville winner vs. Somers/Niskayuna winner

    Directions to Middletown High School:

  91. Syracuse says:


    Tremendous job by you, as always.

    I think if Purple Reigns picks Islip, Yorktown is a lock 🙂

    Seriously, I’ll have something for you guys later.

  92. Re-LAX-N says:


    Do you know if the west genny score 6-2 is fact or fiction?

  93. just a fan says:

    Cuse- why do you delete post’s that challenge your opinion? If you want to go out on a limb with a score you should have the ability to handle critisim when you are way off base. Not fair to the common folk that you delete what goes against you. We dont have that liberty with your opinions.

  94. Syracuse says:

    It is very much fact. And as I was saying before you now have an Ithaca team floating around out there that has beaten previously undefeated Corning East and West Genny. That’s a dangerous opponent regardless of the fact that Section 4 Class A has never won anything significant.

  95. Joe Lombardi says:

    CIAC quarterfinal scoreboard

    Class L

    Ridgefield 13, New Milford 5
    Fairfield Prep 9, Amity 8
    Simsbury 11, Newtown 7
    Glastonbury 11, Xavier 4

    Class M

    New Fairfield 10, New Canann 2
    Wilton 15, Guilford 6
    East Lyme 9, Conard 5
    Darien 7, Fairfield-Ludlowe 5

    Class S

    Weston 12, Granby 4
    Ledyard 11, Morgan-Clinton 10
    No. 7 Somers at No. 2 Joel Barlow, ppd., Wednesday
    St. Joseph’s 19, Immaculate 2

    Conor will be providing a preview of Thursday’s semifinal matchups. So keep an eye out for that. Promises to be a great read.

  96. Joe Lombardi says:

    just a fan –

    I am not sure what may have happened to the comment you are referring to, but I can assure you it was not deleted. We do not delete posts unless they are inappropriate. And we hardly discourage people from disagreeing or from discussing what they please, even if it’s off topic. Please repost your comment and sorry about that.

  97. Syracuse says:

    Just a fan,

    I wasn’t the only one to call a closer score than the game ended up being. So I said 11-8 and the final was 16-4. So what?

  98. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Sayville 1, GC 0. Wallace scores 28 seconds in.

  99. LacrosseInsider says:

    Congrats to Town – should be a great game against WI. Nisky will win by at least 5 tonight – as much as I would like Laxbus to go home with his head in his tails (for being so arrogant last year) it is not going to happen. Nisky will win it all.

  100. Re-LAX-N says:

    Cuse ,
    You are the man, and absoutly correct. Do you have an update on Orchard Park Webster Thomas? And am I correct Ithica will play the winner of that game. As Tpwn will Play West Islip.

  101. laxitive says:

    What happened to New Canaan? They have been surprising everyone lately. Can I get a report?

  102. Syracuse says:

    Last I saw Orchard Park was beating up on Webster Thomas pretty good, something like 22-10.

  103. Syracuse says:


    Actually, Laxbus is a pretty good guy. He’s much more reserved than last year.

  104. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Gordon ties it for Garden City midway through the first quarter. It’s 1-1.

  105. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Gordon again. GC leads 2-1 with 4:12 left in first.

  106. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Montgomery scores to make it 3-1 GC with 3:46 left in first.

  107. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Somers 1, Niskayuna 0

    Just as they did Thursday against John Jay in the sectional final, Somers scores off its first possession of the game as senior midfielder Dylan Haas gets a goal off a JoJo Marasco feed.

  108. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Berkery makes it 4-1 Garden City with 35.5 seconds left in first.

  109. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Somers 1, Niskayuna 1

    The Silver Warriors tie it midway through the first quarter.

  110. just a fan says:


    Thanks for the honest feedback. Two of my posts, both questioning the predeictions of Cuse..seemed to go missing after Cuse took offense. No worries and no need to re post on my part. It’s all good.

    Cuse- s Debating pre and post game is what this blog is about. No need to get bent out of shape because you were off. We all are from time to time. I asked you a simple question that you ducked. How many games did you see Guilderland play this season? It seems to me in order to make an educated guess at a score, seeing the team perform would be valuable. While I am originaly from and played athletics in section 2, I didn’t see Guilderland play this year and therefore didn’t make a prediction. I didn’t have enoug to go on. Thats all I was trying to say. I enjoy the blog and your comments and thank you for on to the game. Hope there are no hard feelings.

  111. jlombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Somers 2, Niskayuna 1 (first quarter)

    The Tuskers quickly regain the lead as junior Colin Tullgren scores.

  112. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Garden City 4, Sayville 1 (end of 1st)

  113. Joe Lombardi says:

    just a fan –

    Once again, sorry about that. I will check into what could have happened. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

    You are absolutely right. Debates are exactly what this blog is about and I have to say your points are excellent.

  114. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Guilderland 2, Somers 2 (end first quarter)

  115. Syracuse says:

    Just a fan,

    I didn’t see Guilderland play this season. But I know they did beat Lakeland/Panas 15-10 and Mahopac 11-0. I also know they played Nisky real tough the second time. To me, that’s enough to go on for a prediction, especially against a Yorktown team I am quite familiar with.

    This is, after all, high school lacrosse and 98 times out of 100 you can predict pretty accurately who’s going to win and be in the ballpark on the margin of victory without having seen any of the teams.

    I have predicted games out of fun all season, often without having seen one or both of the teams in question. Again, so what? Don’t take the predictions so seriously.

    You can take my words serious if you actually taken my wisdom to Vegas. Then you’d have a reason to be angry. Other than that, just keep in mind that we all throw scores out there off the top of our heads. It’s part of the fabric of the give and take of the site. Sometimes serious thought goes into it, sometimes not.

  116. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Garden City 5, Sayville 2 (6:03 left in second)

  117. Re-LAX-N says:


    do you know anything about Ithica,?. I have not seen them play or really heard much about them. Or Orchard Park for that matter. How would either of them match up against Town or west Islip?. Are you surprised GC is up by 3 so early?. Talk to you soon Do you have an update on the Somers Nisky game?.


  118. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Dillon Boos cuts into the GC lead, pulling Sayville within 5-3 with 5:06 left in second.

  119. Syracuse says:


    Couldn’t tell you the first thing about Ithaca other than to assume they are really good because they beat both Corning East and Genny. I know Orchard Park gets out of Section 6 every year, so the idea of a Section 4-Section 6 semifinal is kind of refreshing to me.

    I wish I could offer more.

  120. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Potentially devastating situation for Sayville as it has taken a 3-minute non-releasable penalty with 3:41 left in the half.

  121. WhaleBelt says:

    Sayvilles coach was just ejected?! clasy

  122. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Niskayuna 4, Somers 2 (midway through the second quarter)

    Jared Franze and Dan McKinney score back-to-back goals to break the tie. This is like a halfcourt basketball game and a 2-0 run is huge.

  123. LacrosseInsider says:

    CUSE – good to hear that Laxbus has come around!

  124. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Possible major momentum shifter as Sayville kills off 3-minute unreleasable and goes into half down just 5-3.

  125. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Niskayuna 5, Somers 3 (late second quarter)

    Turning out to be a slight bit higher scoring than I thought (relatively speaking, of course).

  126. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Niskayuna 6, Somers 3 (late third quarter)

  127. Re-LAX-N says:

    Cuse ,

    All of the games later this week should be Fantastic, as well as exciting. Can’t wait to hear what your thoughts are as well as Joe’s I will say this it is the best time of year for High school lacrosse It seems their is always one or two upsets, and great games to look forward to. Ill talk to you later or tomorrow.

    Congrats to all teams that played so far in this tournament , Congrats to the teams moving forward. Let’s go section 1 Congrats TOWNNNNNNN, TIGERS, and let’s go TUSKERS.

    Peace I’m out.

  128. Syracuse says:

    Correction: Sayville killed off part of the penalty. GC will start third quarter man-up, with possession.

  129. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Niskayuna 8, Somers 3 (halftime)

    The Silver Warriors closed out the quarter with a big run and may have built an insurmountable lead.

    McKinney and Franze each have two goals for Nisky. Colin Tullgren has two for Somers. JoJo Marasco has been held to 0-1.

    With the style Nisky plays, a five-goal lead is like an eight- or nine-goal lead for most teams.

    Looks like Section 1 will be sending two — not three — teams to Middletown. But then again, who knows? I thought Yorktown was down and out when it trailed LP 9-4 in the third quarter of the sectional final. So stay tuned, gang.

  130. Joe Lombardi says:

    Downstate New York semifinals at Middletown High School


    Class C – 3:30 p.m.

    Manhasset (Section 8 ) vs. Putnam Valley (Section 1)

    Class A – 5:30 p.m.

    West Islip (Section 11) vs. Yorktown (Section 1)

    Class B – 8 p.m.

    Garden City/Sayville winner vs. Somers/Niskayuna winner

    Directions to Middletown High School:

  131. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Sayville is doing serious work. It has pulled to within 5-4 on a goal by Bonacore with 4:20 left in the third.

  132. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Boos ties it at 5 only to have Gordon net his third of the game, giving GC a 6-5 lead with 2:45 left in third.

  133. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: GC lead grows to 7-5 on goal by Will Fuller with 1:54 to play in third.

  134. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Podgurski pulls Sayville to within 7-6 with 1:02 to go in third.

  135. SilverSwords says:

    I tried to warn you guys. Anyway always nice to have a rout but we’re seriously worried now Coach Vorgang may leave us for Princeton.

  136. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: GC up 7-6 after 3.

  137. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Niskayuna 10, Somers 3 (middle of the third quarter)

    Dan McKinney now has three goals for the Silver Warriors.

  138. Syracuse says:


  139. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: OK, here we go! Sayville’s Mellynchuk ties the game at 7-7 with 9:22 to play.

  140. HV Lax says:

    Hey Silver Sword put away your pom poms and crawl back under your rock. You take the “cl” out of the word class.

  141. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Mellynchuk again. Sayville leads 8-7 with 8:31 to play.

  142. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Once down 5-1, Sayville now leads Garden City 9-7 with 7:36 left in the fourth. Meehan just scored Sayville’s 4th straight goal.

  143. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Niskayuna 12, Somers 3 (end three)

  144. LacrosseInsider says:

    Wow – I said Nisky wins by at least 5, I was thinking the score would be more like 11-5 but this is becoming a rout, up by 8 goals at the end of 3!

  145. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Vin Chiodo pulls Garden City to within 9-8 with 5:07 left.

  146. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Sayville back up by two after goal by Wallace makes it 10-8 with 3 minutes to play.

  147. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Meehan scores yet again, but Fuller answers for GC. Sayville leads 11-9 with 2:05 left.

  148. SOMERSLAX says:

    somers down 13-5 during 4th quarter

  149. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Gordon scores with 1:26 left, pulling GC within 11-10.

  150. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Sayville wins draw, calls timeout up 11-10 with just over 1 minute to play.

  151. SOMERSLAX says:

    2 min left.. still 13-5 somers down

  152. Syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Garden City goes man-up with 1:03 to play. Wow, I’m even excited …

  153. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Niskayuna 14, Somers 5 (late in the fourth quarter)

    While following the Garden City/Sayville updates, here’s some info from this one:

    Dan McKinney now has five goals.

    Colin Tullgren, who really came on strong in the postseason, just scored his third, giving him eight goals in Somers’ last three games. Greg Petre netted the Tuskers’ other goal in the period.

  154. SOMERSLAX says:

    great job somers!

  155. Joe Lombardi says:

    Update from Albany:

    Niskayuna 14, Somers 5 (final)

    The Silver Warriors will play either Sayville or Garden City in the Class B downstate semifinal on Thursday at 8 p.m. at Middletown High School.

  156. Syracuse says:

    CORRECTION: Flag picked up. GC ball, timeout.

  157. Syracuse says:

    DAGGER: Meehan scores with 19.2 seconds left, putting Sayville up 12-10.

  158. LacrosseInsider says:

    Congrats to Nisky for moving on the the Semi’s.

    Somers – hold your heads high, for all intensive purposes you guys had a great season! Can’t wait to see JoJo playing up at Cuse!

    Looking forward to thursday!

  159. Syracuse says:

    FINAL: Sayville 12, Garden City 10

    Sayville moves on to the Class B downstate semifinal against Niskayuna on Thursday at 8 p.m. at Middletown High School.

  160. Mr. SAV says:


    Sayville 12
    G.C. 10

  161. Joe Lombardi says:

    Downstate New York semifinals at Middletown High School


    Class C – 3:30 p.m.

    Manhasset (Section 8 ) vs. Putnam Valley (Section 1)

    Class A – 5:30 p.m.

    West Islip (Section 11) vs. Yorktown (Section 1)

    Class B – 8 p.m.

    Sayville (Section 11) vs. Niskayuna (Section 2)

    Directions to Middletown High School:

  162. LacrosseInsider says:

    Joe / CUSE – can’t wait to hear your predictions for Thursday!

  163. WhaleBelt says:

    My picks…

    Manhasset 14, PV 6
    WI 9, YT 7
    Nisky 16, Sayv 6

  164. Jericho says:

    Have to admit, Joe when you picked Sayville by two goals I thought you would be off and GC would win. I know better than to doubt you again now.

  165. slacrosse says:

    Congrats to Town and Putnam Valley. Go get em for Section 1 on Thursday!!

    Great season Somers and congrats to Jo and all the other seniors for terrific high school careers. Good luck in college, club lacrosse and all else!

  166. […] Tuesday’s state quarterfinal scores and highlights Jun 09  Email This […]

  167. Joe Lombardi says:

    Central/Western New York semifinal matchups

    Here are the other Central/Western New York semifinal matchups, with the winners of Thursday’s downstate semis at Middletown playing the winning team in each class below on Saturday in Rochester for the state title. All games listed below will be played Thursday at St. John Fisher College in Rochester:

    Class A

    Ithaca vs. Orchard Park, 5:30 p.m.

    Class B

    Jamesville-DeWitt vs. Canandaigua, 8 p.m.

    Class C

    LaFayette vs. Penn Yan, 3:30 p.m.

    Quarterfinal results

    Class A
    Ithaca 6, West Genesee 2
    Orchard Park 22, Webster Thomas 10

    Class B

    Jamesville-DeWitt 9, St. Lawrence Central 3
    Canandaigua 17, Hamburg 3

    Class C

    Lafayette 22, Salmon River 9
    Penn Yan 17, Silver Creek 6

  168. THE CROP says:

    a good amount The Crop made the nice long drive to albany to see the bloodbath..

    just wait til thursday, things are going to get wild.

    Yorktown 9, West Islip 8 OT as the crop storms the field

  169. taz says:

    What a ride for Sayville! Great live time recaps……Not that surprised Sayville won – more surprised that the score was so high.

    Once again, one of the things that hurts JOJO is all the “all region, allmighty etc” teams is that Somers just can’t get off the ground in prime time.

    A – WI by 3+
    B – Nisky by 3+
    C – Manhasset by 4+

  170. laxbus says:


  171. laxbus says:

    Congrats to JoJo and the whole Somers team. They played us hard.

    JoJo, Dan McKinney and I will see you down at the Under Armour AA game ;^)

    Syracuse…we’re not done…two more games to make your prediction come true

  172. Syracuse says:

    I really thought Somers could hang with Nisky, but it’s a testament to just how good this Nisky team is …

    Now, someone please tell me what happened in the Town game other than the score.

    CROP, c’mon bro, help me out!

  173. laxbus says:

    Nisky scored at will. The score could have be 20-5 but Vorgang pulled his starters after the 4th qtr started. Give credit to Somers. They are a great team and after the first quarter it was anyone’s game. Niskayuna is on a mission to bring respect to Section 2.

    I actually would have loved to see Nisky play Yorktown today. I think Nisky would have given them a great game.

    What is the scoop on Sayville?

  174. THE CROP says:

    yorktown moved the ball the best all year, everyone got involved, schuldt, liberman, mabus, casey, and the usual kev and ranagan. i came in and guilderland had 2 goals..that was in the 1st quarter..they ended up with 4 so i guess that speaks for itself the D played awesome.. If they keep playing like this they will definitly have a great shot against WI

    In case u cared the Crop was great and everyone was giving us complements..wait til thursday
    alittle birdy told me that the West Islip fan section wants yorktown, they were wild 2 years ago but the crop will put them down this year.

    Cuse you better be there thursday
    Town 9 WI 8, OT

  175. LacrosseInsider says:

    CUSE – I have a feeling that you did not actually see Nisky play this year, if you had I think you would have felt the same as I, that Somers did not have a chance.

  176. LI Lax says:

    Sayville 12, GC 10

    What a great game, very intense the whole time. Sayville came out a little nervous it looked like, as although theyre a senior laden team it was their first time ever being anywhere close to this far. GC went up 5-1 and looked to be controlling the game, but midway through the second a Sayville player put a huge hit on a GC guy (don’t remember who they were), and although it was called illegal, it seemed to light a fire under Sayville. Then their coach got ejected and they got a 3 min non-releasable, seemed like it would kill the momentum but they came out even more fired up and killed it off, going into half only down 5-3. The second half was a completely different game…all the bad shots that Sayville was taking in the first or the ones they weren’t even getting off, in the second half they were going on-cage and more often than not, in the cage. Goaltending appeared to be an issue for GC, as some of the shots were clearly ones that should have been saved, but Sayville also deserves credit for playing extremely well on offense and becoming the only team to score double digits on GC all season. Their “football mentality,” which many have mentioned throughout the year when disparaging the team, came through for them big time in this game, they were the more physical team and seemed to want it more. GC did not really know what hit them in the second half, they were back on their heels and had a few questionable calls help them out. To their credit, they did not quit when they were down 11-8 with 3 minutes left and stormed back to nearly tie it before giving up the dagger with under 30 seconds left. After the game, Dillon Boos got into a fight with a GC defender which I hope will not cost him the Nisky game (the game was certainly getting chippy near the end). Sayville proved tonight, if they had to prove anything, that it is not just a football team with lacrosse sticks, but a very physical and also very skilled lacrosse team. Congrats to the Flashes on their first ever Long Island championship, and I will be pulling hard for you guys against Nisky.

  177. Syracuse says:


    In your estimation, considering all the talk on this board about Guilderland, were they overrated? Or was Yorktown simply in top form?

    Anyone else with an opinion, please feel free to chime in.

  178. laxbus says:

    Syracure, it was no contest. Yorktown dominated in every aspect of the game. Scored off the opening faceoff and never looked back. Guilderland is a good team and they never were allowed to get going on offense or defense

  179. THE CROP says:

    well you talked up guilderland, making me alittle nervous.. i would have to say its both, i mean its hard to say guilderlands offense was not up to speed at all, without saying yorktowns D forced that. As for Yorktown on offense, they were just a machine..they moved the ball like they never have before this entire year and had so many people involved.

    I would say 70% was because of Yorktown in top form
    29% was because guilderland was very overrated..i cant believe they beat lakeland and shutout mahopac
    the other 1% belongs to the crop..probably should be higher.

  180. Syracuse says:

    I don’t believe in getting too far ahead of myself, so when a team is rolling along I find it’s better to play devil’s advocate and just remind whomever that nobody is invincible.

    The 2004 ALCS taught me that.

    And since that nightmare I have been a glass half-empty guy when it comes to sports.

  181. laxbus says:

    Lacrosse Insider

    Just read your kind words above. Thank you. I am better this year. When it is all said and done, this is about the kids having fun and growing this great game of lacrosse. If Nisky goes all the way, I’m going to start a Section 2 site and you can come and harass me on my blog ;^)

  182. mick says:

    Town 13 g 4 . HEEEEEELLLLOOO

  183. silver s says:

    If it ends with “land” and ends with “Town” … feelin good!

  184. sec1 says:

    Cuse, on the Town, Guilderland game, I went up to the Guild, Shaker game and after the game it had me scratching my head because of LP, Mahopac.. So I went back up and watched Guild, Warwick Valley when that game was over I called one of the YTown coaches and told him if you do not win by ten goal’s I will eat the program.. As for Town in this game the most important thing is they moved the ball and won F/O…

  185. sec1 says:

    Laxbus. glad you are being more reserved, but they could have won 20-5 I dont think so, Somers pulled there D out and Nisky was still running the starting Off so the score is the score.. Now to Dan McKinney I have seen him play before and I have to say he is as good a Middie as I have seen all yr and I have seen almost all of the Best ones, he might have the quickest feet of anyone..

  186. sec1 says:

    Now To the Somers game, which I thought would be closer, were to begin fist Nisky is better but not by 9 goals.. Somers was just out coached in everyway nobody watching the box no real ajustments as the game went on, JOJO playing from the top.. The Coaches stoped talking while the game went on and the players got tight what a mess.. What is JOJO doing at the midfield line most of the game??????

  187. mick says:

    Too bad Nisky dropped to B, would’ve been nice to watch Town end their season for the 3rd year in a row.

  188. syracuse says:

    Sec 1,

    “… I called one of the YTown coaches and told him if you do not win by ten goal’s I will eat the program …”

    Don’t pull any punches now. LOL.

    Good assessment. I’m glad you shared because when Guild only lost to Nisky 6-2 the second time I started thinking they were very good. Maybe Nisky played their worst game of the season. Maybe Guild stalled like crazy.

    Because I find it hard to believe that the Guild that played yesterday could come within 4 goals of Niskayuna on any day.

  189. playURbest says:

    A couple of thoughts on the Town-Guilderland game. First off it was a bit weird driving into the SUNY Albany parking lot-thru Nisky parents with red & white baloons and cheering and all and it was only 4:00. Nisky played @8:00

    I saw Town players before warm ups and they seemed focused and relaxed and wished them well, they said “thank you.” So polite, these fellas!

    When the game was about to start the weather got better. The rain stopped, it wasn’t as breezy and Yorktown got HOT! They came out on fire and never looked back. Both offense and defense played up to their high standards, and as a team. Town coaches were barking out great advice and the players responded. Guilderland coaches seemed frustrated and then knew the game was out of reach. Town was quiet during the half. Buy the end of the third the Town starters were out of the game. At the end of the game the Town players displayed kind of a restrained satisfaction. I was proud of them.
    Ya gotta believe…

  190. syracuse says:


    Will their be highlights of yesterday’s game up in Albany on the site at some point?

  191. laxbus says:

    sec 1,
    That makes no sense that Somers would pull their starters out of a regional championship game?

    Our starter haven’t played in the 4th qtr all year. All of our games, including last night, have been over by halftime.

    Somers did better than most against our D, so hats off to them and good luck JoJo. JoJo and Dan are good friends and they be hangin down at the UA All-American game in a few weeks.

  192. laxbus says:

    sec 1,
    And thanks for the nice comments about Dan McKinney. He works very hard and he is focused.

  193. syracuse says:


    I would venture to say Vorgang will not be pulling any starters against Sayville on Thursday.

    Looking ahead, the winner of this game will certainly have its hands full with either JD or Canandaigua.

    Canandaigua returned a ton of kids from a team that lost by 1 to West Genny in last year’s Class A state semifinal. They have beaten up on Class B, with its losses only coming to Orchard Park, 5-4, to begin the season and 9-6 to Corning East a week later.

    JD always seems to get better as the season gets into the late stages. They beat what must have been a very good St. Lawrence Central team the other day (they beat Chenango Forks, which easily beat Corning East in the Section 4 final), and has had a history of doing quite well this time of year (2006 state final win over John Jay is most glaring).

    I think we all should like this Final 4, a lot.

  194. laxbus says:

    I’m not making any predictions. All the teams are good at this level. I just didn’t understand Sec 1’s comments that Nisky really didn’t win convincingly last night and that with a championship on the line that the Somers coaches would pull their starters. I was there and it wasn’t the case until the 4th, when the game was 14-3 and there was no hope. Then both teams emptied the benches, which is what always happens. Plus the Nisky coaches had them pass the ball around for the last 5 minutes out of respect for the game.

  195. syracuse says:

    Well, I think most of us know Nisky won convincingly.

  196. dee-up says:

    Laxbus, (or any other fan) maybe it’s just me but is there a need to write that you beat a team so convincingly that you pulled the starters at a certain point of the game. If you post the score of the game , that can speak for itself. Maybe give some deserving players the credit they deserve (on both teams) and let it be . At this point there are very talented players abound. Lets play and forget about saying we “yeah we pulled our starters”.
    At any level good luck to your boys i the next game . Congratulations to P.valley & Huskers. Somers stand tall on a very good season ,

  197. jade says:

    Congratulations Tim Shurr Devito and Donahue for winning the section, this was there team they built. Lew , smith did not build this. lets see what they can do when it is there team.

  198. LoveTownLax says:

    why thanks, mick, it’s sooooo kind of you to say. We look forward to YOUR boys ending their season tomorrow… But then again, actually, I don’t. I look forward to a good game and wish both class B teams good luck… It was a good game last year, but the better team – ‘Town – won that day……don’t be a hater. :o)

  199. laxbus says:

    I did just that. In my original post I congratulated Somers on a great game and JoJo in particular. No mention of score or pulling players. Sec 1 started this by saying that Nisky ran up the score after Somers pulled there starters, which didn’t happen and is an insult to both teams. I was just trying to clarify, but I forgot the first rule of blogs…don’t respond to things that everyone knows aren’t true.

    Congrats to both teams for a well played game. JoJo…see you at UA game ;^)

  200. Doid23 says:

    Syracuse, You’re KILLING me. First you bring up the 2004 ALCS, then the JD win vs. Jay in 2006, in the same thread? Uncle, no mas….

  201. mick says:

    I guess you dont really “LoveTownLax” after all

  202. jade says:

    I heard the nisky goalie did not even play against somers

  203. Syracuse says:


    LOL … I gotta begin considering my audience. My bad bro. Feel free to bring up Syosset circa 2008 whenever you deem it necssary …

  204. LoveTownLax says:

    ohhhhhhh – i read it as you would enjoy watching Nisky ending ‘Town’s season…. that you were a nisky fan… back to kindergarten for me, mick…….

    too much work & traveling for lax, & not enough sleep….

  205. sec1 says:

    Laxbus, I did not say anything about Nisky not winning convincingly, I was just defuting your claim about 20-5 thats all.. Also look at the post I said that Somers D was out before Niskys O that is a fact, I was sitting right near former players from Nisky and was going to ask then why the first line was still in when Somers had pulled there D, if you remember when Somers sent out the back up Goalie the starter would not come out and the coaches had to wave him over at that point they were offsides with both goalies on the field the refs did not see it or hear your former players screaming for it.. Its of know maqtter the better team won..

  206. sec1 says:

    Laxbus, I never said that Nisky ran up the score what the heck are you talking about? You said it would have been 20-5 in post #173 if Vorgang had not pulled his starter in the beginning of the 4th qt.. Get your own facts straight!!!

  207. Smoothie says:

    Your allegiance to the Tim, and Jim is admirable. And yes there was somewhat a foundation there for Lew to work with. HOWEVER, ask youself this. Would Somers have been Section Champs this year with NO- Deiana, Lombardo, Rosenberg, Longo, and Hashmall, and ( Zmuidins on the bubble ) ? Because without Lew they are not on the team. And the same offensive scheme, and old schedule. ( Somers strength of schedule ranked 5 in state at one point ). Plus , cant just roll out the balls. These guys were coached. I am not putting the other guys down, just giving credit where due.

  208. jade says:

    Lombardo did not even play in the finals. Bottom line is Lew inherited the talent and won, now lets see him do it with his team the next few years.

  209. Syracuse says:


    I think what’s beyond debatable here is these kids played hard for Janavey and there is no way of really knowing if they would have had the same results with another coach. I also think the selection of Marr as coach of the year was done way too early. Now, if Town wins today and somehow pulls off the whole thing I guess the selection is justified, but if you look at the regular season body of work, there were better candidates.

    Mark Armogida, Nick Savastano, Drew Werney and Janavey would top my list.

    Take sectionals into account and Janavey, at least to me, is the coach of the year in Section 1.

    No slight against Marr. We all know how good a coach he is, but if you think about it Yorktown is exactly where they are supposed to be, considering history. But, as I said above, if Yorktown runs the table then we’ll consider all the Section 1 coaches clairvoyant.

    Lew Janavey is exactly the right coach at the right time for Somers. No two ways about it.

  210. jade says:

    all I mean is lets see what he can do when it is really his ship

  211. Syracuse says:

    That’s a fair argument, but it’s not like the previous coaches recruited players like Marasco, Petre, Pfiffner, Deiana, etc., to come to Somers. You coach the hand of players you are dealt. I will agree with you, however, that we’ll need to see what Janavey does to keep the buzz going with regards to youth camps, feeder programs and the like. Somehow I think he’ll do just fine.

  212. Tug Speadman says:

    Smoothie, If you are throwing out the thought that Lew “coached” these kids more or in anyway better then Timmy Schurr on the defensive side of the field, then I would go find a new sport to watch Now!!!!! NOboday in sec one gets the most out of his defense then Timmy Schurr and he is viewed by anyone that knows anything in our area as the premiere defensive mind when it comes to high school defense. The lack of defensive fundamentals and team Defense was so apparent in Somers this year it was the point of conversation of many college coaches how much this looked “unlike” a typical somers defensive unit. you might have other issues with the past staff and they might be justified, but please don’t question timmy’s defensive coaching abilities!

  213. Enough says:

    Jade and Tug Speadman- I understand you are entitled to those but Enough about the Tim Schurr era, as Smoothie stated in comment 207 there would be no Lombardo, Deiana, Longo, Rosenburg, Hashmall or Zmuidins. They were not going to play –What Lew and Brian do with the boys works – There is an old saying – Just because you can play doesn’t mean you can coach. It takes more than a talented player it takes a talented individual to not only coach but to bring the team together. No one can take away the fact that Tim is a overly talented player but unfortunately the team didn’t come together. Give Lew and Brian a fair chance, sounds more like you two are jaded and something is tugging at you that you feel you need to attack them. Could it be that all the boys are back and they are section 1 champs – Let it go, congratulate the boys on great season

  214. Repetitive. says:

    Couple of things. Tug, Smoothie said nothing about Lew being a better X’s and O’s guy then Tim, As of matter of fact Lew repects Tim very much in the knowledge of the game, and they have talked shop during the year. Good posts about coaching talent, it doesn’t always translate. Lew did a great job in the one thing that was lacking before he got there TEAM CHEMISTRY.he got guys back that added depth, and unity. As for not having fundamentals, and team D got to tell you wrong. Lew made some serious adjustments in games like Mahopac,JJ, etc.. So like an earlier post said do not live in the past and give credit where credit is due. Actually if you look at history it was one of the better jobs for someone in there first year no matter what. Yes, time will tell, so let’s see.

  215. sec1 says:

    I think Lew and Brian did good job they won a Sec 1 Title, but their game plan for Nisky was not good, they did not make ajustments were caught ball watching, forgot to watch the box more than once… Nisky was better but game should have been closer..

  216. laxbus says:

    Now that the Sayville results are in, I wouldn’t be so hard on Somers coaching. Nisky is legit.

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