As a rule, postseason teams are selected by coaches or writers. That’s the way it’s always been, and that’s fine.

But since this is a place where we take pride in pioneering new ways of doing things, I’ve decided to do something just a little bit different in selecting the members of our inaugural all-region team.

You’re going to make the call.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

Each week for the next four weeks, beginning this Sunday, we will have balloting by position. We will present the names of at least five nominees per position and allow you to write-in anyone not included. So all players from Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Nassau, Suffolk and greater Fairfield — including public and private schools — are eligible.

The voting will start at midnight each Sunday and end that Saturday at midnight.

Then, we will move on to another position.

After all the positions are decided on July 4, we will publish our all-region team on Monday, July  6.

On Sunday, July 5, we will start week-long balloting for coach of the year, which will be announced on July 12, the same day we start week-long balloting for region player of the year.

Here’s the order of voting:

• Attack: June 7—12

• Midfield: June 14-20

• Defense: June 21-27

• Goaltender: June 28-July 4

During each balloting period, you will be allowed to make just one vote per position.

And finally, our all-region team will be broken down this way numbers wise:

Attack — 4

Midfield — 4

Attack/midfield — 4

Defense — 6

Goaltenders — 2

Total — 20

So there you have it. Be sure to let us know what you think. And don’t forget to cast your vote in our latest poll:

Who do you think is the early favorite to be the regional player of the year?

Reach Joe Lombardi at

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48 Responses to “You make the call: all-region team”

  1. ValleyLax says:

    Great idea Joe. The 20 players is perfect. Can’t wait to vote!

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    Thanks, Valley Lax. Should be fun.

    Speaking of voting, congrats to Yorktown coach Dave Marr, who was voted Section 1 coach of the year by his peers, and to C.W. Post coach (and Cortlandt Manor resident) John Jez, who was named Section 1 man of the year. Jez led the Pioneers to the Division II national championship.

    In case you missed it earlier tonight, we posted the all-America selections. Here’s that link:

  3. LIGuy says:

    Love this idea Joe. Can’t wait!

  4. LAXIT says:

    I am going to take a shot at this,I have seen a # of them play but not all.

    Matt White (Ridgefield)
    JoJo Marasco (Somers)
    Conner English (manhassett)
    nick galasso (West Islip)

    I don’t think this will change

    John Ranagan (Yorktown)
    Jeff Froccarco (Port Wash.)
    John Bolton (Darien)
    Ian Braddish (W.I)

    Joe LaSala(Wilton)
    B.Cappellini (Manhasset)
    T .Kieth (Syosset)
    John Fennessey (Yorktown)

    GOALIES Kyle Fenney(Greenwich)
    Luke Haggerty(Clarkstown South)

    Joe that was not easy

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  6. Joe Lombardi says:

    LAXIT –

    Not easy at all, but I like your list.

    What does everyone else think? Let’s see your lists as well.

  7. WarriorNation says:

    Thank you for including Joey LaSala, who pound for pound is the best defenseman around.

  8. LAXIT says:

    That’s why he’s their

  9. re:lax says:

    Warrior Nation-

    How much does LaSala weigh? Just curious.


    Walsh over Bolton at middie.

  10. Taz says:

    Great list. I agree the attack is set. Also like the midfield. Not sure I’d have Kieth on the list but can’t think of anyone immediately who I think should be on instead.

  11. LAXIT says:

    Like i said,this is extremely diffilcult alot of very talented kids out there,this year more than most.I have been to quite a few of games LI,Conn,Sec 1 but i have not seen all of them play.But i think i am close.

  12. re:lax says:

    I agree that you are close. It’s a real good list and I think that the attack is pretty much a done deal. Like almost all of the others very much with the one exception. Is anyone going to give additional consideration to d-mids (long and shorts) and fogo? They should get some love for the hard work and lack of visibility for important areas of contribution I think. Add four more positions for them?

  13. JT LAXIN says:

    Nicky Galasso
    Connor Englsih
    Matt White
    JoJo Marasco

    John Ranagan
    Jeff Frocaro
    Thomas Schreiber
    John Bolton

    John Fennessey
    Michael McCormack
    Thomas Keith
    Brad Cappellini

    Rob Belaris
    Luke Haggerty

  14. towny says:

    i think you forgot one person otherwise a very solid list. i would replace jojo with kevin interlicchio…he has done to much for yorktown this year to be snubbed. respect because that was very bold of you making a list that good right off the bat

  15. YOLAX says:

    KI is a very talented player and will get only better and you are correct he has done tons for ytown but i just don’t think you could replace jojo with KI

  16. tiger town says:

    Here is my all area team

    Matt White (Ridgefield)
    Matt White (Ridgefield)
    Matt White (Ridgefield)

    Matt White (Ridgefield)
    Matt White (Ridgefield)
    Matt White (Ridgefield)

    Matt White (Ridgefield)
    Matt White (Ridgefield)
    Matt White (Ridgefield)

    Matt White (Ridgefield)

    Congrats on a great win Ridgefield!

  17. slacrosse says:


    Matt White (Ridgefield)
    JoJo Marasco (Somers)
    Conner English (manhassett)
    nick galasso (West Islip)

    John Ranagan (Town)
    Jeff Frocaro (Port Washington)
    Thomas Schreiber (St. Anthonys)
    Ian Braddish (WI)

    John Fennessey (Town)
    Robert Keough (Rye)
    Thomas Keith (Syossett)
    Brad Cappellini (Manhassett)

    Mike Bonitatibus (Town)
    Luke Haggerty (Clarkstown South)

    Cole McCormack (Rye)

  18. laxin99 says:

    JoJo Marasco
    Kevin Interlicchio
    Matt White
    Nick Galasso

    John Ranagan
    Jeff Frocaro
    Thomas Schreiber
    Ian Braddish

  19. favsts333 says:

    I think you def need to put Kevin Interlicchio in a spot for attack because even though he is only a junior he has already done sooooo much at Yorktown which has been extremely extremely impressive to watch…All-American as a junior who has already committed to Johns Hopkins, kid deserves it…

  20. slacrosse says:

    Congrats to Coach Marr on being selected as Coach of the Year. He’s a great Coach, no questions asked.

    But I dont understand why he was selected over coaches from teams like White Plains, Putnam Valley, maybe Irvington??

    Town came into the season LOADED and they were EXPECTED to WIN which they did for the most part. Anything less then that with the talent they have would have been seen as a disastrous season. Yes you need to get the most out of the talent, have the team play together, etc. but this doesn’t mean that it makes you Coach of the Year?? So if the Yankees win the series Girardi gets Coach of the Year for managing the highest payroll team with superstars. Yeah I know Joe needs to get everyone to gel, etc but what a “high grade” problem. No I’ll take the manager of Minnesota, or someone like that, that ends up getting very close to the series, maybe losing in the playoffs. There’s a guy who has shown great achievement in getting the most out of a bunch of blue collar non super star players with.

    I think Coach of the Year goes to someone that has taken a team and gotten the most out of the kids that DONT have the talent of Town BUT had them perform at a level which produced a very good record including some quality wins. Improving programs should be included in the vote.

    Town fans, I mean absolutely NO disrespect to the ability and achievements of Coach Marr and Town. He’s a great coach.

    But the fact that he has coached the best team in Section 1 doesn’t mean he should necessarily be “Coach of the Year”.

  21. Taz says:

    Like KI as a player but he hasn’t done anything the other 4 haven’t. All were AA’s etc and most important each has been the #1 option on their team and led them. This year KI has been helped tremendously by playing with Ranagan. Next year he will be the man on ‘Town. I think the original 4 is a better list for this year.

  22. LAXIT says:


    i think you forgot the Defense which i would def like to see oh and the goalies

  23. syracuse says:










    The CROP

  24. Pequa says:

    I agree Interliccio is a very good player but its too early to say he’s first team attack for the #1 region for lax in the country. Playing alongside the likely region player of the year is a big advantage. I’ll take a pass on him til next year when it will be interesting to see if he can do iy on his own merits.

  25. Observer says:

    Excellent point about Marr slacrosse. I mean he has 6 or 7 D1 players and 3 of the best players in the country and he gets kicked out of Murph Cup for second time in three years AND loses to Wilton! Let’s reward coaches who do more with less like Werney at Irvington or Armogida at W Plains. Let’s face it. Daffy Duck could have coached Yorktown to where it is now.

  26. syracuse says:

    Not for nothing Pequa but none of the top attackman in our region do it totally on their own merits. Their point totals would be significantly lower without the likes of a Brendan Walsh, Greg Petre, Zac Koufakis, Tom Casey, Drew Belinsky, Jeff Molinari, Collin Scott, Erik Pfiffner, Ian Braddish, etc,, etc., etc.

    I know what you are trying to say, but I don’t envision Interlicchio as the type of player that can iso teams to death, destroy doubles and rack up tons of assists. He’s a tremendous piece to any puzzle and more of a finisher than a creater. And that’s not to say he can’t pass. Of course he can, but when in the right spots and fed the ball he’s at his best.

    So I don’t see him putting up monster numbers next year — or Galasso, English, White or Marasco-type numbers — unless his teammates improve to the point where a few of them are in position to account for all that Yorktown will lose with the graduation of Ranagan.

  27. syracuse says:

    As for Marr getting coach of the year, I scratch my head over that one. Yes, he’s one of the best coaches around on a yearly basis, but to give him the hardware this season over someone like a Mark Armogida or even a Nick Savastano seems like whomever made the choice was asleep at the switch.

    And, yes, I agree, Daffy Duck or perhaps Elmo could probably have coached Yorktown to where they are at this point, though I do believe Marr has done a great job righting the ship since the Wilton loss. Granted, Yorktown beat Arlington and North Rockland, but still, there appears to be some urgency and take-no-prisoners steam in the Huskers’ stride of late.

  28. slacrosse says:

    Yes Cuse, as you pointed out forgot about Sav as a better potential Coach of the Year guy.

    There, he took a team and integrated a bunch of sophs with some experienced players and got them to the point where the sophs showed marked improvement as the season progressed and were melded with Stewart, etc with the team as a whole playing stronger as the season progressed.

    Sav DEVELOPED, CREATED things which led to a pretty successful season.

  29. GreenWhite says:

    Even I have to admit it doesn’t make sense at least timing wise. If Town goes out and wins state title and beats West Islip or melville and then Genny yeah he deserves it. But as of now the jury is out. What if they lose to LP? If you’re going to give that award now it has to go to a guy who did so much already that even if they are still playing and lose there body of work is still just as impressive – like White Plains coach, Irvington coach or even John Jay coach.

  30. syracuse says:

    Well said Slacrosse and GreenWhite.

  31. slacrosse says:


    Well said. You echoed my thought that the case for Marr much more compelling if he had ALREADY won the states. The bar has got to be THAT high with the talent he has.

  32. slacrosse says:

    Was also thinking that would have been better to have waited until after the Section Championships to pick AA’s.

    These are the first games of the playoffs where the competition is fairly equal (except maybe Town/LP) and all 3 games will require the players to be at their very best! A GOOD AND PROPER SHOWCASE FOR FINAL INPUT ON SELECTIONS!!!

    Will Mikey B have a GREAT game? Fox? Will Dougherty have a break-out game? Will Daniello have a blockbuster game? Pickel? Will the pole for Jay snuff out Jo? (no effect on Jo but maybe for the pole). What about potential blockbuster game for Petre, Pfiffner? Will Keough have blockbuster game, Santangelo, Jimmy V,???etc, etc., etc.

  33. Lax Novice says:

    A footnote on the Coach of the Year result:

    Apparently in Connecticut Class L the coaches vote and they selected Newtown HS coach Brian Micena as their Coach of the Year. And that was before they knocked off New Fairfield in their conference championship game.

    No word on how many votes the coach with the unbeaten record and #1 seed in Class L got.

  34. LAXIT says:


    I have been reading your comments now on AA since mon night the 9 players were picked I know you are a ytown guy but enough already with if’s,coulda shoulda and maybe’s the players that were picked were all well deserving including Hag’s .Congratulate them and let it go!

  35. slacrosse says:


    I’m not a Town fan and as I’ve said before I congratulate those that were selected all of whom were backed by great stats, etc.

    But hopefully next season the selectors will tweak the process and wait until the LAST games to make the picks. It’s only right.

    It works for LI and it should work for Section 1.

  36. LAXIT says:

    So does that mean if Doherty has a great game he deserves it over perrelle if mike b has a great game he deserve over haggerty if keo over Fox same. This is a very important game but it’s still only one game maybe thats why they do it before the finals i disagree the best kids get AA for the entire year and that does not entail only 1 game.

  37. slacrosse says:


    Absolutely not. All I’m saying is that ALL the games be played before selection. Then up to the selectors. As you’ve said the AA choices should not be based on one game. Let’s just make it based upon all the games.

  38. LAXIT says:

    slacrosse–don’t agree but i do understand you point

  39. slacrosse says:


    Appreciate your point as well. Good luck to all the teams tomorrow!

  40. Lax 17 says:

    When does all section come out? Anybody have an idea?

  41. Joe Lombardi says:

    LAX 17 –

    Though the all-section team was selected Monday night, in years past, it has taken a few days for the coaches to then input the names and type them all up. I checked on the status earlier this week and that process had not yet started, so I can’t give a definitive date. All I can tell you is when I have them, you’ll have them.

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  43. LoveTownLax says:

    just a footnote everyone: as Joe stated in post #2, ‘Town’s Coach Marr was voted Coach of the Year by his PEERS – I didn’t see any “VOTE FOR MARR” campaign ads on Channel 12, The Journal News or The North County News. Therefore, why not stop with the disparraging comments? (which LTL knew were coming the minute I heard the results) Do you all think he bribed the other coaches?, hahaha.. Discussing the merits of others who are deserving is great, but why shoot down Coach Marr in the process? Clearly the coaches of Section One saw something all of you “experts” didn’t. Understand LTL thinks the Coaches Sav, Janavey, Aramigoda, Lindsay, Kuczma etc have all done a terrific job this year, no denying that- & wouldn’t have been surprised if any one of them or a few others had been named Coach of the Year. But why, oh why, is it that most times a ‘Town guy gets an accolade, it is followed by a “not so great” “doesn’t deserve it” “over-rated” “to be expected they should win” etc. etc.?

    By the way, great games yesterday, very happy for Putnam Valley, Somers, and of course my ‘Town boys. All 3 opponents of the Section One winners played great games. Special props to Lakeland/Panas whose boys played their hearts out. Coach Lindsay said it all in his Channel 12 interview, his boys left it all on the field, should be nothing but proud…..

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  45. LAXIT says:

    Hey joe

    When all the games are over man this is going to be a hot topic!!

  46. Joe Lombardi says:

    LAXIT –

    Seems like it already is. Don’t forget, we will be starting balloting at midnight on Sunday with the attack position.

    Here’s the order of voting:

    • Attack: June 7—12

    • Midfield: June 14-20

    • Defense: June 21-27

    • Goaltender: June 28-July 4

    During each balloting period, you will be allowed to make just one vote per position.

    On Sunday, July 5, we will start week-long balloting for coach of the year, which will be announced on July 12, the same day we start week-long balloting for region player of the year.

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