Here is a rundown of players selected to the all-Southern Connecticut Conference squad.

First team- Attack

Todd Heritage – Cheshire, junior
Chase Bailey – Fairfield Prep, senior
AJ Leary- Guilford,
Tyler Reid – Xavier, senior
Brendan Rotanz – Fairfield Prep, senior

Second team – Attack

Nick Carisio – Cheshire, junior
Kevin Leary – Guilford,
Paul Alberti – Hand, sophomore
Jack Willson – Hand, junior
Mike Devine- Cheshire, junior

First team – Midfield

Jay Binkowski – Amity
, senior
Tucker Shanley – Fairfield Prep, senior
Dan Reynolds – Cheshire, senior
Peter Gruppo – Fairfield Prep, senior
Scott Berges – Branfor, senior
Brad Biondello – Xavier, junior

Second team – Midfield

Will Farmer – Hand,
Jason Royster – Amity, senior
Nick Guarino – Cheshire, senior
Aaron Davis – Guilford, senior
Aaron Trama – Xavier, junior
Rob Caserta – Hand, junior

First team – Defense

Harley Brown – Fairfield Prep
, senior
Torrey Martone – Cheshire, sophomore
Billy Choiniere – Amity
, senior
Ben Jette – Xavier, senior
Mike Frey – Hand, senior

Second team – Defense

Brian Duggan – Guilford
, senior
Glenn Maiorano – Fairfield Prep, sophomore
Colby Hine – Amity
, senior
AJ Carfora – Branford, senior
Chris Dooley – Notre Dame junior

First team – Goalie/Second team – Goalie

Nate Gaudio – Cheshire, junior; Adam Dear – Guilford, junior

First team – LS Dmid/Second team – LS Dmid

Darric White – Fairfield Prep, junior; Steve Lamberton – Guilford, senior

First team – SS Dmid/Second team – SS Dmid

Matt Sansone – Cheshire, junior;  Josh Mularski – Xavier
, senior

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