trizano2Iona Prep’s Myles Gillespie (No. 16) and Nick Trizano.
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The following are postseason awards for both the NYC Metro Conference and the New York CHSAA League:


Nicky Trizano, Iona Prep

Chris Moffa, Fordham Prep

Forrest Sonnefeldt, Fieldston

Julian Muskinatz, Riverdale

Andrew Fiore, New Dorp

Aaron Lee, Portledge

CHSAA offensive player of the year: Connor Brown, Fordham Prep

CHSAA defensive player of the year: Chris Jackson, Iona Prep

CHSAA goalie of the year: Chris Moffa, Fordham Prep

CHSAA specialty player of the year: Joe Villarreal, Monsignor Farrell

NYC Metro player of the year: Myles Gillespie, Iona Prep

NYC Metro midfielder of the year: Michael O’Hagan, Iona Prep

NYC Metro defender of the year: Lou Solmonson, Horace Mann

NYC Metro goalie of the year: Chris Moffa, Fordham Prep

NYC Metro sportsmanship award: J.P. Garry, Rye Country Day

All-Metro first team

Nicky Trizano,  Iona Prep

Chris Moffa, Fordham Prep

Forrest Sonnefeldt, Fieldston

Julian Musikantz, Riverdale

Andrew Fiore, New Dorp

Warren Kraft, Portledge

Myles Gillespie, Iona Prep

Mike O’Hagan, Iona Prep

Gus Guido, Iona Prep

Aaron Lee, Portledge

Tim Morrison, Portledge

Colin Tofel, Fieldston

Connor Brown, Fordham Prep

Anthony McGuiness, Fordham Prep

J.P. Garry, Rye Country Day

Cody Levine, Rye Country Day

Chris Jackson, Iona Prep

Erik Pramaschufer, Fordham Prep

Ciaran Sleeper, Fordham Prep

Lou Solmonson, Horace Mann

All-Metro second team

Sid Cohen, Monsignor Farrell

Jack Hayden, Fordham Prep

Will Hendrickson, Riverdale

Steven Lai, Hackley

Harry Razook, Rye Country Day

Jesse Bruno, St. Joseph’s by the Sea

Joe Villarreal, Monsignor Farrell

Anker Johnson, Portledge

Steven Trizano, Iona Prep

Pete DeSalvo, Iona Prep

Frank McKee, Trinity

Caesar Rodriguez, Midwood

Anthony Mendez, Monsignor Farrell

Joe Mavrakis, New Dorp

Chris Seter, Rye Country Day

Lee Ditkoff, Trinity

Mike Malone, Fieldston

Trevor Wolfson, Portledge

Brian Fahy, Iona Prep

Brendan Collins, Fordham Prep

Patrick Nogacz, Midwood

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2 Responses to “Here are your NYC Metro and NY CHSAA postseason awards”

  1. RamTough says:

    Congrats to Chris Moffa for well deserved AA recognition. Also congrats to Connor Brown for being named CHSAA offensive player of the year.

    Joe – nice job as always getting the scoop.

  2. casual observer says:

    lets give some credit to the NYC metro division for handing out a sportsmanship award. I cannot think of a more deserving kid than JP Garry. Great kid, Great family. congrats to all the award winners. all were well deserved with no real arguements about any of them.

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