Which attackman is going to get the first vote?

We’ll find out tonight at the strike of midnight when week-long voting for our inaugural LaxLessons.com all-region team starts.

Here are the attack nominees:

• Connor English, Manhasset

• Dante Fantoni, St. Anthony’s

• Nicky Galasso, West Islip

• Kevin Interlicchio, Yorktown

• JoJo Marasco, Somers

• Matt White, Ridgefield

Beginning this week, and lasting for the next four weeks, we will have balloting by position. We will present the names of at least five nominees per position and allow you to write in anyone not included. So all players from Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Nassau, Suffolk and greater Fairfield — including public and private schools — are eligible.

The voting will start at midnight each Sunday and end Saturday at midnight, starting in just a few short hours.

Then, we will move on to another position.

After all the positions are decided on July 4, we will publish our all-region team on Monday, July  6.

On Sunday, July 5, we will start week-long balloting for coach of the year, which will be announced on July 12, the same day we start week-long balloting for region player of the year.

Here’s the order of voting:

• Attack: June 7—12

• Midfield: June 14-20

• Defense: June 21-27

• Goaltender: June 28-July 4

During each balloting period, you will be allowed to make just one vote per position.

And finally, our all-region team will be broken down this way numbers wise:

Attack — 4

Midfield — 4

Attack/midfield — 4

Defense — 6

Goaltenders — 2

Total — 20

So there you have it. Be sure to exercise your right to vote and let us know what you think about the attack position on this thread.

Reach Joe Lombardi at joe@laxlesons.com.

Title time:

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• Section 1 final results (includes state tournament schedule)

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• FCIAC, SCC and SWC final results (includes CIAC state tourney schedule)

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91 Responses to “LaxLessons.com all-region team: Who's the best attackman?”

  1. Keeler Tav says:

    I will get the first vote in. You will all see at 12:01 it will be Matty White on top and that’s where he’s gonna stay!

  2. Ride the Wave says:

    Knock yourself out big guy. I”ll wait till tomorrow morning to vote.

  3. Lax Novice says:

    I remember what it was like to stay up past midnight when I was Keeler’s age. Have fun.

  4. taz says:

    Connor English was voted Player of the Year in Nassau. Believe Galasso was POY in Suffolk.

  5. Joe Lombardi says:

    Here’s a pretty detailed New York State playoff bracket that I’m sure will be useful:


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  7. […] • Voting starts for LaxLessons.com all-region team with attack […]

  8. […] • Voting starts for LaxLessons.com all-region team with attack […]

  9. Keeler Tav says:

    Whitey is off to a nice start. That’s my boy!!

  10. […] • Voting starts for LaxLessons.com all-region team with attack […]

  11. sec1 says:

    JOJO, White,Galasso, KI

  12. LAXIT says:

    Your best 4 attackman

    1 White
    2 Galasso
    3 English
    4 Marosco

    KI will be their just not yet

  13. syracuse says:

    Nicky Galasso is the best scorer, period, on the best team. Individually, he has no equal as a complete statistical package.

    To me, the most well-rounded of this impressive list is Matt White, for reasons that have been spoken of over and over and over again.

    My personal favorite is Connor English, a player who may be destined to win a state title more than any other. He may be the best true sniper.

    Jo-Jo is Jo-Jo, but I’ll hold out final opinions on him when I see what he does in the state tournament. There’s no denying his ability. I just am eager to see what he brings now that the games truly matter. He’s never had the chance before.

    The true measure of Interlicchio’s greatness, I believe, will be revealed next year when Yorktown will need to score 10-15 goals every game to beat the truly good teams. This year, as great as his numbers are, he’s still second to Ranagan when push comes to shove when that shot has to be taken … and made.

    Dante Fantoni I have not seen, unfortunately.

  14. syracuse says:

    Joe, not for nothing, I hope this doesn’t snowball totally into a popularity contest because based on readership some schools are simply going to overwhelm others and I sense a lot of ballot-box stuffing on the horizon. If Galasso finishes 5th I think a federal probe will be warranted … 🙂

  15. franklyscarlett says:

    Did you not expect ballot stuffing? Were you not paying attention to the polls you were conducting during the season or all of the posts pointing out how great “fill in the blank” is. I honestly hope your little smiley face really represents tongue in cheek, because this site is one of the biggest hype engines out there and while its fun and all, lacrosse is really supposed to be a team game. Of course I’m old school and just don’t get this new hip-hop world.

  16. syracuse says:

    No, I’m totally naive. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect that there would be ballot box-stuffing … I truly expect that when The CROP is written in as the region’s top attackman (and gets several votes to boot) it will be 100 percent legitimate … 🙂

  17. LAXIT says:

    Hey Joe

    Although I think this is a great idea This is to easy,as you may not be aware of it is quite simple to vote several times as i suggested early sombody that has see enough of these players play and is not bias should just pick a team you, cuse sombody because this I don’t think will work.

  18. Joe Lombardi says:

    Unless someone is running around from one computer to the next, there is no way to ballot box stuff because only one vote per computer is counted.

    As I mentioned at the outset, I am conferring with many coaches and others who have seen all the nominees in action and I do reserve the right to pick accordingly, but I expect to honor the voting in that the top vote-getters will have spots on the team.

    Keep in mind, though, the LaxLessons.com all-region team will include 20 players. So we are not just selecting three attackmen. We are selecting four as well as four attackmen/midfielders.

    Here is the breakdown:

    Attack — 4

    Midfield — 4

    Attack/midfield — 4

    Defense — 6

    Goaltenders — 2

    Total — 20

  19. syracuse says:

    Why not just then eliminate the write-in option? Clearly you spoken to all the powers that be, the people in the know and have picked the best of the best. Some people may have other suggestions, but odds are not one them would overwhlem the true top 4.

    I’m moving closer to socialism as we speak.

  20. Joe Lombardi says:

    Any poll I ever conduct will always have a write-in option. I don’t think it should be dictated to people what their only choices are.

    In this type of balloting, however, I would be shocked if a write-in candidate got more than a handful of votes since most of the clear frontrunners will already have been nominated.

    To those who have doubts, that’s fine. It’s a first. But please reserve your judgment until the entire team is presented.

    In the meantime, relax and have fun. And don’t forget to vote!

  21. LAXIT says:

    So Joe are you saying that only one IP address is counted because you can vote more than once from the same PC

  22. Joe Lombardi says:

    LAXIT –

    I don’t quite understand your point. You can feel free to e-mail me at joe@laxlessons.com to discuss further.

    In the meantime, let’s discuss the merits of the candidates.

  23. TownLax says:

    Someone mentioned KI is just a junior so he shouldn’t be first team. Isn’t Galasso also a junior? We should pick the best players regardless of class

  24. HV Lax says:

    In terms of stick skills, shooting ability, speed and athleticism Marasco is #1 and I’ve seen them all except the young man from Hicksville.

  25. re:lax says:


    Just curious how did he do against Ridgefield? Memory serves me correct White had a pretty good game and Somers…well not so much. Do not remember how Marasco did.

  26. HV Lax says:

    I believe he had 3 goals. He also put on clinics vs. Yorktown last year (5 goalsY and this year and in both games vs. JJ this year.

  27. goodkye says:

    Joe, good luck picking only 4 attackmen haha…top 5 can take over any game at any time….

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  29. Joe Lombardi says:

    Good point, goodkye. But look, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

    So that’s why you folks need to weigh in with your thoughts and your votes!

  30. LAXIT says:

    KI is a good player i am sorry to say he does not compare to the top 4 he just doesn’t and him being a jr doesn’t matter

  31. LAXIT says:

    I will say it again your best 4 attackman no doubt

    1 White
    2 Galasso
    3 English
    4 Marosco

  32. LAX says:

    This blog is filled with section 1 and Yorktown fans so I was expecting KI to get it but imo he should really not get it above Galasso I agree with LAXIT’s picks.

    Galasso can get in the attackmen/midfielders list though right?

  33. Joe Lombardi says:

    LAX –

    First off, let’s keep in mind, voting for attack lasts till Saturday. It’s now Monday. Long way to go.

    And yes, there will be four attackman and four attack/midfielders on the team. Once the votes are in, I will select the team based on votes, yes, but who can play effectively where. In other words, what attackmen can also be excel at midfield. One we know who has the athleticism and stick skills to do that is certainly JoJo Marasco, who played mostly midfield last year, as well as Nicky G.

    So don’t look at the four attackmen on the team as the top players at that position necessarily or even the top vote-getters. In fact, you could argue those at A/M are actually better players because they are more versatile.

  34. casualobserver83 says:

    Have you seen any Yorktown games this year?lol….
    Interlicchio has absolutely dominated… 8 goals vs St.Anthonys, 7 vs Somers, 5 vs Chaminade (including game winner) then tied up the squeeker they just pulled out vs Panas…The All-American is on pace to set records at Yorktown and still has a year to do so (dont hate on Yorktown players just bc your from the Island)


    STATS DONT LIE!!!!!!!

  35. S1wss says:

    1- White

    give Fantoni some credit, he is a big game player, if he was as big as the other guys he would have the big name school to go to. Unless i’m way off he is as good a high school player as these other guys

    ** I’m counting JoJo as a middie, the poll should too..attack is stacked

    and can we please nominate Ethan Fox (LSM,D, and A/M on man-up) from Yorktown. What a pleasure to coach… a kid whose stick skills are good enough you put him in with a short stick on man-up, he’s on the wing every face-off, he’s on man-down, kid doesnt leave the field, contributes in every part of the game and as good as Fennessy’s athleticism is, he makes him look like a back-up when he scoops up every ground ball and you see John F pushing them around.

  36. LAXIT says:


    I have seen all the games you posted i have also seen galasso, white,and english play numerous times they are all much quicker.Saw the ytown LP game so i am absolutly sure i Have seen more of them than you have. KI as i said before is a good player he is not on the same level as those three yet he will be.
    I do not dislike ytown is that the first thing you have to say when someone disagrees with you oh and i am not from LI and finally if you think he deserves it before marasco you are blinded by the color green

  37. LI Lax says:

    1. English
    2. Galasso
    3. Marasco
    4. White

  38. casual observer says:

    I’ve arrived!! i have followers. CO83 i love it man. and i agree with you abut KI. kid is underrated. not enough people look at his numbers.
    noones talking about the country’s leading scorer? anyword on the CHSAA all-americans?

  39. FGT5 says:

    Joe this is a great idea. Looking forward to the midfield/defense/goalie nominees as well as player and coach of the year.

    Should be a fun next few weeks here!

  40. Joe Lombardi says:

    CO –

    Yeah. I noticed that. I thought maybe he was your cousin or something.

    No word yet on CHSAA AAs. I’ll keep you posted. I’m glad you brought up Nick Trizano’s name. He certainly belongs in that company without question.

  41. casual observer says:

    its possible but I dont have any cuz’s that play lax so that theory goes out the window.

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  43. lilaxman says:

    top 4 att
    1. white
    2. gallasso
    3. fantoni
    4. english

    I too am glad you put fantoni on the list. i have seen all these players play except white, but from what i’ve heard i’ll give him #1. fantoni is the best finisher i’ve seen, 6g in the championship against chaminade, with a guy like schriber on your team it takes a great player to get as many pts as fantoni does. also an excellent rider. gallasso does it all as well, will end up with over 120pts on the year. english is the man on a very talented manhassett team. GREAT LIST. I think att will be the toughest position to fill, so many great attackman in the tristate.

  44. Joe Lombardi says:

    Here’s a rundown of the NYC Metro and CHSAA NY postseason awards, including its six all-Americans:


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  46. syracuse says:

    If I had to rank them:

    1. Galasso
    2. Marasco
    3. English
    4. White

    But it’s so darn close it’s nearly impossible for any ranking to do justice. Just ask yourself, you have one game to win and the opponent has an All-American marking your man. Who is going to, more than anything else, overcome the matchup and make his teammates better in the process? The true scorer? The well-rounded guy who does a lot of the little things that don’t show up on stat sheets? Or the sniper?

    I can’t remember a season where there were this many exceptional attackmen in our region. But as it stands, two of the top 6 are not making the LaxLessons all-region team. In my opinion, no regional team from our area can NOT have Galasso. That would be just insane.

  47. slacrosse says:

    Attack (in order)


  48. taz says:

    I agree it’s virtually impossible to rank them. But those 4 (Galasso, Marasco, English, White) are definitely the top 4. Fantoni is an excellent finisher but more one dimensional than the others. KI terrific player but as someone said above, just not at the level of those 4 right now. Each of those 4 carry their team game in and game out. Not sure about the other 2 but Galasso and English lead their teams in assists. Couldn’t tell you the order but those 4 names are the top 4.

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  50. Lax 17 says:

    Lets see how KI does next year when he is the man .No Ranagan or Defense.

  51. LoveTownLax says:

    so taz, Lax 17 – you’re saying that those 4 incredibly talented young men play on teams that without them would fail? I don’t know about that – I think they all have a damn good supporting cast on the field with them as well, maybe even a few additional stars around each of them…, no? someone has to get the ball down field and feed it to them, no??????

  52. playax8358 says:

    Lax 17,
    It sounds to me that your certainly NOT a Yorktown fan, perhaps Im correct? Galasso plays with one of the best middys in NY and VERY good defense, as does English and White…

    I would take Interlicchio over English and White any day…Niether of their resumes can compare to Interlicchio’s….He plays the best teams in the country, gets the best dman and still puts up insane numbers…

  53. taz says:

    LoveTown – Nope didn;t say that – go re read…simply said that each is the #1 option on their team. Therefore teams defensive schemes scheme THEM first. KI is clearly #2 option this year. No one is dissing him or at least I’m not. Just think his time is next year if he continues to perform.

    Playa – Who are the “best middies” that English and White play with? Yorktown plays a great schedule. Manhasset has the #1 ranked SOS in Class C. Ridgefield not so much. I’ve always said I wished WI played a tougher out of conference schedule. That being said, it’s apples and oranges when you are not the #1 offensive option – the slide packages are designed to play #1. Again KI is an outstanding player. Just think he’s #5 this year.

  54. Syracuse says:


    Be careful now. Connor English and Matt White are two of the premier attackmen in the nation. English draws the best defenseman in every game he plays in and remember, just because Manhasset’s schedule doesn’t have Wilton, Ward Melville, St. Anthony’s in addition to Chaminade and Darien that doesn’t mean Manhasset doesn’t play a sick schedule. A daily Section 8 or Section 11 sked is every bit as tough as Yorktown’s.

  55. LoveTownLax says:

    I take your word for it, taz, but I re-read and that is how I still interpret the statement you made… & when #1 D draw on ‘Town happens to be one of the best middies in the country, KI drawing #2 instead sometimes still commands lots of respect… I haven’t seen 3 of the others play – yet! – so not making judgements on top 4 myself. But just playing devil’s advocate with your/Lax 17’s line of reasoning. Many of ‘Town’s ’09 opponents altered entire D schemes to deal with KI…. I think that should be considered as well…

    Certainly all attackmen mentioned are incredible players….

  56. […] • Voting under way for LaxLessons.com all-region team with attack […]

  57. Lax 17 says:

    Like I said lets see how he does without the big guns next year.Gonna have to dodge .Havent seen it yet that he can .The others can create on their own.Not a Ytown fan but have seen English,Galasso and Jo Jo play.KI not in their league

  58. Out-of-Town says:

    The MSG Tri-State All-Stars 2nd Team Selections presented last night on the MSG Network. (1st Team Selections presented next week)

    Attack; CONNOR ENGLISH, Manhasset HS, LI, UVA
    WILLIE MANNY, St. Anthony’s HS, LI, UMass
    KEVIN INTERLICCHIO, Yorktown HS, NY, Junior

    Midfield; JEFF FROCCARO, Port Washington HS, LI, Princeton
    BRENDAN WALSH, Ridgefield HS, CT, Fairfield
    ANDREW HODGSON, West Islip HS, LI, Junior

    Defense; BRAD CAPPELLINI, Manhasset HS, LI, Harvard
    PAT KIERNAN, Ridgewood HS, NJ, Navy
    MAXX MEYER, Half Hollow Hills East, HS, LI, Junior

    Goalie; BRIAN FEENEY, Summit HS, NJ, Junior


  59. PurpleReigns says:

    Joe – I nominate Mikey Daniello. He may not be all around at level of like a White or English but next year he will be the #1 attackman in the section and #2 in region adrer Gallaso.

  60. Keeler Tav says:

    Matty is doing awespme in the poll thanks to his excellent play and the efforts of his campaign manager … ME! Now everybody let’s show some love to for my boy Collie Scott aight?

  61. LAXIT says:

    Have not seen the voting fo awaile but it looks like it’s pretty much were it should be

  62. LAXIT says:

    out of town

    Who do you think is going to be first team

  63. o baby says:

    Matt White or Skyler Berman, its a mean race.

  64. taz says:

    Tonight’s WI/”Town game should put it all in perspective. KI terrific talent but not top 4. He was not a factor. Gallasso and English led their teams. White has done the same.

  65. Laxtime says:

    Section One just finds ways to lose these downstate semis. I think it’s obvious the LI coaches are at another level. WI coach put on a clinic. What a great system they run and the athletes to play it.

  66. jade says:

    it is easy to coach when you have talent like that also

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  68. LIGuy says:

    Props to Nicky G. He showed last nite he is at another level than anyone including even English.

  69. Joke says:

    In reading your posts, you have a lot to say about the area coaches. you are bitter towards them for some reason. Coaching has a lot to it, and it’s not easy. Why don’t you put the whistle on instead of being so critical!!

  70. HV Lax says:

    KI is a nice player but when will he ever learn you must pass off as soon as you draw the double team. As someone also pointed out he needs to improve his footspeed and agility pronto.

  71. […] • Voting under way for LaxLessons.com all-region team with attack […]

  72. Pequa says:

    Galasso has to be POY and WI #1 in poll after today. Much respect to the Lions!

  73. Nassaulax says:

    The MSG Tri-State All-Stars 1st Team Selections were presented last week on the MSG Network.


    Morasco – Somers
    Gallaso – West Islip
    White – Ridgefield


    Walters – Bergen Catholic
    Ranagan – Yorktown
    Schreiber – St.Anthony’s


    Keith – Syosset
    Fennessey – Yorktown
    Bickneese – Delbarton


    Bellaris – Plainedge

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  75. WhaleBelt says:

    English is the best player in the country

  76. Jericho says:

    Kudos to the voters for getting it exactly right – Galasso by a nose over English with Whitey and Marasco behind them but in the mix.

    Player of the year should be a real horse between Nicky and Connor.

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