In perhaps the biggest blockbuster coaching move in the history of college lacrosse, Inside Lacrosse is reporting that legendary Bill Tierney is leaving Princeton for the University of Denver.

It’s shocking news to say the least.

You can read the Inside Lacrosse report here.

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18 Responses to “College shocker: Tierney leaving Princeton for Denver”

  1. Joe Lombardi says:

    The news flash is now official, folks.

    The University of Denver just officially announced Bill Tierney’s hiring.

    Here’s the link:

  2. Keeler Tav says:

    Wow. This is exciting news Joe. Now my man Colin Scott gets to play for one of the all time great coaches ever at Denver.

  3. Joe Lombardi says:

    Good point, KT, about the Ridgefield standout Colin Scott.

    Also of note, St. Anthony’s midfielder Thomas Schreiber, one of the top juniors in the nation, has committed to Princeton. Will he still honor that commitment now that Tierney is gone?

    And let’s hear some thoughts about possible successors to Tierney at Princeton.

  4. Joe Lombardi says:

    The bottom line here is that Denver sees the potential for huge growth in its lax program. It drew more than 2,000 fans for a game vs. Notre Dame this season. It has a new stadium. It sees the potential for season ticket sales and increased attendance and the only way that happens is if you have a final four contender.

    And if that’s what you’re building for, I can’t think of a better coach to go after to get the job done. They definitely had to put up a lot of money to do it. I know his compensation package at Princeton made him if not the highest paid lax coach in the college game, then in the top three or so for sure.

  5. Observer says:

    Well said Joe. It’s also a good change of scenery for Tierney. Yes Princeton has continued to be successful but not nearly at the level it was earlier in his career there. Can’t even remember when the last time they won the national title was. It seems like it used to be an annual occurrence. He has nowhere to go but up at Denver — a great situation for a coach to be in.

  6. laxfannnn says:

    AND he has the benefit of easier academics/admissions. while princeton has in the past stretched a bit to let in athletes, he will be able to go after everybody at Denver. He could put together a monster program out there.

  7. lax watch says:

    also heard that he often talked of retiring in the Denver area

  8. CafeLax says:

    He is also a partner in the Top 205 Camp which has a camp at Boulder known as Top 205 West. Colorado is a hotbed out west and a great opportunity for him to develop the sport out there.

  9. Doid23 says:

    Good for him, I love to see people accept new challenges. Could open some new avenues for lax’s continued growth out West.

  10. jlombardi says:

    Doid23 –

    Well said. I feel the same way about accepting new challenges. That’s what life’s all about.

    I think this is a good move for Bill Tierney and a good move for the lax world.

    The Princeton program will always be a national title contender, no matter who coaches it. Now, Denver could very well be one, too. This can only give the sport a big boost with the Westward expansion you noted.

  11. BvilleLax says:

    Three points:

    Tierney has family out in Denver.

    He also has become pretty upset with the Princeton Admissions process over academics and their recent switch to having zero early acceptance. Despite the existence of likely letters this greatly decreases the amount of recruits they can tell that they have a spot in the school. At a top notch place like Princeton its tough to guarantee anything. So why not go to a UVA or a Duke if they are telling you early in the junior year that they know you are in.

    As for what this does for lacrosse it could be amazing. Tierney could really help lacrosse explode in the west building a program like he did at Princeton especially since he could build a powerhouse out west that would be virtually the only one.

  12. twinlax says:

    Tierney is successful but I don’t know how well his ranting and raving on the sidelines will go over out west where people tend to be a little more laid back.

    One thing for sure, the refs in the East just gave a little cheer. The ones out west better get ready for an earful

  13. Hen Hud Goalie Dad says:

    I’ve known Bill Tierney for over 36 years and at this time in his life I think this a great opportunity that no other school could have given him. His family means more then any coaching position and now he will be closer to his kids and have the chance to have Trevor coaching with him. His biggest thrill was winning the national championship with both his sons on the field. It would be great to see him when another one with his son at his side on the sidelines!

  14. Joe Lombardi says:

    College coaching update –

    I’m told from reliable sources that Andy Towers, who has served as an assistant coach at Dartmouth the last five years, will be named the school’s new head coach. Towers is in the process of contacting recruits to inform them of his hiring.

  15. Joe Lombardi says:

    It’s now official, folks.

    Dartmouth has just issued a press released announcing Towers’ hiring. Here it is:

  16. Conor says:

    Nice to see a New Canaan guy land such a prominent gig.

    Dartmouth has been particularly successful in recruiting Connecticut (in recent years, the Big Green have nabbed Ari Sussman, Colin Delaney, Fergus Campbell and Nikki Dysenchuk), and Towers – who has loads of contacts in the area – has been a driving force behind that.

  17. Joe Lombardi says:

    There’s more surprising coaching news coming out of Princeton, folks.

    Dave Metzbower, who was Bill Tierney’s top assistant the last 20 years and considered the odds-on favorite to take over as the Tigers’ head coach, has decided to turn down the job, leave the program to spend more time with his family.

    How will this affect recruits such as Thomas Schreiber (St. Anthony’s) and Jeff Froccaro (Port Washington)?

    Who will Princeton turn to next? Albany coach and Yorktown grad Scott Marr has to be considered a strong candidate.

    In the meantime, here’s more on Metzbower’s decision:

  18. […] Tierney announced on June 8 that he had decided to leave Princeton, where he had won six national championships, to take over as Denver’s head coach. […]

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